AirVPN Review in 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

AirVPN (review) is a virtual private network (VPN) that encrypts users’ internet connections. It hides your IP address and encrypts your browsing session using the OpenVPN tunneling protocol and RSA 4096-bit encryption.

They were founded in 2010 by a group of Italian “hacktivists.” AirVPN has developed into a premium full-service VPN with a network of servers in 20 countries around the world after eight years. Air di Paolo Brini, c.a. is its parent company.

But when it comes to a VPN, the action is often summed up in two words.

Performance and privacy

So is this VPN provider really cool? Or just a waste of money thanks to a questionable logging policy?

AirVPN review
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

AirVPN Overview

OVERALL RANK:#20 out of 78 VPNs
LOG FILES:No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:20 countries, 237 servers
SUPPORT:Contact Form
COST:€3.5/month (approximately $3.94/month at the time of this review)

AirVPN Pros

On paper, there are a lot of things that I love about this VPN.

They are using fantastic VPN protocols and high-quality encryption standards.

Their logging policy is extremely thorough and honest. This is often one of the only surveillance alliance jurisdiction companies that don’t actually, log data or personal information.

It has been released from leaks and viruses and works with both Netflix and torrents.

To top it all, its speed varies from good to medium and you will have five devices connected simultaneously.

So let’s go through these points one by one and dig a little deeper.

No Logging Whatsoever

We use VPN to achieve true anonymity. we would like our activity to be invisible to hackers, government agencies, and even companies who create the VPN we are using.

Logging is one of the most serious betrayals that a VPN company can inflict on its clients.

AirVPN states in no uncertain terms on their home page that they do not keep logs, whatsoever.

AirVPN does not keep log files
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

But that’s a repeating press release on almost every VPN we review. Then once you dig deeper you will see that they are actually recording a lot of your personal information.

So we delved into AirVPN and read their privacy policy so far.

What we found was really very encouraging.

AirVPN privacy policy

I had to read this several times to make sure I used to get it right. They don’t want ANY of your information. Not even your email address. You have the option of incorporating information, but those seeking complete anonymity can find it here.

In addition to not recording your online activities or personal information, this site does not even store cookies on its system. It seems to be a truly anonymous service.

Advanced Protocols and Encryption

Some people may see the word “hacktivist” when reading about the creators of AirVPN and feel uncomfortable.

In fact, I see it as something honest.

Who would know better which protocols and encryption will work better to protect against malicious hackers than hackers who use their skills too well?

That’s why it’s no surprise that AirVPN has what you need when it comes to protecting your signal.

AirVPN technical specs
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

Okay, there are a lot of random numbers, hyphens, and letters in there. Let’s try to break this down into a more straightforward format.

For starters, they are using the OpenVPN protocol, which is the industry standard.

It was created with open source technology, so it is not owned by a company responsible for its updates. the security community as a joint effort to constantly update this protocol and keep it at the forefront.

The advanced AES encryption they are using is also good to determine. He is the Superman of encryption standards, completely invulnerable ever against the most advanced modern technology.

It’s good to make sure other levels of encryption are added here as well. you will never have too many options.

Generally, the last item you will have to worry about with AirVPN is security. You are covered.
your signal.

Leak and Virus Free

If your IP address is leaked, even the most sophisticated protocols and encryption are useless.

To put it in geek terms, an IP leak is like Batman fighting crime with the most advanced suit and gadgets available, but there is a huge hole in his mask.

Everyone can see you, Bruce! You are not fooling anyone!

DNS and WebRTC leaks are the proverbial holes in Batman’s mask.

If a DNS server is causing your VPN tunnel to bypass, then its original IP will be available in the eyes of your ISP.

Similarly, if the APIs related to the WebRTC systems discover your IP, the VPN becomes useless.

This is why it is so important that a VPN is leak-proof.

We tested AirVPN six different times to make sure nothing leaked. It passed each and every test we did.

AirVPN IP leak test
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021
AirVPN DNS leak test
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

We also didn’t find any WebRTC leaks:

WebRTC leak test
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021
  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed

Viruses can also affect the effectiveness of a VPN, damaging your system and passing your information on to hackers.

We tested the AirVPN installation files for 66 viruses and found that he was in good health.

