Best Leather Shoes for Women (2022)

There’s a lot to like about a comfy pairing of casual sneakers or sandals that complement an entire wardrobe price of simple summer outfits, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as finding an amazing pairing of dress shoes. We may have spent the last 2 years rarely dressing up, but arrival at offices, events, and elaborate dinners mean you’ll probably be looking for sleek, elevated shoes for the occasion. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from.

Generally speaking, not all dress shoes match a similar description of silhouette, color, or heel height. That’s a good reason because it means the market offers a great technique for wearing polished shoes. for example, those with a classic and unassuming fashion also gravitate towards a moccasin, while others more daring may opt for a strappy shoe with a unique heel shape. With each of these types and many more, in mind, we’ve rounded up the best ladies’ dress shoes yet to come, organized into the six common classes they fall into: ballerinas, loafers, pumps, sandals, mules, and mules. ankle boots.

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Person wearing everlane modern loafer shoes looking at them in a mirror
Best Leather Shoes for Women (2022)

Here Are the 6 Best Women’s Dress Shoes!

Ballet Flats

Rothy's ballet flats in navy blue
Best Leather Shoes for Women (2022)

Ballet shoes are boxy, sleek, and classic, with a combination that’s comfortable and smooth, though they have more structure to them than the dance shoe that galvanizes them. And yet, they combine with midi dresses or skirts as if they were skinny jeans. Because fashion is ubiquitous, you’ll notice it in a wide variety of value outlets, from mass retailers to luxury brands.

Our Top Picks for Ballet Flats:


Gucci loafer in black leather with block heel and gold bit
Best Leather Shoes for Women (2022)

Loafers measure another unaltered flat silhouette, though they tend to have a bit more of an edge than dainty ballerinas. the standard loafer look is androgynous and minimalist, with an associated very slightly raised heel. However, some exciting iterations encompass made textured materials, thicker soles, and hardware gilding.

Our Top Picks for Loafers:


Stuart Weitzman 85 Scallop Pump
Best Leather Shoes for Women (2022)

Pumps instantly lengthen the look of the wearer, no matter how high the heel. the reason is that the shoe has a low instep and (often, but not always) a pointed shape. A black shoe is perhaps the most versatile of all dress shoes, except for something more surprising, look for other neutral tones like blue or leopard print.

Our Top Picks for Pumps:


Loeffler Randall Penny Rose Pleated Bow Heel
Best Leather Shoes for Women (2022)

For a minimal chance, the fashion mule can be a good dress shoe competitor. It features a simple slip-on shape in different heel heights and widths, depending on your preference. There are many options on the market that provide on-trend colors and distinctive textures, making them a clever addition to any custom 9 to 5 look.

Our Top Picks for Mules:


Salone Monet Sable High Heel Sandals
Best Leather Shoes for Women (2022)

While sandals don’t have the year-round charm of heels or loafers, they are the simplest part of summer attire. Heeled sandals usually take up more room than the nightclub, but there are plenty of fashion options to choose from. Choose neutral colors for sandals with a more complicated or elaborate strap style, or try a less complicated silhouette in a very bold color.

Our Top Picks for Sandals:


Cult Gaia Daylee Pointed Toe Boots
Best Leather Shoes for Women (2022)

Boots measure a completely different class of footwear, but animal skin ankle boots (real or faux) can be a good choice of dress shoes for day and night. Choose a silhouette with slender or block heels for an extra efficient aesthetic that’s versatile enough to wear with many different looks.

Our Top Picks for Booties:

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