Best Antivirus Software For iOS In 2021 – Ranked!

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you probably know that iOS is one of the top secure operating systems on the market, rivaled only by Linux. Despite this, there are viruses and malware for iOS. Fortunately, so do antivirus apps!

In this article, you will find the best antivirus for iPhones and iPad. Please note that these apps are not just virus scanners. They provide many useful features to help you stay safe online, from public Wi-Fi protection to built-in VPNs.

Top 5 Best Antivirus Software For iOS 2021

  1. Norton 360 – the simplest antivirus for iPhone
  2. Bitdefender Antivirus – the simplest antivirus for iPhone in general
  3. TotalAV – real-time protection and VPN
  4. Avira Antivirus – a lightweight solution packed with features
  5. McAfee – the best protection against malware

Our List Of The Best Antivirus For iOS

If you’ve finally decided to urge an antivirus tool for your iPhone, but are having a hard time choosing the right one, check out the list below. It includes brief reviews of each app, telling you the ways it will benefit your iOS device.

Norton 360 Antivirus – the simplest antivirus for iPhone

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Norton is one of the major players in the antivirus software industry, with some 20 million users worldwide. And it is no surprise. After all, it is a very good antimalware tool, saving countless devices from viruses every day.

Free version:No
Dedicated Android app:Yes
VPN included:Yes
Customer support:24/7 live chat and phone
Article: Best Antivirus Software For iOS In 2021


But what does it offer specifically to iPhone and iPad users? We determine.

So the Norton 360 antivirus app for iOS does a lot of pretty useful things. for example, filter spam text messages that will contain phishing attempts. The app also warns you about unsecured Wi-Fi networks and patches various vulnerabilities on the device.

Also, the online protection feature will prevent you from visiting infected websites. Another great feature that will improve your online security is called Dark Web Monitoring. It will let you know if any of your personal information has been leaked.

Also, the Norton antivirus app for iPhone and iPad allows you to use a VPN (unfortunately, this feature is not available in some countries).


  • Spam filter
  • Real-time protection
  • Integrated VPN
  • Data breach checker
  • 14-day trial version


  • No unlimited free version
  • Quite expensive

Bitdefender Mobile Security – the simplest antivirus for iPhone in general

If you are trying to find a great antimalware solution for your iPhone, Bitdefender might be the one for you. Simply put, it is not just an honest antivirus tool with stellar virus detection rates. It is also a complete security package that will please users of all types of devices, including iOS.

Free version:Yes
Dedicated Android app:Yes
VPN included:Yes
Customer support:24/7 email, phone, and live chat
Article: Best Antivirus Software For iOS In 2021


So how does Bitdefender serve Apple fans? Including many useful functions, of course.

For example, your iOS app scans network connections and blocks anything suspicious. in addition, it also includes a VPN with a limit of 200 MB per day. While it’s not much, this suggests that you won’t have to subscribe to a separate VPN service if you simply need a VPN to browse.

But that is not all. Bitdefender iOS also allows you to scan your email address for possible breaches, allowing you to recognize your online security status.

Finally, due to the Bitdefender Central platform, you will see the status of all opposing devices in an equivalent Bitdefender account. Here, the parental control settings will also change.

If you’re still not convinced, consider this: Bitdefender is the only antivirus solution to have won the AV-Comparatives Product of the Year award four times in total. This fact may be enough to convince you that Bitdefender has a lot to offer.


  • Excellent virus detection rates
  • Real-time protection
  • VPN (200 MB/day)
  • Data breach checker
  • Easy to use
  • Free version available


  • Bit expensive

TotalAV real-time protection and VPN

Article: Best Antivirus Software For iOS In 2021

As one of the simplest antivirus options for iPhone and iPad, TotalAV does not disappoint in either the security department or the features department.

Free version:Yes
Dedicated Android app:Yes
VPN included:Yes
Customer support:Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
Article: Best Antivirus Software For iOS In 2021


Even its free version is not entirely useless. is a knowledge gap checker, tool locator, photo manager, and battery monitor, all for a price of $ 0.00.

