Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021 – Ranked!

Best VPNs for FireStick, You can circumvent geo-restrictions and access any geo-blocked streaming content you want with the aid of the simplest FireStick VPNs. Our top recommendation is PureVPN.

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

In this guide, we will list some of the simplest VPNs for FireStick that will help you unblock your favorite content on Amazon Fire Stick from anywhere in the world.

Amazon Fire Stick is possibly the single most powerful entertainment device out there. Unfortunately, thanks to geo-blocking, you won’t be ready to enjoy popular streaming apps on your Fire Stick device if you are outside of the US.

As you probably know, most streaming services offer a special content catalog that depends on your location, with the largest number of titles generally available to the American audience. this is usually true for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many other services. I mean, wouldn’t you like the simplest VPN for Netflix for this?

Fortunately, you will easily recover from this annoying problem with the help of a VPN. And not just a VPN, potentially the simplest VPN for live streaming Stick.

A VPN changes your IP address, allowing you to access content from virtually any country from its original physical location. This functionality allows users to bypass geographic restrictions on streaming services. you will select a VPN that works with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, etc. effectively. In fact, VPNs will open up a whole new world of content for you, allowing you to access tons of free Fire Stick apps as paid as well.

Can’t install VPN on Fire TV Stick from Amazon Store? Try This Solution!

If you have any trouble installing a VPN app on your Fire Stick, just use this easy alternative method using the Downloader app to download the APK file.

Premium VPNs offer the simplest services with no hassle. A user can easily download the simplest VPN for Fire Stick from their Amazon stores and use it. But, there could also be a time when you might face a problem along with your application.

This is how you will do it:

  1. Visit Settings> My Fire TV. Then click Developer Options and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.
  2. Next, install the Downloader app.
  3. Once you’re done, enable Downloader to access photos, media, and files on your device.
  4. Insert the URL of your VPN’s APK file. (Ask the customer service of the VPN you chose.)
  5. Finally, hit Go and install the file.

Why do I need a VPN for Fire Stick?

With rapidly increasing security concerns, there is a great need to stay connected to a VPN in the shortest amount of time. And what’s better than streaming your favorite content on your favorite streaming platforms with no restrictions? Here’s why you really need a VPN for Fire Stick is intimately explained:

  1. Access Geo-Restricted Content – A premium VPN would allow you to access libraries of geo-restricted content from around the globe without hassle. you’ll be using a VPN that works with Netflix and reveling in its geo-restricted content. You will also unlock streaming services like Amazon Prime and enjoy the luxury.

If you don’t know, countries like China impose strict geoblocks to prevent people from accessing foreign content. this is often the reason many people use VPNs. With the help of a Fire Stick VPN fireplace, you will be ready to access any content of your choice on your Fire Stick device, even if you are in China.


  1. ISP Limiting – Oftentimes, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) limits your Internet bandwidth which terminates during a slow connection. A VPN removes the ISP limitation by your ISP and allows you to stream services and content on your Fire Stick without loading or buffering.
  2. Online monitoring: it might seem strange, but do you know that your ISP can see everything you are doing online? Believe it or not, your Internet Service Provider knows exactly what you’re streaming on your Fire Stick device. But with the help of a VPN, you will encrypt your network traffic and prevent anyone from seeing your browsing activities.
  3. Legal problems: You will easily discover Kodi and many other services on your Fire TV at any time. These services offer content that is free and sometimes copyrighted. To avoid getting into legal trouble when streaming copyrighted content, you need the simplest VPN service for Fire Stick.

How do I select the Best VPN for Fire Stick?

We have selected the simplest VPNs for Fire Stick based on these ranking criteria:

  • Dedicated Apps – VPN offers a downloadable app designed for Fire TV and Fire Stick devices.
  • Fast Connect – Fast performance to enable high-quality streaming with minimal Stick and Fire TV buffering.
  • Reliability: offers a reliable and stable service without errors or connection drops.
  • Simple interface: the application should be easy to use, especially for beginners.
  • Skip Geoblocks – You should be ready to unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other burning streaming services.
  • Security and privacy feature: Should not offer logs, 256-bit encryption, leak protection, etc.
  • Compatibility: The VPN is compatible with media players like Kodi.
  • Reputable Service – The service has a good reputation and reviews.

