Best India Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

As a digital selling company, Best Web Hosting Providers in India in 2022, Miller-Reviews has worked with many companies whose hosting providers produce a deadly scene, even if they don’t offer them higher support and security. Ultimately, it created obstacles to execution. We tend to visit a website ideally, which is why we here provide to host reviews that leverage our years of experience.

With over 1,500 people and some of our consultants using the Pingdom tool, we tested over seventy web hosts with different servers running their basic plans.

Over the years of experiments and experiences, we’ve come up with a reasonably sensible blueprint for what makes web hosting services worth a dime. We have jointly tried to maximize the torture on the servers.

Therefore, we tend to come across the list of the best web hosts in India that you are sure to consider.

Top 10 Best Web India Hosting Providers

1. Hostinger: Best Hosting In India (₹69/mo.)


  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited data storage and measurement
  • free name
  • Backup copies free of charge
  • Reliable timeframe and fast server
  • Bitninja security and free SSL certificate
  • One-Click WordPress Installer


  • No SSH Access

About Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the greatest options among India’s top ten hosting businesses. It is estimated that about 15,000 new users are ready for Hostinger every day and nearly twenty-nine million active customers provide a transitional plan of Hostinger’s quality hosting service. Includes premium options to extend the reliability and speed of your website. Hostinger not only offers shared, cloud, VPS, and WordPress hosting, but also Minecraft server hosting. So, if you are looking for your own bypass setup, then you should foolishly double partner with Hostinger.

Pricing: Considering the shared hosting service, for example, Hostinger is one of the easiest web hosts in India that users can trust. In addition, the cheapest shared hosting package is $69 per month and includes one website, a linked email address, a free SSL certificate, 10GB of data storage, and other features.

Uptime – By keeping your website online around the clock, Hostinger guarantees most of the time. an honest wanting 99.50% sign up for an average run. Above all, despite the fact that upgrades and maintenance are required on occasion, Hostinger India ensures that you do not lose business.

Features – It’s good to see that even the lowest Hostinger package is packed with enough options to start a website of right. It comes with free domain registration, an email account, 100 GB of restricted data measurement, a couple of databases, and a free SSL certificate to protect your website from unwanted threats like hacking and online fishing.

2. BlueHost: Best Host India (₹179/mo.)


  • Best period of time (99.99%)
  • Fast, 405ms average load time
  • Good and fast customer service
  • Recommended by WordPress.Org
  • 1-click installs for website builders
  • affordable accommodation
  • Unlimited disk storage and data measurement
  • free name
  • No hidden fees
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Website transfers do not appear to be free
  • Regular backups do not seem to be guaranteed

About BlueHost

We have been looking at the performance of BlueHost India web hosting for quite some time now. The high level of trust that the company has built up for a long time makes it one of the top ten hosting providers in India. It is a perfect option if you have a limited budget. Also, after planning the ratio, you will pay a lot for the options you want to present. It seems that BlueHost is one of the best hosting companies.

Pricing: Keeping this clear, BlueHost shared hosting is available in four completely different plans at fairly low prices. the most basic fix prices are $2.95/mo and fixed costs are $5.45/mo, alternative and $5.45/mo fix costs and professional fix costs can set you back $13.94/mo. Pick and fix pricing is similar to year one, but renewal pricing can cost you the opposite because it’s packed with higher options.

Uptime – When it comes to keeping your website online, BlueHost will get you right with 99.99% uptime all year long. The constant period of time is the most important factor that your Internet server must maintain. After all, keeping your website online is hosting the initial rankings.

Despite being one of the greatest web hosting providers in India, BlueHost’s beginning plans include certain important features. With basic shared hosting, you get an unmetered measure of data, fifty GB of SSD space for storage, free SSL certification, email accounts, free domain registration for the first year, and more. Bluehost is also the best small business web host.

3. Hostgator: Fast & Secure Host (₹99/mo)


  • 100% period
  • Reliable technical support
  • Free migration, SSL, backup
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • free name
  • Free Cpanel and Website Migration
  • User-friendly features
  • Unmetered area and information measurement


  • High renewal rate
  • SSL is not free in the basic plan

About Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the oldest internet hosts that buyers based in India can consider. They are highly appreciated for their cloud-based hosting environment while keeping reasonable cost accounting for all. Plus, the reliability, speed, and great support make the hosting stand out a lot from the pack.