AirVPN clean installer
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

Average Speed Loss

No one ever said, “This VPN increased my internet speed.”

Every VPN is going to slow you down. However, that doesn’t mean your session needs to stop in its tracks.

We tested two of AirVPN’s servers to find out how much speed we were losing.

One server was located within the EU, and therefore the other was within the US.

The EU server fared much better than its US counterpart. Speeds dropped but the difference was slight.

AirVPN EU speed test
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

EU Speed Test

  • Ping: 38 ms
  • Download: 64.48 Mbps (33.5% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 30.71 Mbps (42% Slower Than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

The US server is where things started to get tough. The discharge fell more than we wanted to see, but the load plummeted.

US speed test AirVPN
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

US Speed Test

  • Ping: 127 ms
  • Download: 27.79 Mbps (71.3% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 12.12 Mbps (77% Slower Than 63 Mbps Benchmark)

Those US figures are problematic, but consistent EU speeds help keep this within the pro collum.

While I consider these to be acceptable speeds, it hadn’t been enough to make our list of the fastest VPNs.

Out of the 78 VPN services we’ve reviewed, we rank AirVPN 39th in terms of speed.

Worked With Netflix

One of the biggest benefits of a VPN is the ability to stream geo-blocked content.

Netflix features a ton of content that is inaccessible compatible where you are. A VPN should, in theory, counteract this. And for a short time, made.

Then one dark day …

Netflix not working with AirVPN
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

This started to happen.

Netflix was restricting access to its content through VPNs and proxy servers. Your anti-VPN scheme isn’t easy to overcome, but once you’ve found a VPN that fits with Netflix, it’ll be time for a happy dance.

Start dancing now, since AirVPN has partnered with Netflix.

We tested five of their servers and one of them worked flawlessly.

Netflix’s VPN game is an ever-evolving dance, but luckily, AirVPN has a community forum with a thread that keeps users up-to-date on what the servers are working with the streaming service.

Unlimited Torrenting

AirVPN lets you download torrents to your heart’s delight.

AirVPN allows unlimited torrenting
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

And why shouldn’t it? Torrenting is one of those services where a VPN is most useful.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) connections are a great way to download large files, but they are dangerous. you have no way of knowing who you’re leaving in your system, then you open yourself up to risk.

This is why many VPNs allow torrenting, including AirVPN. But still, there are many who limit or prohibit the service on their servers.

P2P is allowed on AirVPN
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

Compatible With Computers, Mobile, and Routers

People nowadays expect a VPN to provide them with more than just anonymous web surfing.

Streaming content has become one of the most popular uses of the service. Within the era of smart streaming devices, people want to experience content on your television.

AirVPN does not work with gaming consoles like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, nor does it have a Roku version or FireTV, but they are often used with a wireless router, protecting all your activity on those devices.

AirVPN compatibility
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

That’s a powerful list, from computer operating systems to mobile devices, browsers, and various other routers.

It is also amazing to see that the TOR network appears in such a prominent place. There are many VPNs that prohibit access to the current anonymous browser.

So while it might be nice to determine other smart devices on this list in the future, AirVPN has a decent inclusion that can protect your activity on and off the PC.

Flawless Installation and Execution

I cannot say enough about my practical experience with this app. The download was smooth and fast.

They took all the specs from my system and we left.

AirVPN installer files
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

His client program is called Eddie. So checking AirVPN on your system once it’s installed does nothing.

Eddie and that got off to a great start. The program was installed in less than a moment.

Before connecting, I looked through the options a bit and noticed that they need all of their servers on the list to know how well they are performing.

AirVPN list of servers
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

Next, I chose to connect to the server faster. That’s a service they provide on Eddie’s main dashboard. He sent me at least one in Canada.

First, it installed the tunnel driver, which took a couple of seconds.

Installing tunnel driver
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

So it used to be connected. the whole process was incredibly fast.

AirVPN Canada connection
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

Once I logged in, I went to YouTube, where I learned that I had geo-blocked content.

I hooked up to a video of CBC Sports’ Canadian ice skating duo Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue. (Don’t judge me, they are magic on ice!)

