Best Chinese Web Hosting For 2021! – Ranked

Best Chinese Web Hosting For 2021! – Ranked

The importance of hosting a Chinese website inside the Great Firewall for your brand

How to choose your Web Hosting For Chinese Market?

For clients, to make a decision on the best Chinese web hosting , they should consider several aspects according to their actual demands:

  • Speed
  • Broadband
  • Reliability
  • Regulation
  • Potential risk

Shared hosting, VPS hosting, or Dedicated hosting with reference to server types? you would like to see that your bandwidth and storage requirements are compatible with the dimensions and technology requirements of your business. Therefore, when selecting a Chinese web host, this is usually not a big problem for you.

For the IP address, we strongly recommend that you just use a fanatic IP, which is not only more secure but also good for SEO; For CDNs, if you are on a big hosting budget, you will also be using a premium CDN service like CloudFlare, which can boost your site performance with faster page load speeds.

In general, to look for a more stable and reliable web host, you would like to think about cheap but reliable hosting and high-end hosting, like our recommendations from Bisend and HK.

Now, you want to know if you discover your site in China or not. So your choice will be greatly reduced.

A quick comparison between accommodation in China and Hong Kong for people within the online hosting industry, you must realize that it is extremely different to search for your server in China and Hong Kong. Here is a quick comparison between accommodation in China and abroad in China.

ICP license

For foreign companies, if you want to host your site on a server within mainland China, you want to use an ICP license, which is also said as “Bei An”. it is complicated and difficult to obtain an ICP license if you do not have a legal entity within the area. you have to cooperate with a corporation within the area, but you have to know that they are often future because they are in danger. Also, you will like more to register a neighborhood business in China, which may cost more, including human resources and capital.

However, if your Chinese web host is located outside of China, an ICP license is not required. You will save a lot of money, energy and time.

Interface and support

Currently, many Chinese web hosting companies in China do not offer an English interface or customer support. Differently, for overseas online hosts, they will provide multi-language support in their interface and customer support. Therefore, you would like to believe in online language problems when choosing China web server.

Search engine results page

Currently, some international search engines like Google are still blocked within China and open outside of China, but even need to be assigned less weight during the physical placement of a site. Baidu, the largest program in China, does not have the same situation in China. Even better, if your site along with your local domain and native IP address is more likely to rank higher on the search results page than an external site.

Therefore, when considering SEO, hosting in China seems like an honest option too.

Internet connection

It is true that Hong Kong has a faster internet connection speed than China, and its mobile internet connections are fast too. Although the internet is developing rapidly in China, we still say that if you are concerned about your connection lag, then you should choose a hosting outside of China.

Great firewall

In China, there is a robust firewall to block Internet traffic, called a Good Firewall, which can cause incredibly high network latency for those pages or content served outside of China. So if you host your site inside the Chinese firewall, it will run faster than your competitors outside of China.

Data centers

Hong Kong could also be an honest data center in history and its telecommunications industry here is privately owned and has no limits for foreign investment. For this reason, there are many large national and foreign companies that are installing their infrastructure here, which suggests that you will simply have many options to put your server safely.

However, with the rapid development of the telecommunications and web hosting industry, great strides have been made in China in terms of data center infrastructure. More and more international companies are investing in infrastructure in China like Amazon and Google.


Find out these differences we just talked about to meet your demands, then you will understand where to locate your servers. Then, look for a list of the simplest web server in China and consider your actual needs that we listed at the beginning. Finally, you’ll get a more specific list of China web host providers that you can simply partner with.

5 Best Chinese Web Hostings 🇨🇳

1. AliBaba Cloud (Aliyun)


  • Wide range of services in the cloud
  • Trial for Free
  • Support for live chat
  • A network of global servers


  • Few facilities for lodging
  • A complex custom dashboard
Best chinese web hosting

Plan starts from ¥38.0/mo

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba first launched its cloud computing business in 2009 as Aliyun, which was later rebranded as Alibaba Cloud. With 18 data centers and some 50 Availability Zones around the world, Alibaba Cloud has grown rapidly to surpass the one million customer mark in 2017. It is now China’s largest cloud provider and one of the largest hosting companies. most important within the world’s largest cloud.

