Anonymizer VPN Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

Anonymizer VPN Review In 2023
Anonymizer VPN Review

Anonymizer VPN review is no longer offered. Next up, you’ll want to check out our guide to the best VPN services, where plenty of reliable alternatives await, starting with ExpressVPN.

Have you ever detected of Anonymizer? I hadn’t, but apparently, this US-based VPN provider has been around since 1995 and is still quite trendy in this part of the world. thus, a non-American school geek like myself can be forgiven for never having caught them.

One of the most distinctive aspects of this VPN, as we have already learned, is the indisputable fact that it predates most alternative players on the market and has carved out a distinct segment for itself.

However, if you are simply doing a little research online searching for VPNs, the name may come up sooner rather than later. which means it is a prime VPN service to induce TechNadu review treatment.

We will subject it to our usual battery of 9 criteria. This includes evaluating fundamental options, network size, and privacy technology. Here’s a quick rundown of your convenience.


Criteria Details
FeaturesBasic VPN features; Operational since 1995; Conceals the user’s computing; 14-day free trial
ServersSand Diego and Amsterdam
Logging PolicyTrue zero-logging
SecurityProprietary solution
PrivacyVery Privacy-friendly policy
SpeedThe free version did not work in our latest tests
Price$83.88 per year
Device SupportWindows, Mac, and OpenVPN
How Many Devices At Once?6
Our Score3/10
Anonymizer VPN Review

Well, that’s a lot of criteria. Aren’t you glad they’re all summed up like this? No problem!

The next issue everyone wants to understand is whether or not a VPN will unblock streaming services. This is why we tend to create a trial level of all VPNs with US Netflix, Hulu, and Kodi.


In the initial 2 cases, we would like to unlock the US libraries without being detected. When it comes to Kodi, we tend to simply want to keep our streaming private from outsiders, like our ISPs. These are the results:

Streaming ServiceResult
NetflixCouldn’t Test
HuluCouldn’t Test
KodiYes- SD Only
Anonymizer VPN Review

We were unable to access the US servers which meant no thanks for verifying the unlock on US content. We are scanning alternate accounts which indicates it would not work anyway but that is information secondhand. The reason why we tend to not be able to access the US server is that only the trial version was offered.

Explains for this are explained below in the main section of the review. Kodi worked, but the standard was SD-ish, something else and the data measurement just wasn’t there.

Anonymizer VPN Pros & Cons


  • Very good user privacy.
  • Hide the user’s IP


  • Few options
  • Too much direct cash
  • Only 2 locations
  • Unanswered support
  • The free version did not add our latest tests

Anonymizer VPN Review

The following is an associated in-depth review of the VPN Anonymizer tool, which we tend to test on a Windows machine. To induce the Anonymizer consumer, you must register and log in to access the transfer page as seen here. Unfortunately, they don’t allow the use of special characters for passwords, which means that those who use powerful arcane generators might need to play around with the requirements.

Supported Devices

Anonymizer VPN Review In 2023
Anonymizer VPN Review

At first glance, Anonymizer appears to have minimal quality support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Mechanical. However, if you access any of the app stores, you won’t notice much joy as there don’t seem to be any native apps for either platform.

Instead, you’ll need to log in to a decision on the download page. Here you’ll see the OpenVPN configuration files for the various OpenVPN solutions in iOS and Mechanical Man. Not exactly the easy, trendy experience we want from a VPN these days.

Here is a summary of supported devices:

  • OS: Clockwork Man, iOS, Windows, Mac
  • Browsers: No support
  • Network Devices/Others: Not Supported

Installation & Setup

Anonymizer VPN Review In 2023
Anonymizer VPN Review

The system declined our credit cards due to some regional defect. We contacted WHO support who indicated they would be withdrawing to the United States of America with a reply. Once 3 days without any feedback, we managed informed to get access to the paid version of the service and went ahead with the review of the 14-day trial. This has some implications that we will justify throughout the review.

