AVG Secure VPN Review in 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

AVG Secure VPN Review. Can a corporation plagued by past data trading scandals suddenly become a privacy-first VPN provider?

First of all, each area unit of Avast and AVG Technologies within the business of antivirus software systems. second: are AVG and Avast area units constant? If these two brands measure like you, it is because they belong to a continuous company. Namely, Avast has been the parent company of AVG Technologies since 2016.

A bit of history: Both were based in the Czech Republic, in the late 1980s, and early 1990s, and went international. However, in July 2016, Avast failed to inherit rival AVG Technologies for $1.3 billion.

But the problem that intrigued me the most is that Avast, the nursing associate antivirus software used by millions around the world, had a data leak scandal not long ago. because the company was marketing sensitive browsing information.

That surprised me, how secure is your identity with AVG Secure VPN?

In addition to their apparent lack of privacy and obfuscation tools, their evaluation plans are also a bit unreasonable. you can only buy annual plans, that might be too much of a compromise for me, especially for a VPN isolator so far behind others in this category.

Not only that, but I also had tons of back and forth with support for something that it should have by default. I’d rather skip all the effort and find a working VPN right out of the box.

To see for myself, I tried AVG Secure VPN. I’ve tried every facet of AVG Secure VPN: from security and privacy to streaming, speed, support, and setup.

AVG Secure Features — Updated in August 2023

💸 Price4.49 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs?Partially
🖥 Number of servers60+
💻 Number of devices per license10
🛡 Kill switchYes
🗺 Based in countryCzech Republic
📥 Supports torrentingYes
AVG Secure VPN Review

Streaming — Didn’t Work For Me at All

During my tests, AVG Secure VPN was unable to unblock any of the streaming sites. I couldn’t stream Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or Disney+. However, based on the data you can find on their website, you are under the impression that streaming may be a chore for this VPN:

Screenshot of a section from AVG Secure's website that mentions streaming support

Based on the data I found online and on their website, their streaming capabilities should be solid.

But even though AVG has special streaming servers, they are not robust enough to bypass geo-restrictions.

I tried all fifteen servers within the US (including four dedicated streaming servers) and was unable to access content from the Netflix USA library on any of these. Geo-blocking was too robust for AVG servers. If you’re getting a VPN primarily to avoid geo-filtering, which can be a customary technique of limiting your access to online content based on your geographic location, I’d recommend checking out the other VPNs that stand out in this space.

AVG Secure VPN Review Streaming — Didn’t Work For Me at All
AVG Secure VPN Review

AVG Secure VPN has specialized streaming and torrent servers

This is their current list of dedicated streaming servers:

  • Germany, Frankfurt
  • UK, Wonderland
  • US, Gotham City
  • US, Miami
  • US, New York
  • US, Seattle

Unblocked: None of The Streaming Sites I Tested

I was unable to unblock any of the streaming sites I tried by roughing up AVG Secure VPN. Even their support confirmed it.

Blocked By: Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+

In my experience, all popular streaming sites, as well as Netflix USA, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ discover and block AVG Secure VPN.

As a huge fan of Netflix, I was excited to watch the women of metal from my location in the nation’s capital. Once I read the tech school reviews and realized that AVG Secure has dedicated streaming servers for unblocking the US and UK Netflix, I decided to go for it.

Even on its website, AVG Secure prides itself on having dedicated streaming servers that “make streaming a breeze.”

AVG Secure VPN Review

Bypassing content restrictions isn’t exactly one of AVG Secure’s selling points

Much to my disappointment, I was unable to access US exclusives like Metal Ladies, The Borgias, Weeds, and Hamlet, even while roughing up the Gotham Town server.

AVG Secure VPN Review

Even AVG’s special streaming servers didn’t allow the US state to watch US Netflix.

AVG Secure VPN Review

Jericho is another US-only series that suggests AVG Secure VPN did not unblock US Netflix.

