Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers in 2023 – Ranked!

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting In this list, you will find the top four most thoroughly tested options as well as some tips to help you choose the right one.

Website hosting options are available in a couple of flavors: Windows and LINUX operating systems. While the LINUX operating system may be a more task-oriented package for servers, Windows is no slouch in this department either. although not so fashionable.

However, Windows hosting is the only solution if you want to use Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET or .NET, Exchange, or Microsoft SQL Server. Any Microsoft product would require Windows.

As well as being a Microsoft exclusive package, there are many alternative benefits that Windows hosting offers. you can expect consistent security updates and support for many of the technologies that the LINUX operating system offers, even though they are implemented on a Windows codebase.

While Windows hosting is extremely easy to use, using a consistent graphical interface that most of our personal computers use, smart Windows hosting options are few and far between.

So for this list, I tried and compared the available options by evaluating value points, admin panels, overall server resources, associate degree, and whether the host comes with a bundle or not. only four were left standing – the most reliable options for all budgets.

4 Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers:

  1. HostGator – Best Overall Windows Server Hosting
  2. LiquidWeb – The Best Mission Critical Windows Hosting Provider Arrives
  3. InterServer – Versatile ASP.NET Hosting Solver
  4. GoDaddy – Windows hosting for private use

1. HostGator

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers in 2023
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers
FeaturesFree SSL, Windows 2016, Plesk panel
Best choice forbeginners to understand Windows server hosting
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

HostGator is a recognizable web hosting company with an outsized form of hosting services, including Windows hosting. While shared hosting is what makes HostGator a widely recognized provider, their Windows hosting options are competitive. The provider is among the most reasonable options for those looking for the Best ASP.NET web hosting.

The provider offers some of the simplest ratios of value for money by providing extensive shared Windows hosting plans. It includes:

  • Plesk panel, ie the standard for Windows hosting within the same approach as cPanel is the standard for LINUX operating system operations.
  • The Windows Server 2016 operating system is already included, keeping your expenses low. various alternate hosts require you to purchase an associate degree operating system as an add-on.
  • Compatibility with most programming and scripting languages, as well as ASP, ASP.NET 2.0 (3.5, 4.0, and 4.7), PHP, SSICurl, GD Library, MVC 5.0, and AJAX.

HostGator is the best Windows hosting option to start developing ASP.NET sites and applications in addition to the other Windows-based application. At a reasonable value too.

HostGator has a couple of Windows hosting plans: Personal starts at $4.76/month, while Enterprise is $14.36/month.

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers in 2023
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers


Both plans provide unlimited disk space, databases, email addresses, and unmetered data metering, so the actual resources aren’t that clear. However, there are one or two variations:

  • Personal only allows you to host one website/application.
  • Enterprise will host five websites/apps, and also add some advanced technology ($4/mo value).

Renewal costs are about a V-day higher, so even after the prime term ends, the cost of hosting can remain reasonable. Also, it has a 45-day money-back guarantee to induce a refund.

Best Value

Overall, HostGator’s costs and options make it a decent prospect for Windows hosting beginners. opt for Personal learning features, while Enterprise is also often used for businesses.

HostGator Windows server performance

Overall, HostGator’s costs and options make it a decent prospect for Windows hosting beginners. opt for Personal learning features, while Enterprise is also often used for businesses.

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers in 2023
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

At the same time, the common time interval of 673 ms is not ideal. It is a small amount of delay in loading your website or application. Which is a lot, the height of two seconds was also not sensible.

This leads Maine to conclude that while reliable, HostGator is better for personal/smaller visits that don’t care about speed entirely.

All in all, HostGator is a well-equipped and affordable Windows hosting option. The performance, albeit on the slower side, is incredibly reliable and thus the platform is easy to use.


  • Flexible and easy-to-use Plesk panel
  • Windows operating system enclosed within the value
  • Unlimited databases


  • Unclear storage and information measurement limits

2. Liquid Web

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers
FeaturesFully Managed VPS, Windows 2019, MSSQL 2019 Categorical, ESET Antivirus
Best forreliable managed VPS to host industrial comes
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

Liquid Web is another good Windows hosting provider that specializes in managed VPS hosting with an eye on security and reliability. while they need a name for being a small amount dear, you get what you get. It is Associate in Nursing’s all-inclusive premium option for mission-critical Windows products.

