Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

The Best Cloud Web Hosting has led the hosting industry to consumer resiliency and reliability for a better experience. Sign up for a simple web hosting package that usually allows you to get a bundle of resources on one server. This Internet house offers you measures of information, webspace, and name registration. To help you choose a better experience, we have created a list of the best cloud hosting providers compared.

Cloud hosting works well for various websites, except for the largest ones, mounted resources are also a loot. Plus, there’s no need to allocate more data or RAM if there’s excessive traffic or the need for an updated program from Associate in Nursing to get your website working offline.

The plans in Cloud Hosting largely measure the type of virtual private server (VPS) of web hosting. Here, at first, you get measures of information, CPU time, RAM, and webspace. However, these resources are deployed across many devices rather than just one. Later, you can modify your arrangement. For example, adding a gig of replacement RAM might be a bit of a hassle, but with the added bonus that it will launch in minutes.

Best 9 Cloud Web Hosting Services and Providers

Also, there are square measure options like green web hosting for small businesses. Also, cloud hosting can offer an honest difference for a fanatic server because it is scalable. In addition, it gives you the ability of managed internet hosting services and colocation providers.

The best cloud hosting providers compared on this list can be used for just about anything, from replacing your business services to your emails. However, the active experience needs virtual servers to stream UNIX instead of Windows.

Its, not everyone will have cloud hosting. particularly simple and small websites are comfortable with regular packages. However, technology offers everyone something with many great and bigger opportunities. Also, various hosts tend to do free trials which makes it easy to understand the gist of the idea.

A2 hosting32 GB129TBYes250GB99.99%
Kamatera524GB104V40GBYes1000GB99.99 %

1. Hostgator

Cheapest Cloud Hosting

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!
Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

HostGator‘s a cloud platform is best if you just want to host a website rather than gain more business insights. HostGator’s cloud hosting platform spreads the load of your website across virtual servers. As a result, you get a lot of scalable and reliable hosting. it’s terribly simple like normal shared hosting.

Benefits of victimization cloud hosting plans measure double load time with many statistics and change your website in case of hardware failure. quantifiability is another advantage of victimization cloud hosting. You will be able to change the scale whenever you feel that the traffic is becoming uncontrollable. It allows you to scale back to 8GB RAM and eight cores with a single click.

You don’t want anyone calculating your wishes. Your website will not face any period of time during space reallocation. Also, you will get more resources quickly. These costs remain competitive when costs are inflated.

Plans & Pricing:

The young cloud basic configuration gives you support for unmetered and metered data storage, a domain, distributed varnish caching, 2GB RAM, and 2 shared cores. It costs you as little as $3.13 per month for the 3-year program. At renewal, the price jumps to $8.95 per month.

For a more powerful experience, the top-ranking Business Cloud range gives you fanatical computing, private SSL, 6GB RAM, up to 6 cores, and unlimited domains. It costs you just $6.28 per month for a three-year program. at the time of renewal, it charges you $17..95 per month.

2. Hostinger

Affordable Cloud Hosting

Hostinger is one of the top steam-powered web hosting providers from the 000webhosting set. there are more than thirty million users. In addition, the costs it offers are lower per unit area next to the general expenses. It uses its technology as a custom cPanel in place of the ubiquitous cPanel. during this method, you will manage all your options and performance.

Offers 3 plans; International Cloud, Cloud Skilled, and Cloud Startup. All of these 3 plans offer unlimited information and websites for your account.

Plans & Pricing:

The startup configuration offers two C.P.U. cores, 3GB of RAM, and two hundred GB of SSD storage. The professional setting will increase these to four C.P.U. cores, 6 GB of RAM, and 250 GB of storage. The international cloud configuration improves all options for 8 CPU cores, sixteen GB of RAM, and three hundred GB of storage. of these plans include domain name registration and SSL certificates.

The price varies according to the subscription time. The startup set prices at $29.00 per month. The monthly price drops to $12.99 if you subscribe for a year. the price drops further if you offer a 2-year subscription, and thus the four-year subscription contract costs even less, i.e. $9.99 per month.

3. CloudWays

Most Scalable and Customizable 

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!
Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

The cloud hosting merchandise at Cloudways seems to be divided into two categories; Simpler or simpler products like Associate in Nursingd hosts, an enterprise-grade technology cluster that includes IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon.

It offers managed cloud hosting that runs your way with Vultr, Linode, DigitalOcean, Google, and Amazon. In addition, it offers options like a simple network console that is very easy to use.

