Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

Our topic today is Best VPS Hosting – One of the most popular web hosting services today.

VPS stands for Associated Virtual Private Server and represents an isolated server setup where each client receives a large number of system resources with the option to easily scale as your project grows. It’s a multi-layered service, and there are several hidden blessings in that.

But before we tend to go any further, let’s take a moment to lay down the basics.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting comes as the next logical step once shared solutions become scarce for your website. Instead of multiple users hogging the same server resources, you have a setup where only a few users use the machine. In addition, the accounts are totally isolated from each other, so no one else will interfere with their performance or security.

That’s all potential through a method known as virtualization.

It helps you take a physical machine and divide it into many virtual instances, each running as a separate entity. Because users act separately, they are allowed significantly more access, compared to shared services. So if you recognize one or two issues regarding server administration, there is little to no limit to what you can do with VPS web hosting.

10 Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2022

Let’s go straight inside now: the most effective virtual private server hosting providers on the market.

1. Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting VPS


  • A free dashboard different from cPanel
  • Advanced virus and malware protection with SShield
  • Guaranteed share of hardware resources
  • Very friendly support, available 24/7
  • Daily backups in a remote location to maintain
  • SSD discs provide improved speed and load times


  • Easy WordPress installation, however no automatic installer for alternative apps
  • No phone support

Best Features

Scala Hosting is an aspiring host associated with a powerful Destination Managed VPS service. the company combines strong and affordable packages at surprisingly reasonable prices, starting at just $14.95/month for entry-level customers.

Scala Hosting is constantly looking for tactics to spice up all of commerce, and their in-house products make quite a statement for that. The company offers its own version of cPanel called SPanel, keeping the extensive feature set of the market leader but providing the tool completely free of charge. SShield and SWordPressManager are two alternative proprietary solutions that make website security and WP management easy.

As for the other attached options, you can estimate free website migrations, daily backups, and a favorite IP among various alternative perks.

A one-stop-shop for WordPress users who want robust VPS resolution.


Even with a fee of less than $15/month, Scala Hosting still offers a solid server with at least one piece of hardware, 2GB RAM, and fast fifty GB SSD storage. All buyers get the same set of features – the biggest difference in the packages is the variety of dedicated system resources.

If you wish, you will be able to choose a completely custom resolution and create your own server.

Recommended For… 

Scala Hosting’s Managed VPS offerings are a good way for beginners to get started on a solid server with no prior knowledge or experience. Good support and easy solutions for small and growing.

2. Liquid Web

Liquid Web virtual private server


  • Extremely powerful VPS infrastructure
  • SSD drives for faster speeds and load times
  • First-class support team
  • Proactive server monitoring
  • Advanced DDoS Protection Nursing Associate and Integrated Firewall
  • Cloudflare CDN for increased content caching


  • Too expensive for small comes

Best Features

Liquid Internet is known for its powerful VPS servers and enterprise-grade infrastructure. the company does not serve shared buyers; instead, it focuses on businesses that require additional website strength.

Both UNIX system and Windows hosting users have various options of virtual servers, mainly varied in the hardware resources that you get upfront. However, even with Liquid Web’s entry-level offering, you can still protect two processor cores, forty GB of space, and an impressive ten TB of data. The storage is also powered by SSD which ensures the best speeds for all the websites on the VPS.

When it comes to server administration, you’ll be able to choose from all the popular panel selections: cPanel, Plesk, and Interworx.

Liquid Internet also offers bundled services for buyers who want more ease. They include benefits like website security, premium business email, and daily backups.


Liquid Internet may provide some high-quality managed VPS services, but their costs replicate that stature as well. Even if you choose the twelve-month package, it will still cost you $35/month, that may just be a turnoff for beginners on a budget.

And if you select the month-to-month option, the costs increase even more ($59/month).

Recommended For…

There is no doubt that Liquid Internet can be a reliable VPS provider with a strong infrastructure. The team is knowledgeable and can always help in case of problems. The comparatively high costs make LW’s premium servers better suited for larger businesses and enterprises.

