ACCUWeb Hosting Review 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

You would have to consider several aspects in order to set up an Internet platform that receives a large amount of money on a daily basis. It creates an extra passive income source. Web hosting is the most relevant of them.

It’s the only thank you for making sure the location stays online and helps you achieve all your goals smoothly. So regardless of what, never compromise with your web host.

Go for one that is affordable, easy to line up, and most importantly, comes with a proven journal. AccuWeb Hosting is one of those options. It has essential features to live up to your expectations and keep your site online with no downtime.

Here may be a detailed AccuWeb Hosting review for your reference. Check it out, clear all your doubts, and make a call that will benefit your next online business.

1. AccuWeb Hosting Review

Over the past 14 years, AccuWeb Hosting has established itself as one of the leading web hosting providers in the industry.

Today, it is a fanatic team of experts managing more than 55,000 websites and 15,000 virtual servers ensuring that each of the buyers who have opted for its shared, dedicated, or VPS hosting services can have the best experience.

Unlike many other companies, AccuWeb Hosting offers free backups with most of their plans.

Additionally, you will also upgrade to the paid plan for daily backups of your data. Other notable features provided by AccuWeb Hosting include DDoS protection, 24/7 monitoring, free website migration, and free email hosting.

ACCUWeb Hosting Review 2021

If you are a university student, you can apply for a university scholarship program for AccuWeb Hosting that awards $1000 per semester to worthy students. On the basis of three criteria, the standard of the works submitted is judged: consistency, originality and innovation.

Winners are announced annually on January 31 for the fall semester and July 31 for the spring semester.

ACCUWeb Hosting Review 2021

Alternatively, you might take a peek at the free university student hosting initiative by AccuWeb. Users will get free cPanel, SSD storage, complete technical support, multi-layer cyberattack security, video tutorials, 99.9% assured uptime, and no pop-up advertising under this package.

The only requirement for this is often that you simply must be a current or incoming student at a well-known university. More details on how to apply for free college student accommodation are available on their site.

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2. AccuWeb Hosting Plans

Some of the most important critical factors that differentiate an average web hosting plan from an unprecedented one are ease of use, speed, scalability, security, reliability, responsiveness, and optimization.

Most mobile apps and websites lack these attributes, which affects the ranking of their programs as well as user experience at the end of the day.

You get these and many more with AccuWeb Hosting. With your requirements, choose a perfect web hosting plan and get things going.

2.1 AccuWeb Shared Hosting Plan

ACCUWeb Hosting Review 2021

For individual users, AccuWeb Hosting offers premium shared hosting powered by a fully functional cPanel, blazing-fast SSDs, LiteSpeed ​​WebServer, and CloudLinux OS.

Some of the highlights of their shared web hosting plans are:

  • Unlimited domains
  • 10GB pure SSD storage
  • 500 GB of monthly bandwidth
  • Up to 150 email accounts
  • Free website migration,
  • 256-bit SSL certificate (additional)
  • Shared SSL certificate (included in the plan)
  • Dedicated IP (additional)
  • Unlimited MySQL database
  • Free name registration
  • Free website builder
  • Instant account activation and
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

You can choose from locations and you can own your website hosted in Denver-Colorado-USA. USA, Singapore, or London-UK.

In case you have a small business and think that the above-mentioned plan will not meet your requirements then you will choose your small business web hosting plan.

All the features of this plan are almost like a single shared hosting. Except for the fact that you can simply add unlimited domains with 30GB of pure SSD storage, 750GB of monthly bandwidth, and 500 email accounts.

If you are in the agency business or have a significantly larger organization that requires more space and memory, choose AccuWeb Hosting’s enterprise web hosting plan.

The plan of business web hosting offers:

  • 50 GB of pure SSD storage
  • 1 TB monthly bandwidth
  • 1000 email accounts and
  • Premium 24/7 technical support

All these plans come with different billing cycles from 6 to 36 months. So, evaluate your requirements carefully and then choose any of those plans.

2.2 AccuWeb Application Hosting Plan

If you are launching a mobile application for your business in the near future, consider choosing AccuWeb Hosting‘s application hosting plans.

