Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously in 2022 – Ranked!

Best VPNs for torrenting finding the simplest is not an easy task.

There are several factors involved when choosing a torrent-only VPN. These are the most important:

  • Jurisdiction: preferably outside the US Along with eyes 5, 9 and 14
  • Log policy: Preferably a VPN that collects NO logs
  • Speed: A VPN that’s fast enough to download large files
  • Torrent Policy: A VPN that allows torrenting (many VPNs limit and discourage torrenting).
Article: Best VPNs for Anonymous Torrenting in 2022

Torrents will conceal their activity from their ISP’s prying eyes while also adding an extra layer of protection against cyber criminals trying to take advantage of them by using a VPN.

That’s cool, right?

Except for the fact that many of the VPNs we checked don’t allow torrenting. Users can be penalized and torrents can be banned by companies like Hoxx VPN and Hola, restricting their online freedom.

This is why users searching for torrents know which VPNs will serve their purposes and which ones will not. These are the simplest VPNs for torrenting we’ve found in supported real-life tests.

The Top 7 VPNs for Anonymous and Private Torrenting – Most Servers For Anonymous Torrenting

NordVPN for torrenting
Article: Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously in 2022

NordVPN often tops most VPN wish lists. it seems they are so strong in torrents too.

It is one of the legitimate contenders that you see constantly competing for the top position within the best VPN rankings.

P2P services like torrents are available on NordVPN’s extensive server park of more than 5,200 different servers.

And more than 4,500 of its servers are specifically optimized for P2P. There are tons of various options offered to BitTorrent-loving users.

Nord protects the torrent activity of its users with equivalent OpenVPN protocols and AES-256 encryption such as Surfshark and ExpressVPN. They also go one step further, combining two servers in a single connection for double protection.

Again, add a strict no-logging policy and VPN switch to make this one of the most secure and anonymous torrent VPNs on the market.

Why is NordVPN the best VPN for P2P

Nord offers users the power to download torrents without limits, without putting a limit on their bandwidth.

Plus, Nord comes at an unbeatable price, with monthly costs of less than $ 4 for a 3-year plan. – Optimized Security for Torrenting/P2P

Surfshark torrenting webpage
Article: Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously in 2022

Surfshark keeps its promise to ensure fast and secure torrenting. This easy-to-use VPN not only allows torrenting, but it also does it without limits: no bandwidth limit, no limit on simultaneous connections, etc.

Torrenting is allowed on all Surfshark servers, including countries where P2P sharing is prohibited. For those countries, Surfshark takes additional measures by redirecting traffic to special torrent-friendly servers within the Netherlands or Canada (depending on the user’s location).

Sometimes the automatic algorithm can perform the same action to optimize the server network for all users. this is usually smart.

In addition to the present, the provider uses modern encryption to optimize speed and provide the easiest user experience. Surfshark encrypts all traffic using AES-256-GCM, which is slightly different from a generalized AES-256-CBC.

The difference between the 2 is speed. AES-256-GCM has built-in authentication that makes the encryption process noticeably faster, allowing for higher speed. From a security point of view, it is as secure as AES-256-CBC, but simply faster.

Surfshark is located within the British Virgin Islands, which is outside the jurisdiction of the 5, 9, and 14-eye alliances. It means that Surfshark is out of reach of the main watchdog agencies that could force them to keep information about their users.

Naturally, the British Virgin Islands are known for their stringent no-log rules, and Surfshark is no exception. They don’t keep logs, which is perfect for torrenting without fear.

surfshark torrenting screenshot

Regarding torrent policy, Surfshark presents a special page for people trying to find a VPN to download torrents. The page explains its torrent policy and even lists the simplest torrent sites and P2P services.

On top of all that, they are the most profitable VPN on the market, only $ 2.49 per month (2-year plan), name a bargain … – Fastest Speed for Torrenting & P2P

ExpressVPN for torrenting
Article: Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously in 2022

ExpressVPN offers all the benefits from security to torrents with no restrictions. which means that it will torrent on any of its thousands of servers around the world.

I know what you’re thinking. “It can’t be that good.” I assumed something equivalent.

Then we test it ourselves.

First of all, they are located within the British Virgin Islands. This puts them outside the jurisdiction of major surveillance alliances that could force a VPN company to abdicate information about its users.

That, including a strict no-logging policy, makes ExpressVPN a trusted torrent partner.

Your private browsing is kept private due to its OpenVPN protocols, which are backed by government-grade AES-256 encryption. No one, anywhere, is breaking that connection anytime soon.

ExpressVPN not only allows you to download torrents but also facilitates them. In fact, their support section has an entire page dedicated to guiding users through the use of uTorrent software, including ExpressVPN.

how to use utorrent with ExpressVPN

The company summarizes the need for a VPN during a 2017 blog post highlighting the wealth of knowledge an ISP can gather about its customers. An important section of this text talks about torrents. – Best for BitTorrent Users

Mullvad VPN for torrenting
Article: Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously in 2022

Mullvad is ideal for a very anonymous experience.