The Alibaba Cloud website is extremely elegant, informative, and available in multiple languages, including English.
One of the salient features of Alibaba Cloud is its widely dispersed worldwide network. However, your web hosting is available in only two regions: the US (Silicon Valley) and Hong Kong.

Although Alibaba Cloud might be an honest choice for personal blogging and small and medium-sized businesses, it offers nothing to separate it from the competition aside from its global infrastructure.

Alibaba Cloud can be a scalable provider that capitalizes on its record-breaking data classification capabilities and server performance to deliver a variety of services to almost all types of businesses. It also excels at preventing DDoS attacks and handling high-volume e-commerce transactions. However, compared to various rivals, the online server has minimal functionality.

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Hostinger2. Hostinger


  • Fast Time of Charge -345ms
  • 30 day money return guarantee guarantee, 30 day money back guarantee
  • Multilingual service to the consumer
  • Constructors’ and domain names’ free website
  • Fast App to Use
  • Unlimited attributes for Premium and Business plans
  • For standard but still affordable rates, business hacks


  • 99.74 percent erratic time for operation (they had three months of poor activity)
  • No cPanel Classic
  • Non-standard terms for payment

HostingerHostinger is today one of the market’s most profitable shared hosting services.

They began as, a private, ad-free web server, in 2007. Then, Hostinger was born in 2011.

Hostinger has also reached a user base of ten million individuals as of May 2014. The number of users had increased to 29 million individuals by January 2017.

There’s no question that when it comes to web hosting, Hostinger is the most profitable option available today, with prices starting at $0.99 per month. No other company compares. Most of them offer a basic plan for five times the value.

Do you think it’s too good? It is not. But let me offer you a secret directly. To urge the single price, you will have to plan Hostinger for several years.

It would be knowing that you try if the service is basically good. Because your visitors don’t care what proportion you buy of accommodation. they care about fast loading speeds and having the power to succeed on their site once they are. They also want to know that their personal data must be safe and secure.


Can Hostinger offer that? I even have my opinions, but I didn’t want to base my review on my opinion alone. You see, since Website Planet is available in multiple languages, it happens very carefully that we have a web hosting experts spread all over the world. This was my golden opportunity to try to do a full-scale test, and I decided to offer it.

30 experts registered with Hostinger and launched a local version of our test website in 30 different countries. They played with all the available features, monitored load speeds and performance, and even bombarded customer support with questions. They compared the results with other popular hosts, such as SiteGround and InterServer.

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3. DreamHost


  • Characteristics of good defense
  • Extensive domain control approaches
  • Wonderful deals on cloud hosting
  • Unlimited data transfers every month
  • Generous offer of money back
  • Useful staging feature of WordPress


  • No email from the proposal for the Joint Starter with
  • Missing Windows-based servers
  • On the phone, no help
Best chinese web hosting

Plan starts from ¥16.70/mo

Since their founding in 1996 (in Los Angeles), they need to grow to host 1.5 million websites and have 400,000 customers. Incredible.

One of those providers that you can literally find recommended anywhere is DreamHost. In fact, WordPress itself supports them, but I’m not sure how seriously I could take this endorsement as they show SiteGround as an option (which we approve of).
In addition to hosting packages, you will get domain names at DreamHost. Choose from over 400 TLDs or more exotic extensions (such as .com, .org, .net) (like .club or .guru). There are also country-specific TLDs available, such as .es, .fr, or .de. It costs $15.99 to renew the .com domain.

DreamHost’s shared hosting will get you tons for your money, they cost $3.95 per month for the 1 site plan or $9.95 for the unlimited tier – single price. This type of hosting is great to start with, but if your project grows tons (let’s say 200,000 visitors per month), you will have to upgrade.

As a shared hosting server that has been split into smaller servers, you might imagine a virtual private server (VPS). this means that you can simply configure it according to your needs. Therefore, your website will be hosted independently from other clients; resources are not shared either. VPS hosting plans at DreamHost start at $13.75 per month and can go up to $110 per month.


