Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking (2023)

Around ten years ago, we tend not to be able to imagine the mistreatment of our mobile phones for private health. But, as is often the case, things change quickly in the digital marketplace. Today, we’ll chat with doctors, track our heart rate, and count steps with just one device: our smartphone. Why would we have a tendency not to use it to track calories then? This thought is not new.

As of April 2023, the top health and fitness apps generated more than $1 million in revenue. People are now more concerned about their health than ever, and this is a worldwide trend. Whether hospitalized or not, users can try to become healthier by all means. There are a few better times to launch a calorie finder app.

This is a complete guide for you that introduces the market leaders and describes the event method of calorie-tracking apps step by step.

7 Best Calorie Tracking Apps in 2023

Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking (2023)
Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking

What will a typical calorie research app look like? it is hard to convey a definitive answer. Calorie lookup is often just one part of the app’s practicality. Let’s take a look at the most popular options on the market.


Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking (2022) MyFitnessPal
Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking

This app is one of the best-undefeated fitness apps according to Statista. And it’s not surprising given how long it’s been around (since 2005) and its huge fan base (900K downloads in the Gregorian calendar month of 2020).

For starters, MyFitnessPal could be a food hunter. Users track what they eat by selecting a meal from the app’s data, which is massive, and they can choose the portion size. Also, you will discover new recipes at intervals in the app, record exercises, connect this app with different health trackers, and share your experience with others.


The story of all this began in 2007, but not with the associate degree application. Its main focus was on wearable devices and accessories for human health. Currently, the Fitbit app has also become a strong player in the market because it has a solid set of options including step, exercise, heartbeat, and water consumption trackers. The calorie counter could be a part of this complicated product.


Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking (2023) Lifesum
Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking

This Lifesum app can help users to maintain their habits of healthy eating. you have everything you need for that: different meal plans for your style and preferences, a recipe guide, meal and activity trackers, and last but not least, a calorie tracker (along with macromolecules, carbs, fats, etc.). Eventually, users get a personalized experience, making it easier to stay on track with a healthy diet.


The app provides users with a lot of information about their meals. the 2 main ingredients of this AI digital “dish” area unit and barcode scanning. So by using a smartphone, people will know how healthy the food or product is. Fooducate has intrinsic calorie and weight loss trackers.

Lose It!

Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking (2023) Lose-It
Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking

Here’s another all-in-one app – the set of options is spectacular. The user sets a goal and then tracks food, calorie, and water intake alongside daily exercises. A smart camera and barcode scanner are also available to provide information about what you eat. and lastly, users get progress reports and can sync the Lossit app with wearable devices.


This is another help in managing your weight, and you have four basic options for that: twenty meal plans for your selection, an instruction guide, a calorie counter, and a feature with other apps and devices. additional convenience includes nutritional analysis of the dish or product, code scanner, food classification, and many different options.


Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking

FatSecret has many standard healthy eating app features and also includes the convenience of social media. With it, you will scan and analyze your meals, count calories, and most importantly, share your success with similar people. it’s easier to find a replacement habit if you tell others about your experience.

How to Create a Calorie Tracking App

All of these apps that we have featured look wonderful and already have their loyal users. however, where will this path begin? What should you do first if you want to create a calorie counter app from scratch? We are usually here to answer your queries.

Research the Market & Form an Idea for the Future App

You now clearly see that calorie lookup could be a very important feature of health apps. The next step is to determine how it will be combined with different options and, more importantly, what new features it will bring to smartphone users.

  • Start with the market leaders. These applications have already become productive and your experience will be a start for your analysis. What options do you offer? What do you like the most as a user?
  • Take an inventory of typical options. Our little review has already shown that calorie trackers are just one part of an additional advanced app. What is usually another creation|to form|to create} a whole variety of health apps? maybe add a unique attribute that will make your app stand out.
  • Check the reviews. User opinion is often more insightful than app features. Here people share their pain points and recommend app updates. you’ll just notice some inspiration there.
  • Research the UX/UI style components of apps. you need to transfer many apps and go from purpose A to purpose B like a typical app user. Look at what you like the most, where you find some drawbacks, what style elements you find interesting, etc.

