5 Reasons Why Grains Are The Hardest Food to Digest (2021)

The grains consumed for thousands of years by several healthy ancestral cultures and free of chronic diseases without any inconvenience. Why do people suddenly stop taking them to prevent reaction-associated disease symptoms? Article: Five Reasons Grains Are the Hardest Food to Digest (2022)

Isn’t there a neater way? In any case, the natural phenomenon’s inspiration is “heart-healthy” whole grains. Will someone not even eat rice once in a gut healing protocol?

Let’s dig into this controversial topic and talk about what it is about grains that makes them so difficult for humans to digest, especially when there is some compromise in gut function.

The truth is, each of these “heart-healthy” grains is the hardest food for anyone to digest.

This is why they will burn holes in your gut, wreaking havoc on your system with all manner of unpredictable reaction symptoms.

Grains Are Seeds

5 Reasons Why Grains Are The Hardest Food to Digest (2021)
Article: 5 Reasons Why Grains Are The Hardest Food to Digest (2022)

All grain area units are extremely seeds. That’s right, the seed area unit is intended to provide a plant. they are not meant to digest. they are meant to remain intact until they reach the right conditions to grow another plant: soil, water, air, and daylight.

That’s why the two-thousand-year-old date seeds found throughout anthropological excavations in Israel were astonishingly intact once they were found. they were a plant once the right conditions were right!

The idea that grains are designed as a kind of “containment center” has been a useful analogy for me; a defense that must not be desecrated by our system digestorium. Cows even mentioned to eat grain in ideal pasture conditions, needing four stomachs!

Phytic Acid Contained In All Grains.

Phytic acid blocks the absorption of minerals in the intestine, and the unit area of ​​grains is markedly higher in this antinutrient. usually|this can be} often a major problem. Humans want minerals down to the cellular level. suppose in addition to our hearts, our bones….

Eating grains that don’t appear to be properly cooked within the USDA recommended amounts for the last thirty years (8 to 12 servings per day) will result in bone loss, due to all those minerals you probably didn’t absorb. !

The vast majority of bread, crackers, bagels, muffins, sandwiches, croutons available on the market shelf, while organic, are not prepared in an overly digestible way, without compromising a completely organic process. Oh! And the modernly prepared whole grain area unit is the worst for the digestive system. I’ll justify why later.

Enzyme Inhibitors Are Used In All Grains.

What exactly are area unit accelerator inhibitors and why should we care about them? Simply put, accelerator inhibitors prevent enzymes from working! Be aware of the car’s starter motor: if the starter motor fails, the vehicle will not run. Enzymes aid digestion by acting as catalysts. In other words, they initiate the method process|biological process}. You don’t want to prevent the enzymes from working. Could the relationship between the treatment of ductal gland disease and cancer be explained in part by an increase in the intake of unprepared cereals? Hmm. It is an honest thought.

Disaccharides Are Used In All Grains.

5 Reasons Why Grains Are The Hardest Food to Digest (2021) Disaccharides are used in all grains.
Article: 5 Reasons Why Grains Are The Hardest Food to Digest (2022)

Both grains have disaccharides, or double sugars. Since enterocyte activity is impaired in the absence of a favorable organism, the double sugar molecules cannot be ingested by the compromised viscera. Enterocytes are cells that cover the villi of the viscera wall and contain the enzyme accelerator, which breaks down oligosaccharide molecules into saccharide molecules that can be easily enclosed. Enterocytes become brittle and diseased because they are not well nourished and fortified with enough helpful flora, and can become cancerous.

Compromised enterocytes do not perform their functions of digesting and grasping food properly. The important importance of enterocytes for health cannot be underestimated! Weak and pathological enterocytes even have trouble digesting starch molecules that are terrifyingly massive with various monosugars connected in long branch-like chains. People with weak digestion due to Associate in Nursing intestinal flora imbalance and torn enterocytes have difficulty digesting these complex molecules, leaving large amounts undigested, the right food for infectious yeasts, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens to thrive .

Even the starch that manages to digest it results in molecules of malt sugar, which is, you guessed it, a disaccharide! This malt sugar is also indigestible due to the lack of enzyme accelerator and becomes additional food for pathogens in the viscera.

Complex, Difficult-to-digest Proteins Are Found In All Grains.

Finally, cereals contain complicated proteins. And guess what? Whole grains are the most effective in these complicated proteins!

The structure wants food to be in the easiest form to absorb and use. The word “complex” means that our channel should work. although it works and works, these proteins cannot be weakened. The worst criminal? notorious protein Proteins are often a complex macromolecule that the body cannot break down…and it’s even more complex than ever, after fifty years of conjugation to increase protein content!

Because the human channel cannot break down complicated proteins, it is necessary to weaken them before ingestion. that, sprouted, soaked or soured before cooking. Sprouting, soaking, and zymosis of grain-based foods are simple processes that not only require grain protein, but also neutralize the other issues mentioned above. that are easy to use, once you recognize them.

If you are into the method of healing your intestine or have recovered it by eliminating grains… you just have to study the magic of growth, soaking and zymosis, which are the ways that ancient cultures used to organize grains for the consumption without being negative. effects this is {often|this can be} often the most important thing on the happy journey back to eating and enjoying your beans.

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