10 Traveling Athlete Nutrition Tips in 2021

Traveling is not an excuse to jump into healthy eating. These 10 tricks will help you stay on track even when you’re on the go. Article: 10 Traveling Athlete Nutrition Tips in 2021

Prepare a snack plan.

Before I go to visit, I always study the world I am addressing. I sign up for grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, whatever I feel I will need during my stay. Then once I land, I usually refill snacks that are difficult to take with me; Anything perishable and sometimes your favorite breakfast items so I don’t need to put up with a stale bagel or sticky oatmeal in the continental expanse of hotels.

Get groceries as soon as possible.

I travel so frequently that I’ve gotten into a good habit of buying the perfect ingredients and items to pack on the go and having them available whether I’m traveling or not. Nuts and dried fruits, seaweed sandwiches, small slices of cheese and bits of charcuterie, and even vegetables and fruits that are easy to cut to go. Plus honey bars, almond butter packets, and favorite energy bars. I always have a couple of options available to me, so whether I’m stuck in meetings in the future or traveling around the globe, my nutrition doesn’t go off the rails.

Fill a lunchbox with food.

10 Traveling Athlete Nutrition Tips in 2021 bag
Article:10 Traveling Athlete Nutrition Tips in 2021

So is. Get yourself a touch container to take with you once you go! That guy who brought the nutritious sandwich or the stinky salad from the kiosk might give you a sidelong look, but it’s probably jealousy. Any reusable container will do, whether it’s adorned with Superman (or Superwoman!) Or just a reusable container with a lid. If you’re a true fan, a collapsible freezer bag comes in handy and can keep all of your snacks at the right temperature until you enjoy them. And, the bag is handy on your trip, too, for storing ingredients or snacks that you’ll simply gobble up on the go. Once you’ve chosen your weapon of choice for the lunch box, fill it with salads, sandwiches, whatever snacks you have available. Don’t forget to add a spork and enjoy last night’s leftover spaghetti or whatever you fancy!

Store your belongings wisely.

I keep sachets of syrup, honey sticks, packets of almond butter, and chocolate candy in my carry-on pockets for when I’m hungry (or when I didn’t have the foresight to make stellar snacks). never perish, and they do wonders for requiring airport oatmeal, random bananas or apples, latte, and all the post-tier visit-related blood glucose issues. I also always carry individual bars of Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration Mix in my pockets, ensuring that I don’t get dehydrated from long days in transit (and nights celebrating with friends upon arrival!)

Pack a snack package in your carry-on.

10 Traveling Athlete Nutrition Tips in 2021 packing
Article:10 Traveling Athlete Nutrition Tips in 2021

Always. Add Ziploc bags, a fork (or spoon), a folding knife, and a tactile camping opener. Ziploc bags will be readily available once you find worthy snacks on your travels, filling them with leftover salad greens, your favorite breakfast cereal, or maybe a just right sandwich. You will also use them to hold the ingredients that you will mix in an empty cup or stolen bowl along your route. You never know when you’ll need a spork (but probably for all the amazing concoctions that have yet to be determined above) and thus the folding knife and can opener will allow you to select snacks on the go that you simply wouldn’t do otherwise. choose. Cheese and charcuterie make great snacks that travel well, but require a knife to enjoy. Likewise, it’s great to be ready to spread almond butter on bread or slice an apple on the go.

10 Traveling Athlete Nutrition Tips in 2021 enjoy
Article:10 Traveling Athlete Nutrition Tips in 2021

Carry your own condiments (BYOC)

Think those little squeeze bottles are just for improper amounts of shampoo? re-evaluate. Devour some small plastic bottles and fill them with vegetable oil, juice, or dressing. Pack them in your lunch box to spice up any prepackaged or flight-bought snacks. This is often particularly helpful for containing Liquid Aminos, Rice Vinegar, and Bragg Syrup in 3 oz sizes to make …

Bring something to eat. (AKA Oatmeal at the Airport!)

My almond butter + chia airport oatmeal ritual is simple but specific. It doesn’t really require a recipe, but it does require a touch of ingenuity and a couple of minutes of foresight. You will also make oatmeal out of Skratch Labs Anytime Energy bars by cooking them in milk (cow, almond, coconut, oatmeal) or water.