However, the paid version is what most will try to find – the paid iOS app includes two additional features. These are called WebShield and Personal Connect VPN. the former protects your iOS device in real-time, while the latter works as a full-blown VPN tool.

The real-time protection feature especially is what makes the full subscription worth buying. Especially if you have more than just an iPhone or iPad.

TotalAV has excellent virus detection rates and can surely prevent any threat from entering your phone or computer. Considering the current dangers of the Web, this is an excellent investment.


  • Data breach checker
  • VPN included
  • Device locator
  • Battery monitoring
  • Free version


  • Frequent false-positives
  • Browser extensions can be better

Avira Antivirus a lightweight solution packed with features

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Avira can be a great lightweight all-rounder tool. Besides being an honest antivirus solution for Windows, Mac, and Android, Avira also offers a great app for iOS devices.

Free version:Yes
Dedicated Android app:Yes
VPN included:Yes
Customer support:24/7 live chat and community support
Article: Best Antivirus Software For iOS In 2021


Like the iOS antivirus apps described above, Avira has a built-in VPN (100MB per day) that comes bundled with antimalware software. It also has some features that iPhone users can really appreciate.

My favorite feature is the one that prevents Siri from logging your Siri commands to Apple’s servers. The Avira app can also secure your connection when you are using public Wi-Fi, and it can also detect other smart devices using your home network.

Also, the device will update your software regularly, create a backup of your files, and help you recover your lost or stolen iOS device.

Of course, let’s not forget that Avira can be a good antivirus and antimalware tool in general. And since an Avira account is often used across multiple devices, it will easily protect all the phones and computers you own.


  • Unique privacy features
  • Free version
  • Public wifi protection
  • Software updater
  • File backup


  • Free VPN very limited (100 MB/d)
  • Might report false positives

McAfee Total Protection – the best protection against malware

For a complete antivirus app for iPhone and iPad, look no further than McAfee. It will not fail to keep any of your devices safe and at the same time, it will offer a series of good security measures.

Free version:Yes
Dedicated Android app:Yes
VPN included:Yes
Customer support:24/7 live chat and community support
Article: Best Antivirus Software For iOS In 2021


So, how does McAfee’s iOS app stand out from the crowd? First and foremost, the real-time protection feature will keep online dangers out of your system. The system will thereafter be scanned for Wi-Fi threats and outdated software on a regular basis.

Additionally, McAfee iOS allows you to locate a lost or stolen device using a GPS tracker or by triggering an external alarm. Apart from that, the app’s Media Vault feature will protect your personal photos and videos with a PIN code. the device will also back up your contact information automatically.

The Premium Plus version of McAfee also offers an extensive VPN that will allow you to surf online safely even when using public Wi-Fi.

There is also a 7-day free trial for the Premium version that you can simply download to your iPhone or iPad. Although you would like to enter your master card details to request it, you will cancel it at any time without paying.


  • 7-day trial for the Premium version
  • Free version
  • Tracks lost devices
  • Unlimited VPN with Premium Plus plan
  • File and photo backup


  • Confusing pricing plans
  • Not secure cloud storage

How we Tested & Selected these Antiviruses

It’s a shame that most iOS antivirus apps are simply worse versions of their Windows counterparts. Most of them are stripped of features and functionality. Some antivirus apps for iOS don’t even offer real-time protection, which is the whole point of antivirus software.

To select only the simplest antivirus for iPhone and iPad, we remove all those that lack real-time protection against viruses and malware. Next, we select the apps that provide the most important functions for iOS users.

However, the features are only part of what makes a good antivirus tool. We downloaded each application that showed minimal potential and tested them to determine how well they work.

After getting rid of the apps that aren’t user-friendly or bug-free, we did some research on the malware detection rates of the apps that were left. especially, we reviewed the AV-Comparatives tests.

In the end, we were left with just a couple of antivirus apps for iOS.

How to choose the best antivirus app for iPhone?