Pricing – Starting at just Rs 99 per month for a shared hosting plan, newly developed sites can opt for an even bigger package depending on their website needs. The introductory value may seem cheap and covers all the features required to start a full website, except for additional things like Gmail access, data backups, Sitelock monitoring, SEO tools, etc., the costs may not seem good. You are suggested to look for these aspects as you classify them.

Uptime: Initial, Hostgator has been consistently maintaining 99.98% uptime for months. the simpler half is the indisputable fact that Hostgator’s uptime guarantee comes with one month of free credit on your hosting account if they don’t take care of a minimum of 99.90% uptime.

That said, all the pre-planned maintenance and unpredictable hacking attacks don’t seem to be included in the terms. more importantly, any kind of alternative problem will be included in the aforementioned guarantee and customers can claim their credit every 30-days through a support price tag.

Features: Guaranteed 99.9% uptime, 24×7 technical support, and a 45-day money-back guarantee are our top priority if we tend to opt for Hostgator internet host review. For example, with the basic shared hosting plan, Hostgator gives you a free domain, ten GB of restricted disk space, 100 GB of data transfer, five free email accounts, a free SSL certificate, and unlimited information.

4. A2 Hosting: Fastest Server (₹228/mo.)


  • Customer support 24/7/365
  • Free Website Migrations
  • CMS supported
  • green internet hosting
  • Free SSDs included
  • Best for Europe, USA and Asia
  • 20 times faster servers
  • Free SSL and offline backups


  • Smaller array Quite restricted
  • Paid On-Demand Backups

About A2 Hosting

A2 web hosting has been around since 2001 and has consistently been one of India’s fastest web hosts. Started it is simply a two-room office and it hosts some minor websites to manage some prominent websites all over the world. With a variety of payment strategies and a simple signup method, A2 hosting offers a simple interface.

A2 Host Price – If you are looking for an impressive hosting provider in India, then A2 hosting may not be a big draw for associates; however value is not all correct? Their introductory price for shared hosting stays at ₹299.42/mo without delay. However, if we tend to compare its affordable options with this plan to other competitive hosting services, A2 hosting faces a drawback.

Features of A2 Hosting: A2 Hosting offers you the freedom of a restricted amount money-back guarantee, as you can claim it at any time. Then re-measure and store unlimited information, and get free SSL certification for your website security. The most affordable web hosting in India comes with free domain registration, 25 email accounts, free website migration for the current domain, and simple cPanel integration.

5. SiteGround: Good For WordPress ($6.99/mo.)


  • A good period (99.99%)
  • Extremely fast servers
  • Stable page load time (673ms)
  • First-class customer service
  • Free daily backups
  • unmetered traffic
  • Free SSL, Email
  • Cloudflare CDN (90 countries)


  • Non-free domain in basic arrangement
  • Higher renewal rates

About SiteGround

For its dependable shared hosting environment, SiteGround is frequently referred to be one of the top web providers in India. Since it emerged in 2004, the company has become one of the giants in the field of hosting. Currently, they provide WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting, still like a dedicated server. they need to host a couple of 000,000 domains currently at very short intervals.

SiteGround Pricing – If you select SiteGround to host your website, it will start at $3.95/month. Well, this can be a pretty high price to start with and it sounds too sensible to be true. The other shared hosting packages are also quite nice to show up while you first sign up.

Although its renewal value goes up. This valuable trick is used by almost all the best Indian lodges out there. An additional downside to SiteGround’s valuation, if you choose just one-month signup, you’ll have to pay a one-time setup fee of $14.95 which we expect to be a steal.

Uptime – When it comes to server timeframe, SiteGround wins our hearts with an ideal average runtime of .99%. for some reason, they have been set at the peak of the current period. Based on their time guarantee, they fall below 99.9% uptime, they are sure to give you one month of free hosting service. With the foregoing, any emergency maintenance or scheduled issue is excepted from the term and conditions.

SiteGround Features: SiteGround has a ton to offer in terms of options. With their most basic shared hosting plan, you’ll get just enough to host a website for a launch. You get ten GB of storage, unmetered data metering, free WordPress installation and automatic updates to the latest WordPress versions, a free Shining Path certificate, free CDN, free email account, unlimited data, daily backups, and more.

