Best Places To Visit In Nepal (2023)

Nepal is an amazing country that will inspire even the most intrepid person. This exotic land with exciting landscapes – breathless mountains, roaring rivers, and luxurious lowlands – is also a cultural revelation and religious destination for life-changing experiences. This compact inland country has 10 UN agency World Heritage Sites.

Apart from Mount Everest, the best mountain in the world, the Asian country is also known for its monasteries and Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. There are multiple options for first trip sports. you can practice trekking, rafting, canyoning, climbing, mountain biking, mount and paragliding.

Best Places To Visit In Nepal (2023) Travel to Nepal: Everest Base Camp Trek
Best Places To Visit In Nepal

Nepal Travel Restrictions

Malaysians want a visa to go to the Asian country. this can be obtained at the Embassy of Nepal in the Malaysian capital or upon arrival at the Tribhuvan International airfield, Kathmandu, Nepal. non-susceptible travelers want a Covid-19 vaccination certificate, completed a minimum of fourteen days before entering the Asian country. those who are not considered fully insensitive may be tested for Covid-19 (PCR or other WHO-accredited test) within the last seventy-two hours of boarding on the main runway.

Visa fees are as follows:

i.15-day Multiple entry visa RM 125.00 / US$ 30.00
ii.30-day Multiple entry visa RM 208.00 / US$ 50.00
iii.90-day Multiple entry visa RM 520.00 / US$ 125.00
Best Places To Visit In Nepal (2023) Nepal: 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Best Places To Visit In Nepal

What To Do In Nepal

Nepal offers a wide variety of outdoor adventures, but its cultural sites, parks and cities are worth visiting. Here are 6 top destinations and things to do in the Asian country.

Everest Base Camp

Best Places To Visit In Nepal (2023) Everest Base Camp with REI Adventures
Best Places To Visit In Nepal

The space of the base camp of Mount Everest is the best known hiking route in the Asian country. It is not a scenic drive, however the allure of this majestic mountain has attracted thousands of hikers and climbers over the years. There are a variety of routes of varying lengths to access this base camp and most trekkers begin their journey by flying from the Nepalese capital to Lukla.

A twelve-day trek to Everest Base Camp may be a standard possibility. The big challenge is that sustained high altitude people and hikers are suggested to require things to be slow and steady. Please note that all hikers need to hire a guide. Prepare to be amazed when you wake up reading about some of the best peaks in the world.

The Apple Pie Circuit

Apple Pie Circuit in Nepal

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek can be a good multi-day trek that is appropriate for beginners. This hike is beautiful with completely different climates, numerous landscapes, and quaint little towns. It is known as the cake circuit as you can find teahouses that build the Nepali version of baked cake. Marpha, an apple orchard town on this circuit, is said to have the best cake in the country. You’ll also be able to get apple liqueur and fruit juice here.

Lantang National Park

Best Places To Visit In Nepal (2023) Nepal in spring
Best Places To Visit In Nepal

Lantang Park was the third most preferred trekking spot until the 2015 earthquake destroyed most of the town. Hikers stayed away for a while, but the existing locals have redeveloped towns and roads. The trails have reopened and Lantang is just as beautiful as ever. The length and duration of the treks vary from many days to a few weeks depending on the route.

You will fancy a splendid perusal of pretty rhododendrons, the national flower of Nepal, in spring. The Rhododendron Reading Path is an element of the Lantang Gosainkunda Path and you can imagine a reading of those beautiful flowers blooming against a backdrop of extraordinary mountain scenery.

Bhote Koshi And Trishuli Rivers

Best Places To Visit In Nepal (2023) Nepal White-water rafting adventures
Best Places To Visit In Nepal

Global adventurers rate the Asian country as one of the best whitewater rafting destinations in the world. The rivers are clean and long with grades ranging from category I to category V. In other words, you will be able to do light and bouncy rivers that are ideal for youngsters and beginners as well as roaring rivers with turbulent rapids. The latter refers to the technical and problematic watercourse of Bhote Koshi. Beginners should head to the Trishuli Watercourse where the rapids are not that big. This watercourse is also notable for its picturesque views of farmland, towns, and towering hills. Whitewater rafting trips on both rivers can disappear every day.

Bungee Jump

The World's Second Highest Bungee Jump in Nepal
Best Places To Visit In Nepal

The second highest bungee jump in the world, the Kushma rope jump, is located in the Kingdom of Nepal. This jump is 228 meters from the bottom. By comparison, the highest jump in the world is Hackett’s Tower Bungy Jump at 232 meters. The Kushma rope jump is reached in two hours from Pokhara. There is a rope walk over the famous Bhote Koshi stream and thus the Pokhara rope jump.

Chitwan National Park

Best Places To Visit In Nepal (2023) Bengal Tiger in Nepal Chitwan National Park
Best Places To Visit In Nepal

Chitwan Park is the initial park of Nepal and a UN agency World Heritage site. this may be home to the last populations of the Asian one-horned rhinoceros, and thus the Panthera tigris. Here, a landscape of lush vegetation against the mountain range is sure to make you fall in love with nature. Chitwan Park is also a playground for bears, leopards, elephants and more than five hundred species of birds.

Nepal Travel Tips 

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  • One of the biggest challenges faced by guests is traveler’s diarrhea, stomach and enteral infection caused by contaminated food and water. Please note that tap water is not safe to drink, even if it is from your building. You’ll also want to avoid street vendor food, as well as undercooked meat and fish. Also eat fruits that you peel yourself, for example, bananas and oranges.
  • We strongly encourage you to eat Nepalese cuisine. The dishes here are influenced by the Republic of India, Tibet and China, so you can find soup, curry and dumplings. The staple, must-see dish called a Bhat metric unit and consists of rice and lentils. Side dishes sometimes include a variety of contemporary vegetables such as potatoes and cauliflower.
  • If you don’t feel like hiking, you can still soak up the magnificence of mighty Mount Everest by taking a scenic flight. Local airlines provide this service and all flights depart from Kathmandu, the capital. you’ll soar above clouds and cover peaks and take the most glorious photos through clear, untinted windows.
  • Try to use the standard form of acknowledgment which involves putting your palms together in a very praying and spoken form of “namaste” or “namaskar”.
  • Avoid wearing revealing clothing such as shorts and bikinis. Public displays of affection, such as holding hands, are not common.

When To Visit

Best Places To Visit In Nepal (2023) Things to do in Nepal
Best Places To Visit In Nepal

Spring (March to May) could be an amazing time to travel and this may be once guests flock to the country. Summer (June to August) is the season and clouds might prevent wonderful mountain views. However, you have your decision on where to stay and what to do, as there are few visitors in this era.

Autumn (September through November) features beautiful blue sky and breathtaking scenery. It’s not that cold and the crowds are on the standard hiking trails and teahouses. Winter (December to February) sees a significant drop and can be bitterly cold, particularly in the dead of night. However, the skies are clear and the trails are calmer. Remember to order all your accommodation as soon as possible, especially if you are traveling in high season.

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