They are generally available at number six on our list. But they feel comfortable in the top three for torrenting thanks to the great distances it takes to protect their users’ privacy.

Mullvad maybe a Swedish company. They are the only VPN we have found that needs absolutely no information about your customers. Not even an email address.

When you sign up, you are assigned a numbered account and that’s it.

They also don’t keep any logs, which suggests that your torrenting experience will be completely private. And although Sweden is within the jurisdiction of the expanded 14-Eye Surveillance Alliance, they cannot release information if they do not have it.

All torrents are protected with the same winning combination of OpenVPN protocols, including AES-256 encryption. To put this in perspective, that is the security system employed by the FBI. If you can protect US national secrets, it will make sure that you protect your downloads.

Furthermore, they promote anonymous payment methods such as cryptocurrencies. Mullvad’s security is enhanced by the fact that all Bitcoin transactions are private and confidential.

Mullvad also employs a VPN switch. A killswitch monitors for leaks in your VPN tunnel, and if leaks are detected that would potentially expose you, the killswitch kicks in and takes you out of service. It’s your lifeline for torrenting and something you should always look for when looking for a VPN.

Mullvad is compatible with all BitTorrent software, but greatly encourages the use of qBitTorrent by its users.

They don’t block BitTorrent clients like uTorrent or BitComet, but they do assert that these services aren’t as secure as they claim, citing the presence of dangerous adware, bad privacy settings, and therefore the lack of open source as reasons.

Mullvad is one of those VPNs that not only allow torrenting but accept it. There is a full page on their official website that guides users through the method. – Configurable P2P Port Forwardings

Perfect-Privacy for torrenting
Article: Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously in 2022

Our number three VPN overall ranks number four on this list.

Perfect Privacy encrypts and anonymizes your data. a bit like everyone else on this list. But they also offer full support for BitTorrent.

claims to be best option for P2P downloads

While the company encourages torrents, they are available with a couple of restrictions. Only certain dedicated servers are reserved for P2P because they are designed to allow anonymous connections of up to 1,000 Mbps.

Perfect Privacy was also ranked last on our list due to its slow connection speed. Torrenting necessitates a fast download speed, and our tests showed that this VPN struggled in this area with just one tap.

It also comes at a high cost, with some users paying more than $ 15 per month.

Perfect Privacy, on the other hand, lives up to its name when it comes to anonymity and privacy.

Your data is protected by an impenetrable tunneling protocol called OpenVPN and AES-256 encryption. IPSec and SSH, as well as the SOCKS5 and PPTP proxies, are some of the opposing tunneling protocols provided by Perfect Privacy.

This plethora of options means that users from all walks of life will be ready to find something that works perfectly for their device and connection.

Perfect-Privacy no logs

Perfect Privacy does not keep any logs. you are now additionally protected by Perfect Privacy’s official privacy policy. that’s something to celebrate as many VPN companies lie around their logging policies.

To top it all, our tests also showed that Perfect Privacy can be a virus-free and leaky program. The last thing a BitTorrent user wants is to be compromised by DNS and WebRTC leaks or have malicious malware invading their system. That’s precisely the kind of vulnerability a torrent VPN is supposed to protect against.

This is another VPN that has a built-in kill switch, so even though leaks were detected, your torrent security would still be protected. the problem with leaks is that they often go unnoticed. Therefore, an unconscious user would go on like this, thinking that he was safe and secure, while his ISP watches every move they create. A killer switch counteracts this vulnerability.

One of the most valuable features of Perfect Privacy is the unlimited simultaneous connections. That is a great advantage because it means that you will connect this service to every computer within the house. – Great for Speed and Security

PIA VPN for torrenting
Article: Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously in 2022

Private Internet Access (PIA) offers more than 3300 servers in 32 countries to establish.

First of all, it costs less than $ 3 per month. That is an unbeatable price. value is simply one explanation that we rank PIA as our number nine NPV overall.

But best of all, PIA does not impose limits on torrents, providing P2P support throughout its massive server park.

PIA server network

The company never explicitly says the words “torrents” or “BitTorrent” on its site, but the P2P support speaks for itself. This is why PIA has such a great reputation throughout the torrent community.

PIA also doesn’t allow us to fail with weak encryption and protocol options. They provide best-in-class OpenVPN tunneling protocols, along with AES-128 and AES-256 encryption standards.

While they do not record your usage information, they do keep track of your email address and payment information. That’s not a big deal, as it will create a replacement email address that is not connected to your personal information and allows you to pay with untraceable cryptocurrencies.

TorGuard for torrenting
Article: Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously in 2022

TorGuard, despite its name, has nothing to do with your favorite TOR proxy browser.