6. HostPapa: Affordable Hosting Brand (₹199/mo.)


  • Free domain
  • 24×7 online and offline support
  • Impressive time to first computer memory unit (TTFB)
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • No risk: 30-day guarantee
  • FREE and painless website migration
  • Easy to use website builder


  • No Windows Hosting
  • Absence of Dedicated Servers

About HostPapa

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, HostPapa is an independent associate degree web host providing a range of web hosting services. With the first focus on small businesses, web hosting brands offer services ranging from VPS servers to shared hosting. Launched in 2006, HostPapa has been the number one choice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs thanks to its pocket-friendly plans.

Price: If you can commit for 3 years, the shared hosting plan can cost you ₹199 per month. the pro-fee is ₹699 per month in case you don’t get a special discount. Qualification levels for VPS hosting range from ₹2,699 to ₹18,499 per month.

Uptime HostPapa offers a 99.9% uptime with above-average performance making it the best and most reliable web host in India.

Features: Hostpapa hosting is packed with options encompassing unmetered data measurement, unlimited storage (SSD), free website migration, free name and value setup, Softaculous with 400+ free apps, SSL certificate without added value, one-click installation of scripts and tons of stuff. And this is often the reason why we tend to rank second after Hostpapa in the list of top ten hosting providers in India.

7. iPage: Cheap Web Hosting ($1.99/mo.)


  • Strong 99.96% time frame
  • website builder
  • good customer support
  • free domain
  • Free SSL
  • cheap cheap hosting
  • Third-Party Application Support


  • Windows hosting is not offered
  • Expensive Domain Names
  • Without cPanel

About iPage

Founded in 1998, iPage is another best web hosting company in India tailored to every online business demand. they are 2 information centres to host more than 1,000,000 websites worldwide. The reason why iPage is on the list of top ten web hosts in India is due to its impeccable shared hosting arrangement. Thanks to its ability to host numerous sites at a comparatively cheaper price, the platform has several of the most effective hosting company reviews.

iPage Pricing – When it comes to qualification, iPage created transparent scaling because it maintains only 1 shared hosting plan at a price of $1.99/month. This is one of the most cost-effective hosting arrangements we have come across. and thus the options it covers are barely enough for a decent start along with your desired diary. None can re-engage in something better with a higher price or without difficult upgrades.

However, the lowest cost accounting is offered as long as you sign up for three years right away. being the same, the higher the amount you register for the cheaper value you can take advantage of. If you choose a smaller amount, the value may increase. It goes without saying that the value of the renewal will increase according to the amount of your subscription.

Uptime – A solid uptime is one of the reasons we would write this best domain hosting review for the upside. None of the other options would matter much unless iPage manages to keep the time frame solid. The 99.96% time period, although it affected the US, is continuously at its peak for the last twenty-four months. That’s a decent sign for an internet hosting service provider.

iPage Features – As mentioned above, iPage’s unique shared hosting arrangement comes with a reasonably tight package of options. This includes free domain registration, free website builder, free SSL certificate, free email addresses, free domain transfer, thousands of free templates, and more.

8. InMotion: Best Web Host ($3.99/mo.)


  • 400+ integrations
  • Free SSL and domain
  • SSD drives on all plans
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited information measurement, email
  • DDOS protection
  • Free Personal SSL Certificate
  • Free website builder


  • Not so low initial fees
  • No CDN attached
  • Delayed verification method

About InMotion Hosting

InMotion is one of the most popular names in the web hosting space. the company was supported in 2001. Over time, they need to fully grow to create a large customer base that hosts around 300,000 domain names maintained by two clearinghouses. Great times we have grown old that various hosting giants turn out to be the worst offenders. Well, through the reviews of this wildly honest hosting company, you will conclude whether InMotion Hosting is worth a try or not.

InMotion Pricing – Like many other big players, InMotion Hosting tries to connect you with its cheap-looking rating. But are they as cheap as they seem? Considering shared hosting packages, the introductory plan called Launch is offered at just $3.99/month. The other two plans offered are pretty cheap to look at.

This is simply a standard qualification trick that is designed to attract customers. Unless you sign up for a minimum of twenty-four months, you’re not supposed to get this low cost. If you prefer a shorter subscription amount, say twelve months, the value tends to increase.