Cloudways offers amazing packages like Cloudways ThungerStack which provides all the necessary core to improve performance. for example, Redis, PHP-FM, PHP 7, Varnish Cache, Maria DB/MySQL, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx. Team collaboration tools, built-in boom, rollback and restore, and one-click biological research are delivered in more than sixty information centers strategically located around the world.

The entire system is highly configurable. In addition, a referral system provides free hosting credits for the referee and thus for the referral.

Plans & Pricing:

Cloudways space unit products work simply, yet offer high-end convenience. costs, but the area unit started at the beginner level. For the most basic configuration, you are charged $10 per month for a TB measure of data, 25GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, and a core.

It also offers a free trial, so consider products without MasterCard data.

4. Serverspace

Most Secure Cloud Hosting

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!
Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

Serverspace is a cloud hosting platform that is not only suitable for the warehouse, but also for hosting that requires locations abroad. Its interface is also easy to use and perceive. If you use Google Cloud or AWS to host sites, you’ll find it even easier.

Serverspace is an extremely reliable, secure, and efficient developed hosting platform. However, you must have full information on how it works before you shell out for it. It provides greatly enhanced and advanced security with no information theft or security threats. If the user has any problems, he will continuously contact 24/7 support.

Their cloud server area unit performed terribly high and the user area unit allowed them to configure their server for their requests. a particular feature of Serverspace is the ability to deploy Windows-based servers.

This provider charges for services every ten minutes and users pay only for the time once the virtual machine is actually used. It saves you loads of cash for cloud computing. Overall, the area unit pricing has dropped considerably when we compare Google Cloud or AWS.

It is incredible in terms of its options to form the entire pending problem. You will find that Server space is the most important legitimate cloud computing service if you own an IT business to host your code applications.

Plans & Pricing:

The company offers buckled and versatile plans. the final value depends on the chosen virtual server template, knowledge center, and server configuration, which the user will assemble himself.

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!

The minimum configuration for one GB of RAM, 1 CPU, 25 GB of SSD storage costs $4.95 per month. service costs grow as capacity increases. If you want to experience the full power of cloud servers, you can pay $291.95 per month for sixty-four GB RAM, 16 CPU, thousand GB SSD.

5. Nexcess 

Best cloud hosting for eCommerce websites

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!
Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

Nexcess is hierarchical better for growth and scale. is a hosting response from the Liquid network. This host proves to be the best once you look at their extensive menu of managed eCommerce hosting. they are providing their managed eCommerce hosting services, particularly top quality for Orocrm, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, etc.

Nexcess’s various alternative options together set it apart from the other companies on the list. like cloud accelerator. is a feature that affects the cloud to boost the speed of your website’s loading time. It must be an excellent profit since everything depends on the speed because it involves the needs of the clients regarding the navigation and operation of the website.

Nexcess offers several sets of victimization plans for all types of web hosting. The image below shows a glimpse of what they provide to their valued customers.

Plans & Pricing:

The XS configuration offers a 1TB data metric and ten domains at $49 per month and thus the XXL offers a 10TB data metric and 50+ domains at a rate of $849 per month.

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!

6. ChemiCloud

Best with a Free Domain for Life

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!
Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

ChemiCloud provides 3 plans optimized for WordPress shared plans. Additionally, there are four cloud VPS area units and four reseller hosting plans. In these plans, you get free website migration, unlimited email accounts, unlimited data measurement, fifteen to thirty-five GB SSD storage, and many additional options.

Its server location area unit in seven different locations around the world. Also, it conjointly refers to free daily backups and encrypts SSL certificates in these plans. you can simply launch your website with an additional cost Softaculous installer or Weebly website builder.

ChemiCloud performance is based on HTTP/2, SSD storage, free CDN, and LiteSpeed ​​work.

Plans and pricing:

ChemiCloud area unit shared hosting plans are expensive. Plus, you can get some freebies in these packages, like a free domain, a CDN, SiteLock, Softaculous, and SSL for life. However, it needs you to pay more for alternative things like Weebly website builder and email security.

Provides 24/7 support via live chat, email, support price tag, or phone.

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!

7. A2 Hosting

Fastest Cloud Hosting

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!
Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

A2 Hosting could be a cloud hosting service. it is included in our list because of the options it offers. particularly for its money-back guarantee. No other host offers this service. Also, it is not too expensive compared to different cloud hosting plans.

