Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting (2023)

What you eat will confirm how full you feel, as food affects feelings of satiety.

For example, you might like fewer calories to feel full from poached potatoes or oatmeal than from a frozen dessert or muffin (1Trusted Source).

Foods that fill the unit area will stave off hunger and help you eat less at your next meal (2).

For this reason, these types of foods should help you control your weight in the long term.

But first, let’s check out the explanations for why some foods are more filling than others.

What Makes a Food Filling?

Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting (2023) What Makes a Food Filling?
Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Satiety may be a term used to justify the feeling of fullness and loss of appetite that occurs once ingested.

The satiety index is a scale that quantifies this effect. It was created as part of a 1995 study that looked at 240-calorie servings of 38 different foods (3Trusted Source).

Foods were graded based on how well they satisfied hunger. Foods with a score of 100 or more were thought to be very fulfilling, while those with a score of less than 100 were thought to be less so.

In short, eating foods that score higher on the satiety index will help you eat fewer calories overall. Keep in mind, though, that just because something keeps you full for a long time doesn’t mean it’s very nutrient-dense.

Satiating foods usually have the following characteristics:

  • High in Macromolecules. Studies show that the macromolecule is the most filling macronutrient. It changes the number of many satiety hormones, including internal secretion and glucagon-like amide (GLP-1) (4Trusted Source, 5Trusted Source).
  • High in Fiber. Fiber provides volume and helps you feel full longer. it should slow down the evacuation of the abdomen and increase the digestion time (6 trusted sources, 7 trusted sources).
  • High in Volume. Some foods contain a lot of water or air, which can help promote satiety (8Trusted Source, 9Trusted Source).
  • Low Energy Density. This shows that a food’s calorie content is low in comparison to its weight. Foods with an occasional unit area of ​​energy density are filling. They are usually high in water and fiber, but low in fat (9Trusted Source, 10Trusted Source).


Whole, unprocessed foods are also often much more filling than processed foods and provide additional health benefits.


Satiating foods can have linked characteristics, such as being high in macromolecules or fiber. These food varieties tend to rank high on a scale known as the satiety index.

Boiled Potatoes

Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting (2023) Boiled Potatoes
Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Potatoes have been demonized in the past, but they are very healthy and nutritious.

Cooked, unpeeled potatoes contain a fair supply of many vitamins and minerals, including ascorbic acid and metallic elements (11Trusted Source, 12Trusted Source).

Potatoes are rich in water and carbohydrates and contain moderate amounts of fiber and macromolecules. Plus, they contain almost no fat (13Trusted Source).

Compared to other carbohydrate-rich foods, the area unit of potatoes is filling.

Poached potatoes scored 323 on the satiety index, the highest variety of the thirty-eight foods tested. They scored nearly seven times higher than the croissants, which scored very low (3Trusted Source).

A study of fourteen people found that those who ate a meal with meat, vegetables, and potatoes felt less hungry and happier than those who the Greek deity ate consistently with rice or food instead (14).

Some evidence indicates that part of the reason potatoes are packed in this way is that they contain a macromolecule called peptidase substance two (PI2), which can suppress appetite (15Trusted Source, 16Trusted Source).


The boiled potato area drive was filling and scored the best of all foods on the satiety index. they will fill you up and help you eat fewer calories overall.


Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting (2023) Eggs
Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Incredibly healthy and nutrient-rich egg area unit.

Most of the nutrient unit areas found within the yolks, as well as carotenoid and carotenoid antioxidants, may benefit eye health (17Trusted Source).

The egg surface unit has an excellent supply of top-quality macromolecules. a large egg contains about six grams of the macromolecule, as well as all 9 essential amino acids.

The eggs are filling and score high on the fullness index (3Trusted Source).

One study found that people who ate eggs and toast for breakfast were less hungry and ate fewer calories at their next meal than people who ate cereal with milk and juice (18).

Another earlier study found that a high-protein breakfast consisting of eggs and lean beef was hyperbolically filling and helped people make better food choices (19).


Eggs are a nutritious food rich in macromolecules with a strong impact on satiety. they will also help you eat less later in the day.


Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting (2023) Oatmeal
Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Oatmeal, consumed as oatmeal (porridge), is one of the preferred options for breakfast. Oatmeal is fairly low in calories and an excellent source of fiber, particularly a soluble fiber known as beta-glucan. Collectively, it scores high on the fullness index, ranking third overall (3Trusted Source).

A recent study found that participants felt much fuller and less hungry once they ate oatmeal compared to ready-to-eat breakfast cereal. They also ate fewer calories at lunch (20Trusted Source).

Oatmeal’s high fiber content and ability to absorb water give it its filling properties.

Soluble fiber, like the beta-glucan in oatmeal, will help you feel full. it will also help release the hormones of fullness and delay the evacuation of the abdomen (21 trusted sources, 22 trusted sources, 23 trusted sources).


Oatmeal could be a terrifyingly filling breakfast selection. It will help you eat fewer calories at your next meal and slow down the emptying of your stomach.


Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting (2023) Fish
Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Fish is loaded with high-quality macromolecules.

It is also made up of omega-3 fatty acids, that unit of essential fat that must be obtained from food.

According to a 2008 study, omega-3 fatty acids may increase feelings of fullness in people who are overweight or avoirdupois (24).

Additionally, some studies indicate that the macromolecule in fish may have a stronger impact on fullness than alternative sources of the macromolecule.

On the index of fullness, fish outperforms all high-protein alternative foods, as well as eggs and beef. Fish scored the second-highest of all foods tested (3Trusted Source).

Another earlier study compared macromolecules from fish, chicken, and beef. The researchers found that the fish macromolecule had the greatest impact on fullness (25Trusted Source).


Fish is made of macromolecules and fatty acids of omega-3 fatty acids, which can increase the feeling of satiety. The macromolecule in fish may have a stronger impact on satiety than alternative forms of the macromolecule.


Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting (2022) Soups
Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

The area unit of liquids is generally thought to be less filling than solid foods, although the evidence is mixed (26Trusted Source, 27Trusted Source).

However, the soup area unit has a completely different twist. Analysis shows that soups can be much more filling than solid meals containing similar ingredients (27Trusted Source, 28Trusted Source).

In an earlier study, volunteers ate a solid meal, chunky soup, or smooth soup that had been placed through a kitchen appliance. Feelings of satiety were then measured, as well as the rate at which food left the abdomen.

Interestingly, the fancy soup had the best impact on satiety and also the slowest rate of emptying from the abdomen, followed by chunky soup (28).


Soup area unit that fills meals terribly, despite being a liquid type. they will also stay inside the abdomen longer, thus prolonging the feeling of fullness.


Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting (2023) Meat
Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Foods high in macromolecules, like lean meats, are filling (4Trusted Sources, 5Trusted Sources).

For example, beef will have a solid result in fullness. It has a fullness index score of 176, which is the second-highest of the high-protein foods, just after fish (3Trusted Source).

Increasing your intake of protein-rich foods like meat is a simple way to help regulate your appetite.

One study found that eating a high-macromolecule meal had a significantly greater impact on hormones associated with hunger and appetite than a high-carbohydrate meal (29).


Meat is high in macromolecules and very filling. Beef ranked second highest among high-protein foods on the satiety index.

Greek Yogurt

Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Greek yogurt is extremely thick compared to regular yogurt and usually has more macromolecules as well.

Greek yogurt can be a good option for breakfast. It’s also a popular afternoon snack that will help fill you up until your next meal.

In a 2013 study, girls ate a 160-calorie yogurt snack that was low, moderate, or high in macromolecules. people who ate high-macromolecule Greek yogurt felt full longer, were less hungry, and ate dinner later (30).


Greek yogurt can be a trendy breakfast and snack that is high in macromolecules. It will increase the feeling of satiety and help you feel less hungry until the next meal.


Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting (2023) Vegetables
Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Unbelievably nutritious vegetable area unit. They are loaded with all varieties of useful vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds.

Vegetables are also low-calorie, high-volume foods. They contain fiber and water, which help fill you up by adding bulk to your meals.

Also, vegetables take their time to chew and are very satisfying this way.

One study found that eating a pasta dish before a meal reduced total calorie intake compared to eating pasta alone (31).


Vegetable area unit made in fiber and water, which can keep you full longer. Eating a dish before a meal will help you eat fewer calories overall.

