6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller In 2023

Are your shoes too big? Trying to find some Shoe repair hacks along the way to create smaller shoes to fit the giant shoes? I’ve put together a guide to making big shoes smaller just for you! Includes six free or comparatively cheap options to make your big, long, or wide shoes and heels better match.

6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller In 2023
6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller

We’ve all been there: that good shoe that now doesn’t quite fit. Yeah, traumatic stuff here, people! And it will happen for various reasons. Not excluding the gratification in the shoe of your dreams at the expense of the correct size. Or probably the wrong match.

Looking for the other answer to How to create a great combination of shoes maybe? check out my new post on how to stretch shoes (there are some tremendous easy-easy tips here too!).

I have several heels. Flats, and sneakers that got bigger with wear; foot shrinkage during the colder months of the year. And for different reasons that I can’t explain! And it’s always better to have shoes that match versus loose shoes that {can} affect your swagger and end in a visit or a sprain.

Sometimes I want to create shoes that are smaller, wider, and typically long. Some boots that are usually integral giants need shortening and narrowing.

The good news is that there are many easily accessible and affordable Shoe strategies and accessories to solve this little shoe conundrum. Regardless of the variety of footwear, you would like to create, suit you a little smaller!


These include insoles for shoes that are too big and some incredibly easy fixes like socks!

That’s particularly great news for those of your United Nations agency who can’t notice Shoes small enough for little feet.

I get most of mine at Walmart or my native pharmacy. With Pine Tree State costs less than $10 to try. Whether you’re looking at a store in the provincial capital or a North American nation. The Shoppers Drug outlet has historically low prices.

If anyone knows where to buy even cheaper shoemaking accessories, let Pine Tree State know!

Ball of Foot Cushions (Half Insoles)

6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller

To create smaller shoes for my summer sandals. Flats. Or heels. The toe pads are the most comfortable sole type. not only do they raise the foot a little higher so that the shoe’s toe straps hold the foot in place. But they add extra artifact and grip under the ball of the foot.

This prevents toes from slipping and slipping in shoes during hotter temperatures. this type of sole [*fr1] works best on flats, sandals, heels, and dress shoes.

These areas join the insoles for the open heels that I suggest the most. Especially if you’re wearing a d’Orsay or an equally topped-up high-heeled fashion.

There are two styles of the ball of foot templates that I use:

They are 0.5 thicker than the same sole. Have no soft gripping and slipping. Are reusable and drip dry, and the sticky surface won’t hurt the inside of your shoes.

These also come with a 6-month warranty! The drawback is that they will make your feet sweat. It is best used on vacant feet.

  • Genuine animal skin 0.5 insoles Pedag

A great breathable alternative to a gel sole could be an animal skin sole. Agent than a ball of foot cushion gel, these work great for forming shoes just a little smaller, add traction under your toes, and don’t make your feet sweaty. You’ll notice several nice balls of foot cushion brands at Walmart.

Heel Liners For Shoes

6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller

Shoe heel liners, or heel back inserts, are straps that attach to the inside of the back heel of your shoe.

Ideal for shortening shoe length, Preventing heels from slipping out of shoes, increasing comfort, and preventing blisters. will be enough for a little strip!

They are available in various materials, as well as gel, latex-free material, and specialty materials. I found These heels that combine with the insole will make it easy to create even smaller shoes in and around the back of the shoe!

Heel pads are a discreet solution for open heels that are too massive, especially if the padding problem is length.

Full-Size Insoles

6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller In 2023 Full Size Insoles.
6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller

Insoles for shaping the smallest unit area of ​​shoes are a personal favorite and easy to use, to make shape shoes run smaller. The full-size insoles area unit is a good answer for associating a larger shoe. Let’s assume sneakers, boots, and closed dress shoes like Oxfords and loafers.

There are many branded and non-branded options, in a myriad of shapes, sizes, materials, statements, and colors!

You can find additional generic insoles (you know, those flat cut-to-size types), but I like the ones that fit the exact style of shoe you’re trying to “shrink.”

You can simply make insoles for flat and heeled dress shoes, sock-absorbing insoles for sneakers, and even sandals with flip flops.

You can get gel insoles like Dr. Scholl’s Float on Air insoles (the most comfortable). otherwise, you’ll choose animal skin insoles, such as Pedag insoles for heels or Dr. Scholl cushioned insoles for studies.

I highly recommend these for everyday wear as they are breathable (great for summer!). Some of my favorite brands include Dr. Scholl’s, Pedag, and Vioniv, but several off-brand stencils work well too!

Toe Inserts For Shoes That Are Too Big

6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller In 2023 Toe Inserts For Shoes That Are Too Big
6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller

Here are good options if you have a closed shoe that is too long for your foot. You can simply add toe inserts for shoes that are too large to act as shoe padding.

Great for forming shorter shoes, you can also try them with toe pads or full-length insoles.

This makes the slot quite a bit narrower at the front of the shoes. Or bundle your toe insert with heel liners and a ball of foot cushions to make your shoes even more comfortable!

The two shoe fillers I even own have personally tested and reviewed Area Unit Sizers (ASOS has recently come back with a Sizers hoax, by the way!). This area unit is ideal for more delicate shoes and closed heels and ballerinas.

Schools “Make ’em Fit” is another one that works for all types of closed shoes, along with boots and wider shoes.

Both brands have updated their merchandise since my reviews, so I highly recommend giving their new and improved inserts a try.

Both brands offer three sizes of insoles to form large shoes that work smaller than the unit area, washable, resistant, and much more different than the cotton fillings in the tips of the shoes! However, each one will only be used in closed shoes.

Shoe Tongue Pads

6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller In 2023 Shoe Tongue Pads
6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller

Unless you’re one of those people with a brown instep or arch, you’re probably not comfortable with shoe tongue pads. They are not the exciting accent of the shoe, however, they do wonders!

Ideal for sneakers, oxfords, and loafers, plus, a tongue pad is a thick, felt-like material that adheres to the inside of the shoe’s “tongue.”

The tongue is that strip of fabric that sits under the shoelaces and will do a good job of making wide shoes narrower. you can also get them in various sizes from Walmart and eBay.

Socks & Footies

6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller In 2023 Socks & Footies
6 Helpful Hacks To Make Shoes Smaller

If you’re thinking of wearing pants and jeans, why not choose something you already have in your closet? Yes, the #6 item in how to build smaller shoes is socks!

You can wear your socks every day, or if you prefer your socks not to peek out of your shoes, then the footwell unit is your most suitable option. Interestingly, the socks are good thanks to the New shoes!

Footies (also known as “hidden socks”) are available in various designs and colors, and if you get the right ones for your shoes, no one, not even you, will notice. You can find footie socks in various shapes, colors, and designs from Walmart, Zappos, and Bloomingdale’s.

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