Although the value is a bit affordable, the time period is compromising. not better at ninety-nine, 95%. However, it offers a generous range of options at this price. The most prominent options it offers include thirty-two GB of RAM, twelve central processor cores, and 250 GB of storage. Above all, it allows you to host a wide range of Internet sites. this may also be something missing with other hosts.

You may want to get an SSL certificate which most other providers offer for free. You will also not receive a free domain. A $4.99 starting line isn’t a bad value for anyone but beginners.

A2 hosting services provide strict and expert support through qualified agents. you will be able to contact them all by email, phone call, or live chat. They also provide tutorials dedicated to Magento hosting such as CMS management and caching mechanisms in CMS extensions. You’ll also experience high performance with the SwiftServer platform with fast SSDs and no-power-on that includes pages that load over three hundredths of the time faster than the other standard controller.

Turbo Savers render masses of pages more than 20 times faster compared to different cloud hosting providers. Best practices and protocols ensure that the account is always safe and secure.

Plans & Pricing:

A2 hosting Runaway one plan cloud hosting setups cost you $4.99 per month. With this configuration, you get a GB of RAM, a central processor core, and a no-hassle money-back guarantee.

For best performance and because the industry is growing, you can upgrade your try to Supersonic 8 which costs $34.99 per month. It offers eight GB of RAM, two central processor cores, and a couple of TB of transfer memory.

The Runaway 2 and Runaway 3 plans offer 3 and 4 GB of RAM, 250 and 450 GB of SSD storage, and 2 and 4 central processor cores, separately.

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!

8. InMotion

Best Cloud Hosting for Small Business

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!
Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

InMotion is known for its VPS and shared hosting, but it will offer a lot related to cloud hosting. A small problem that comes with InMotion is that its offers do not seem to be very easy. they provide plans for apps, enterprises, small businesses, and agencies. It offers the most cost-effective configuration for applications used to manage to host.

Above all, the most effective customer support it offers is available 24/7 via phone calls and live chat with a comprehensive data center.

The options it offers are also up to par. Free domains and backups, unlimited websites and email accounts, unmetered central processor cores, and root access measure a number of options that rank high.

InMotion is most useful for those running Magento, WooCommerce, or WordPress. Because for these platforms, InMotion is profitable, but it offers only a few freebies. InMotion is unbeatable if you like to value reasonableness over performance and accept less support.

However, the Microsoft crowd or the less tech-savvy will enjoy it once it’s a steep learning curve.

Plans & Pricing:

InMotion offers a long money-back guarantee. it is for 90 days. Yes, you navigate it well. So, go ahead and take a look at this risk-free opportunity to avail the experience of a new cloud server.

The cheapest configuration costs you $5 per month which offers a GB of RAM, 1 CPU, 25 GB SSD storage, and a transfer of TB. however, due to configuration updates, the value will also increase slightly. the best configuration gets you thirty-two GB of RAM with eight CPUs and 640 GB of storage for $160 per month.

9. SiteGround

Best for Support and Help

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!
Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

SiteGround offers the most effective options with the best-advanced support. glorious support and facilitation area unit provided 24/7/365 by email, live chat, or phone. Not only this, but the time frame is also incredibly strong i.e. 99.98%. alternative good options area unit advantages building your SiteGround call properly.

SiteGround can be an extremely trustworthy provider with an associated overall rating score of 3.7 out of 5. However, on some points, it loses points. such as the lack of free name provision with qualifying plans. getting a free name feels like a lucky bonus with the hosting provider. Several alternative providers offer a free name with cloud hosting.

The initial value of $80 is way above the other provider. It will encourage to be a good boost if you are upgrading from a shared array.

SiteGround scores reasonably across the board and can be a combination of a 5TB data metric, good support, and a good time to build except for the features provided. SiteGround hosts over 2,000,000 domains while making your website more productive and less stressed.

It allows you to manage and transfer files via SFTP. The cloud account also gives you the peace of mind and independence to have your own dedicated computing. Cloudflare’s free CDN service makes your website faster and gets extra visitors from all over the world.

Plans & Pricing:

The cost is high: 5TB of data transfer, eight GB of memory, and four computer hardware, which is $100 per month for a fast-start plan. The Business Plans and Business Area unit advised large companies to experience optimal cloud hosting options and performance.

10. DreamHost

100% Uptime Guaranteed

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!
Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

Dreamhost offers hosting on a cloud server to increase the experience of the alternative plans offered. however, unmanaged cloud servers meet the expectations of users to use commands well to manage cloud services.

DreamHost cloud hosting services offer 2 services in categories; cloud object storage and cloud computing.