AVG Secure VPN Review Blocked By: Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+
AVG Secure VPN Review

I tried all US servers; none allow US states to watch Netflix USA

Also, I tried Disney+ and couldn’t even log in; all I got was a black screen. As I noted, Disney+ has significant geo-blocking that detects when you’re using a VPN to mask your location, hence the black screen. once I turned off the VPN, the log screen appeared once again. an analogous scenario happened with Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

I arrived resolved to their customer service to see if they could solve the matter. That took a bit of my time and didn’t solve my streaming issue.


AVG Secure VPN Review

The emptor offered any help in device style from his school tech support team.

I had to download the LogMeIn Rescue remote support package for your support agent to access my PC. However, once I tried to input the file, a dialog popped up saying, “You do not have permission to open the application. Please contact your PC or network administrator for help.”

AVG Secure VPN Review

I couldn’t run the app due to permission issues in the waterproof geo

Just a quick tip for determining permissions issues in the huge waterproof South: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General, so click “Open Anyway”:

AVG Secure VPN Review
AVG Secure VPN Review

If you’re having permission issues, as I did, you’d like to allow the app to install manually.

When I finally got permission for the method, I connected to their remote support.

AVG Secure VPN Review

In my case, it didn’t take more than a quarter of an hour

However, remote support did not solve my problem. Instead, the support told the US state that it is traditional to be blocked by streaming sites:

AVG Secure VPN Review
AVG Secure VPN Review

The reference to their remote technical school support was breaking all the time, even though my affiliation was stable.

After this, AVG emailed back to a US state partner apologizing for the inconvenience and explaining why they couldn’t provide me with:


AVG Secure VPN Review

AVG support told Maine that it’s not up to them but to the streaming sites.

Also, for those of you UN agencies who enjoy streaming with Firestick devices, AVG Secure VPN does not have app support for Firestick streaming devices. For streaming features, I would certainly suggest many reliable VPNs.

Since AVG Secure has dedicated streaming servers in the North American country and also in GB, I assumed that it would only access the North American country of Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer.

Instead, this is the welcome message I received when trying to follow the atomic number 88 women from a North American national server in Jacksonville:

AVG Secure VPN Review
AVG Secure VPN Review

Netflix blocked my membership once I used a server in town

The same situation BBC iPlayer is concerned about: not even the special GB Wonderland server allows Maine to broadcast:

AVG Secure VPN Review

I was defeated because I couldn’t watch any of the shows on Netflix North America, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer. What are these servers for anyway? I came bent on your customer support with this complaint.

Customer support suggested hiding the players, but I did and did not solve my problem. Click here to see many of my back-and-forths with your customer support regarding this issue.


AVG Secure VPN Review
AVG Secure VPN Review

Then, they directed the reinstallation of the application; That didn’t make it any easier either. In the end, I downloaded the LogMeIn Rescue remote support code for their support agent to access my laptop. It took them 10-15 minutes to tell Maine that there is nothing they can do about it because this is often not due to the functionality of the VPN, but rather the restrictions of the streaming site. But isn’t that what you would expect from a VPN provider at first?

Speeds — At First Terrible, Then Solid

Speeds were slow on my initial 7-day free trial. Once I switched to a 60-day free trial, the speeds skyrocketed. I used Ookla to live my speed test results. AVG also offers the possibility to use the OpenVPN protocol, which can improve your speeds in case you want a faster connection.

AVG Secure VPN Review

7-Day Free Trial Speed Test

I experienced very slow speeds in my 7-day free trial. I mechanically connected to the closest server, which was in the national capital. However, once I tried to measure my speed, I was unable to perform the verification. However, once I’m logged out, I’m able to complete the speed check with no problem.

AVG Secure VPN Review Speeds — At First Terrible, Then Solid
AVG Secure VPN Review

The latency check failed. Continuous reception while connected to a server in Australia.

To my surprise, I couldn’t even experience the speed while connected to servers in Europe or Australia. The message mentioned above could be caused by a problem with the firewall or the server. Since my firewall was disabled at the time, it should be a failure of their half.