There are more than seven options available, including Node.js, hosting, MEAN.js hosting, Joomla hosting, Magento hosting, OsCommerce hosting, hosting, and IIS8 hosting. Find details about them below:

2.2.1 Node.JS Hosting

If you want to build a contemporary business application that receives frequent updates, none of which should affect the user experience, then Node.js hosting should be the way to go.

ACCUWeb Hosting Review 2021

AccuWeb Hosting has several plans to meet the requirements.

The first option is the Node.js VPS 1 plan that costs $ 23 / month. Offers:

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20GB SSD RAID6 storage
  • Two vCPU cores
  • 250GB premium bandwidth
  • Seven-day money-back guarantee.
  • Payment plans are monthly ($ 23), quarterly ($ 65), and yearly ($ 258).
  • A perfect solution if your application continues to grow.

The next best plan is Node.js VPS 2, during which you get:

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 30GB SSD RAID6 storage
  • Three vCPU cores
  • 450GB premium bandwidth.
  • Prices for this plan start at $ 41 / month and go up to $ 460 / year.

This plan is suggested if your mobile app is continuously receiving an honest amount of traffic and growing at an honest rate.

In case you have a long-standing business, a huge customer base, and are turning into a lot of organic search traffic. Then VPS 3 and VPS 4 plans should top your priority list.

The VPS 3 and VPS 4 hosting plans offer:

  • Guaranteed RAM of 4 GB and 8 GB, respectively
  • 50 GB and 100 GB of SSD storage, respectively
  • Four vCPU cores
  • Multiple dedicated IP addresses
  • Premium bandwidth limit of 650GB and 1000GB, respectively.
  • The VPS 3 plan costs $ 77 / month, while the VPS 4 plan is available for $ 149 / month.

You can also choose quarterly or annual payment plans and save a substantial amount of cash at the end of the day.

2.2.2 MEAN.JS Stack Hosting

The MEAN stack comprises open source components such as Mongo, Express, Angular (6), and Node.

ACCUWeb Hosting Review 2021

The MEAN.JS stack aims to provide a scalable hosting experience to help you build responsive and maintainable web applications.

There are four plans available with a starting price of $ 18 / month and can cost up to $ 144 / month. With these many options at your disposal, it can be incredibly easy to scale your mobile app without server issues.

2.2.3 Joomla Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting‘s Joomla hosting plans start at just $ 3.49 / month and provide you with a robust application hosting experience with constant technical support, free migration, name registration, instant account activation, and a money-back guarantee in30 days.

ACCUWeb Hosting Review 2021

Based on your monthly traffic and server requirements, you will choose your personal, business, or business decision to deliver a first-rate user experience.

2.2.4 Magento Hosting

Magento hosting includes a query engine compatible eCommerce script that will help your eCommerce store improve its search rankings without impacting the mobile experience of users.

There are a total of three plans to be established from supported RAM, SSD storage, CPU cores, IP addresses, and bandwidth. The starting price for AccuWeb Hosting is $ 36 / month and can go up to $ 144. So you have a couple of options to choose from and take your mobile eCommerce application to all new heights this year.

ACCUWeb Hosting Review 2021

2.2.5 osCommerce Hosting

Launching an eCommerce store couldn’t be easier than this. Check out AccuWebHosting’s attractive osCommerce hosting plans from just $ 3.49 and learn up to 200% faster loading time.

ACCUWeb Hosting Review 2021

Fully managed osCommerce hosting plans are available in three categories: Personal, Business, and Business, a bit like other options as mentioned above. choose any of them to offer a best-in-class browsing experience to users.

2.2.6 ASP.NET Hosting

The next option on this list is AccuWebHosting‘s ASP.NET hosting plan.

ACCUWeb Hosting Review 2021

Some of the highlights of this plan include Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2017, the newest ASP.Net kernel, Plesk Panel, ultra-fast SSD, full trust level, and 24-hour technical support. The price ranges from $ 3.52 / month to $ 12.46 / month, so analyze your requirements clearly and choose an idea that meets them.

