Best eCommerce Hosting Providers For 2021 – Ranked

Looking for your online store’s easiest eCommerce hosting service? Your eCommerce hosting needs to be optimized for optimum efficiency to provide your clients with an ultra-fast shopping experience.

Even a 1-second delay could reduce your conversions by 7 percent, so it’s essential that you opt for the simplest eCommerce hosting that doesn’t compromise on speed or performance. During this article, we will introduce you to the simplest eCommerce hosting companies to manage your online store.

Choosing the Right eCommerce Hosting

Ecommerce store platforms are often resource-intensive applications. If they are not optimized, they will consume more server resources, which will slow down your entire store; which, in turn, negatively affects your bottom line.

Hosting may not be your area of ​​expertise, but as an eCommerce merchant, it is important to understand what to expect from an eCommerce hosting provider as standard upfront.

  • 1-Click Install: Check whether a 1-click install of your preferred eCommerce program is enabled by your eCommerce hosting provider.
  • SSL Certificate: SSL allows you to protect customer data as it is transmitted to and from the webserver.
  • PCI compliance: the main step to satisfy the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standard is to include an SSL certificate. In addition to SSL, you will need to host your online store securely with a PCI-compliant web host to simply accept Mastercard payments.
  • Updates and Backups: Choose a hosting provider that provides backups whenever you want, so it will revert your data to the traditional stage in the worst case.

Best 7 eCommerce Hosting Services in 2021

1. SiteGround Cloud – Cheap eCommerce Hosting


+ Excellent uptime
+ High-speed hosting
+ Easy and intuitive to use
+ Server location
+ Advanced features
+ Unlimited traffic
+ Collaborators


Professional migrations
Database size

SiteGround is one of the leading eCommerce hosting providers, with more than 1.9 million domains worldwide. While you will start an eCommerce store with any of your web hosting plans, we highly recommend your cloud hosting or WooCommerce hosting options.

Its cloud hosting service is optimized for the most popular e-commerce applications, such as Magento; and website building applications, such as WordPress. SiteGround cloud hosting is the best option if you want to build a resource-heavy eCommerce store. While their WooCommerce hosting plan offers 10GB of web space, their cloud plan comes with 40GB of storage.

Alternatively, you will also create an eCommerce store with your WooCommerce hosting option, which is reasonable and provides you with a kind of shared hosting environment.

Price: $80 per month

2. BigCommerce – Hosted eCommerce Hosting Platform


+ All in one program
+ Reasonable price
+ Good service


Higher threshold for sales/ transactions.
More and better free templates.
Really dumb down the site creation.

BigCommerce can be a hosted platform for creating eCommerce stores and online marketplaces. Unlike other eCommerce hosting solutions, BigCommerce doesn’t require you to understand the technicalities of creating a web store. All you have to try is to sign up for a BigCommerce hosting plan, create and list your products, and start selling them to your customers.

Compared to Shopify, BigCommerce gives you more out-of-the-box features like your SEO option. If you have a growing business, the Gold plan will presumably be the right choice for you because it allows unlimited products, storage, and bandwidth.

BigCommerce can also be built into your WordPress website. That way, you can use WordPress to manage your content and your Bigcommerce account to manage your eCommerce storefront. Also, take a look at this BigCommerce vs. WooCommerce comparison.

Price: $29.95 per month

3. WP Engine – Managed eCommerce Hosting


+ Free data backup & restore
+ Hacked site fixed at no charge
+ Great security & speed
+ Great developer-friendly tools


It will result in extra fees if you surpass the set number of guests.
Not applicable for non-WP platforms
Limited versatility

A WordPress-centric managed hosting provider could be the WP Engine. WP Engine offers you a set of performance and integration solutions to build and deploy high-performance e-commerce stores, unlike a traditional managed e-commerce hosting provider.

WP Engine partners with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to help you build a scalable and ultra-fast eCommerce store with WordPress.

Price: $24.50 per month (usually $35/month)

4. Shopify – Hosted eCommerce Hosting


+ Easy to use
+ Great UI
+ Scalable
+ Great SEO functionality


Using it is more costly than alternatives like WooCommerce.
Among the Shopify plans, there are significant costly hops.

Shopify, like BigCommerce, is a hosted e-commerce site that enables inexperienced merchants to open an online shop. Shopify has more appealing themes than its rivals.

The following are some of the advantages of using Shopify providers:

  • Create an impressive store quickly and easily without knowing the technicalities of eCommerce hosting.
  • You don’t have to worry about traffic interruptions as you grow your business. you will easily upgrade to a better plan for advanced features.
  • Shopify supports multiple payment gateways to simply accept payments online.

Price: $29 per month.

5. Bluehost WooCommerce


+ The first term is cheap
+ Solid uptime
+ Generous storage
+ Unmetered bandwidth


Constant upsells
Speed could be better
Only US-servers
Poor backup options

If you are looking to build a WordPress + WooCommerce powered eCommerce store, choose Bluehost’s WooCommerce hosting plan. With Bluehost, you will create a fully customizable online store powered by WooCommerce.

All plans include 1-click automatic WooCommerce installation, 1 free name, and a fanatic IP address. They also offer a free online store to schedule a call.

It will concern you to read our posts on:

Price: $6.95 per month (usually $13.99/month)

6. HostGator Cloud – eCommerce Hosting for Growing Stores


+ Plenty of storage
+ Flexible terms
+ Many programming languages
+ Unmetered bandwidth


Tricky prices and fees
Constant upsells
Uptime could be better
Poor backups
Missing advanced features
Unreliable support

For a growing online store, HostGator Cloud hosting is perhaps the clearest eCommerce hosting solution. Its cloud storage allows the processing of complex e-commerce requests at lightning speed.

The easiest eCommerce hosting service for a growing online store is HostGator Cloud hosting. Its cloud storage allows the processing of dynamic e-commerce requests at lightning speed.

Price: $4.95 per month (45% off)

7. Liquid Web VPS – Enterprise Level eCommerce Hosting


+ Speedy Hosting
+ No Plugin Limits
+ Guaranteed Uptime
+ Heroic Support


No Shared Hosting
No Money-Back Guarantee
Higher Costs

Liquid Web can be a fully managed hosting provider that offers enterprise-grade hosting at affordable prices. To start a web store, we recommend that you choose your VPS hosting plan.

All hosting plans accompany 1-click installs of the most popular eCommerce packages, such as Magento, Prestashop, Open Cart, and X-Cart. They ensure that your e-commerce website is compliant with PCI standards.

Alternatively, you will choose your WooCommerce hosting option, if you want to create an eCommerce store on WordPress + WooCommerce.

Price: $59 per month

Recap: Best eCommerce Hosting Companies

After our review, we believe that SiteGround Cloud hosting is the most suitable option for many eCommerce stores. SiteGround’s cloud hosting offers everything you would like to get your online store running. Its enterprise-class hosting service even allows you to update your server resources during traffic spikes without rebooting.

If you prefer to go with a hosted eCommerce platform, then BigCommerce might be the simplest option for you. Not only does it provide more out-of-the-box features than its competitors, but it also doesn’t charge transaction fees.


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