Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona In 2023

A city experiencing exponential growth, Chandler, Arizona has become a preferred vacation destination and is no longer simply a suburb of Phoenix. With exciting things to try and do inside, like shop for bargains at Phoenix Premium retailers or hire the family to explore your creative thinking at the Crayola Experience at Chandler Fashion Center, you’ll simply escape the summer heat.

Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona In 2023 Desert Breeze Park
Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona

Pamper yourself with a Native American-inspired spa day at the Aji Spa at the Furniture Grand on Equus caballus Pass, or treat yourself to a special Hawaiian massage at the Hawaiian Expert Spa in town.

Chandler can be a great place to visit if you like trains. see dozens of life-size railcars and locomotives at the Arizona Railway depot, and take a ride on a miniature train at Desert Breeze Park.

There are a large number of paths to explore the desert and mountainous landscape of the city. Take a hike in the mountains, or watch the landscape fade on horseback during a trail ride at the Koli Equestrian Center.

Discover other cool places to visit with our list of the best things to try and do in Chandler, Arizona.

Go on a Trail Ride at the Koli Equestrian Center

Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona In 2023 Koli Equestrian Center
Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona

What better thanks to see Chandler’s stunning mountain scenery than on horseback? The Koli Equestrian Center focuses on light-emitting diode cluster rides with friendly and knowledgeable guides. they are distinguished by the fact that they come from an ancient head-to-tail riding formation; you ride side by side with opposing riders, so you will talk and revel in each other’s company.

This tribally owned business is located on the Gila River Indian Community Reservation and has a light, well-trained horses for any skill level. you will be a full-fledged associate cyclist or a rookie; they will make sure you have a fun and safe trip.

Journeys are customized to your own goals, skill level, and point in time. Take a brisk walk around the barnyard, or head out for a half or full-day hike into the mountains.

Address: Wild Horse Pass Road and Maricopa Road, Chandler, Arizona

Shop for Bargains at the Phoenix Premium Outlets

Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona In 2023 Phoenix Premium Outlets
Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona

The Phoenix Premium Retail Mall is in Chandler and has more than ninety stores, from Adidas to Zales, stocking all manner of linings, footwear, jewelry, and home goods.

If you didn’t get it, the associated mall has official stores, from top-tier luxury, fashion and homeware brands selling last year and out-of-stock items at a discounted price. Outlet stores also sell specific lower-quality products that are not oversold at their old retail stores.

Outlet malls will only be located outside of major metropolitan areas, so they don’t compete with regular stores located in the city.

In addition to all the retailers, there are a couple of restaurants, takeouts, and low-end retailers located in the Phoenix Premium Retailers.

Address: 4976 Premium Outlet Way, Chandler, Arizona

Play Tennis and See Some History at Tumbleweed Park

Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona In 2023 Tumbleweed Park
Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona

This large park area includes sports fields, walking trails, lawn tennis courts, picnic areas, lakes, and much of open areas to enjoy the sun.

If you visit Chandler for some time, you will attend the ostrich contest. For over thirty years, this mix of music, carnival, and genuine food has been the rule at Tumbleweed Park.

The park is home to the massive Tumbleweed Park Recreation Center, an enclosed facility with swimming pools, basketball and racquetball courts, fitness areas, and an enclosed track and alternative amenities to help keep the community active and active.

The center offers a good variety of categories and activities for all ages, including art and dance classes and experiences. Some of the activities require reservations and some cost cash. you’ll make reservations and get passes on the city’s website.

While you’re in the park, visit Tumbleweed Ranch, in the southwest corner of the park. The historic property preserves the agricultural heritage made by Chandler. There are 2 historic homes and several other former shops on the property, as well as vintage farm implements.

Address: 2250 South McQueen Road, Chandler, Arizona

Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park

Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona In 2023 Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park
Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona

Go Quick Diversion hosts weekly Drift N Drag track nights at the Equus caballus Pass Motorsports Park. Look at drag sports and drifts, that is, where cars go around the track in extremely controlled wear/drift.

Weekly public drift events allow drivers to play out their Fast & Furious fantasies in a safe and controlled environment on a private street.

Midnight Madness events are summer (June, July and August), from 9 p.m. m. at 2 a.m. m. These include live music and a car show, as well as sport towing and a wear box. The Monday through Friday Night Drags are measured anywhere the general public will bring their own car (subject to safety requirements) to the track and race it around the race track.

In addition to the Go Quick community events, the Horse Pass Motorsports Park hosts professional racing of various kinds, including the 300-mile-per-hour NHRA drag sport.

Address: 20000 South Maricopa Road, Chandler, Arizona

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass

Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona In 2023 Aji Spa at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass
Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona

The state’s top Native American-owned luxury hotel is the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass. The highlight of the Four Diamond rated abdominal aortic aneurysm is the Aji Spa. Aji, which means “sanctuary” in the native Pima language, offers a full range of skin, body and beauty treatments.