The “tor” in its name actually stands for torrents. We rank it 15th on our overall VPN list, and its torrent policies are a huge part of why it ranks so high.

Here’s another top-notch VPN with great torrent-related perks. This company actually offers a package that has a proxy that allows users to download torrents at higher speeds than their VPN service. They literally have torrents in the brain.

TorGuard makes every effort to declare on its official website that its servers are optimized for torrenting and that it does not impose restrictions on its users.

Anonymize BitTorrent with TorGuard

But is your torrent activity protected?


They are completing our list of torrent VPNs that use OpenVPN and AES-256 encryption. the mere fact that each product on this list uses that pairing shows just how effective and useful they really are.

TorGuard offers a totally anonymous system that does not present any logs, an incontrovertible fact that they are fast in several areas of their website.

So what’s the deal with it being at the bottom of the list?

Its jurisdiction is within the United States, making it a neighborhood of the Five Eyes Vigilance Alliance. So if Uncle Sam were to knock on TorGuard’s door, they would have no choice but to comply. Any information that the federal government collects about you will be shared with opposing member countries, which include the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

In our opinion, that is a huge concern. Especially if you propose to use torrenting activities to download content that has incomplete sources.

Comparing VPN Torrenting Policies

Finding the right VPN for your torrenting needs is often difficult, but there are a couple of key things to remember when choosing an option. When torrenting, you would like a VPN that allows you to download torrents with as few restrictions as possible.

Also, it is imperative to use a VPN provider that does not record your personal information. This is important in case the government or authorities request user data.

In the table below, you can compare the torrenting and logging policies of all the VPN providers we reviewed.

VPN ProviderTorrenting PolicyLogging Policy
AirVPNAllowedStrict no logging
Anonymous VPNAllowedStrict no logging
AstrillAllowedSome logging
AzireVPNAllowedNo important logging
BitDefender VPNAllowedGrey area
BTGuard VPNAllowedGrey area
Buffered VPNAllowedSome logging
ExpressVPNAllowedStrict no logging
FastestVPNAllowedStrict no logging
FrootVPNAllowedStrict no logging
Hide ALL IPAllowedNo important logging
Hide My IPAllowedSome logging
Hotspot ShieldAllowedSome logging
LiquidVPNAllowedSome logging
MullvadAllowedNo important logging
NordVPNAllowedStrict no logging
OneVPNAllowedNo important logging
Perfect PrivacyAllowedStrict no logging
PIAAllowedStrict no logging
PrivateVPNAllowedStrict no logging
ProXPNAllowedStrict no logging
SecureVPNAllowedNo important logging
SlickVPNAllowedNo important logging
StrongVPNAllowedStrict no logging
SurfEasyAllowedSome logging
SurfsharkAllowedStrict no logging
TorGuardAllowedStrict no logging
Trust.zoneAllowedStrict no logging
TunnelBearAllowedStrict no logging
VPN.htAllowedNo important logging
VPNTunnelAllowedGrey area
ZoogVPNAllowedSome logging
Ace VPNAllowed on limited serversSome logging
AVG Secure VPNAllowed on limited serversSome logging
Avast SecureLineAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
BlackVPNAllowed on limited serversNo important log files
CactusVPAllowed on limited serversNo important log files
Celo VPNAllowed on limited serversNo important log files
GooseVPNAllowed on limited serversNo important log files
Hide.MeAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
IvacyAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
iVPNAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
ProtonVPNAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
PureVPNAllowed on limited serversSome logging
RA4W VPNAllowed on limited serversNo important log files
SaferVPNAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
SpeedifyAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
TigerVPNAllowed on limited serversSome logging
Turbo VPNAllowed on limited serversSome logging
VPN.acAllowed on limited serversNo important log files
VPNAreaAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
VPNSecure.meAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
WindscribeAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
AnonymizerCopyrighted material forbiddenFull logging
BetternetCopyrighted material forbiddenSome logging
BolehVPNCopyrighted material forbiddenFull logging
CyberGhostCopyrighted material forbiddenStrict no logging
F-Secure FreedomeCopyrighted material forbiddenSome logging
HideMyAss VPNCopyrighted material forbiddenSome logging
ibVPNCopyrighted material forbiddenNo important log files
IPVanishCopyrighted material forbiddenStrict no logging
Private TunnelCopyrighted material forbiddenGrey area
VPN UnlimitedCopyrighted material forbiddenSome logging
VyprVPNCopyrighted material forbiddenSome logging
DotVPNNot allowedGrey area
Encrypt.meNot allowedSome logging
Hola VPNNot allowedFull logging
Hoxx VPNNot allowedSome logging
Kaspersky Secure ConnectionNot allowedSome logging
Norton Wi-Fi Privacy VPNNot allowedSome logging
PersonalVPNNot allowedStrict no logging
ZenmateNot allowedStrict no logging
Article: Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously in 2022

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