Liquid Web, once it comes to Windows plans, can be a high-end answer with several terrifyingly expensive benefits:

  • The Plesk panel is included for simple use and commanding convenience.
  • Additionally, Windows Server 2019 and MSSQL 2019 measure categorical squares within the package. These are among the most recent versions of the Windows operating system and the data offered.
  • ESET Antivirus has some protection that is particularly vital for the Windows-based suite.

These options alone make Liquid Web a very attractive Windows and best ASP.NET web hosting option. And while the costs are high, the introductory discounts make them less scary.

Liquid Web has three pre-packaged Windows hosting plans starting at $54/mo. it will go up to $135/month in the beginning and will scale as needed with 2-year subscriptions.

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers in 2023
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

All plans can have an impact dashboard, full server management, OS and data licenses, antivirus, 10TB of data metering, snapshots, and multi-layered security features.

  • 4GB of RAM ($54/month) comes with 100GB of disk space and four CPUs.
  • 8GB of RAM ($74/month) comes with 150GB of disk space and eight CPUs.
  • 16 GB of RAM ($135/month) comes with 200 GB of disk space and 8 CPUs.


The measure of information and options make even the most popular apps and websites fit into the most affordable arrangements. so it all depends on the scale and power of the server you want. plus, for an additional $25-35/month, you’ll choose packages with a business email service, increased security, and 100GB backup storage.

An interesting fact is that Liquid Web guarantees (in a written agreement) to respond to all phone and live chat inquiries within fifty-nine seconds. Meanwhile, price ticket support has secure response rates of fifty-nine minutes. This is particularly important if you have a poster project where every minute suggests that business.

The support can be good, but not the money-back policy. Liquid Web just doesn’t have one. therefore, it is the courtesy of the application team to decide whether or not to refund unused service time if you decide to cancel.

Best Value
So while Liquid Web may be a premium option, it’s well worth it for mission-critical rides. With our link, you will get the simplest discount. I advise choosing the cheapest plan with a 2-year subscription (for higher renewal) and scaling as needed.

Liquid Web Windows server performance

Net liquid undisputed good performance results. And while the 100% period guarantee was slightly broken, I can’t complain.

Liquid Web had two cuts and a total of three minutes of time. This is 99.99% uptime, which means that the provider has lost its 100% guarantee. At the same time, maintenance is not included in the SLA (service level agreement), so I cannot complain about such a low period of time.

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

The average time interval of 419ms is incredibly sensible. Also, it was terribly stable, with no high spikes, which shows the reliability of Liquid Web.

So in terms of performance, Liquid Web certainly lives up to the high expectations set for the value.

All in all, select Liquid Web if you have a mission-critical project on the way. they will be the most suitable companies developing web-based applications and major Windows-based sites.


  • Managed Windows VPS Service
  • 100% term guarantee
  • Windows operating system, MSSQL, and Plesk included


  • Premium level costs

3. InterServer

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers in 2023
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers
FeaturesFree SSL, Plesk panel, monthly request
Best forFlexible Hosting for All Kinds of Wishes
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

InterServer is one of the few providers that offer reasonable & Best ASP.NET web hosting on shared servers and upstream Windows hosting on non-public virtual server infrastructure. you will simply pick and choose how powerful you would like your hosting to be. Also, the cost area unit is a fund number that you will notice.

Best ASP.NET web hosting is more of a one size fits all answer. It’s a setup priced at $8/month for as long as you like. It includes:

  • Plesk panel is included.
  • Support for traditional ASP, Internet Framework 3.5, 4.7, and 4.8, .NET core 2.2.8 and 3.1.3, Silverlight, Microsoft Access, ODBC, and APS.NET MVX 4,5,6.
  • Unlimited measurement of information, storage, domains, email accounts, and databases.
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

It’s a decent possibility for smaller ASP.NETs. In addition, the evaluation is extremely clear. Regardless of whether you want it for one month or ten years, it costs a constant $8/month.

Meanwhile, Windows VPS could be a bit more advanced:

  • You get full administrator and administration access to the server instance.
  • You can choose between Windows Server 2019, 2016, and 10.
  • The service is unmanaged, so all settings represent your own hands. In constant time, administration panels, such as Plesk, must be purchased individually.