Next, I tried to connect to a server in the Belgian capital. This one was also slow; every eyelash froze. No page would open. Even with its best server feature turned on, which connects you to the closest server for the best speed, I still couldn’t perform the speed check.

At first, I thought this might have just been a small glitch. future day, I tried one more time with the best service with no luck (again exploit partner Austrian server); I then connected to a server in the Belgian capital, Amsterdam and London, and while waiting a moment or two to load, I got an equivalent latency error message:

AVG Secure VPN Review

Same error message the next day when using a server in the Belgian capital

I wasn’t even ready to live my speed while connected to any of the servers. He used to be beaten with speeds in general at the time. So I contacted their customer support and asked why my association was so slow:

But my connection was slow despite the server I selected


Support told Maine that this was due to my distance from the server. I am undecided if this was the case or not. I thought that if it was simply due to the distance from the server, the speed would be higher on some and worse on alternative servers. however, in my case, it was consistently bad.

AVG Secure VPN Review Speeds — At First Terrible, Then Solid
AVG Secure VPN Review

But my connection was slow despite the server I selected

Support told Maine that this was due to my distance from the server. I am undecided if this was the case or not. I thought that if it was simply due to the distance from the server, the speed would be higher on some and worse on alternative servers. however, in my case, it was consistently bad.

60-Day Free Trial Speed Test

I also tried their 60-day trial which tried to be much better in terms of speed.

That happened because I decided to try a much-needed disk cleanup and updated my iOS just before finishing testing, thus deleting the VPN files as well. Because of that, I had to install the AVG VPN app that I downloaded a couple of days ago as part of the 7-day free trial. but when I wanted to transfer the app again, I kept getting the error: “AVG Secure VPN is already installed, please uninstall the previous version first”, even though I uninstalled it.

So, a handy tip for mack users: if something like this happens, find and delete the AVG Secure VPN folder manually by typing /Library/Application Support/ in the Finder menu bar Go/Go to folder. After this, you should be ready to install AVG Secure VPN.

Once I dismissed it and reinstalled the app, I realized I couldn’t sign up for the 7-day trial anymore, probably because you’ll only start your free trial once, that’s smart, after all.

I got a pretty different deal at this point, even though I was on the third day of a 7-day free trial.

The offer was to start a 30-day trial (apparently you’ll cancel at any time), but you want to sign up for a 1-year install and add your payment details, either master card details or PayPal.


So, I got my 60-day trial, and in the equivalent time, I can see if there is any difference. This time, the transfer and transfer speeds were much better. There seems to be no such thing as a decent “no payment details attached” free trial, at least once you involve AVG Secure VPN. However, I think technically there shouldn’t be any difference, because if not, what square measure did you have to check if it works? I think this is usually a big problem because you don’t get any previews of the service, so sure.

That felt sort of a completely different VPN. victimization is the best location feature, I mechanically connected to a server close to ME, this point being abundant quicker.

AVG Secure VPN Review

My best location server was constant as my physical location however with a distinct IP address

My baseline speed in the capital of Austria was:
Download speed: 153.08 Mbps
Upload speed: fifteen.62 Mbps

AVG Secure VPN Review Speeds — At First Terrible, Then Solid
AVG Secure VPN Review

I had systematically solid server speeds on my 60-day trial. Here are the speed results of a number of the servers I tested in Europe, North America, and Asia:

Prague, Czech Republic
Download speed: 141.67 Mbps (7.45% decrease)
Upload speed: thirteen.33 Mbps (14.66% decrease)

Amsterdam, Kingdom of The Netherlands P2P
Download speed: a hundred and 40.04 Mbps (8.51% decrease)
Upload speed: eleven.25 Mbps (27.977% decrease)

AVG Secure VPN Review Speeds — At First Terrible, Then Solid
AVG Secure VPN Review

Brussels, Belgium
Download speed: a hundred 25.70 Mbps (17.88% decrease)
Upload speed: thirteen.29 Mbps (14.9168% decrease)