That’s not all, DreamHost also offers cloud hosting. Think of it as a series of interconnected servers that host your website. This solution is suitable for those who expect traffic spikes, as more resources (eg RAM and CPU) are often added as desired. Deciding what proportion you will pay is difficult because the value depends on the resources (eg RAM or storage) that you simply need.

On top of all that, they also offer WordPress hosting plans – they have special WordPress packages for your shared and VPS hosting. If you want automatic updates, test areas, and dedicated support for WordPress, you will choose a managed WordPress account. Shared WordPress hosting begins at $3.95 a month, at $13.75 for VPS, and at $16.95 for Managed WordPress (for one site only).

However, if you don’t want any glitches and just want to launch a simple website, they also provide you with an online site builder. It seems to be bottoming out (starts at $4.95), but overall, I haven’t tried it so I won’t know if it’s good.

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4. Cloudways


  • Configuring it is extremely simple.
  • Incredible uptime.
  • Supports innumerable applications.
  • Various flexible rates for the account.
  • Plans for pay-per-use.
  • You can try the service for free before registering.
  • Cloning a place.


  • No option exists for domain registration.
  • Additional per-email costs.
Best Chinese Web Hosting For 2021! – Ranked

Plan starts from ¥64.49/mo

Cloudways is often a managed hosting provider that emphasizes performance and ease. From simple server and application launch to ongoing server maintenance, Cloudways takes all the hassles out of server administration so you stay focused on growing your business.

When you join Cloudways, you get a robust managed environment for your ecommerce stores and business websites. The most USP of Cloudways is the choice: the selection of cloud providers, the selection to host the most PHP-powered applications, the selection to use a paid or free SSL, and therefore the selection of streams developer and agency centric work.

The ideas of choice and freedom to focus on what is important to users start from the moment the server and application start. With the choice of 5 IaaS providers (AWS, GCE, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode) and multiple versions of popular applications (including four versions of WordPress and two of Magento), users can configure the Cloudways platform to suit their operational requirements. . and Business processes.

The theme continues across the platform where users can implement 50 server and application management operations with just a couple of clicks.

So whether you’re an internet store, workplace, or multi-tenant developer, Cloudways offers the right mix of features to help you get the most out of your managed hosting solution for your company websites and projects. of customers.

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5. IPage


  • Cheap and inexpensive lodging
  • Lots of apps from third-parties
  • 30 day money return guarantee guarantee, 30 day money back guarantee
  • Customer Service Friendly
  • Structure of Simple Plan
  • Contemporary-looking exhibit


  • Bad uptime of 99.80 percent
  • Slow time for loads (926 ms)
  • Many extra fees for additional services
  • No free migration to the Internet
  • No cPanel whatsoever (vDeck)
  • Not green anymore
Best Chinese Web Hosting For 2021! – Ranked

Plan starts from ¥12.83/mo

iPage was founded in 1998 and hosts more than 1,000,000 websites in two US data centers.

IPage’s exclusive shared hosting plan is among the most profitable we have reviewed at $1.99 / month for 3 years. They even have two WordPress-based plans with some extra features like SiteLock and automatic malware removal.

Default plans include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a free elementary year name, and a free SSL certificate.

IPage’s shared hosting plans are all the rage, but often this is not all they offer. Let me guide you through all their services associated with hosting:

It is possible to obtain domain names directly from iPage. The main year price for a .com name is $9.99, after renewal, it will cost you $17.99. they have dozens of obtainable name extensions, even unusual ones like .coach or .bargains.

Its shared hosting packages are considerably modern and its crescent prices make it very attractive to a select few. this type of hosting is called shared because it shares a server (and its resources) with other clients. After renewal, a 12-month plan costs $8.99 per month, not bottoming out.

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  • Outstanding infrastructure in China and overseas
  • Versatile and cheap prices
  • Global Support with Billing
  • 30 day money return guarantee guarantee, 30 day money back guarantee


  • Programmes can be hard to grasp.
  • There are some services that are more costly than AWSS,
Best Chinese Web Hosting For 2021! – Ranked

Plan starts from ¥29.00/mo

HiChina was once referred to as “the GoDaddy” of China and is one of the leading and largest domain registrars and hosting providers certified by ICANN. Since then, Alibaba Cloud bought it in 2009 and almost completely assimilated it to its parent company. As such, most of its features, such as hosting and support, are now provided through the Alibaba Cloud. While the lines between them blurred, HiChina has always been a renowned hosting provider that served as a gateway to China for various foreign companies.