Best 6 VPNs for Fire Stick in 2021

I’ve listed these best Fire Stick VPNs compatible with their speed, encryption, and dedicated Fire Stick apps. You will consider using these VPNs for seamless streaming on Amazon Fire TV Stick in 2021:

ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Servers: 3,000+ | Countries: 94 | Multi-Logins: 5 | Encryption: 256-bit | Amazon Rating: 4.0 out of 5 | Price: $6.67/mo (49% Off)

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021


  • Works great with Amazon Fire Stick
  • Offers a nice variety of super-fast servers
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • The best security and privacy features


  • More expensive than other VPNs
  • Offers simultaneous connections to five devices.

ExpressVPN is hands down the fastest and one of the simplest VPNs for Fire Stick. You can easily unlock all streaming services without dragging. It is an honest rating on the Amazon app store (4.0 stars out of 5). ExpressVPN is also quite lightweight. It occupies only 24.5 MB of space on FireStick and it only takes 3 minutes to download and discover ExpressVPN.

What makes ExpressVPN the simplest VPN for streaming in 2021 is its unblocking capabilities. It is known to bypass even the strictest geo-restriction mechanisms in place, giving you access to all or any type of content of your choice. It performed flawlessly with Netflix, Disney Plus, and other services that I checked it with.

The great thing about ExpressVPN is that it doesn’t save any logs, as explained in our registration guide. Their servers are tested many times and have never been found to store any information.


It is more expensive, it is worth getting. ExpressVPNs start from $ 6.67 / month and come with a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.

How to install ExpressVPN ablaze Stick / Fire TV:

Use this step-by-step guide to install and use ExpressVPN on your Fire Stick:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN using your browser.
Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021
  1. Activate your Fire Stick device and choose to Search and then Search from the menu bar.
  2. Search for the ExpressVPN application. Once you find out, click download/get.
  1. 4. Launch the ExpressVPN application and log in to it.
  1. Accept or decline to share reports with ExpressVPN when prompted to help improve ExpressVPN.
  2. Press OK when you discover that your VPN is displayed on your screen.
  3. Click OK on the connection request message. Once you are done, the app will select a suitable location for you. you will always change it by clicking All Locations.

Surfshark – A VPN with Kill Switch feature on FireStick

Servers: 3200+ | Countries: 65 | Multi-Logins: Unlimited | Encryption: 256-bit | Amazon Rating: 4.1 out of 5 | Price: $2.49/mo (81% Off)

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021


  • Compatible with Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV.
  • Unblocks all popular services.
  • Super affordable.
  • Offers unlimited connections.


  • Server speeds may differ.

Surfshark features a good Amazon Rating of 4.1 Stars out of 5 and is ranked # 4 under top security apps. almost like PureVPN, Surfshark also offers a fanatical for Fire Stick devices. Its app consumes only 33.3 MB of space and takes but 2 minutes to line up Surfshark on firestick devices.

Surfshark easily unblocks Netflix, iPlayer, Hulu, and other services on Amazon devices if we mention its unblocking capabilities. Surfshark is fast, too, hence why it’s good for streaming. I managed to stream a bunch of shows in HD quality with no buffering issues.

Surfshark comes with a CleanWeb feature that actively protects users from online trackers or malware if we mention features. it’s one of the few best VPNs for FireStick with a Kill Switch feature, so it keeps you safe online even when a VPN connection drops.

All in all, Surfshark is definitely one of the foremost effective yet affordable options for FireStick users available at $ 2.49 / mo for its 2-years plan with 30-days money-back guarantee. But what really fascinates me is its unlimited device reference to one account.

How to Install Surfshark ablaze Stick / Fire TV:

Install Surfshark on your device using this guide:

  1. Purchase the Surfshark subscription and choose Find> Search within the menu bar.
  2. look for Surshark’s app and download it.
  • 3. Log in to the app and press Connect.

NordVPN – Strong Privacy and Unblocking Capability for Fire TV Users

Servers: 5400+ | Countries: 59 | Multi-Logins: 6 | Encryption: 256-bit | Amazon Rating: 4.1 out of 5 | Price: $3.71/mo (68% Off)

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021


  • Fastest VPN to exist within the world
  • A top VPN for Netflix
  • A wide range of servers offered
  • Good customer support
  • Top-notch security and privacy features


  • Can take slightly longer to attach on few devices.
  • Offers simultaneous connections to six devices.

NordVPN is super reliable and offers stable performance with none speed fluctuations, making for an awesome streaming experience for Fire TV users. it’s an Amazon rating of 4.1 stars out of 5, which is great also. NordVPN’s app file size varies between 38.1MB – 40.5MB, which may be a bit on the heavier side. But no matter size, it took me about 4 minutes to line up NordVPN on firestick.