After downloading the associated consumer running it, an InstallAware wizard pops up, which I haven’t seen slow. it’s pretty good, however, there was some weird text corruption on my laptop during installation.

You should also note that if you already have another VPN installed with the generic version of OpenVPN, the installer may change it to a custom version. that means people who want to switch between VPNs may run into trouble.

Anonymizer VPN Review Installed

After clicking a few options (such as update schedule), the installation method completes itself.

Please note that you will be prompted to open your machine at the top.

Now we can start playing around with the VPN, but first, let’s see what’s on the menu once it comes to options.

Prominent Features

Anonymizer VPN Review In 2023
Anonymizer VPN Review

Anonymizer’s creators are exclusively concerned with giving you a private and secure surfing experience. Yes, as part of that, they will conceal your location. They only have two exits though, so you’ll either have to be happy with them or find another place.

So for your money, you get privacy, but that’s about it.

Ease of Use

Anonymizer VPN Review In 2023
Anonymizer VPN Review

The Anonymizer consumer can be a bit frustrated over a very wide range. First of all, it is not available in the form of a pop-up window but is mounted on the bottom right of the screen just above the receptacle.

If you mistakenly click anywhere else, it minimizes once more. You’d also better check that it’s not in the receptacle icon’s overflow area because it’s practically not possible to keep the window open if it’s activated from there. As soon as you click to close the container overflow, the user window closes further. Trust me, I used to be grinding my teeth now.

As for the consumer itself, I suppose if you want to be generous, you can choose it as “compact”, but I think the more suitable word here is “restricted”.

All the units in the options and controls area are organized as stacked dropdown menus, as you can see here once you open the settings section.

Anonymizer VPN Review Client Settings

Speaking of which, this may be the sum of options you have. this may be where you decide on everything from launch options to server location. Yes, either one.


The only alternative section mentioned is the facilitation section.

Of course, it is simply a collection of hyperlinks to the website. As you can see, the Anonymizer consumer is not exactly the tastiest or most pleasant to use that we have seen.

As much as VPN websites work, anonymizer is just fine. planning is a company from the early 2000s and gives the impression that they are promoting their product to commercial buyers.

In terms of practicality, the account control panel is ugly but useful, it’s not difficult to search for support resources, and there’s not much in the way of selling malicious stuff plastered everywhere.

Server Location

Anonymizer VPN Review In 2023
Anonymizer VPN Review

I have no idea how many real servers Anonymizer has. But I understand they only have two locations to choose from. That must be the record for the smallest international footprint of any VPN we’ve seen.

I guess it’s not all crazy as long as this VPN focuses on privacy instead of unblocking content. Sure, you’ll get the full privacy treatment no matter which location you choose, but non-US customers (and even those far from San Diego) are unlikely to be looking for good performance.


Anonymizer VPN Review

In our last review of this software system, we tend to download the free version to check the latest speed performance, as the software system often improves its networks based on a Nursing Associate in progress.

However, to our complete surprise, even though the installation was successful and the dashboard appeared, we were unable to get past the login screen so we could connect to a VPN server and run the speed tests.

Security & Privacy

Anonymizer VPN Review In 2023
Anonymizer VPN Review

The whole purpose of Anonymizer is that they completely care about your privacy. therefore, I expect that this is often where the service can shine.


I have no plans about what coding they are victimizing. Presumably, it’s 128 or 256-bit AES like pretty much everyone else. “Proprietary” technology is also mentioned, but there aren’t many details about what it will do.


Anonymizer VPN Review In 2023
Anonymizer VPN Review

When we check the privacy policy (which can be a lengthy document), they clearly state that no record area unit is intact. According to the company, the only way you can join a specific website accessed through your VPN is through a watch period. which they also don’t do. there is simply no way to get historical browsing data from them.

Quite nervously, Anonymizer lists some of the big names in the VPN industry as working VPNs, despite several of them claiming otherwise. they are meant to be one of the few “real” zero-logging services.

