Best Web Hosting Companies in Germany For 2022!

Web hosting is often a service that not only enjoys great appeal but is also highly sought after. Website owners often try to find cheap web hosting companies, either in their country like Germany or in a more detailed country for their audience.

Central locations are commonly appreciated anyway, due to the fact that an online server located in a central area can cover many of the locations around it and has substantially lower latency than if German hosting servers were, for example, in a more remote area. from the center of a continent, for example.

In any case, we have also decided to offer you the simplest cheap web hosting service providers in Germany with reference to security with an in-depth review of each one.

How to pick the right cheap web hosting company in 2022 in Germany?

When it comes to selecting a safe and affordable web hosting service provider, the provider must cover several vital areas of internet security.

The first, possibly one of the most important, is that if a cheap web host offers online backup solutions, your website will be reactivated.

Another important aspect to take into account is the type of services that the company offers at its rates.

Many security companies offer VPS (Virtual Personal Server) which is not the most profitable solution, however, it hides the important identity of the server, considerably improving privacy.

Also, SSL is vital if it is a cheap web host because it offers you a secure site, considering that without it, the domain could even be in danger of a selection of cyberattacks.

Another aspect to explore is that the security of its users as well. Many cheap web hosting service providers use ad blocking, which is ingrained and also prevents dubious third-party promotions from infecting buyers of your site with ads.

Each of the above inexpensive web hosts has these characteristics. However, to contrast them, we put together their cheapest web plans to find the simplest possible value at the most affordable price.

Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting Companies In Germany

Below, backing the features they offer, speed up, endorse customer testimonials, and price, we have placed the top ten cheapest hosting companies for 2022.

1. 1&1 Ionos


  • Good efficiency in Germany.
  • Extremely impressive costs.
  • More than enough warehouse for a particularly small budget plan.
  • Very intuitive and easy to use instrument panel. This is undoubtedly an excellent advantage for beginners.
  • Adequate local transfer speed.
  • Immediate customer service.
  • Mobile phone internet site home builder supply. Your site and domain will be managed by one and therefore the same service provider, as domain registration fees are quite low.


  • Rising vigorously
  • Allow’s Encrypt is not sold by them, so this imposes an additional price on customers.
  • Their web servers do not use the new versions of the consumer applications.
  • Car patches, templates, and plugins for WordPress are not provided by default in the standard package and are instead available at an additional charge.
  • The site builder has an additional cost.

Ionos was discovered in Montabaur almost three decades ago and has been expanding ever since. The company uses mobile services, name registration, as well as hosting in Germany and 10 other countries, and usually identifies itself as a really affordable and reliable hosting company.

1 & 1 should certainly appear on your list if you are trying to find an honest web hosting business in Germany, as a report shows, the company is the top hosting provider for Germany as of April 2020.

They currently host more than 19 million domain names.


1 & 1 has seven data centers located in Europe also because the US also offers cheap Linux and Windows-based web hosting services.

The speed of their cheap web hosting service reaches a level equivalent to that of its competitors, but the cheapest plans are not maximized for WordPress. And conventional WordPress features like car installation, automatic updates, and essential plugins come at an additional price.

1 & 1 guarantees a 99.9% German hosting site uptime and we’ve never had customers complain about significant downtime with them before.

Security and Plans

1 & 1 take safety and security seriously and they also connect fantastic meaning to them. The features they offer to their clients are SiteLock, daily backups, CDN, SSL, and many more.

Ionos is one of the most affordable cheap web hosting providers on the market. They use a really attractive offer for the first year for their basic strategies and then much higher reactivation prices.

The pre-sale and also the tech support is pretty GOOD and also that fast, however, when it comes to a payment issue it can take years to affect. Support is available in German.


You will get 24/7 support staff to use the Internet, Skype, the support facility, the ticketing system, email, and live chat.

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2. Hostgator


  • A free coupon for Google Adwords and Bing Ads comes with all hosting strategies.
  • Cheap web hosting plans are successful.
  • One-Click Installation.


  • The Backup and Restore Options website is not free.
  • Searching for ransomware is optional.

HostGator provides shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress host information services. When using their own website building contractor, it is very convenient for beginning administrators to develop their own sites.

They also provide custom web design, SEO services, and advertising and marketing for Pay Per Click (pay per click).


Currently, HostGator Houston, TX, and Provo, UT use two German hosting data centers. The network installations are executed according to a fully repeatable plan also because the main equipment suppliers have equipped the installations with the most efficient equipment.

All facilities have substantial data transfer capacity and the world-class connection is also employed.

The company has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

HostGator provides fast fill times by fixing low-density servers in your cloud hosting plans. Multiple layers of caching along with premium hardware assurance that each website will pack up quickly. Performance optimization happens automatically as well because customers can keep an eye on various metrics using an easy-to-use dashboard.

Security and Plans

HostGator constantly tracks all systems to prevent cyberpunk intrusion or possible abuse of the service.

Consumers can take full advantage of patented CodeGuard technology that protects sites with automated daily backup.

Alternative protection against malware can be offered additionally (called “SiteLock”), which is a cloud-based solution that protects against viruses.

The beginner shared cheap web hosting strategies that are priced coffee and use a ton of attributes in addition to unlimited bandwidth (traffic).