If we discuss features, NordVPN provides solid 256-bit encryption, ensuring that everything you stream on your FireStick platform remains fully private. It also has the biggest server network, with more than 5400 servers.

When testing its streaming performance, I used to be ready to stream Netflix with NordVPN in HD quality easily. the great thing about NordVPN is that it’s super affordable. Its 2-year plan costs $ 3.71 / mo + 3 months free with 30-days money-back guarantee. It also offers a 7-day free trial, so you’ll fully test it out before purchasing.

What is the process for installing NordVPN on my FireStick/Fire TV?

Use the steps below for this:

  1. Subscribe to NordVPN’s amazing deals and attend Find> Search.
  2. search NordVPN’s app on your Fire Stick and download it. Log in and Connect.

PureVPN – Reliable VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick Streaming

Servers: 6500+ | Countries: 140+ | Multi-Logins: 10 | Encryption: 256-bit | Amazon Rating: 3.5 out of 5 | Price: $3.33/mo – 70% Off

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021


  • Effective no logs policy
  • Offers a good range of security measures
  • Offers a good sort of server locations.


  • Mixed reviews of its customer support.

PureVPN is our top choice for selecting the right VPN for FireStick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube devices in 2021. The clearest feature of PureVPN is that the software is readily available on the Amazon Store and is incredibly easy to use. PureVPN only consumes 21.6 MB of space, which is outstanding. It only took me but 3 minutes to put in PureVPN on FireStick.

PureVPN has an Amazon rating of three .5 stars out of 5 and works exceptionally well to streaming geo-restricted content. During testing, I used to be ready to unblock Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services with ease. If we mention streaming quality, I used to be ready to enjoy my favorite shows in HD quality.

Using PureVPN on FireStick is super easy. Its app is extremely neat and excellent for any newbie. It also comes with many security measures like 256-bit encryption and even leaks protection. It is priced at $ 3.33 per month. Despite its low price, it offers a 31-day money-back guarantee.

How to install PureVPN on FireStick / Fire TV:

  1. Purchase PureVPN and choose Find> Search.
  2. look for PureVPN’s app and download it.
Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021
  • 3. Launch the app, sign into it and hook up with your required server.

Private Internet Access VPN – Superior Usability for FireStick Users

Servers: 35,000+ | Countries: 77 | Multi-Logins: 10 | Encryption: 256-bit | Amazon Rating: 4.0 out of 5 | Price: $2.69/mo (77% Off)

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021


  • Effective zero logs policy
  • Up to 10 multi logins
  • Offers over 35,000 server locations.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Mixed reviews of its customer support.

Next up, we’ve Private Internet Access. What makes it one of the simplest VPN for Fire TV is its massive server network. It currently offers 35,000+ servers in 77+ countries. PIA VPN has a tremendous 4.0 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon app store. Its app file size is merely 24.1 MB, which needs but 2 minutes to put in PIA on FireStick.

PIA VPN’s user experience is unlike the other. it’s super easy to line up and use ablaze Stick devices. Once I got PIA VPN installed on my Fire Stick device, I could unblock many popular streaming services with ease.

From a privacy standpoint, PIA VPN has never been involved in data protection or privacy-related controversies.

Unlike ExpressVPN, PIA VPN is far cheaper. Not only does it offer 10-multi logins, but it only costs $ 2.69 / mo and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to install PIA VPN on FireStick / Fire TV:

  1. look for PIA VPN’s app after subscribing thereto on your Fire Stick device.
  2. Download the app once you discover it.
Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021
  • 4. Launch the app, sign into it, and hook up with the server you would like.
Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

CyberGhost VPN – Stream your favorite content on FireStick

Servers: 6800+ | Countries: 89 | Multi-Logins: 7 | Encryption: 256-bit | Amazon Rating: 3.6 out of 5 | Price: $2.25/mo (83% Off)

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021


  • Cool security measures like split tunneling
  • Offers 7 simultaneous connections
  • A wide sort of server locations.


  • Slightly expensive than the remainder.
  • Not as speedy because of the remainder of the VPNs.

Lastly, CyberGhost is another decent VPN that gives a really well-designed dedicated app for Amazon FireStick devices. CyberGhost features a 3.6 out of 5 stars rating and is super easy to line up. It personally took me but 5 minutes to put in CyberGhost VPN ablaze TV Stick.