AVG Secure VPN Review

UK, Glasgow
Download speed: 97.66 Mbps (36.20% decrease)
Upload speed: thirteen.44 Mbps (13.95% decrease)

AVG Secure VPN Review Speeds — At First Terrible, Then Solid
AVG Secure VPN Review

The US, Gotham town (streaming server)
Download speed: 142.06 Mbps (7.19% decrease)
Upload speed: twelve.69 Mbps (18.75% decrease)

AVG Secure VPN Review


Japan, Tokyo
Download speed: thirty-one.21 Mbps (79.61% decrease)
Upload speed: seven.77 Mbps (50.25% decrease)

AVG Secure VPN Review Speeds — At First Terrible, Then Solid
AVG Secure VPN Review

Melbourne, Australia
Download speed: ten.94 Mbps (92.85% decrease)
Upload speed: four.17 Mbps (73.30% decrease)

AVG Secure VPN Review

Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Download speed: thirty-eight.43 Mbps (74.89% decrease)
Upload speed: six.93 Mbps (55.63% decrease)

AVG Secure VPN Review Speeds — At First Terrible, Then Solid
AVG Secure VPN Review

I conjointly used servers in Espana (Madrid), and Germany (Berlin), which gave ME solid speeds for a swish browsing expertise.

Are AVG Secure VPN’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Fast Yes, but Still Not Playable

Depending on the trial I used, my speeds went from zero to solid. however, I still couldn’t play League of Legends online.

On my 7-day trial, the speed was terrible, which means not playable or maybe downloadable. I attempted downloading and enjoying League of Legends while connected to a server in an urban center, in Canada. Installation was easy, with many hiccups here and there. The transfer speed was terrible, though.

AVG Secure VPN Review Are AVG Secure VPN’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Fast Yes, but Still Not Playable
AVG Secure VPN Review

Just just in case, I needed to visualize if there was some maintenance happening. however everything was as was common at the time, therefore the speeds should be slow thanks to the VPN.

AVG Secure VPN Review

Once I switched to the 60-day trial, my transfer was abundant quicker. Still, for a few reasons, I couldn’t even enter the sport.

Server Network — Sparse, But Solid Speeds For Surfing

AVG VPN includes a tiny and, in my expertise, unstable server network.

Because of its thin server network, which incorporates thirty countries, it’s not therefore nice compared to different suppliers within the same value vary.

The issue that bothers ME once there are therefore few servers is that the network tends to induce full that ends up in slower downloading, streaming, and torrenting. additional servers equal higher speeds as a result of their less congestion, therefore I see why AVG Secure VPN isn’t on par with different top-tier VPNs in this respect.

What I conjointly found a bit uncommon is that AVG doesn’t mention the number of its IP addresses. Not solely that, however, it doesn’t even list its server network, therefore you can’t check server locations before buying. Before I signed up, I conjointly needed to understand whether or not they’re virtual or physical — however, I couldn’t realize this information either.

The only issue I did grasp was that AVG Technologies and Avast are one company and doubtless share the network as a result of Avast buying AVG in 2016.

AVG Secure VPN Review Server Network — Sparse, But Solid Speeds For Surfing
AVG Secure VPN Review

A screenshot of Avast’s weblog stating that Avast and AVG have become one company

I guess if you’re familiar with the Avast Secure Line server network, you’ll notice this one too.

AVG Secure VPN Review Server Network — Sparse, But Solid Speeds For Surfing
AVG Secure VPN Review

Server Locations

Server locations measure squares divided into half a dozen kingdoms. Here is a table of all the servers offered, their locations, and types:

Africa1 in total
South Africa1
Asia Pacific8 in total
New Zealand1
South Korea1
Europe27 in total
Czech Republic1 (P2P)
Germany2 (1 P2P)
Netherlands1 (P2P)
the UK3 (1 streaming; 1 P2P)
Middle East2 in total
North America20 in total
the US16 (3 both P2P and streaming; 1 streaming)
South America1
AVG Secure VPN Review

I mostly used the default feature known as best VPN server location, where the VPN chooses the best compatible server for your location.