2.2.7 IIS 8 Hosting

The last name in the list of application hosting options is IIS 8 hosting.

ACCUWeb Hosting Review 2021

It enables you to host multiple websites, perform remote IIS management, and use various accompanying management tools to manage the backend in a hassle-free manner. the private plan is available for $ 3.19 / month, while the small business and business plans cost $ 5.86 and $ 11.17 respectively. Click here to view AccuWeb application hosting plans

2.3 AccuWeb Windows Hosting Plan:

Due to the blazing fast speed and 99% uptime, Windows hosting has become quite popular with SMBs and large companies. In case you’re running a business that has a strong digital presence, quickly check out AccuWebHosting‘s Windows hosting plan.

2.3.1 Windows SSD Hosting

AccuWebHosting Windows SSD Hosting works with Plesk Panel, Windows 2016 operating system, fast servers, and therefore the latest ASP. Network tools.

The personal plan costs you $ 3.52 / month and offers a domain option along with 10GB of pure SSD storage, Windows 2016 server, Cloudflare CDN, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

On the other hand, the small business plan costs $ 6.58 / month and allows you to host up to 3 domains in one account.

You also get 30GB of SSD storage and 750GB of monthly data transfer.

The business hosting plan costs $ 12.46, allows you to host up to 5 domains, and offers 50GB of pure SSD storage. Choose any of those plans based on your monthly traffic and budget.

2.3.2 Windows Cloud Hosting

Although SSD hosting keeps your website running, if you want to raise the bar higher and take your site loading speed to a whole new level, go for the Windows cloud hosting option. There are three plans available to you: cumulus, stratus, cirrus.

While cumulus offers 3GB of cloud storage, 500GB of bandwidth, and one domain per account, the state plan offers 10GB of cloud storage, 750GB of bandwidth, and up to 3 domains per account.

Large companies experiencing an incredible amount of traffic can upgrade to the cirrus plan which offers 25GB of cloud space, 1TB bandwidth, and up to 5 domains per account. These plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2.4 AccuWeb VPS Hosting Plan

Shared web hosting plans may cost you less, but they cannot guarantee a smooth experience as you have to share your server resources with many other users. If any malware attack occurs on your web hosting account or if server resources are abused, chances are high that your experience will suffer.

To make sure none of that affects your user experience, switch to a virtual private server (VPS) hosting plan and instantly put an end to all your worries.

The VPS hosting package from AccuWeb will boost your site’s overall efficiency and reliability. Different plans are open, such as VPS SSD hosting, VPS cloud hosting, traditional VPS hosting, etc.

Depending on your budget and server requirements, choose any of those plans and improve your web property performance by a large margin without compromising its security aspects.

Not to mention, these plans are affordable and 100% value for money, and just like the shared hosting plan, you can settle for owning your website hosted in Denver (US), Singapore, Mumbai (India). ) or Sydney (Australia).

2.5 AccuWeb Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

While VPS offers you more freedom than shared web hosting, you still need to share your server’s physical resources with others. In case you don’t want to take any risk and have a whole server dedicated to your web property, it is recommended to upgrade to a fanatic hosting plan. With it, you don’t need to share your web server with anyone else.

Starting at $ 75 / mo, AccuWeb dedicated servers are compatible with Linux and Windows, offer fast speed options for business, SSD and SATA drives, have a fanatically redundant network, and are available with fully managed support contracts. .

At present, there are dedicated servers for geographic locations such as the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, India, Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands, with many other options being added to the current list on a daily basis.

2.6 AccuWeb Hosting Reseller Plan

You can start a unique web hosting business by choosing AccuWeb reseller hosting plans. Whenever you create a sale, you get many newer tools, a fully managed technical support team, and affordable pricing options ranging from $ 14.25 / month to $ 115 / month.

Three reseller plans are offered: Windows Hosting Reseller, Windows VPS Reseller, Linux Reseller Hosting. Recommend any of these policies to the consumers to satisfy their needs and create a steady passive stream of income over time.