3. Hostinger

Hostinger VPS


  • Unbeatable VPS Costs
  • Options for users of UNIX and Windows systems
  • Special servers for Minecraft players
  • Dedicated IT address
  • 100 GB/s unrestricted network
  • Latest Edition Xeon Servers with Solid State Drives


  • It is not very appropriate for high-traffic websites.
  • Lacks live chat support

Best Features

Unlike Liquid Internet, Hostinger is all about low costs. The Lithuanian provider operates internationally with the help of many subsidiaries, each targeting a selected native market.

Hostinger supports the full range of hosting services, so you’ll be able to judge some good VPS deals as well. You can start with a small server with one GB of RAM and twenty GB of space or go for a monster machine with eight GB of RAM, one hundred and sixty GB of storage, and eight TB of monthly traffic.

All packages scale easily and include extras like full root access and passionate computing (IPv4 or IPv6).


Hostinger’s VPS offerings get their names from the number of processor cores dedicated to the server:

As you can see, the monthly fee area unit is similar to shared hosting deals with most providers. The problem is that securing these promotional offers means that you have to pay an extended amount, in this case, 48 months. For the 1- and 2-year application programs, a smaller discount area unit is available.

Recommended For…

If your project needs a virtual server, but you’re running on a limited budget, it’s time to consider Hostinger. The provider is known for its profitable offers, which include good upgrade options, even at the lowest level of all time. nice for startups and SMEs.

4. DreamHost

DreamHost vps


  • Ideal for visitors and buyers from the USA.
  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • Security updates managed by trading specialists
  • Expandable RAM and space to store
  • custom panel
  • Unlimited business email accounts


  • Website migrations don’t seem to be free
  • Live support services are often very inexpensive.

Best Features

DreamHost VPS users are never restricted within the amount of monthly information they use. It is very much about the dimensions and recognition of your website.

Startups and small businesses will take a 1 GB RAM machine and build a safe haven for their lightweight project. Similarly, if you have an associate degree company with a lot of workers, you would need a large number of responses that are very resource-intensive.

Each account comes with the option of unlimited mailboxes associated with an SSL certificate for added security.

Are you running out of resources? Add lots of RAM or storage with the click of a button and get the benefit of instant provisioning.


Boasting some extraordinarily cheap plans, DreamHost rates are available even with a monthly payment. That’s not to say you can’t opt ​​for an extended payment and find an additional discount.

As for added extras when signing up, this host offers a MySQL VPS option for an additional $15/month. The premium service focuses on your databases and their perfect scaling.

Recommended For…

DreamHost is one of the officially recognized WordPress partners, so you can make sure the host is ready for the biggest CMS standard challenges. Good performance and top speeds are coming for WP optimized.

5. Cloudways



  • A variety of market-leading cloud providers to establish yourself
  • First-class hardware with Varnish and MemCached installed
  • Extremely knowledgeable support
  • Custom Dashboard Response
  • Host unlimited websites at intervals one account
  • One-click preparation


  • Does not allow full root access
  • You have to register your name somewhere else

Best Features

Cloudways is a bit different than other companies on our best VPS hosting list. rather than a direct provider, it is a PaaS solution, acting as a reseller for other cloud services.

Get started by selecting from many premium plans from business leaders like Linode, DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS, Vultr, and more. once you pick a number, Cloudways adds skilled cloud server management and 24/7 support, so your sole focus is often on the business side of things.

It’s like a market window spree and the cashier coming back and helping you make dinner.


You will have a hard time looking for another marketplace that integrates with numerous premium server providers.

Working with a good budget is not a drag, as Cloudways offers monthly and hourly application plans. It’s even better as you can get started for free with any of the top 3 hosts and use the period to check out the vibe and see if it fits your needs.

Recommended For…

Cloudways is a service for everyone who needs to run a VPS but has no technical or server administration knowledge. Instead of hiring a developer or keeping an in-house associate degree team for hire, you can totally rely on these specialists in the field with a proven track record.

6. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting VPS


  • Turbo possibility for optimum speed
  • Generous server resource allocation
  • Free information migration
  • Anytime a reimbursement guarantee
  • Cloudflare CDN + firewall
  • 99.9% period commitment


  • On-demand backups area unit paid
  • Support services might improve

Best Features

A2 Hosting could be a Michigan-based company that understands the necessity for speed in today’s online world. every type of service aims to optimize page load times and cut back server masses.