The evaluation is also terrifyingly clear and cut-friendly. a slice is a C.P.U. core, 2 GB of RAM, 30 GB of SSD, and 2 TB of data for $10/month. Doubles the Value: Resources can also be doubled.

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers in 2023
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

The only negative aspect of InterServer is customer support. while they will solve your problems, the area of ​​interactions is unitary but pleasant. Also, please note that the assessment is based on a monthly basis, therefore refunds are not available.

Best Value
In general, InterServer has options for beginners: ASP.NET hosting for $8/month and advanced mission-critical Windows VPS hosting that starts at a reasonable price of $10/month.

InterServer Windows hosting performance

I’ve monitored the performance of InterServer’s Windows hosting on shared servers, and it seems to be pretty normal.

InterServer had half a dozen small outages, a total of seven minutes of time. This is usually a terribly respectable 99.99% time period result.

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers in 2023
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

Meanwhile, the common reaction time was 621 ms. That’s above the shared hosting market average of 600 ms.

So obviously shared best ASP.NET web hosting plans area unit is best for little ones as well as planning to understand the windows hosting scene. In the meantime, you will expect a much better performance by selecting Windows VPS.

All in all, InterServer is the most versatile Windows hosting option you’ll find. They are varied options for beginners and executives, personal use, and companies. At reasonable costs too.


  • Various Windows Server Hosting Options
  • Affordable and versatile costs
  • Full admin access is on the market
  • Free automatic backups


  • Customer service is not nice
  • Increased server response times

4. GoDaddy

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers in 2023
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers
FeaturesShared ASP.NET Hosting, Plesk Panel, DDoS Protection
Best forAffordable Windows Hosting for Private Use
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

GoDaddy is among the largest and most well-known providers that specialize primarily in naming services, but among several of their services, you’ll notice the best ASP.NET web hosting. The provider takes the all-inclusive approach and bundles Windows hosting on shared servers.

First, to find GoDaddy’s Windows hosting plans, go to Websites & Stores in the top menu > All Web Hosting Options > Web Hosting: ASP.NET.

Now, with this out of focus, let’s talk. So what Windows hosting options will GoDaddy include?

  • Windows® Server 2012 R2 operating system, which is an older but reliable version.
  • 24/7 security watch and DDoS protection, could be a welcome boost to safeguard your project.
  • Plesk panel for easy management.
  • Support for traditional ASP, ASP.NET AJAX, CGI, ASP.NET MVC3, NET Core. Unfortunately, Silverlight 4 and Silverlight 5 hosting is not available on either plan.

So looking at the features, GoDaddy Windows Hosting is well equipped, but the supported software system and OS area unit is a bit outdated. Yes, they work, but it is better to leave them for private use.

And for private use, GoDaddy is ideal, due to the low-cost costs.


GoDaddy has four Best ASP.NET web hosting plans: Economy starting at $5.99/mo, Deluxe at $7.99/mo, and Supreme at $12.99/mo. That’s almost the value of standard shared hosting.

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers in 2023
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

All plans include a free domain, server security, Windows operating system, and panel.

  • The economy will host a website with 100 GB storage and includes 1 MSSQL file with 200 GB.
  • Deluxe will host unlimited websites on unlimited storage, however, the MSSQL databases area unit is restricted to five x 200 GB.
  • Ultimate adds free SSL for one year and unlimited MSSQL databases (200 GB).

Apart from shared hosting, dedicated server and VPS hosting plans are also compatible with Windows. therefore, the measurability options area unit there. Just keep in mind that they will require you to download Windows and the panel individually.

Another factor to consider is the refund policy. The annual and longer plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee, while the shorter ones: 48 hours to say it’s a refund.

Best Value
All in all, GoDaddy Windows Shared Hosting might be a good fit if you prefer to learn how to develop in ASP.NET environments. It is low cost and easy to use.

GoDaddy Windows hosting performance

While GoDaddy was among the fastest hosts, it had the most prominent period.

During a couple of months of observation, GoDaddy was down for fifty-seven minutes. Forty-one minor outages resulted in 99.92% uptime. It’s above 99.9% sure, but not great compared to the competition.