Cottage Cheese

Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Cottage cheese is usually low in fat and carbohydrates, but high in macromolecules.

Its high content of macromolecules will help you feel full, although intense relatively few calories.

One study found that the filling performance of bungalow cheese was similar to that of eggs (32).


Cottage cheese is rich in macromolecules but low in fat and calories. Your satiety result could also be that of eggs.


Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Legumes like beans, peas, lentils, and peanuts have a powerful organic processing profile.

They are loaded with fiber and plant-based macromolecules but require a comparatively low energy density. This makes them full (33 Trusted Source).

One article reviewed 9 randomized trials studying post-meal fullness from legumes, that area unit being an area of ​​the rosy dicot family (34Trusted Source).

They found that participants felt 34% more full from eating legumes compared to eating meals that included pasta and bread (34Trusted Source).


Legumes area unit a decent supply of fiber and macromolecule. they will help you feel full compared to other foods.


Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

The fruit includes a low energy density. It’s also high in fiber, which can slow digestion and help you feel full longer.

Apples and oranges score high on the fullness index at around two hundred (3Trusted Source).

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that it is always better to eat whole fruit instead of a drink, which is not significantly filling (35Trusted Source).


Fruit is high in fiber and provides volume that will help you feel full longer. The whole fruit includes a stronger result in the fullness than in the drink.


Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting (2023) Quinoa
Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Quinoa can be a highly prized grain crop that is fully grown from its seeds and is a decent source of supermolecule.

It provides all the essential amino acids and is therefore considered a complete supermolecule supply (36Trusted Source).

Quinoa also has a higher fiber content than most cereals.

Quinoa’s supermolecule and fiber content can increase feelings of fullness and help you eat fewer calories overall (4Trusted Sources, 7Trusted Sources).


Quinoa can be a good source of every supermolecule and fiber, which can help increase feelings of fullness.


Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting (2022) Nuts
Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Nuts like almonds and walnuts are nutrient-dense, energy-dense snack options.

They’re high in healthy fats and supermolecules, and studies show they’re filling (37Trusted Source, 38Trusted Source).

Another analysis has highlighted the importance of chewing the loco properly.

An earlier study found that chewing almonds forty times led to a greater reduction in hunger and increased feelings of fullness compared to chewing ten or twenty-five times (39Trusted Source).

Another review of thirteen trials concluded that chewing food further may reduce self-reported hunger and food intake by sterilizing levels of linked hormones that regulate appetite (40Trusted Source).


Walnuts are a popular snack alternative. They are rich in healthy fats and also contain some supermolecules. They’re also insanely filling and should curb hunger.


Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Medium Chain Lipid (MCT) oil can be a form of saturated fat that is often used as a supplement.

MCT oil consists of medium-length chains of fatty acids, which enter the liver from the channel and can be organic compound bodies.

According to some studies, organic composite bodies will have an associated degree of appetite-reducing effect (41Trusted Source).

One study found that people who ate breakfasts supplemented with MCT oil in liquid form consumed significantly fewer calories throughout the day compared to a shock group (42Trusted Source).

Another study compared results for medium-chain and long-chain triglycerides and found that people who ate medium-chain triglycerides with breakfast ate fewer calories at lunch (43).


MCT oil will regenerate into organic compound bodies and should significantly reduce appetite and calorie intake.


Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting (2022) Popcorn
Best Foods To Eat To Stay Full While Dieting

Popcorn can be a high-fiber whole food, with more than a gram of fiber in each cup (8 grams) (44Trusted Source).

Studies have found popcorn to be more filling than alternative popular snacks like potato chips (45).

Several factors could contribute to its satiety effects, along with its high fiber content and low energy density (6 Trusted Supply, 9 Trusted Source).

Keep in mind, however, that popping your popcorn in a pot or air maker is the healthiest possibility. Adding a lot of fat to popcorn will increase the calorie content considerably.


Popcorn can be a popular snack that is high in fiber and bulk but low in energy density. Calorie for calorie, it’s terrifyingly filling.

The Bottom Line

Satiating foods possess linked qualities, such as a tendency to be high in fiber or supermolecule and have occasional energy density.

Also, these foods tend to be single-ingredient whole foods, not extremely processed foods.

Focusing on whole foods that fill you up with fewer calories can help you change your state in the long run.

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