The treatments, techniques and products used in the spa represent the sacred Pima and Maricopa traditions native to the kingdom. These include things like a succulent prickly pear body treatment and a dance and massage mustang band, which has a ride followed by a massage. The spa even has its own swimming pool and a special restaurant with a healthy menu.

When you’ve completed your treatments, spa guests have access to the resort’s fitness center along with the spa’s steam room, steam room, and its signature indoor and outdoor hot tubs.

You can relax in the relaxation room by a giant fireplace. For a special dining experience after your spa experience, the resort features Arizona’s exclusive 5 Diamond/Forbes 5 Star Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Building, the acclaimed Kai.

Address: 5594 West Wild Horse Pass Blvd, Chandler, Arizona

Have a Hawaiian Massage at the Hawaiian Experience Spa

Hawaiian Experience Spa

The Hawaiian Spa Experience has three locations in Arizona and offers a very different day spa experience. Family owned and operated, the spa is focused on transferring the AN recognition experience to Chandler spa attendees. Massage techniques, products, and procedures supported ancient Hawaiian healing techniques and arts.

The most common massage is their unique Hawaiian-style massage known as Lomi Lomi. a method originating from the Sandwich Islands, it is a full body massage, where the entire body is massaged at the same time in continuous movements by the expert masseur. Add island produce and some vibrant Hawaiian music, and you have a wonderfully distinctive and relaxing experience.

Address: 1949 West Ray Road, Suite 16, Chandler, Arizona

Climb aboard a Steam Locomotive at the Arizona Railway Museum

Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona In 2023 Arizona Railway Museum
Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona

This Outer Brobdingnagian Train Depot has an amazing variety of locomotives, wheeled vehicles and other cool trains like freight cars, passenger cars and cabooses.

Admission to the Arizona Railroad depot includes a self-guided walking tour of the Brobdingnagian rail yard where trains measure squares marked with buildup over its history. About ten of the wagons have been rehabilitated, and the interior of these wagons will also be toured. in addition, there is a central depot building (a recent station depot building) with smaller railway artifacts.

It’s fascinating to discover the important history Arizona has with the railroads at this Chandler tourist attraction. Trains provided all the {goods|merchandise} and products for a hundred years before the automobile. It was also a key stop on the Continental Railroad route, so anything headed for California passed through Arizona.

You can visit the warehouse on weekends; It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. to 4 p.m. m., however, it closes during the recent summer between the month of the Gregorian calendar and September 1.

Address: 330 East Ryan Road, Chandler, Arizona

Explore the City’s Cultural History at the Chandler Museum

Chandler Museum

This free and trendy depot features multiple exhibits annually, each created in-house about Chandler’s history along with national traveling shows specializing in culture, history, and art. Quite a repository, it is a cultural destination, a repository of contemporary art mixed with a repository of history mixed with a gallery of photographs.

The square measure of the exhibitions was complemented by an extensive program of free categories, conferences and workshops for children of all ages and also for adults. There are also cool events like an outdoor wagon picnic that celebrates the food and cooking techniques of the recent West.

The Chandler Depot is right across the street from the Chandler Fashion Center.

Address: 300 South Chandler Village Drive, Chandler, Arizona

Enjoy a Vast Western Art Collection at the Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery

Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona In 2023 Basha gallery in Arizona has world-class collection of Native American, Western  art | Special Sections |
Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona

Anyone in Arizona knows Basha’s food chain, and thus the founder’s son, Eddie Basha, Jr., amassed a large Western accumulation that is hospitable to guests. Located at intervals at the supermarket chain’s company headquarters. The Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery presents what is formally known as the Eddie Basha variety of West Indian Yankee art.

The collection, one of the largest private collections of this type of material in the world. Focuses on two areas: modern Yankee art (lots of cowboys and horses) and modern Yankee Indian art (with Yankee Indians as creatives and subjects).

The massive assortment includes over three,500 pieces. You’ll see multi-media art on the walls, as well as impressive objects like bowls, baskets, ceramics, and jewelry.

The gallery opens each day at nine o’clock, Monday through Friday. to 5 p.m. m. to 4 p.m. m., however, the guest area unit requested a decision in advance, as it usually closes for special events.

Address: 22402 South Basha Road, Chandler, Arizona

Cool Off at the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center Water Park

Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center in Chandler - Phoenix With Kids

This city-owned facility might also be the best public pool in the country, and it’s a great thing to try with kids if you’re visiting Chandler during the new summer. Not only is there an Associate in Nursing Olympic-size heated competition pool with diving boards. But you can also float down the lazy watercourse, rocket down either of the two waterslides or get soaked under the 725 rotating bucket. gallons.