It will take less time to list the cloud infrastructure and hosting solutions that Alibaba does not offer. It doesn’t have a full catalog like that of its US-based competitor AWS, but it is a solid platform that is almost as flexible and scalable.

That should offer a global reach to your online presence. With over 200 nodes and two data centers there as well, it has invested tons within the US Hi-China invested heavily in its data center infrastructure in over 19 global locations, 56 global accessibility zones, and 1,500 network nodes on six continents in more than 70 countries.

Resources are generally distributed generously. Even students can get a CPU core, 2GB of memory, 40GB of storage, and 1000GB of traffic for a fraction of the value of comparable cloud-based application hosting.

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The importance of hosting a Chinese website for your brand within the good Firewall

Leveraging the right web hosting partner in China will allow your website to drive growth within the market

Any savvy company looking to develop a brand and Internet presence in China knows that doing business within the People’s Republic of China is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Beyond accepting the complete absence of Western tech stalwarts like Google and Facebook, online technology and government restrictions can pose serious challenges for those looking to compete in the world’s largest e-commerce market.

However, overcoming these challenges is not impossible, and doing so can compensate that avoiding them will not. That is why companies, with the support of the appropriate web hosting partner from the Chinese, should establish their web presence within the People’s Republic of China itself, rather than staying abroad. Here are three main advantages of hosting your website in China.

Web site performance

Chinese consumer expectations regarding website loading speed and internet connectivity are higher than most. China’s proclivity for mobile-based online shopping further highlights the need for a high-performance network. China’s good Firewall, the combination of legislation and technology that serves to manage Internet activity within China, hampers the power of foreign brands to meet the above performance expectations by slowing down or “throttling” international Internet traffic. because the use of online increases within the country and therefore the bandwidth decreases. in demand. As such, the only way non-Chinese companies can mitigate latency and improve brand awareness is to host their virtual operations in China.


A fast, high-performing website won’t be worth much if the 900 million Chinese Internet users can’t locate it. Hosting a brand’s website in China will improve its search capabilities and its indexing with the king of Chinese search engines – Baidu. The Chinese version of Google still places considerable weight on the geographic location of an online site. Additionally, its algorithm favors sites with fast loading times. In other words, the benefits of hosting an online site in China with a .cn domain provide a double benefit over SEO. Brands should also use a Chinese web hosting partner who also provides high-quality and professional translation, as Baidu prefers Mandarin websites.

Government censors

Avoiding politically sensitive issues is often a requirement for any company wishing to do business in China, whether or not a website is hosted in China. But brands can further improve their chances of evading the wrath of state censors by establishing a legitimate web presence in China by obtaining a government-issued Internet Content Provider (ICP) license. The work and due diligence don’t stop once an ICP is acquired. The license is subject to revocation in the event that illegal or fraudulent information reaches a corporation’s website. Given the ever-changing regulations on internet content regulation, having the right China marketing agency on site to navigate these waters is paramount.

There is no doubt that the regulatory and technological hurdles to overcome to host a website in China are tangible. Obtaining an ICP license, for example, requires a radical application process that involves confirming business identification and providing business license documentation, to call just a few of the steps. Additionally, ensuring that a company’s website continues to meet government standards is an ongoing effort.

However, the many benefits of hosting an online site in China far outweigh the time and financial costs. And the most important thing for companies looking to enter China’s e-commerce space in the right way is knowing that they have not done it alone.

Going forward

Decision makers can save a lot of stress and money by partnering with the right partner that provides full service support, from web analytics, legal and regulatory expertise, server hosting and management, to data solutions and more. With the right business plan and a partner on site, establishing an efficient brand and web presence in China is extremely accessible.


For FAQ’s about choosing the best website hosting providers for you go through our detailed article over here

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