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

The average reaction time (415ms) was nice. It wasn’t a flat line, but even at the higher 641ms, GoDaddy was fast.

These results were achieved on a shared server, so there are very few surprises regarding the time frame. However, the speed is quite spectacular.

To conclude, GoDaddy is among the most effective options for Windows hosting. Keep your shared hosting for private stuff though – the software system is a bit less than optimal, though great for the price.


  • Affordable Windows Hosting Costs
  • all necessities included
  • Good server response times.


  • Free SSL is not included
  • A previous version of the operating system

Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Compared:

HostWindows OSTypes of hostingControl panelBandwidthPrice
Liquid Web2019VPSPlesk10TB$54/mo
InterServerN/AShared and VPSPleskUnlimited$8/mo
GoDaddy2012Shared, VPS, and dedicatedPleskN/A$5.99/mo
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers

Final Recommendations

While the selection of the best Windows hosting providers is quite narrow, each of the hosts we tested has something that can be great for your project. so let’s quickly recap the strengths and best uses for each:

  • HostGator: is beginner-friendly, reliable, and offers great value for money as all the requirements are included. Hosted on shared servers, it is better for smaller visits.
  • Liquid Web: offers the most effective Windows hosting option for industrial use. They are extremely reliable and fully managed VPS options with various security measures to keep your project online and ensure as little time as possible.
  • InterServer: is scalable, flexible, and elastic, making it ideal for many users. You’ll choose both shared ASP.NET hosting and Windows VPS, so there’s ONE option for everyone. At cheap prices too.
  • GoDaddy: has smart pricing and comprehensive plans primarily on shared servers. this is usually a good option for private use, while the VPS and dedicated hosting area unit are offered to businesses.

In general, there is no one-size-fits-all hosting answer. each website has its own needs. It’s up to you to see that one of these Windows hosting providers qualifies. What kind of technologies does one need? Is full server access required? What measure of information can your website monitor once it goes live?

Each of these hosting companies offers plans that vary in value and convenience. If your website feels like it needs to expand, your hosting provider should also accommodate your needs. Trying to see “the best” Windows hosting depends on deciding which one is “the best” for your website.

How to choose the best Windows hosting provider?

In essence, selecting the best Windows hosting provider requires you to assess your website requirements and compare them to what other hosting providers offer. Once you find a decent match, it’s simply a matter of linguistic communication.

We can separate the selection of a Windows hosting provider into a couple of main steps:

  • First of all, you would like to find out what you would like from your hosting provider. This call takes into account the technologies, the time period of the server, the current and future needs of your company, the security model they offer, and the performance of their servers compared to the location of the company.
  • The second area of ​​concern is the hosting company itself. This idea includes your customer service record, what other customers consider your service, the value of your plans, and the value each of these plans represents.

Finally, you should match your own must what the company offers to see if there is a job there or if you should continue with the subsequent potential hosting provider.

Step 1: Assess project needs

What will your website want from your Windows hosting provider? So you can see this, you’d like to have some ballpark figures for your potential traffic and required storage space. Assuming you’ll be running applications from your server, you should be forced to take inspiration from the Windows-based technologies those applications may want. Ultimately, you’ll need to determine what kind of processing power you want on your server to get the kind of performance you’re looking for.

Here area unit a handful of points to consider:

  • Is it a website or an application? Websites survive on lower levels of resources like storage and RAM. Shared ASP.NET hosting will suit you. Meanwhile, if you implement the functionalities of the application, the resource usage will get out of control. especially if you get a lot of quality – check out the Windows VPS options.
  • What technology can you use? There are area units that offer various frameworks and modules, so don’t forget to figure out if the one you need is on the provider’s list of features.
  • Performance. Non-business personal things don’t have to be forced to charge at the speed of light. The cheapest shared hosting plans area unit is fine there. Check out HostGator, InterServer, and GoDaddy. Meanwhile, apps and websites for the business area unit are expected to be fast and 100 percent online. That is the duty of providers like Liquid Internet.