Your initial thoughts coupled with thorough research can help you come back with a solid plan. you should document each side, so you will go.

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Decide on the App’s Technical Filling

Which mobile platform to choose and which programming languages ​​to use: these are the 2 very important points for any mobile application. You currently choose how your app will look on the inside, and you may want to have something made easy by a professional developer.

Mobile Platform. On the one hand, golem OS has a greater market share: seventy-four. 25% (August 2020) compared to twenty-five. 15% for the iOS system. but at the same time, people in some regions like iOS over Android: in North America, people use Apple devices more often (52.79%); within the United States this range is fifty-nine, 33%.

It is up to you to determine which market you are starting to trade in and then it may affect your judgment of the software package.

Technology Stack. The operating system you select inevitably impacts different steps in your method} process. For the golem, developers usually select Kotlin or Cordova SDK (Software Development Kit). Also, iOS developers often choose Swift SDK or Cordova. Other cross-platform standard programming languages ​​include Unity, Ionic, React Native, etc.

Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking

Determine the List of Features

The number of options in health and fitness apps can be endless, making it hard to figure out where to start. While you’re doing your research, it’s easier to spot what calorie research apps have in common. Here is the list of options to think about first:

  • User Profile. this may be where it all begins: all users’ personal information is stored in their accounts.
  • Meals and Water Intake. First of all, users keep a diary of what they eat and drink daily, and tracking calories is of paramount importance here.
  • Macro Tracking. By this, we tend to refer to macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate, and fat) research. following them could be a healthy approach to fasting. While many diets limit the intake of macronutrients, healthy intake, on the other hand, implies that you eat enough macronutrients, which is why it is a high-priority app feature.
  • Diet Plans. Users do not even healthily have access to Google – they will realize everything in a single mobile tool. Careful eating plans typically measure a region of premium content.
  • Recipes. it’s a little easier than incremental plans. By providing extensive how-to information, you give people a reason to return to your app throughout the day.
  • Healthy Intake Goals. Specific goals are the step needed to create a positive habit. will facilitate users by adding some gamification components to produce an additional incentive to their daily routine.
  • Reports. something that tracks or may track between your app in the future should be reflected in the report. Whether it’s water intake or calorie research, your stats need to be indisputable in graphs and numbers.


  • Notifications. Your app’s messages can be about anything: reminding users to drink some water or track their lunch. It is convenient because smartphone users unlock their devices several times a day and can see the app reminder.
  • Sharing Socially. They claim that if you want to be successful, tell someone about your plans. it’s easier for people to stay on track with their goals if they share their intermediate steps with others.

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Decide on the Right Database

Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking (2023)
Best Apps For Fitness Tracking Calorie Tracking

All the information you have in your app needs to be stored somewhere, that’s why selecting one piece of information is crucial. When it comes to calorie tracker apps, there are many forms of databases.

  • Web Application Information. this can be the essential storage that allows you to sync user information on mobile devices with desktop or tablet platforms. examples of information: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc.
  • Food Information. Provides users with the required nutritional information. Let’s say a user enters the name of the food. Your app must provide the necessary nutritional information, and the user can log in immediately; it’s all about speed and comfort. examples of information: MyNetDiary and CalorieKing.
  • Information on the Restaurant’s Dishes. You will also think about using information that provides information about a restaurant’s food, its calories, and its macro ingredients. is a useful addition to most food information.
  • Exercise Information. And here you tell users how many calories are burned by doing bound exercises.

Provide Useful Integrations

Health tracking is usually not limited to 1 app. People use alternative apps and devices to improve the level of their lives, and your calorie tracking app should be part of this method.

Here’s a quick rundown of related tools:

  • Habit Trackers,
  • Smart Watches,
  • Sports equipment,
  • Smart scales, etc.

Depending on the mobile platform, sports and fitness apps require these integrations:

  • iOS: Apple HealthKit;
  • For Android: Samsung Health;
  • For iOS/Android: Google match.

This is “an integrative minimum”. While the market is growing, many integrations may become a necessity for the success of the application.

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