Dream Object secures a cloud storage hosting service that is used for internet development. Involves replacement or augmentation of AWS E3 services. This functionality can also be used to store backups.

Cloud computing can be a cloud computing service that is an easy way to grow and develop your own cloud services. These will run on Windows, BSD, and UNIX on SSD storage which will be a serverless environment and state-of-the-art processors.

Cloud storage and services seem overwhelming to beginners. Dreamhost offers a perfect place to explore, experiment, and grow cloud services at an affordable price.

Plans & Pricing:

The monthly fix starts at $4.95 per month. It guarantees 100% of the time period and offers identical options in annual plans as well.

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!

11. Kamatera

Friendly Management Console

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!
Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

Kamatera is the most customizable cloud hosting provider. it is the only hosting resolution that offers complete management of cloud hosting. Provides despite tasks that offer root access to science mapping or servers.

Together, it offers extreme flexibility to increase or decrease resources. it will also decrease or increase the capacity of the server in minutes. Also, things like firewalls, cabinet space, RAM, and C.P.U. are often taken or more with a single click.

In summary, we would say that Kamatera is the best provider if you are looking for a fully customized hosting plan.

However, Kamatera does not offer a good time. If you are looking for a good period and not customization, beware! Kamatera might not be the most effective option for you. But, it’s still the highest possible with extreme customization by delivering 99.95% uptime. It suggests only 4.5 hours of time per year. Compared to the other competitors on this list, such as Cloudways and Hostgator, Kamatera’s period falls a bit short.

It’s fast on customization that will just produce your custom server in no time.

Plus, it quickly expands and shrinks personal networks. it is extremely reliable for high-end knowledge centers and building purposes. Despite the low period, the area unit has zero failure points with Kamatera.

Plans & Pricing:

Offers a 30-day free trial.

Cloud servers start at $4 per month; otherwise, you can also change by the associated hour, which can cost you $0.005 per hour. Cloud block storage costs $0.05 per month per GB. However, the personal cloud network is free. Managed Cloud, Cloud Load Balancer, and Cloud Firewall give you additional cash value per month.

12. HostWinds

Best Redundant Cloud Hosting

Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 - Ranked!
Best Cloud Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

Hostwinds provides a good amount of RAM, data measurement, and storage in its cloud plans and options to install most applications. The best thing about Hostwinds is the evaluation breakdown. it’s inexpensive and you can get a good number of options for your money. However, the depth and details of the options in the Hostwinds area unit are sketchy. It does not provide server customization, free domains, or free backups within the package.

Plans & Pricing:

The most basic cloud hosting plan costs $0.006931 per hour. The most capable hosting package, on the other hand, costs only $0.456931 per hour. It constitutes $4.99 and $328.99 per month, separately. each alternative arrangement is reasonable compared to competitors. This offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for a long time.

13. WebDock

Best for Sites Experiencing Frequent Traffic Changes

Cloud hosting makes cloud resources available to websites and apps. It works on the other principle of the old hosting services. It intends to provide users with versatile and traceable access to e-commerce sites by forming a connected physical and virtual cloud server.

Cloud hosting is most popular when a website is growing at faster speeds. Enables stronger allocation of resources with customizable addition and removal of storage, bandwidth, RAM, etc., from the server network.

Isn’t installing a cloud hosting server now advanced, with outstanding services provided by reliable WebDock? WebDock has not failed to impress America with its best hosting services, be it a VPS or those servers coupled with cloud storage.

WebDock offers a list of satisfying client options ranging from high-end performance to ensure secure connections.

Plan & Pricing:

The basic configuration of WebDock gives you 3 Gb SSD, 512 MiB RAM, single thread CPU., and 100M-bit/s-port for as little as $1 per month.

If you want a package with higher specifications, WebDock’s premium plan that costs $40 per month can help. It comes with a two hundred GB SSD, 20 GB RAM, thirty thread CPU. and 1G-bit/s-port, providing the most effective fast result.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting makes cloud resources available to websites and apps. In cloud hosting, solutions are not placed on a server which is not the case in legacy hosting. Alternatively, a network of physical and virtual cloud servers ensures good measurability and flexibility.

It is a service that coexists on multiple servers. You get your website hosted in the cloud instead of on a shared server. It uses the computing power of many servers, which suggests that you will fancy some additional potential compared to the old hosting.

Plus, you get access to mechanized deals. Cloud hosting can be an additional complicated system. However, with this technique, you get a cluster of clouds. Unlike the old web hosting that gives you a restricted area on a single server, you get a huge one with cloud hosting.