AVG Secure also includes a network of dedicated streaming and P2P servers that are designed to optimize your connection for every activity. Sounds good in theory, however, once I tried them they didn’t work. If you’re curious to see the results of my streaming check, click here.

Therefore, in addition to geolocation, you can also have servers divided according to the activity you need them for:


Streaming: Half a dozen in total: Four in the North American country (Miami, New York, and Seattle, and one of those generally recommended for streaming, known as the US, Gotham City), a special streaming server in Britain known as the united kingdom, wonderland and one in the European nation
P2P traffic: eight in total: one in the European country, one in France, one in the European country, one in the Netherlands, one in Great Britain, and three more in the North American country (Miami, New York, and Seattle) these three measure square each for streaming and P2P).
It was very easy for me to change the server location – just open AVG Secure VPN and press the “Change location” button.

Security — Theoretically Solid

I would not suggest AVG VPN if your main concern is privacy. However, on paper, you should be pretty safe because of the military-grade 256-bit AES cryptography, which is nearly impossible to crack, thus making your connection nearly impenetrable.

In case your partnership goes down, as happened to the US state with this VPN, to protect yourself, you can tweak the kill switch feature. This stops your internet connection until your VPN reconnects, preventing your data from becoming unbrowsable.

The kill switch may be a relatively new feature of AVG Secure VPN, which is offered for Windows and macOS. I detected that you just need to flip the delete trigger manually; it is not enabled by default. To do this, go to the Network Security tab and check “Enable Kill Switch”, and your information will be safe even if the connection to a VPN server is broken.

Should I use this VPN with a public local area network to stay safe? I wouldn’t trust him 100 percent. The public local area network is one of the most dangerous varieties of the network. So if you’re not sure, it’s just smart to take care of yourself.

AVG Secure VPN Review Security — Theoretically Solid
AVG Secure VPN Review


If you prefer to customize your partnership based on what you’re doing, you’ll notice a solid selection when it comes to security protocols. AVG VPN uses three main protocols: IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN. to modify the protocol, simply go to the settings of your VPN application.

There is no support for WireGuard. On paper, WireGuard might improve your speed here because it’s a less complicated VPN protocol, which suggests it tends to be less buggy and uses less computer hardware.

But my most popular pick would still be OpenVPN because it adds an extra layer of security against man-in-the-middle attacks, meaning it will keep you safe even while the public local area network is being victimized, which you might want if you’d like to use AVG Secure VPN instead. daily.

However, there is no Multihop feature, which several different VPNs have. Multihop passes your knowledge through 2 or more VPN servers, which will increase your security and make your activity even more durable to track. In my opinion, that can be a welcome addition to AVG security, especially if staying protected is high on your priority list.


Also, in the face of the 2019 data harvest and the business scandal with Avast, I’d take care of it. After all, Avast Antivirus drained the data of over 435 million users to Google, Microsoft, etc. You can’t stop thinking, but if it happened once, will it happen again? There is nothing you ignore so soon, in any case.

But it passed the test in terms of DNS leakage. supported by DNS leak tests, AVG did not leak any information or show any security issues.

AVG Secure VPN Review Security — Theoretically Solid
AVG Secure VPN Review

I did not detect any leaks while connected to a server in Frankfurt am Main

Just a quick tip though: once you get the dynamic locations, make sure you have the kill switch turned on because the connection may be broken for a few seconds, which is probably not worth your knowledge.

Privacy — Not a Top Choice VPN if Privacy Is Your Main Concern

Despite these options, I would not recommend this VPN if your top priority is keeping your information private. Intrusive employment practices, past knowledge-gathering domestic scandals, and convoluted privacy policies with lots of ifs and buts.

The events that close the company itself do not inspire much confidence.