DNS Leaks

I ran the test suite on Anonymizer successfully passes DNS leak and computer tests.

Anonymizer VPN Review In 2023
Anonymizer VPN Review

This means that strangers on the other end of the affiliation only see the location and information that Anonymizer needs them to verify.

Customer Service

Anonymizer VPN Review

Anonymizer can sell its service to anyone in the world, but communicative users will be happy to know that the support team is based in the US.

Unfortunately, there is no live chat, however, the location advertises 24/7/365 availability with a target reaction time of 2 hours. Fairly leisurely by the standards of simpler VPNs, we’ve tested it, but it’s still higher than alternative email-only offerings.

There are area units some user guides and troubleshooting resources on location. It’s not as intensive as some databases I’ve seen on competitive platforms, but it’s fine for a lot of people.

Unfortunately, as you navigate further up, once we ask for help, we get a response and nothing else for days. As I write this, I am still waiting for customer service to urge a return to the US state despite causing multiple follow-ups.


Anonymizer VPN Review In 2023
Anonymizer VPN Review

Anonymizer managed to produce the US state with 2 firsts once it involves your evaluation. First, it offers the longest free period I’ve ever seen. You’ll sign up and enjoy the service for two weeks before you have to pay anything, but that leads to a back-to-back problem for North American countries. The second “first” is the complete lack of a monthly configuration. This VPN service only offers one evaluation level. The $83.88 annual setup is why you get a 14-day trial in the first place. to make sure it’s worth spending a lot of time and money on. plus, you have forty-five days to get a refund. so even once you’ve paid, you’ll get your refund if you get sad.

Here is a summary of the evaluation plans:

  • There’s only one yearly install, which costs $83.88 (or about $6.99 per month)
  • No monthly plans like alternative VPNs

The trial and refund policy helps soften the blow, but the reality is that many of us take the more expensive monthly subscriptions because they don’t have as much free money in one slice, making the US state suspicious that Anonymizer leaves a lot behind. of customers at the door.

Final Verdict

Anonymizer is your best bet if you prefer privacy above all else. However, don’t expect too much, as the tool lacks many advanced options that are usually found in an alternative VPN.

Who should use this VPN? – If you only care about total privacy and no one logs anything, then this is usually a viable option.

Who should not use this VPN? – If you want the side benefits of getting a modern VPN, like unblocking content and changing your location, you will stop using Anonymizer. Those looking for a VPN with monthly plans will be frustrated.

  • PROS: robust privacy and security; Hides the user’s IP; zero registers; 14-day free trial
  • CONS: Lacks advanced features; The user interface is not friendly enough; Lacks versatile evaluation plans
  • Final Verdict: three out of 10!

Buy Anonymizer

Anonymizer VPN Review In 2023
Anonymizer VPN Review

If you have decided to get Anonymizer, head over to the official Anonymizer website and set up a subscription these days.

Final Thoughts

Although Anonymizer has been around for quite some time, the service doesn’t seem to be excited about the days. You won’t do anything that trendy VPNs can do other than hide your identity. Network performance is pretty bad and barely usable, though if you’re measuring near Amsterdam or San Diego, that might not be true for you. Unfortunately, statistically, most in the world do not live near any of those places and therefore have a restricted charm.

I just understand the Nursing Associate why only has these two places. Anonymizer fully owns and operates its servers. This level of management and ownership is quite rare in the world of VPNs, where online capacity tends to be outsourced. It’s usually not too annoying, but it will introduce another probably weak link in the chain. To own the absolute management of an Associate in Nursing, you are restricted in this way.

I have to raise the question of whether or not someone at the World Health Organization wants this extra level of privacy they shouldn’t just mix Tor with many modern VPNs when they want it and thus suffer from industry-standard VPN privacy. for a long time. -Risk activities. It makes it difficult for the World Health Organization to understand that the Anonymizer service is really for the last few days.

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