Once found out, CyberGhost allows you to access a spread of geo-restricted streaming apps. CyberGhost offers various streaming optimized servers that employment with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

CyberGhost is far cheaper from an affordability standpoint than many other VPNs for FireStick within the industry. It costs only $ 2.25 / mo and comes with 45-days money-back guarantee.

How to install Cyberghost ablaze Stick / Fire TV:

  1. search for Cyberghost’s app on your Fire Stick.
  1. Once you’re done, download it.
  2. Launch your Cyberghost app and check-in thereto (Subscribe to its plan using your PC if you haven’t)
  3. hook up with your required server.

How to install a VPN on Amazon Fire Stick?

Let’s see the steps to put in a VPN on Amazon Fire Stick, almost like installing an Android or iOS phone application.

Step 1: First, you would like to subscribe with PureVPN or the other VPN service we’ve discussed above.

Step 2: Open FireStick Home> attend Search option> Type PureVPN.

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

Step 3: Download and Open PureVPN.

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

Step 4: check in to PureVPN if you’ve got already subscribed to the service or get a 7 Days Free Trial.

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

Step 5: The PureVPN app will now open on your FireStick.

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

Step 6: Choose a country server, for example, Australia.

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

Step 7: there’s a separate section for apps if you scroll down. It allows you to hook up with US Netflix.

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

That’s all you have to try to connect with a VPN on your FireStick. Similarly, it will connect to the other country or preferred channel.

How to control mouse input on Fire Stick

The two most relevant options include the use of a Bluetooth mouse or the Mouse Toggle application.

Applications are a bit difficult to handle on smart TVs with a foreigner. If he undergoes an identical fight, he will always choose an alternative.

The Mouse Toggle app will allow you to display your smartphone on a mouse and use it for your Fire Stick. This app would cost you $ 2.99, which is pretty cheap. Once you’ve finished installing the app, enable ADB Debugging on your Fire TV and use the app’s instructions to display it.

Quick tips for geo-unblocking on Amazon Fire TV

With a VPN enabled on your device, you will easily unblock many geo-restricted services using one of the server locations offered by your VPN. Some tips include:

Change DNS settings on Amazon Fire TV

Oftentimes, users face problems when changing their server location using a VPN on their Fire TV. One reason for this will be that the home TV sends DNS requests outside the VPN tunnel. You will solve this problem by changing your DNS settings.

Obtain your DNS address from your VPN provider or OpenNIC. Once you’re done, follow this guide:

  1. Click Advanced in the menu where you enter your Wi-Fi password while connecting to your Wi-Fi for the first time. If you are already connected to a network, press Forget network.
  2. Enter the IP address of your router but change the last digits and enter something between 2 and 255.
  3. Enter the IP address of your router in Gateway.
  4. Although entering 24 for Network Prefix Length.
  5. Insert your primary and secondary DNS addresses in DNS1 and DNS2.
  6. Once you are done, press Connect.

How to change your timezone on Amazon Fire TV

If you are trying to access a geo-restricted service, you may need to align yourself for some time with the country you are trying to connect to. you will do it as follows:

  1. Go to Settings from the home menu.
  2. Choose System, then Time Zone. Select the time zone of the country you would like to join and enjoy the luxury.

How to change your Amazon account to your desired country

You will need to change your Amazon account to a different country for certain services. This is how you’ll go about it:

  1. Log in to your account and manage your content and devices from there.
  2. Select Settings from the menu. Change the country settings by going to Country Settings.
  3. Enter the desired address of the situation. for example, if you want to vary the required country to the US but you don’t have any address to enter, then you will enter any hotel address.
  4. Once you are done, press Update.

Are all versions of Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV compatible with VPNs?

VPNs are not compatible with all versions of the Fireside Stick. later versions of the Fireside Stick and Fire TV work with a VPN:

  • Fire TV (all versions)
  • Fire Stick (2nd generation and newer)

With the following devices, you will be using a VPN that works with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

The first generation of Fireside Stick does not work with a VPN. You most likely don’t even own that version because it was discontinued in 2016. If you’re still in doubt, just check the FCC ID code on the back of your Fire Stick.

How do I use a VPN on FireStick?

We mentioned in our criteria that we list all the top VPNs that have their own Fire Stick apps. This is how you will use a VPN in conjunction with your Fire Stick device:

First Step: Open FireStick Home> Click Settings.

Second Step: Navigate to Applications > Manage Installed Applications.

Third Step: Choose the application you had installed. for example, if you have Surfshark installed, select the application and press Start.