3. AccuWeb Hosting Speed, Performance & Security

You can’t afford to get a second extra load time at a time when placement speed has become one of the highest and most relevant SEO variables for first-page ranking. You simply never have to worry about your site’s speed and performance, thanks to the latest world-class tools and services from AccuWebHosting.

To ensure that your site doesn’t take long to load on desktops and smartphones, it comes with SSD, CDN, caching, HTTP / 2, etc.

ACCUWeb Hosting Review 2021

When it comes to security, most AccuWeb hosting plans include free backups, spam protectors, and 24/7 technical support. With its multiple layers of security, your website security remains intact 24 hours a day. And in case you have any concerns about security issues, simply reach out to their support team and get your questions resolved in minutes.

4. AccuWeb Hosting Web Services

To guarantee a seamless experience, AccuWebHosting provides a good range of web services. These services increase the security score of your platform while making the configuration process simpler for you to complete.

The below are some of these services:
  • Domain Name Registration: Whether you want to register one domain or many together, you will use AccuWeb’s uncluttered interface. Highly responsive platform to take advantage of incredible discounts on domain names. The registration process is very easy and payments are completely secure.
  • SSL Certificates: You will add an extra layer of security to your website by installing SSL certificates on the webserver. AccuWebHosting makes this whole procedure quick and easy, offering free IP address, high-grade 256-bit encryption, standard trust level, and 24/7 technical support. There are three plans from which to decide: fast, multidomain, and wild card. Check its features and choose one accordingly.
  • CDN: A CDN or content delivery network refers to a system of being Distributed servers that customize the geographic locations of end-users supported by the content to ensure fast load time without making any changes to the location backend. With the AccuWebHosting CDN, you will make your websites load faster, be more secure, rank higher in search engines, and reduce server load time. It is available for free during the main month, after which you would like to pay $ 3.95 / month to continue.
  • Free Migration Service: One of the most challenging tasks for site owners is transferring their website data from one host to another. In fact, most hire a third-party service. The provider to help them with the location migration. you will not need to affect any such issues when migrating your site to AccuWeb. It offers a free migration service with almost zero downtime so you don’t lose your ranking and traffic during information transfer.

Some other web services that you can simply make use of our spam protection, the smartest tools software suite, and immediate free technical support should you ever stop during the setup process. Location.

5. AccuWeb Hosting Backup Support

All AccuWeb VPS and dedicated server hosting plans come with free backup support. As part of this, all your data is protected on a weekly basis using VCC’s snapshot or CDP backup service. It will restore this data for an unlimited time at no additional cost.

In case you run a viral site and are more cautious about backing up information, you will choose your paid backup plan paying $ 10 / month. Then found your VPS data (up to twenty GB) protected on the day-to-day. This backup is accessible by default for seven days.

For dedicated servers, users in data centers in Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, France, Germany, Poland, and France can get a free weekly backup service. the maximum storage space during this free service is restricted to up to 500 GB. For additional storage space, they will pay $ 25 (1TB), $ 75 (5TB), or $ 100 (10TB) per month and keep your data safely stored.

For daily backups, an additional fee of $ 30 / month applies for every 40 GB of knowledge.

6. Pros of AccuWeb Hosting

  • Provides an expanded list of web hosting plans and customization options to meet all your requirements.
  • Both VPS and dedicated hosting plans are highly configurable and are fine to make sure your data is always safe and secure.
  • It offers stellar 99.9% uptime and excellent customer service so none of your technical queries go unresolved.
  • The price of all online hosting plans is affordable.

7. Cons of AccuWeb Hosting

  • Any inexperienced user searching for a truthful web hosting service can get frustrated when making the last call. Because there are so many plans and choices available.
  • Hosting policies for Windows do not have unlimited email addresses.
  • Shared hosting plans do not provide a recurring subscription service. Six months is the full payout period.


Absolutely none of them will outshine the impressive uptime and technological support services of AccuWeb, despite the fact that there are hundreds of web hosting companies on the market.

Enter AccuWeb Hosting without reconsidering whether you intend to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server and have a restricted budget to do so. It is all to fulfill your standards and lift the rating of your web to higher levels.

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