Uptime – Timeframe is one of the most important aspects of web hosting. one bad period of time will ruin an entire business. Taking that into account, InMotion Hosting seems to hold up well. With an ideal timeframe of 99.95% consistently hitting the size over the last 24 months, you can definitely trust them.

InMotion Features: Difficult rating aside, InMotion Hosting is actually a gem for beginners as well as established business websites. Your deal comes with free domain registration, forty GB storage space, unlimited data measurement, a free SSL certificate and much more to host at least two websites on a single hosting account.

9. GreenGeeks: Best Web Host ($3.99/mo.)


  • Average time period: 99.98%
  • Unlimited SSD area and information measurement
  • good support
  • Free website builder
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • environment friendly
  • Free SSL and Cloudflare CDN


  • High renovation value
  • Phone support is not 24/7
  • No Asian data centre

About GreenGeeks

Backed in 2008, GreenGeek has been in this web hosting business for so long, but has made it remarkably to date. With its 2 inexpensive information centres, GreenGeek is currently demonstrating its service to customers in over one hundred and fifty countries. Known for its green hosting approach, shared hosting is GreekGeek’s main hosting plan.

Pricing – Claiming to be one of the best hosting providers in India, GreenGeeks lets you get started with just $2.95 per month. They do not claim any hidden fees, however, that is not entirely true. The lowest value rate ever is promised with three years of registration only. If you select to sign up for one month only, you will need to pay $9.95 for one month.

Uptime: Reliable timeframe is one of GreenGeeks’ bold claims of being 99.90% safe as a minimum. Well, to find out the truth, we have tested your machine for quite some time now and have come up with some pretty smart results with a near excellent 99.98% time frame over the last twenty-four months.

Features: GreenGeeks offers optional services such as one-click application installation, unlimited data measurement, unlimited storage, free name registration for the first year of subscription, free SSL certification, and industry-standard performance with a period of time reliable and included PowerCacher tool.

10. GoDaddy: For Small Businesses (₹99.00/mo.)


  • Measurement of unmeasured information
  • A good period of time: 99.97%
  • High page speed: 554 ms
  • Free additional services
  • Good live chat support
  • Easy to use


  • Support is slow
  • No automatic backups
  • Without Migration Service
  • Limited minimal fix
  • Additional sales and high renewal fees
  • Confusing money-back guarantee
  • without SSL

About GoDaddy

When it comes to achieving the most effective web hosting in India, GoDaddy sure comes up. The hosting hub is also quite trendy as a registrar for site names all over the world. The lower configuration is fairly cheaply priced, but it’s not the best we’ve ever countered. Let’s explore the possibilities with GoDaddy’s hosting services.

Pricing: To get you started with a stable website, GoDaddy offers you the Economy plan under a shared hosting environment. This arrangement can cost you ₹149 per month once you have signed up for a minimum of twelve months. There are two shared hosting plans Deluxe for Rs 419 per month and Supreme for Rs 79 per month separately.

However, these basic plans lack the necessary features like SSL certification, backups, website transfer, security, etc. Additional options can cost you quite a bit, and thus the renewal value plays the same trick as above.

Uptime: A solid uptime is what makes a host smart or unhealthy. in this context, GoDaddy did a decent job staying above the industry standard 99.97% time period for an extended period of time. Followed by decent page load speed, GoDaddy’s performance is remarkably good.

GoDaddy Features: GoDaddy is quite disadvantaged in terms of utility for cash. However, if you sign up for their hosting service, you will be provided with the most important basic options such as unmetered data metering, a free domain, 100 GN of storage, and a free email account. Email account and domain registration are free, but you are only offered to register for a minimum of twelve months within the first year of subscription.


Web hosting is a service that has all kinds of technology and support to create a live website to tell the story of the web. Although it is not an Internet hosting service, no website can ever exist again even if a site name is registered. All the essential aspects of a website are maintained and managed by a hosting service.

A person or organization will employ a hosting service to create their website offered on the web, so visitors will read the web content. There are numerous types of web hosting in India offered out there. Some are specially designed to meet an exact type of website needs.

Apart from that, most of the web hosting companies in India are marketed to meet the needs of websites of different sizes and shapes.

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