I found out that AVG Secure VPN has four privacy policies on its website:

  • overall privacy
  • product policy
  • VPN policy
  • Cookies policy

As for the VPN Policy, the information it collects and processes is supposedly necessary for the enhancement of its products and services, as well as legal functions. I think to make it look a little better now, AVG is trying to be very clear about how it handles information. He goes into great detail below about what circumstances his knowledge reveals.

You may even notice links to the privacy policies of your payment processors:

AVG Secure VPN Review Privacy — Not a Top Choice VPN if Privacy Is Your Main Concern
AVG Secure VPN Review

Links to the privacy policies of your payment processors

As found on its website, the information it processes is generally used for product convenience, billing, and payment, but also third-party tools and alternative features.

However, it’s reassuring to know that your IP address, DNS queries, browsing history, as well as emails, and any connected files will still be safe:

AVG Secure VPN Review

They are quite specific about what information they give to others.

Although he should be super protected in theory, in light of his history of personal knowledge of the process, he feels a little insecure. the fact that you are sharing your information with third-party providers is not something you need.


According to your privacy policy: it is the duty and therefore the right to disclose your knowledge to unrelated third parties under certain circumstances.

The right to disclose your information primarily includes legal obligations such as accounting, anti-money laundering, court orders, sanction checks, or “other obligations.”

I can’t say this is a privacy-friendly VPN, largely due to its strong working policy: it logs connection timestamps and a precise amount of information.

In its extended privacy policy, a VPN service district discusses its employment practices and what it means to you. Technically speaking, AVG VPN gathers the following data:

  • traces of your original address
  • the IP address of the particular server you used
  • when you connected/disconnected
  • the amount of information collected

Another thing I didn’t like is the fact that AVG VPN keeps connection logs and stores server service data for a precise amount. That alone worries Maine, not to mention the Avast knowledge marketing scandal in 2019.

My takeaway is: Even assuming he’s clear on how he reveals his knowledge, the fact that he reveals it bothers Maine.

Torrenting — Solid Torrenting Speeds

Good news: AVG VPN has special P2P servers. Bad news: I still don’t suggest it for torrenting due to its invasive work policy.

Although it doesn’t (supposedly) record the information you just transferred, it will store logs of connection, duration, and using measures of information.

AVG Secure VPN Review Torrenting — Solid Torrenting Speeds
AVG Secure VPN Review

Technically, torrenting is allowed and can be robust, especially since AVG offers dedicated P2P servers that are optimized to allow you to download torrents quickly and safely. there are eight P2P servers in half a dozen completely different countries:

AVG Secure VPN Review Torrenting — Solid Torrenting Speeds
AVG Secure VPN Review

My transfer went perfectly: the speed was wonderful. However, if you get a VPN primarily for torrenting, your privacy may be compromised at this point, depending on its volume and frequency. Just make sure you’re not torrenting when you want to change the server location because their association is concisely discontinuous.

AVG Secure VPN Review

Does AVG Secure VPN Work in China? No

If this is the main reason you get a VPN, I don’t suggest exploiting AVG. Countries with high censorship like China, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey have very restrictive firewalls, and you want a VPN that has the necessary obfuscation tools and stealth protocols to bypass blocking.

This is what I found customer support saying on their community forum regarding the Chinese restrictions:g

AVG Secure VPN Review

Simultaneous Device Connections — Up to 10 Devices at Once

You can connect up to ten devices at the same time, which can be a ton compared to other VPNs.

It used to be five, but starting in the Gregorian calendar month of 2021, you’ll be able to use it with up to ten devices, which would be a solid tweak. sadly, people who got their subscription before will only connect up to five devices until it renews.

AVG Secure VPN Review Simultaneous Device Connections — Up to 10 Devices at Once
AVG Secure VPN Review

Subscriptions purchased when the Gregorian calendar month of 2021 allows ten simultaneous devices

I managed to connect five devices quickly and noticed a small difference in speed, but nothing major.