Little kids have their own play space and everyone will use the big water cannons. There are continuously reserved area lanes for swimming, so the adults can get some exercise, while the kids have fun.

June, July, and August, are open one day, with additional restricted hours at night and on weekends during the spring. The pool usually closes between the month of the Gregorian calendar and June.

Youth admission is just $1, adult admission is $2.25 (everyone must pay, even non-swimmers). The lifeguard’s area unit on duty; need dynamic rooms and lockers, as well as a small restaurant. you are allowed to bring your snacks, a brown bag lunch, and drinks in a small cooler the size of a six-pack.

Address: 5901 South Hillcrest Drive, Chandler, Arizona

Ride the Desert Breeze Railroad at the Desert Breeze Park

Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona In 2023 Desert Breeze Railroad
Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona

After you’ve enjoyed the life-size trains at the Arizona Railway depot. Hop aboard and ride a miniature train at Desert Breeze Park. The Desert Breeze category can be a third-scale model railway with open-top passenger cars that you can ride in. The train includes a miniature locomotive, passenger cars, and even a red caboose.

The Desert Breeze Railroad takes you on a three-quarter-mile scenic ride around the park and its lake. there is a space in the station with an old railway log. It’s a fun factor to try to do it with the kids, as there’s a merry-go-round and a big kids’ play area right next to the reservoir.

The Desert Breeze Categorical Train operates Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from Labor Day (early September) through the legal holiday (late May).

Address: 660 North Desert Breeze Blvd. East, Chandler, Arizona

Indulge in Retail and Creative Therapy at the Chandler Fashion Center

Chandler Fashion Center

The upscale Chandler Fashion Center mall includes over 180 premium retailers including the Apple Store, Lululemon, Dillard’s, and Concrete Outfitters. Narrow down your search with a visit to Harkins Theaters Fashion Twenty (with twenty theaters) and be sure to take the kids for the Crayola Experience.

One of the best things to do in Chandler for families. The Crayola experience is the Nursing Associate activity all day, for all ages and powers. It’s one of five Crayola Experience Centers in the US You and the kids can take on a mix of physical activities and challenges. Video viewing experiences, and art workshops (physical and digital).

If you’re hungry at the Chandler Fashion Center, six different dining experiences await, as well as The Cheesecake Plant and P.F. of Chang.

Address: 3111 West Chandler Blvd, Chandler, Arizona

Visit Rawhide, an Old West Town

Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona In 2023 Rawhide
Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona

Rawhide may be an entire old western town recreated on 160 acres of the Sonoran Desert at Equus caballus Pass. Generally used as a photo booth. It’s only hospitable to the general public for special events (concerts, food festivals, and the like) and upscale annual holiday events, but it’s a cool place to go.

Rawhide is kind of a whole community with eighteen completely different areas and places to explore. Apart from the old west town, there is a Mexican town, but as an oversized rodeo arena. Throughout the events. You’ll be able to do things like climb, pan for gold, or test your aim in the shooting gallery. There are stage and forage wagon rides.

Check the Fall website to check if there are any special events on the show as they are often monitored and most are hospitable to the general public.

Address: 5700 West North Loop Road, Chandler, Arizona

See a Show at the Chandler Center for the Arts

Chandler Center for the Arts

This large 1,500-seat theater is located in downtown Chandler. The Chandler Center for the Humanities houses a great selection of artists that attract virtually everyone. Recent headliners include Weird Al, Martina McBride, and a Zeppelin tribute band of semiconductor diodes. There are symphonic performances, dance, humanities, comedy, and magic.

In addition to the larger area. There are also two smaller venues located within the theater building. Which also host a wide variety of programming in both English and Spanish.

The building is also home to a beautiful collection displayed in two different art galleries, in support of the local visual arts community.

The Gallery at CCA is free and open from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 12 pm to 5 pm.

Square measure tickets in the market on the arena website.

Address: 250 North Arizona Avenue, Chandler, Arizona

Discover a Treasure at the Merchant Square Antique Mall

Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona In 2023 Merchant Square
Best Activities In Chandler & Arizona

Merchant Square can be a fifty thousand square foot covered antique mall filled with all kinds of treasures to discover. There they measure more than 250 merchants who sell everything from vintage vinyl to clothing; action figures; comic books; and all kinds of collectibles, furniture, and more. You will find a variety of western-themed things.

Before or after your searching experience, stop by the on-site market for some of Chandler’s best barbecues. The Highland Yard Vintage Market is an independent home goods market that takes place once a month (several times a month in the Gregorian calendar month and December), in a house behind the exhibit plaza. It’s a great place to buy camp-made items, unique and one-of-a-kind things for your home.

Address: 1509 North Arizona Avenue, Chandler, Arizona

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