Shared hosts typically use the centralized approach where multiple sites trust one server. however, all accounts go down with the server crash. Cloud hosting also obeys the distributed approach which solves the problem thanks to the centralized approach. All websites in this system are distributed on completely different servers. therefore, there will be no period in the cluster case.

Why Choose Cloud Hosting?

We have a few reasons why cloud hosting might be a better alternative for running a website nationwide. Here are some advantages you get from cloud hosting.

Promotes business continuity

You can never guarantee that your internal servers will never crash. Also, you cannot guarantee that you will urge them back once they break down unexpectedly. cannot produce a disaster-proof system, however, a cloud server reduces the negative impacts associated with loss of service.

For example, cloud computing data centers use things like backup power generation that ensure data transfer continues when it fails. In addition, it incorporates advanced mechanisms to mechanically reset the system, notify technicians, and collect diagnostic data about the ongoing problem. It will increase the convenience of recovery and reduce data access time.

Simple dashboard

Cloud servers were a bit of a hassle in the past. it had been difficult to manage the servers and required technical support to scale and manage the servers. Cloud hosting allows you to easily track the associate degree scale of on-demand hosting by exploiting an intuitive dashboard. Also, you don’t need to have written data to try to do it.

Good for scalable traffic websites

If your website traffic continues to be inconsistent, then it’s hard to find a number that gives you the best. Cloud hosting gives you possibilities to easily scale resources according to the needs of your website. Such measurability is not feasible with the other hosting fashion.

Faster performance and speed

Most hosts offer blazing fast speeds. Cloud hosting not only provides a balance between various server environments but also increases the capacity of your website. In turn, it helps in the golf shot terribly less stress on a server.

The hardware inside the server can have an effect on speed. That’s why you’d like to select a cloud host with low-density servers, multiple caching layers, and premium server hardware.

Security of hardware

Cloud hosting gives you an associate degree website isolated from physical server issues like system overload, hardware failure, and hacking. If a physical server experiences a problem, the physical resources of another server make it easy to partition the problem without inflicting any period.

High availability and uptime

In old hosting, the duration of your website depends on the physical server environment. only in the case of your period, your website experiences an equivalent. Your website can never be offline due to the ability to measure the server resources, even in hours of the amazing increase in the website.

A redundant environment of the server

Your website depends on a server for many hosting resources. Your website can go offline if something happens to the server and you can’t connect until you are online. only in case of redundant hosting, your website can start backing up a second later. However, redundancy is not the same. Cloud hosting makes it simultaneous for your website to load your host at the same time.

Easily scalable server resources

Scaling server resources doesn’t get any easier with cloud hosting. Most of the cloud servers will achieve intuitive website management, so you will be able to check the performance of the site. Thus, it allows you to manage server resources on the spot.

Flexible pricing

With most hosting services, you pay monthly regardless of your use of server resources. Cloud hosting requires that you get what you use. for example, you don’t need to upgrade your entire package if your website is getting unusually massive traffic.

Simply scaling the resources would be helpful at the time of increased traffic. Later, once the traffic is back to traditional, you can upgrade accordingly. Instead of paying for the best free hosting, your rating would be manageable for server resources. So, it is a pay-per-use model totally different from the flat rates of the old hosting.


Several key factors are compared in the top post to help you identify the best cloud hosting provider. we have tried to compare most of the factors here. you will be able to select the best supplier according to the needs of your business. This post is true here to direct you towards what is best for you. However, we still tend to emphasize that a number of aspects vary when selecting a cloud hosting provider.

The most important thing is the budget, then the customer support, so you will be able to go through the configuration method without problems and then work without any obstacles within the system. Third, they must offer a money-back guarantee or at least a free trial for a certain amount. The time period is another most important feature, so your website is not annoying to your users.


Cloud hosting can be reliable and modern hosting that brings many still-attracting parts to your website.

In summary, let us have a brief summary of the cloud hosting providers mentioned in the previous post. we have a tendency to stratify Hostgator because of the high provider due to unmetered storage at a token price. A2 Hosting is best for general hosting options. Cloudways is one of the most cost-effective providers, Kamatera is better for customization, and SiteGround also offers the best of all options compared to others on the list.

Hostwinds is cheap and InMotion is the best in terms of support and administration. DreamHost is the most cost-effective and Hostinger offers the easiest electrical device. you will be able to choose the best one from this list according to your demand.

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