However, I found it unsatisfying that in a 7-day free trial, you can only use AVG Secure VPN on one device. So if you were hoping to use the trial version to see how it works on your laptop and tablet or phone, you’re out of luck because you can’t connect them both quickly to try it out.

Device Compatibility — Supports Most Mainstream Devices and OSs

In my experience, it’s not the most versatile VPN on the market when it comes to devising compatibility. AVG supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Mechanical Man. However, there is no UNIX support.

Also, if you were hoping to use it together with your Firestick device, I even have to thwart you. AVG Secure VPN is not compatible with Fire OS, so it cannot be installed on Amazon Fire Stick.

There’s also no good DNS tool, which suggests you can’t set it up alongside your home router. Good DNS can be a great tool that will allow you to use the content-unblocking options of VPN victimization devices that do not have native VPN support, such as home routers.

It’s also not the best alternative to vice because it’s incompatible with game consoles and TV streaming devices. I even have a PS4 and I will not play with this VPN.

Installation & Apps 7.8

Set-Up & Installation — Relatively Simple and Fast

I can’t fault the setup and installation, it was simple. you can make the necessary downloads on its home page. In case you want instructions, there are easy area unit setup guides in their FAQ.

AVG Secure VPN Review Set-Up & Installation — Relatively Simple and Fast
AVG Secure VPN Review

I quickly downloaded and installed AVG 7-day free trial for iOS

What I appreciate about the AVG Secure 7-day starter trial is that you don’t even have to enter your master card details for the trial to start:

AVG Secure VPN Review

No MasterCard is needed to start your 7-day free trial

However, there is an interesting factor: there are a couple of versions of the free trial: the 7-day free trial and the 60-day free trial. The difference is: to sign up for the 7-day trial, you don’t need to leave your payment details; you just have to be forced to download the app from its website and install it.

AVG will not charge you anything to sign up for the 60-day trial but would like to leave your master card or PayPal account details. The great news is that you have unlimited cancellation rights.

AVG Secure VPN Review

AVG Secure VPN Continuous Subscription Area Unit

Important to remember: You’ll be charged automatically once your free trial ends, so be sure to manually cancel your subscription unless you want to travel early and purchase the full year. With this test, I can connect multiple devices, up to ten at a time.


Unit prices are cheap, but they go hand in hand with a trick. The monthly price sounds attractive, but its plan is not monthly, only annual.

When you first see the monthly value, it’s a bit tricky, but you have to pay the annual value directly. Even assuming that the price is relatively cheap, taking out a contract of at least 1 year seems too much to me. once again} again: it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which I think helps in this case

AVG Secure VPN Review Pricing
AVG Secure VPN Review

Reliability & Support 7.6

Customer service responded but could not solve my problem. Also, it always takes a couple of days to respond to each email.

Imagine that you would desperately like to help with a security issue of some kind. Without the live chat feature and the slow latency, it couldn’t offer any surprise, how would you solve the problem? On my behalf, this can be a big problem, so I think if you organize a one-year contract, you will need reliable support.

Those who can come back with extra money will be able to get AVG Security Premium school support as a paid service. I guess this added feature will help you get the most out of your system and make you comfortable with security issues.

The difference is that AVG Premium School Support helps you with all AVG products and all operating systems at your disposal 24/7 by phone. You have three plans available:

  • A simple solution for basic support involves 1 time $79
  • Complex solution for advanced facilitation, $119 per division
  • $199 total care per year, unlimited calls

But even though you have many AVG products, I think that paying so much more for the service does not make sense. I’d appreciate it if your regular support responded a bit faster instead of paying for 24/7 qualified school support, which you technically should have by default.

AVG Secure VPN Review

For common queries, you can jointly refer to their AVG Support Community page, where you can raise queries and share tips and solutions. The page is somewhat active, and its representatives generally respond, although not to all inquiries.

Depending on how much help you possibly want (mine was probably high), you have three ways to get help:

#1 Self-Help

That means finding the answer yourself victimization is one of the net resources provided on their support/FAQ page. While quite comprehensive, I found the web resource pages to be unintuitive and not very easy to navigate.