Fourth Step: login with username and password

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

Step 5: Once the application opens, it will find the location of any server

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

Step 6: Surfshark has now established a connection with the server.

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

Step 7: Once connected, confirm that you turn on the kill switch function

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

If your chosen VPN doesn’t offer an app in the Amazon app store, it will download it to your Fire Stick using the Android app’s APK file or by downloading the app. If you have an older version of Fireside Stick and cannot use any VPN, it will download the VPN on your router. It will also connect a VPN on your Android phone and stream the video on your Fire Stick device.

How to change Amazon Fire TV Stick regions

This is how you will change the region of your Fire Stick or Fire TV with a VPN:

  1. Open the Amazon website in your computer’s browser.
  2. Select Manage Your Content and Devices from the drop-down menu under Your Orders.

3. Press the Settings tab. Visit country settings and click Change.


4. Enter an address that you would like to feature. Look online for an address if you don’t have one. Press Update.

How to Update a VPN on Fire TV Stick?

You may have a problem when downloading VPN apps and that is that they do not receive automatic updates. Hence, I have even outlined an easy method that will help you update downloaded Fire Stick VPN apps:

  • Open FireStick> attend Settings.
  • Select Applications> Then click Manage Installed Applications.
  • Find and click the VPN app> Now click Update (if there is an update, the icon will appear)
  • Once updated, launch the application.

VPN not working on Fire Stick [Short TroubleShoot Guide]

Article: Best VPNs for FireStick in 2021

If your best VPN for Fire Stick isn’t working, there are a couple of steps you’d like to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Follow the steps below to try:

  • If a VPN for FireStick won’t connect, take care of your configuration and change the VPN protocol to OpenVPN (TCP) or OpenVPN (UDP)
  • Restart the Fire Stick device> Remove the plug> Reconnect and start using the device.
  • If you’re having trouble streaming or surfing, try switching servers. For example, if you are connected to a US server, try changing it to a special city.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the VPN app
  • Always contact customer service on the VPN provider’s website for assistance.

FAQs – Best FireStick VPNs

Now that you simply know what the simplest VPNs for Fire Stick devices are, let’s examine some of the most frequently asked questions.

Do I need a VPN for Fire Stick?

Yes, you would need a VPN on your FireStick to access all streaming content, which is geo-restricted in your actual location. It will also unblock geo-restricted streaming services like Hulu or BBC iPlayer easily on your Fire Stick device employing a VPN.

Fire Stick can be a portable device that you can take anywhere. If you go on vacation, you will easily start to persist with you and access geo-restricted content from home to binge on using a VPN.

What is the simplest VPN for Fire Stick in 2021?

How to check if VPN is working on Fire Stick?

You can check if you have an active VPN connection to Fireside Stick using your browser. Launch the browser through Fire TV and enter this address: This tool will show you details like country, city, IP address, etc. If you correctly see the country whose server you are connected to, your VPN is working on ablaze Stick. Otherwise, there could be a carry-over.

Can I use a free VPN for Fire Stick?

If you are trying to find the simplest free VPN for Fire Stick, then you are doing it wrong. VPNs that are available for free are compatible with Fire Stick units. However, using a free VPN is a bit risky. You will need to affect some limitations like data limits, few servers, VPN logs, and annoying ads while using a free VPN.

Do VPNs work with all versions of Fire Stick?

Yes, VPNs can work with all versions of Fireside Sticks and Fire TV except the main generation of Fireside TV Stick. If you own the main generation of Fireside Stick, then you will install a VPN on your router and enjoy the luxury.

What happens if you don’t use a VPN on Fire Stick?

Without a VPN, you will access all the functionalities and features of your Fire TV normally. However, you won’t be ready to access geo-restricted apps or change your Amazon region. Also, VPNs make it more secure and protect your privacy on the web. Once you use your Fire Stick without a VPN, you will not be protected online.

Recommended VPN for FireStick in 2021

If you are interested in watching movies, TV shows, and documentaries without cable on your big screen TV, then an Amazon Fire Stick device should be your preferred option. But, thanks to geographic restrictions, you may not be ready to unleash your full streaming potential.

Fortunately, with the help of a VPN, you will enhance your streaming experience by accessing highly desirable streaming services from anywhere in the world.

PureVPN is my top recommendation for a VPN that fits with Netflix and other ablaze Stick services, and you can learn more about it here. It’s extremely cheap and works flawlessly with FirevStick units.

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