7 Funny Outfits You Can’t Believe You’ve Worn in (2022)

It might be the spookiest time of year, but Halloween is usually LOL-worthy too! Just look at the hilarious adult Halloween costumes we’ve rounded up, then try to tell us that Halloween is just for scares and bone-shaking scares.

Whether you’re a big lazy girl in costume or the kind of person who enjoys a fantastic Halloween costume, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find something on this list that you simply love.

7 Funny Outfits You Can’t Believe You’ve Worn in (2022)

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Nudist on Strike

7 Funny Outfits You Can’t Believe You’ve Worn in (2022) Nudist on Strike

This ensemble might take the highest award for the world’s laziest Halloween costume, however, a “Nudist on Strike” outfit may have your friends howling.

All you need to bring this costume back to life is ONE everyday outfit (literally any outfit is fine) and a cardboard sign that says “Nudist on Strike” hung around your neck on a string. Even the smallest amount of Halloween-y among the US will lag in this regard.

Cereal Killer

7 Funny Outfits You Can’t Believe You’ve Worn in (2022) Cereal Killer

The start of our range of punny costumes is this cool “cereal killer” t-shirt. the easiest part? It is not that complicated to form.

Simply collect a bunch of these little cereal boxes, then unfold ONE old shirt you don’t mind destroying and hot glue the boxes to the front and back of the shirt.

Once they’re firmly attached (if they don’t stick out right, use fabric glue instead) use a utility knife to cut a small low hole in the front of each box, then poke in a plastic knife. Use hot-glue to confirm the square measurement of the knives in place.

Finally, take some red paint and use a paintbrush to splatter it across the front and back of his shirt for some gory impact.

Ceiling Fan

7 Funny Outfits You Can’t Believe You’ve Worn in (2022) Ceiling Fan

Continuing our parade of puns, we tend to gift you with this “ceiling fans” costume to be worn alone or in conjunction with your squad.

To replicate this look, finish it off with a cheerleader-style skirt from a thrift store and try knee-high socks. Then take an old t-shirt or t-shirt and, with victimization iron-on letters, spell out “Let’s go to the roof!” or other words of encouragement related to the roof in front. Finally, you are ready!

Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

7 Funny Outfits You Can’t Believe You’ve Worn in (2022) Came in Like a Wrecking Ball
7 Funny Outfits You Can’t Believe You’ve Worn in (2022)

If you are going to be pregnant on Halloween, we sincerely hope you will wear this costume. Because this can be completely GREAT.

To pull off this look, you’ll first want a gray tank top and a fitted (and stretchy) black tank top, t-shirt, or long sleeve to wear over it. Next, cut a hole into the black shirt that is slightly smaller than your belly; Put on the gray tank top and pull the black shirt over the base, stretching it around your belly. Voila, your wrecking ball!

Next, grab an inexpensive piece of chain from Home Depot, plus some yarn, and a blonde doll (find one at a thrift store or grab a cheap one at the dollar store). Cut the doll’s hair, then attach the doll to the chain using the thread; You will also need a small amount of thread, string, or jewelry wire to connect the ends of the chain to make a “necklace.”

Oh, Deer! and Holy Cow!

7 Funny Outfits You Can’t Believe You’ve Worn in (2022) Oh, Deer! and Holy Cow!

These costumes completely mix laziness with playfulness and so we’re on board. Great individually and even better worn with a lover, these costumes can get lots of huh? reactions initially, followed by shouts of OMG, I like him!

To make, you’ll create deer antlers and a halo + wing exploit headbands and a little DIY ingenuity. Then just get a brown t-shirt, if you’re going like a deer, and use iron-on letters to spell OH! on the front. If you’re going to dress up as a cow, iron-on cow spots to a white t-shirt, make sure to cut them out (if they’re on a large sheet) and spread them evenly across the entire t-shirt. Finally, put on pants of suitable colors and go out to the town.

A Fart

We’re so sorry, but we couldn’t resist this fart costume on our list! It’s completely ridiculous but it will certainly create everyone you meet LOL. And sure, a kid is wearing it in this image, but the UN agency says it can’t be adapted for adults?

Simply take a brown t-shirt and use a simple seam to glue brown and green netting to the garment in periodic patches; You will also create an outfit with a sash and a net. Wear some brown leggings or alternate pants and last but not least, you’ll want that farting bull horn.

Taco Belle

7 Funny Outfits You Can’t Believe You’ve Worn in (2022)

GET IT? She is a young woman and she is covered in tacos. Therefore she is TACO young lady. she likes you the maximum amount that we tend to do, right?

Yes, this dress is handmade, but unless you’re very resourceful, figure out how much it will cost to order your own custom Taco women’s dress. value every penny, in our humble opinion.

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