A2 achieves that with some spectacular hardware, giving VPS shoppers a minimum of four GB RAM, 75 GB SSD storage, and a pair of TB monthly transfers. transferral speeds to the utmost, you’ll additionally add the Turbo possibility that employs a lightning-fast LiteSpeed server for your website wants.

The host includes core upgrades, free website transfer, and timely security patches to high this remunerative providing off.


A2 divides your VPS services according to the server access you would like. you can just get a virtual server with or without the ability to bind SSH or opt for a full machine where you are the only master. The best thing is that there is always a money-back guarantee, so you can commit safely, even for a long period.

In addition to the information center location options, you will be able to co-purchase an associated SSL certificate or Turbo Boost upon registration

Recommended For…

A2 Hosting puts stress on best speeds, thus all servers area units are full of additional resources than you may ever want. In today’s dynamic business world, we’d like a versatile hosting resolution able to react to our dynamic wants, and that’s A2 for you.

7. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks VPS


  • Green-friendly services
  • Free information migration
  • SSL certificate enclosed
  • No-cost dedicated IP address
  • cPanel+Softaculous license
  • Managed support on all plans


  • Lack of out-the-box options
  • Similar solutions seem cheaper with different hosts

Best Features

GreenGeeks’ VPS plans to come back equipped with a cPanel and a Softaculous auto-installer for simple net hosting management.

Take your decision between 3 package plans, starting from 2-8 GB RAM, 4-6 central processor cores, and 50-150 GB disc space. Solid-state drives power the latter, thus you’ll calculate glorious speeds and hardware sturdiness.

Feature-wise, you get all the fundamentals — proactive watching, advanced DDoS protection, and a free dedicated IP.

GreenGeeks additionally helps cut back the carbon footprint by giving back three-hundredth of its processed power within the kind of renewable energy.


GreenGeeks advertises its monthly asking rates for virtual servers. you’ll additionally favor paying annually, however, there’s no discount if you are doing this.

No premium extras are accessible at checkout. you’ll solely decide a server location between the United States, Canada, and also The Netherlands.

Recommended For…

GreenGeeks is AN environmentally-aware supplier, which is nice as school enterprises typically consume heaps of natural resources in their daily operations. you’ll calculate the corporate to produce green-friendly servers with a spotlight on perfect website performance and constant handiness.

8. HostPapa

HostPapa VPS


  • Root level access
  • SSD Enhanced Deals
  • Migrate your server from another host
  • Two dedicated IT addresses
  • Free non-public DNS nameservers
  • Unlimited email addresses


  • Paid Daily Backups
  • Information Measurement Low Limits

Best Features

Like many of our other competitors for the best VPS hosting, HostPapa offers each customer identical built-in options with a distinction only in system resources.

This Canadian host spares no effort there: even entry-level users still want beefy servers with four processor cores, sixty GB SSD storage, and a one TB measure of data. Since this is a VPS machine, after all, it will naturally scale its core resources without upgrading to a different array.

New users have many options to play with. They still have necessities like website migration, an effects panel, and a security certificate. however, HostPapa doesn’t stop there and also adds benefits like non-public nameservers and 2 dedicated IPs instead of one.


All HostPapa VPS rates are metered monthly and currently include a special 16-60% discount depending on the plan chosen. the value is then “frozen” and can renew at the same rate.

Daily backups, website security, and a non-public SSL square measure are available upon signup.

Recommended For…

HostPapa offers a convenient thank you for on-demand resources and scales as your website grows. Combine simple operation with helpful support day and night, and you’ll understand why beginners like this VPS web host so much.

9. InMotion Hosting

InMotion VPS


  • Very suitable for busy websites
  • cPanel + WHM included
  • At least three dedicated IPs
  • Resource Observation Board
  • server snapshots
  • Free two-hour launch assistance


  • Fully Managed VPS Plans Are Quite Expensive

Best Features

InMotion outlines 3 crucial aspects of VPS hosting management: performance, security, and convenience. That is why the host offers enough options to hide all 3.

InMotion Hosting solutions are extremely configurable, equipping you with five cPanel licenses to get you started. The company applies a traffic-centric setup, so your website will handle more guests than the typical virtual server.

As with other managed VPS services, you get SSH access to configure any details you want. InMotion can ensure that everything is safe from DDoS attacks, all thanks to the partnership with Corero.