If, after reading this list, you are still unable to decide which antivirus tool to download on your iPhone, there are a couple of things to consider to help you decide.

Let’s start with the value. Can you buy an antivirus tool or might a free version be enough for you? Please note that free antimalware applications do not usually offer real-time protection. So you will have to rely on Apple’s built-in security measures for that.

Then you should take a look at the features. Consider whether you want features like file backup, knowledge gap checker, tool locator, VPN, etc.

There’s another thing. Since a subscription to an antivirus tool generally covers multiple devices, you may want to believe that it protects your devices that run on operating systems other than iOS.

Fortunately, all of the software on this list offers great apps for Windows, Android, and macOS. I highly recommend reading the full review of the tool that catches your eye to gain a greater insight into the functionality of the software.

How do I install an antivirus on my iOS?

Installing an antivirus program on your iPhone or iPad is simple, even if you’ve never done it before. You’ll be using your antimalware application in no time if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the App Store and search for the device you would like
  2. Download the device on your iOS device and open it
  3. You may be asked to simply accept the application’s license agreement and privacy notice.
  4. Log in to your existing account or create a replacement
  5. Follow the instructions on the appliance and finish fixing the app.

Do I need a security app for my iPhone?

Yes, an antivirus is often necessary on iPhone, although less than on operating systems such as Windows or Android.

If you’re looking for an answer to the question “Does iPhone require antivirus software?” Google it. You’ll receive a lot of contradictory results. Some websites claim that iOS devices don’t need antivirus software and that acquiring one is a waste of time, while others try to scare you into getting one right now.

The truth is, your iPhone may have an epidemic, but the odds are slim. The reason behind such security is the incontrovertible fact that iOS stores all downloaded apps in a sandbox, limiting their access to your system. This makes downloading apps to your iPhone a much safer hobby than doing an equivalent on your Android.

However, an outbreak presents a much greater chance of infecting your iPhone or iPad if you have “jailbroken” your device – that is, removed Apple-imposed software restrictions. possibly it would have been done to download an application or extension not approved by the App Store.

Another way to accidentally infect your iOS device is to visit malware-infested pages. Even using the Safari program does not guarantee 100% security. This is because certain vulnerabilities can allow malware to flee the sandbox.

All in all, while extremely rare, your iPhone could have an epidemic if you let your guard down.

Is there a free antivirus for iPhone?

Yes, actually, most of the iPhone antivirus tools mentioned in this list have free working versions. These include:

  • Bitdefender
  • Avira
  • TotalAV
  • McAfee

Don’t forget, though, that real-time protection usually comes with the paid versions of any antivirus app, so you’ll need to invest a bit if you want to prevent threats from entering your device.


As you may have already guessed, finding an honest antivirus for iPhone isn’t just about high virus detection rates. Since Apple for the most part has the more traditional malware threats nailed to iOS, antivirus vendors are trying to find other ways to deliver value to customers. you have to take into account many things, especially when it comes to additional functions and therefore the compatibility of the tool with other operating systems.

And even if you just have an iPhone or iPad, you shouldn’t overlook getting a secure anti-malware tool. Remember: one virus is all you need. Don’t let this risk ruin your day or life.


Will antivirus software drain my iPhone battery?

No. An honest iPhone antivirus app shouldn’t drain your phone’s battery. On the contrary, an epidemic or a bit of malware can greatly affect battery life.

Can iPhones get viruses from websites?

Yes. In addition to downloading infected files and applications, your iPhone can catch an epidemic by visiting an unsafe website. This is why it is a good idea to use an antivirus application with real-time protection.

How do I check my iPhone for viruses?

There are many ways to see if your iPhone has an epidemic. for example, it will focus on unusual battery drain. Also, you need to check if your device has been jailbroken (especially if you bought a second-hand iPhone). Lastly, it will look for apps that you just don’t remember installing yourself.

Does IOS have a built-in antivirus?

Yes, your iPhone or iPad has built-in anti-virus and anti-malware security measures. However, you won’t find it as a separate app.

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