Best Business VoIP Phone Services for Small Businesses 2021

Want the simplest business phone company for your WordPress site? Many small businesses integrate a web phone system into their websites to instantly connect with their users. It is one more service to measure chat, email assistance and other solutions on the market. With a small business phone company, you’ll be attracting your users in no time. This guide (Best Business VoIP Phone Services for Small Businesses 2021), covers several of the simplest business phone lines, starting at $ 30 a month for free.

10 Business VoIP Phone Providers

  1. Nextiva: the best and simplest business phone company
  2. RingCentral – The Best All-in-One Business Phone Provider
  3. – the cheapest VoIP phone company
  4. Grasshopper – Best Virtual Phone Company
  5. 8 × 8: Best Hosted Business Phone Company
  6. Vonage: The Best Advanced Phone Company
  7. Skype – the most popular online phone company
  8. GoogleVoice: free phone company for businesses
  9. Voiceshot: The Best Automated Attendant Phone System
  10. CallHippo – Best Freemium Virtual Phone Company

1. Nextiva: the best and simplest business phone company

Nextiva Best Business VoIP Phone Services for Small Businesses 2021

Nextiva is one of the most popular business phone and phone services for small businesses. It is easy to use and offers amazing features. Nextiva is a reasonable service, which suggests that small business websites can easily enjoy it. is a web-based dashboard to manage your calls, voice messages, and faxes.

Nextiva has a VOIP service that lets you try to make free domestic calls, call routing, transfer voice messages to emails, and more. Their VOIP service is advanced but beginner-friendly and easy to use. Other than that, the first advantage of using Nextiva is that it will provide you with a registered toll free number that suggests that your users can connect with you for free. It also offers other services like live chat, call analysis, CRM, etc.

Price: Starting at $ 19.95 / month with no setup fees. See our Nextiva coupon to request the simplest price!

2. RingCentral: The Best All-in-One Business Phone Provider

RingCentral Best Business VoIP Phone Services for Small Businesses 2021

RingCentral can be a hassle-free business phone company that will be easily employed by small to large scale businesses. Like all other major business phone services, RingCentral comes with a phone option, call transfers, a multi-line phone system, telephone, conference calling, video conferencing, and more.

It allows you to share screens, make free calls with its free option, and it works great with third-party services like Microsoft, Gusto, Dropbox, etc. RingCentral has a simple portal to launch business phone services and manage user calls.

Price: from $ 19.99 / month. RingCentral also offers other custom plans to meet your needs. Check out our RingCentral coupons page for the latest deals and discounts.

3. the cheapest VoIP phone company Best Business VoIP Phone Services for Small Businesses 2021 is the best commercial phone company for small businesses. It comes with a service for call routing, telephone, fax, caller ID, multi-line (conference) calling, and more. has web-based and application-based dashboards for managing calls online.

They have a cheap commercial phone line for several European countries and Canada that allows their users to expand their business to those countries. offers integration with many CRM software on the market, including Zoho and Salesforce.

Price: It comes with unlimited pricing and pay-per-minute plans. ranging from $ 9.99 / month if paid annually.

4. GrassHopper: Best Virtual Phone Company

GrassHopper Best Business VoIP Phone Services for Small Businesses 2021

GrassHopper is the best virtual phone system for small business owners. It comes with all the features of the quality VOIP service like phone, voicemail, caller ID, etc. Allows you to make calls using a regular phone number. Their extensions are often used to conference calling, which is ideal for inbound team meetings.

The web and application-based portal is easy to use. It comes with toll free numbers for the US, UK and Canada. GrassHopper has multiple extensions for phone numbers, toll-free numbers, and custom numbers for making calls online.

Price: from $ 29.99 / month (1 number and up to three extensions)

5. 8×8: Best Hosted Business Phone Company

8x8 Business phone service

8 × 8 may be a popular commercial phone company on the market. It is ideal for beginners who are starting to add an online business phone system to their websites. 8 × 8 has fewer features than an average online phone solution, but it is useful for small business owners.

Its services include voicemail, answering machine, text messages, number exchange, and more. They provide various plans for their users to provide ease and reliability.

Price: Starting at $ 24.99 / month for each user (also 250 outbound minutes to the US and Canada)

6. Vonage: The Best Advanced Phone Company


Vonage is another small business phone company that will be used for online calls. It comes with all the quality VOIP services, plus Amazon Chime, video calling, and more. Its premium services have more features and extra advanced technology for its users.

Its web-based admin panel helps to smartly regulate calls, create users, and manage online communication.

Price: from $ 19.99 / month.

7. Skype: the most popular online phone company


Skype is the world’s most popular phone system for making voice calls and video conferencing. Offer unlimited free calls to other Skype users through an online connection. However, once you want to make calls to international or local numbers, you will need your premium credits.

It is powered by Microsoft, which suggests that the service has a solid foundation. You will also get an area number that users can call to attach in Skype.

Price: The basic version is liberal to download. Business plan from $ 8.25 / month.