Note that the higher costs tie you to a 2-year contract with InMotion. Still, the cash-back guarantee ensures that you’ll be checking out the service for long enough in complete safety. Identical deals look different if you’re just trying to find a month-to-month resolution, priced at $29.99, $59.99, $74.99, and $89.99, separately.

Recommended For…

InMotion Hosting will simply provide a decent home for online services with an ever-increasing need for server power and traffic. Even at the all-time low, consumers enjoy the maximum amount of processor and RAM as a mid-tier offering with other hosts.

10. HostGator

HostGator VPS Hosting


  • Powerful Intel and AMD hardware
  • Without information caps of measures
  • Free name for the primary year.
  • Easy one-click installation of software packages
  • Scheduled external backups
  • Complete freedom of customization


  • Good Costs Need an Extended Commitment
  • poor support

Best Features

HostGator is one of the largest and oldest hosting providers in the world, known for its cheap deals and fast server provisioning.

The provider does not put limits on your amount of monthly information and therefore the space is quite generous. Still, keep in mind that the storage is HDD, not SSD, that the focus is more on quantity than fast performance.

There is an honest range of feats that create a nice first impression. You get one or two dedicated data science addresses, unlimited email accounts, and centralized DDoS protection. Daily and scheduled backups measure another good point for HostGator.

Overall rugged enough packages for growing businesses.


HostGator impresses with its reasonable VPS hosting costs, however, there are some strings attached to them. First, those square footage are simply introductory rates and don’t apply once renewal arrives. Also, the most effective discounts here are measured with a great 3-year contract, tapering off the less time you’re willing to commit.

A 45-day money-back guarantee applies to all VPS servers.

Recommended For…

HostGator could be a good option for the common user with lower server needs. Several start-ups and SMEs select HG solutions due to the abundance of resources and efficient costs. great deals for first-time buyers.

Why choose Managed VPS hosting over Unmanaged VPS hosting?

There are generally two varieties of virtual solutions: managed and unmanaged. As you may know from the name, the main difference between the two is the level of help you get from your host.

Managed VPS Hosting: 

You get a server with somewhat restricted freedom of customization, but enjoy qualified support services from your host. The provider will facilitate the configuration, maintenance, and updates of the hardware and software package. Ideal for additional novice users The UN agency has no experience with servers or a way to operate one.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting: 

The host provides only the initial configuration, giving you complete freedom afterward. You get full root access, however, any support help is largely up to you. good for network developers or older users looking for additional flexibility.

Whichever you choose, you’re definitely looking at a more subtle solution than shared hosting. Here’s why…

Why choose VPS hosting over Shared hosting?

VPS hosting is the next level when it comes to sharing solutions, and there are several smart reasons why. As a result of their configuration and abundance of server resources, virtual servers provide many profitable benefits for websites and growing businesses.


This could be a project. For one, you have a server with over 100 buyers on it, all using a similar set of resources. Rather, you have a machine with many users, each existing in an isolated, caged environment. The latter cluster can continuously get a lot of power from the server and later higher speeds.


Shared buyers often suffer from something known as the “noxious neighbor shock.” Even if you apply all required security measures, a neighbor account breach means the hacker has control over the entire server. Any reliable VPS hosting solution can eliminate that risk.


Excellent VPS Services Area Unit if you want to constantly grow and modify your computer hardware and RAM accordingly. the quality shared offer would require you to upgrade to a more expensive configuration once you hit the limits, but virtual servers may allow you to simply add the item you most want. The same goes for downgrading – with a VPS, you’ll simply remove some disk space or RAM if you don’t want it anymore.


Shared buyers do not have access to the server. That’s quite logical, as you don’t want to wake up with your website down just because someone activated some module or changed permissions. Since you are the only real user on your virtual machine, you get root access as well as the ability to enter any computer code or create advanced server customizations.


At the top of the day, WordPress doesn’t need any specific server configuration or a lot of resources (at least out of the box). Any type of Linux hosting should absolutely be able to accommodate such a project.

Still, you’re looking for perfection, which is why we tend to only research the best VPS hosting in 2022 and rank the top contenders. As the virtual servers area unit is usually faster, more secure, and more optimized, your WordPress project can get all the benefits of your hosting setup.

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