The page offers links to all or any type of instructional or educational content in your journal. I would say that the resources are useful whenever you want to make it easy to install and activate your VPN. All categorized resources are compatible with the operating system you are victimizing.

AVG Secure VPN Review

You can post an issue on their community forum or browse other people’s issues, however, their support is not that active.

#2 Enquiry Per Email

You can only contact a real person by completing the Associate in Nursing query on their school support page. A 24/7 live chat feature is sorely missing here. You get your net price spread and receive an email response, usually within a day.

AVG Secure VPN Review

You have to mark that you have a paid/trial event to induce facilitation

I came to the attention of their customer support on many occasions, first hearing about the speeds in my 7-day trial. Maine was told it was due to the distance from the server.

The second time was due to transmission problems. If you’re having streaming issues like Maine, it won’t solve them quickly, if at all.

Their customer support usually responds within consecutive days. It takes twenty-four hours, many or less. I have reached out four times to this point for various issues. Each time, I received a response day in a row at a more or less constant time:

AVG Secure VPN Review #2 Enquiry Per Email
AVG Secure VPN Review

#3 Remote Assistance

My experience with your remote help was not good. Your suggestion to stream in stealth mode didn’t solve my streaming problem, so I decided to show myself much easier. The device is the ultimate potential thanks to getting at ease once you have exhausted all alternative means.

AVG Secure VPN Review #3 Remote Assistance
AVG Secure VPN Review

Support prompt reinstall VPN first, then flip to make it much easier if needed

I tried uninstalling and activating the VPN, however, it did not solve my problems. Next, I decided to activate the remote service they offered. However, installing the support file didn’t work as well on my Mac – the support prompt reinstall the VPN first, then flip to make it much easier if needed.

AVG Secure VPN Review
AVG Secure VPN Review
AVG Secure VPN Review

When I finally connected to their remote customer support, I received a response saying that Maine did not rely on the VPN but on streaming services. Scan a lot about my streaming experience with AVG Secure VPN here.

Compare AVG Secure With The Top Alternative VPNs

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

AVG Secure VPN is not an honest pick for streaming and privacy-oriented users. Even assuming it is very easy to install and use, this is not a VPN I would take, not even for a month, plus a minimum of a year.

While I used to be happy with its speeds in general, it was not possible to get around geo-blocks. Customer service exists, but I’ve seen it much better. What worries Maine, though, is that the partnership is shaky. In my case, it could break quite often.

While I appreciate his transparency, that doesn’t change the fact that he collects tons of private information, which makes Maine uneasy.

  • Complex and questionable privacy policy
  • Intrusive work practices
  • Data collection scandal of its parent company Avast
  • Unable to unblock streaming sites
  • slow customer service
  • There are only annual subscriptions
  • Solid torrent speeds

FAQs on AVG Secure VPN

Is AVG Secure VPN safe?

Secure is not the word you could use to explain this VPN, so I wouldn’t recommend it to privacy enthusiasts. I can’t decide it’s insecure either, but it doesn’t sound trustworthy given Avast’s (its parent company’s) previous data trading scandal, invasive labor practices, and comparatively long privacy policy. I have tested and thoroughly reviewed all of its security options.

Can AVG Secure VPN unblock Netflix?

A resounding no. I tried all regular and streaming servers. Sure, you’ll be able to watch Netflix a bit as you would without a VPN, however, it’s not possible to bypass geo-blocking with AVG VPN. I’ve also tested it with Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer. If you are looking for a VPN to follow the North American country of Netflix, you can skip AVG Secure.

Will AVG Secure VPN slow my speeds down?

In my 60-day trial, I had no issues with speed. My test results showed that the speed is faster on nearby servers, but far away servers worked fine too. considering the distance from the server, your speeds should stay good.

Money Back Guarantee (Days): 30

Mobile app: 

Number of devices per license: 10

VPN Plans: www.avg.com

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