Testing YouTube
Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

It worked perfectly. After I finished wiping the tears from my eyes at the splendor of the good white north skating, I switched to a pair of more servers. they all quickly connected.

Overall, this was an ideal VPN experience and I was very satisfied.

AirVPN Cons

While our list of professionals was extensive, AirVPN is not just sunshine and daisies.

There are a few issues that need to be addressed before you can decide whether or not to recommend this service.

For one thing, despite their impressive no-logging policy, they are still in the middle of the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance’s jurisdiction.

Their server park has improved in recent years, but it is still quite small and they don’t have any kill switches, which leaves an obvious problem with your safety.

In addition, their customer support is lacking.

Located in Italy (14 Eyes Jurisdiction)

Ah, Italy.

Land of Venice, Rome, and the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance, which shares operational efforts with 13 other nations.

So what does that mean for AirVPN?

Despite their no-log policy (which I still love), it means that the Italian government could require that they turn over all information and share it with other member countries.

Membership within the 14 Eyes alliance includes great hitters such as:

  • The United States
  • The UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Denmark
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Sweden
  • Italy

That’s a lot of governments that are often all in business at any one time.

If AirVPN was logging any information in the slightest, you might be concerned about this. They are not, so this is not the disaster it normally could be.

Small Server Park

AirVPN has 237 servers located in 20 countries around the world.

While this is usually much better than the 80 servers in 16 countries they had a year ago, it is still a long way from a corporation like ExpressVPN has tens of thousands of servers in every major city around the world.

But still, AirVPN features a page on its official site that provides you with updates on which servers are working, not working, and the fastest.

That said, while AirVPN does not have a “kill switch”, they do provide a “Network Lock” that works during a similar event thanks to a kill switch. One kill switch is a fairly common security component for many modern VPNs.

A kill switch can automatically disconnect you from service if it detects that your connection may not be secure. AirVPN Network Block also does this.

Dismissive Customer Service

Customer service is one of the things that are important to me, both with VPNs and in general.

I like to understand that a corporation that I do business with values ​​me as a customer.

AirVPN includes a contact form. I prefer chatbots, but a contact form works as long as there is a decent reaction time.

Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

I filled it out, shipped it, and got nothing for 3 days. Thinking it was weird, I filled out a second application and submitted it.

I got that email right away. I did not receive an email the first time. which means that my first request did not receive a response due to an error in its system.

Not cool, but at least he wasn’t being ignored on purpose.

A few hours later I received a response but did not receive an email alerting me to it. I saw it on your site because it used to be writing this review.

Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

By the way, I asked about a problem that was on the website like how to test whether they would go the extra mile or not.

Instead, I got a derogatory response of “it’s on the website”.

Not very happy.

AirVPN Cost, Plans, & Payment Options

Air VPN has only a premium plan with no free option.

There are five price tiers that correlate to the proportion of time you are willing to plan to use the service.

Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

Prices start for a period of 3 days for € 1 and increase from there.

A month is only € 7 with savings added to each additional level. Three and 6 months have a monthly fee equivalent to € 5, but you save more once you opt for a year at € 4.5 per month or for 2 years at € 3.5 per month.

There are a large number of payment options such as Paypal, different credit cards, and even a large number of cryptocurrency options, such as BitCoin.

Article: AirVPN Review in 2021

Having the option to choose from 22 different types of cryptocurrencies is very useful for anyone who wishes to remain completely anonymous at all times your VPN experience.

It is important to understand that there is no free trial. However, there is a 3-day money-back guarantee, but it must not have exceeded 5GB of data transfer to qualify for reimbursement.

Do I Recommend AirVPN?

We make.

Yes, I know it’s within the 14 Eyes alliance, but it also doesn’t record any information about you in the slightest, and it’s a tight, leak-free system.

Unlimited torrenting and the ability to feature with Netflix are huge bonuses, and my hands-on experience working with AirVPN wasn’t necessarily marvelous.

Speeds dropped a bit, I’d rather check on some servers, but others performed admirably. The AirVPN feature that automatically connects you to your faster server should counter this problem.

The customer service situation hurt a bit, and I hate that they don’t offer a money-back guarantee or a free trial. However, there is the option to wear it for 3 days for a touch of more than $ 1, so it is useful for those who just want to carry it out.

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