This is what you are doing. Before allowing the house, get together:

  • a couple of Quart-size Ziploc sandwiches or sachets (I usually have 3 packets of gourmet oatmeal ready in the shortest amount of time).
  • quick-cooking oatmeal,
  • your favorite crunchy accessories. I prefer cocoa beans, chia seeds, hemp seeds, whole almonds, etc.
  • Flaked sea salt (just a couple of pinches, better yet, bring a can of Jacobsen sea salt).
  • a couple of packets of almond butter (I love Justin’s).
  • a couple of packets of unexploded syrup OR local honey bee sticks
  • a banana (or you will buy one at any airport kiosk)

In each of the Ziploc sachets, combine about 1/2 cup of oatmeal, a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds, and a few tablespoons of your favorite crunchy ingredients. Add a pinch of sea salt and seal the bag tightly. Pack in your carry-on where you’ll find it, along with the maple and almond butter packets and therefore the banana if you’re packing one from home.


When you arrive at the airport, look for a coffee shop, restaurant, or perhaps a first-class lounge. Then:

  1. Ask your friendly bartender for 2 hot cups – one empty and one full of trouble. Also, invite a spoon. And a banana if you didn’t bring one and you still crave it. In your answer, take a lid and also some napkins.
  2. Find an inexpensive place to sit and prepare your oatmeal. Pour the contents of 1 of the oatmeal bags into the cup and add water until the oatmeal is thick. Add syrup and almond butter to taste, then cover with the lid. you will also add the banana here if you wish.
  3. Throw away the cup of water (along with any unused water, any unused maple or almond butter). Let the oatmeal sit, covered with the lid, for the amount of time it takes to drive to your door, check Instagram, whatever, and once you remove the lid, its-better-than-the-kiosk- way. de-airport-oatmeal you will enjoy.
  4. Don’t forget to understand that if you invite a cup tray for your water (and probably coffee) from the cafeteria, you’ll bring your all-thank-you oatmeal decorations to your doorstep and delight in making a jaw-dropping bowl of oatmeal. right in your seat. Trust me, someone will examine you and know that you are smart as a whip.

PLUS, you’ll start to feel the right reception, wherever you go. And it will arrive full of delicious whole foods that fuel whatever you’re doing once you get there. Enjoy

If you’re in a rush, try an energy bar anytime from Skratch Labs straight out of the packaging!

Steal from the coffee shop.

Regardless of whether you’re setting up Airport Oatmeal (above), coffee kiosks are a treasure trove of nibbling tools when traveling. Empty coffee cups hold snacks and liquids to make cereal, instant soup, or tea that you’ve brought from home and act as bowls for whatever came in those Ziploc sachets you brought. Did you forget that spork? you will have them there too. Do you need milk to put in a cereal bag that you packed? Pick it up at the coffee kiosk.

Make use of your hotel room.

You most likely have a mini-fridge, an ice bucket, and maybe even one of those one-cup coffee makers in your bedroom. There could be a toaster inside the uncovered petit dejeuner. Go to the grocery store and fill your mini-fridge with boxed salad greens, fresh fruit, individual servings of cereal or soup, and good quality bread. You will misinterpret a huge salad inside the ice bucket, use the kitchen appliance to make a decent cereal or soup (or even make eggs – just boil water and drop the eggs in there!), and take sliced ​​bread to the toaster for form delicious sandwiches with avocado, ham or whatever you have available.

Still, do you have those packets of almond butter? Your toast was beyond continental. Do you need a knife, opener, or other kitchen utensils? Don’t be afraid to call the front desk. Any hotel with a petit dejeuner (much less a restaurant) will have what you would like and will probably be too curious to decline your request.

10 Traveling Athlete Nutrition Tips in 2021 lunch
Article:10 Traveling Athlete Nutrition Tips in 2021

Turn to foods that can be eaten on the go.

Once you start to ponder how to hack your nutrition on the go, you’ll start to believe how you can hack your nutrition to cushion the reception of busy days, too. One of my favorite pre-trip rituals is emptying the fridge, but if you’re cooking in a way that inspires takeout meals, your travel nutrition will always be on the mark. Here are a couple of my favorite recipes that are approved to go:

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