8. Google Voice: free phone company for businesses

Google Voice

Google Voice can be a flexible business phone company. However, there are fewer options compared to a fully virtual phone system. It is useful for smartphone users and business owners using devices that are compatible with Google products.

It has a toll-free number in the United States, as well as voicemail, call recording, and other features. Google Voice makes it easier for company owners and customers to communicate.

Price: A toll-free number to make calls, text messages, and voice messages.

9. Voiceshot: The Best Automated Attendant Phone System


Voiceshot is a great business phone company for small websites. It comes with an automatic answering system to answer calls at any time, suggesting that it is active even after business hours. Voiceshot allows you to send outgoing messages to your users. it will also create interactive and personalized outgoing texts.
Assist with call scheduling and giving you and your users updates / reminders about the decision. Emergency call updates, integrations, and other functionality are also available.

Prices start at $ 12 per month.

10. CallHippo: Best Freemium Virtual Phone Company


One of the most common virtual phone systems in the world is CallHippo. A fax number, caller ID, phone, and so on are all basic features of VOIP. You don’t need a phone to use CallHippo because everything is controlled by your online portal.

It has a simple web portal for making users, managing calls, and more. You will also create departments and transfer calls to specific experts. is one of the inexpensive business phone line services for small businesses.

Price: Discovered Basic is free for up to 2 users. Premium plans from $ 8 / month.

What is the Best VoIP Service for Small Business?

Here’s a quick rundown of the simplest Best Business VoIP Phone Services for Small Businesses.

Business Phone ServiceCostKnown For
1. Nextiva$19.95 / mo.the best and simplest business phone company
2. RingCentral$19.99 / mo.The Best All-in-One Business Phone Provider
3.$9.99 / mo.the cheapest VoIP phone company
4. Grasshopper$29.99 / mo.Best Virtual Phone Company
5. 8×8$24.99 / mo.Best Hosted Business Phone Company
6. Vonage$19.99 / mo.The Best Advanced Phone Company
7. Skype$8.25 / mo.the most popular online phone company
8. GoogleVoiceFreefree phone company for businesses
9. Voiceshot$12 / mo.The Best Automated Attendant Phone System
10. CallHippo$8 / mo.Best Freemium Virtual Phone Company


Before we dive in and start comparing different business phone providers, it’s worth taking a look to see if having a business phone company is the best option for your needs.

Having helped many users start a business phone company, we all know what it means to own a small business phone system. So let’s start with five questions our users often ask us.

If you prefer to get straight to the point and jump to the comparison,

#1. What is a business VoIP phone service?

VoIP stands for Voice Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as Internet telephony. VoIP allows users to make phone calls over the web.

Unlike traditional phone services, the business VoIP phone company comes with a good variety of additional features that you don’t need to pay extra for, such as phone, phone, voicemail, caller ID, and more. In addition, you will send documents while participating during a conversation with your users.

#2. Do you need a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) or business phone service?

A VoIP / business phone company is not the same as a traditional phone system.

If you are a small business, you may want to consider buying a commercial phone company for the following reasons:

  • You can share a number among multiple users simultaneously.
  • You can use a phone, mobile phone, or computer to receive and make calls.
  • To improve productivity, you can keep track of call duration, wait times, wait times, and general usage.
  • Unlike the normal phone system, the start-up and ongoing costs are relatively low.

#3. What proportion does a landline phone cost per month?

The AT&T phone plan that comes with a full set of features like caller ID, phone, or voicemail, then the plan costs around $ 35. In contrast, a VoIP phone company isn’t just cheaper (starts at $ 19.99 / month) but it also comes with too many features.

#4. What proportion does a commercial phone company cost?

It depends. Typically, a business phone company can cost anywhere from $ 20 per month to $ 30. There are a couple of factors you should check to determine how much a business phone company would cost.

  • Number of users: It depends on the percentage of users who would like to offer access to the telephone system.
  • Telephone functions: conferences, mobility, integration with dozens of CRM tools, etc.
  • Phone System Type: VoIP, Landline, Virtual Phone System

#5. Pros & Cons: Business VoIP Phone Services vs. Landline

Wondering which is the best fit for your business needs – a landline or business phone service? Let’s take a look at the key differences between them.

  • Affordability: As mentioned above, given the business features, a business phone company appears to be cheaper than a landline connection.
  • Feature set – Not to mention that a business phone company offers too many out-of-the-box features that are very useful for small businesses.
  • Ease of Access: With a commercial phone company, you will receive the decision from anywhere and at any time with the device of your choice, while you would like to be in your office to access your landline or hire a receptionist to attend you. that
  • A Reliable Internet Connection – A business phone company requires a reliable Internet connection, while a landline does not. During the internet outage, your business phone calls will go directly to voicemail.

While there are plenty of options, we think Nextiva stands out from the rest thanks to its affordable plans and out-of-the-box features.

RingCentral can be a good alternative to Nextiva. If a less expensive solution is what you are looking for, then might be the simplest option.

We hope this guide has helped you discover the simplest business phone services. If you liked this text, then you should also check out our guide to the 9 best WordPress help desk plugins for customer support.

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