  • Beginner or professional? Managed or unmanaged? Managed hosting leaves the responsibility of maintaining the server in the hands of the hosting company. Unmanaged Windows Servers Area Unit for technically savvy homeowners who can build servers and fix most common problems on their own. If the hosting company includes a strong mental object, this is not an excessive amount of spoils. Unmanaged servers are generally worth much less and will give you a lot of freedom in how you manage your system resources. However, they are labor-intensive to keep up and need some understanding of how Windows servers work.
  • Control Panel. GUI-based Windows interfaces area unit, which makes it much easier than the command line approach that LINUX takes. however, to achieve this, you need a support panel. Some hosting companies offer proprietary admin panels. These can also be much more difficult than Plesk (the de facto business standard for Windows hosting) to get around. Younger administrators might want to consider a group that Plesk offers as part of their hosting package. Still, some proprietary management panels are even as simple a unit to use.

Step 2: Assess the hosting provider

Even though there are only one or two of the Windows hosting companies offered, you still have to determine which one offers the best value for money among them.

  • The quantity and area unit price of the packages are usually the main purpose of comparison. Many companies offer cheaper first-year student accommodation, but in the fine print, you can tell that subsequent years get more expensive. Some companies also vary the number of benefits you get with their hosting package, with some add-ons included for free in their plans. Whether or not it’s an upsell action plan or not depends on whether the renewal price could be much more than your initial introductory offers.
  • Another one of the many important concerns you should have when choosing a specific hosting provider is whether or not they need excellent customer support. Contacting the provider for support and help will probably happen more often than you think. Customer support agents should be knowledgeable enough to help resolve your issues. Fortunately, many service providers have top-notch customer support, making it easy to resolve any issues you have.
  • Server performance and accessibility are also major concerns. The power of the process is crucial, but most hosting servers will support thousands of users, so you usually don’t need to worry about that. Reaction time and time area drive are important parts of a proper Windows hosting provider. If the supplier falls behind in any of those departments, it must make up for it within the others.

General hosting considerations

Now that you’ve taken the bigger parts of hosting out of focus and narrowed down the industry a bit, you’ll start specializing in the microscopic extras these companies offer. For the savvy website, a few important plugins stand out as necessary, among the other concerns. These include:

  • Refund Policy: Once linguistic communication is established with a hosting provider, you may find yourself enlightened to their service. In this type of thing, it should be easy to ask for a refund and do another company. Companies that do not offer money-back guarantees are units buyers should be very wary of.
  • Site Backups – To confirm that you only have a trustworthy website, your host should provide a backup schedule. However, this rating might only apply to managed hosting. If you choose to choose ONE unmanaged response, you will need to create a backup schedule yourself. In this case, the provider must have a solid mental object to change it and try to do so. For the best level of security, a daily backup area drive is highly recommended.
  • Server Characteristics – This includes the request for an SSL AN certificate and the level of access the provider allows to the server. Some apps may have more server permissions than others. Managed servers rarely provide full admin access, so you may need to inspect the unmanaged options to request full server management.
  • Server location options – Some providers have completely different geographic locations to host your project. this is often helpful as you will decide the location of the server that is close to your audience; this reduces latency and load times.


Which Host is the Best Windows Shared Hosting Provider?

HostGator is the best Windows shared hosting provider. Not only will it provide services at a competitive price, but you can also get cheap resources, the Windows Server 2016 operating system, and support for many programming languages ​​and scripts.

Which ASP.NET Hosting Should I Choose?

Choosing the most effective ASP.NET hosting answer is completely up to you. just think about things like what resources you will need and how many of them, would you like to pool, area unit looking for managed or unmanaged services?

Which host offers the most effective Windows VPS server?

Liquid Internet comes with the best Windows VPS server deals. While the provider might be a bit pricey, in return you get powerful, resource-based VPS plans for any Windows-based project.

What are the most profitable Windows hosting providers?

Based on my analysis, HostGator is currently the most profitable Windows hosting provider, with costs starting at $4.76/month. Not only is it cheap, but it includes everything you need to be able to work on your project from the moment you sign up.

What’s the difference between LINUX web hosting and Windows web hosting?

Most of the things that website owners need, will achieve with Windows or LINUX. Windows could be a must for applications developed to run on a Windows server and mistreat Microsoft-specific modules. The LINUX server area unit is the commercial commonplace used for most technologies.

Is LINUX higher than Windows hosting?

It is inconceivable to mention that LINUX is better than Windows. While LINUX is by far the most widely used option, Windows has distinctive uses not possible with another server operating system.

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