Best Japan Web Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

Industry insiders claim that a Best Japan web hosting company offers baggage benefits that give businesses a variety of competitive advantages over their competitors. Let us discuss the advantages you get when you prefer to rent a web hosting company from Best Japan:

Speaking of hosting, the conversation about selecting the best global internet hosting service has been hot for a long time. There is a unique set of people who learn the pros and cons of each of the options. However, the group that defends the best web hosting companies in Japan has several solid facts to say.

Best Japan Web Hosting Providers 2022

There are a variety of the best web hosting companies in Japan that offer good web hosting services at the lowest costs and excellent customer services. Let us review some of them:

Greater visibility:

Being visible to your customers is of the utmost importance. Most of the companies specialize in native customers and thus creating a lucid online presence that appeals to the native demographic becomes a requirement. By choosing one of the best web hosting companies in Japan, one gets an IP address an area which creates a higher corporate ranking in local program search results.

Instant Support:

Technology is the most powerful tool any business will ever have. It helps internet hosting companies by providing their services from a foreign location. so a web hosting company will attend to any technical failure remotely, however, at that point, the physical gift becomes imperative. In this case, a remotely established company representative takes longer to succeed on the consumer’s website compared to one established regionally.

Performance advantage:

The local server serves consumer sites much faster than remote services, and therefore the location enjoys longer load times and user experiences. Companies that have native servers are fast and offer a valuable advantage to their customers due to the technological benefits.

Top 8 Best Japan Web Hosting Companies

1. Sakura Internet

Best Japan Web Hosting Providers in 2022

SAKURA net started in the year 1999 and evolved together into the simplest web hosting service provider company in Japan. The company is considered technically advanced and customer-focused due to its affordable services and excellent customer support.

They excel at providing good membership services to their clients along with server installation and management services. Masters of web consulting, SAKURA International is considered in a concert of the best web hosting company in all of Japan. They excel in server rental services as well as providing VPS Internet Hosting, Cloud Internet Hosting, Dedicated Server Internet Hosting, IoT and many more.

2. Hostinger

Best Japan Web Hosting Providers in 2022

Hostinger (which jointly owns Hosting24) offers low-cost hosting plans without compromising too much on service quality and performance. Although often priced, the options that come with Hostinger’s plans will delight many first-time website owners.

The company offers a variety of the best web hosting providers with completely different options and each of the plans includes a simple website builder, free SSL certificate, 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7/365 support.

Hostinger’s best setup starts from just $1.39/mo (when you select a 48-month paid plan), renewals start at $2.99/mo. the number of data and databases is unlimited unless you opt for the “Single Web Hosting” setting. With the latter, you can be limited to thirty GB of space, one hundred GB of data activity, and two MySQL databases, associated with an email account. Specifically, the most efficient configuration does not include a free domain and has affected computing and memory.

Cloud, email, WordPress, and Windows VPS hosting options are among the other services offered by Hostinger.

All programs include a 30-day money-back guarantee as usual.


Best Japan Web Hosting Providers in 2022

LOLIPOP is a good alternative if you are trying to find wonderful internet hosting services at a good price. is a number one internet hosting service provider that focuses on technological advancement and innovative services. The USP of the company is that the cheap costs they offer are below the varied web hosting plans: Economy, Light, Standard, Enterprise, for their clients.

The company offers internet hosting services backed by excellent Lolipop options, feature lists, and server specifications. They provide internet hosting services starting at but two,000 yen. Their 24/7 network is also one of the best in Japan.

4. Bluehost

Bluehost web hosting has been around for a few 003 and currently hosts over 2,000,000 websites. they are the most modern budget hosting possibility for new websites.

Square is our top-rated web hosting company based on its strong unit of measure for speed and volume over the past twelve months: 99.97% and 324 ms, respectively.

Its 3-year starting value is $2.75/mo (renews at $8.99) which comes with options like free naming, website builder, and one-click install for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal through their panel. . . so to start with (someone other than a website), this could probably be the simplest option. The unmeasured information metrics and the fifty GB storage square metrics are within the lower matrix.


For any company starting an internet business in Japan, XSERVER is the right company to establish for all your internet hosting needs. Established as a network service operating organization, XSERVER offers a range of services to its customers. With a capital of ninety-nine million yen, the company is listed among the top five web hosting service providers outperforming in technology and customer service.

Their server rental service is a top-notch service for beginners and experts. They offer a wide range of services like free proprietary SSL, CMS installation, unlimited multidomain, vehicle backup, PHP 7/PHP 5, unlimited email account, 24/7 reliable support, total security and much more.

6. DreamHost

DreamHost, which was created in 1997, is one of the oldest web hosting providers. In more than one hundred countries, the company hosts around one and a half million websites, blogs and applications.

Based on our data from the last twelve months, DreamHost, unfortunately, encompasses poor latency (99.84%) and slow speed (1470ms).

What makes DreamHost completely different from other web hosting services is that they offer tier options to pay monthly instead of annually.

This means that you will only expressly register for $1.99 (after one month it will renew at $7.99/month) and you can start abusing your hosting account quickly. instead, you’ll want a 3-year setup that starts at $2.59/mo and renews at $5.99/mo. essential setup includes a free domain, 1 website, and unlimited size and storage. Customers will even use DreamHost’s drag and drop builder and can add a degree email for a monthly fee of $1.67/month.

7. Heteml

Heteml is a Japanese company that offers the best Japan web hosting services to its customers. They claim to be the safest and fastest internet hosting service providers in Japan and offer free proprietary SSL service, automatic backup service and up to 99.99% utilization rate. They offer 2 different plans: basic and at a rate of 800 yen/month and 1600 yen/month separately.

To add more, they provide a fifteen-day free period to any or all of their customers. Backed by high-capacity, standard PHP, and HTTP two compliance, they are among the top players in the market. Customer service is also highly rated as they believe that customer relationships are semi-permanent. Today, the company enjoys a customer base of thousands of buyers.

8. CPI

Established in the year 1987 and is one of the best web hosting service providers in Japan. they require a current capital of sixty-five million yen and operate from their main office in Edo. The company offers its clients a range of cloud/hosting business services, internet service companies and platform companies.

They are mainly in the rental server business and help local and international corporations to avail the best web hosting services. The company mainly offers shared rental servers, managed dedicated rental servers, and hybrid array servers. They serve their buyers according to their personalized needs and offer tailor-made solutions.

Choosing the Best Japan Web Hosting Service

If you have a company established in Japan with Japanese customers as a target market, it is a good option to settle in a Japanese web hosting services area. Native Japan internet hosting registrars offer a range of competitive benefits to their customers that international internet hosting service providers cannot take advantage of.

Being a native company, native web hosting service providers in Japan perceive the requirements of the buyers and thus provide on-demand solutions at the cheapest costs. A company will even use geographic taxes and benefits once they operate with a local web hosting company.

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