Every budget web hosting plan consists of accessibility to the complimentary website building contractor. Managers also receive a $ 100 Google Adwords voucher as well as a $ 100 Bing Ads credit report.


The 24/7 party, easily accessible via live chat, mobile device, and ticket scheme, provides support options.

Companies can also use an online portal that provides various video guides as well as short articles to support them. In addition, a neighborhood forum is open.

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3. Hostinger


  • Fast Load Time: 345 ms
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Multilingual Customer Support
  • Free Website Builder and name
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Unlimited Features With Premium and Business Plans
  • Industry-Standard Pricing Tricks but Still Affordable


  • 99.74 percent Inconsistent Uptime (They Had Three Poor Months of Uptime)
  • No Classic cPanel
  • Nonstandard terms of payment

HostingerHostinger may be a hosting company founded in 2004. In 2011, the provider changed its name to the current one. Provides various name registration and web hosting solutions.

Hostinger is one of the largest hosting providers with several of the most affordable hosting plans and services, such as their website builder.

They are an excellent option for Germany. But their main data center is within the UK with a Cloudflare connection to Germany, which is no problem for a fast internet connection.

Hostinger also has six more data centers around the world.

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4. BlueHost


  • Great uptime all year round (99.98%)
  • Fast page load speed (581 ms)
  • Low introductory price ($ 2.75 / month)
  • Packed with security features and options
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 24 hours each day, 7 days every week customer support
  • A free WordPress site transfer


  • Higher renewal rates
  • Cheapest plan restrictions

Did you notice that Bluehost is home to pretty 2 million sites?

That is tons.

Having a very large customer base is proof enough that they are doing something right. Their uptime is reliable, worker speeds are acceptable, and valuable highlights for trainees and veterans are included in their hosting plans.

Bluehost also has a live chat service and phone backup per day, and you will securely verify them with their unconditional 30-day promise.

Be that as it may, there are also some drawbacks, such as higher recharge costs and some limitations on the less expensive arrangement.

In any case, we have some incredible news to share before proceeding with the audit:

Typically, the shared hosting plans offered by Bluehost start at $ 3.95 / month. Be that as it may, we organized a one-time agreement for our users and managed to reduce the value to $ 2.75 / month. So, if before completing this audit you would like to hire them, at that moment do not hesitate to thank this offer. If possible, rest assured that this arrangement does not make us one-sided towards Bluehost. In fact, each of our audits is based solely on genuine data, such as uptime, speed, and cost.

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5. A2 Hosting


  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Transfer for free.
  • Requires authentication certificates to be used in all hosting arrangements.
  • Low-cost premium business costs.
  • Unlimited space for data transfer and recovery.


  • Not having a companion domain.
  • The most competitive price for a 24-month membership is available.

A2 was manufactured in 1999 in the United States. The company has approximately 200 employees and is also understood to be a developer-friendly environment, indicating that it supports continuous improvement and also adds new features.

As a global company, A2’s target customers are all types of consumers, but A2 is essentially targeting novice customers.

The company also provides the power to use cloud services as well as powerful servers for websites that take an hour.

The company may not be as well recognized as several of the opposing cheap web hosting service providers, but they need to establish themselves as a good global company, maintaining reliable connections around the world, even in Germany.


A2 has data facilities that are located within the US, Amsterdam, and also Singapore. They have also partitioned the servers to make sure they provide Linux and Windows connections respectively.

We are discussing solutions such as server-level technology, WAF guidelines for vulnerability access, scanning for malware (HackSpan security), and also Let’s Encrypt.

A2 guarantees 99.9% uptime.

To affect rate concerns, A2 uses German-hosted SSDs, prompting a particularly favorable response from customers, worrying about charging rates. Also, at present, the servers are many, so that they are not stuck and delayed, which makes the company among the fastest cheap web hosting providers in the world.

Security and Plans

When it comes to security, the organization adopts the latest technological solutions that not only meet the highest standards, but also the latest ones.


In terms of support, the company uses the criteria of various technology assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through various methods such as telephone and email.

The company has support in German, which is extremely essential and they rely on a ticket system to solve problems for about 10 minutes, which is great if you want a quick solution.

The company aims to provide a fairly well-balanced link between rate and value for its customers.

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6. InMotion Hosting


  • Integration of the Google program.
  • Free website home builder.
  • Free promotion credits.
  • Defense against ransomware.


  • The whole e-commerce package isn’t the most cost-effective approach.
  • Only PRO-level support for costly strategies is provided

InMotion Hosting offers users of all kinds various inexpensive web hosting solutions Also, they still use web architecture and a spread of technologies to host websites that make it very convenient for Internet administrators to simply configure web applications.


InMotion Hosting has purchased a “green” hub by running a green data facility on it. to. , CA.

The innovation uses modern outside air cooling technology that reduces carbon output by quite 2,000 charges per annum.

One of the biggest benefits of using InMotion hosting plans is that they provide sophisticated application installers that make it easy to quickly organize popular web circumstances.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, all of InMotion’s budget German web hosting plans offer free SSDs that increase processing times and make sites load much faster than conventional drives.

The patented innovation of Max Rate Areas is additionally used, alongside the utilization of business-class equipment to make sure that each one procedure runs quickly and smoothly.

Security and Plans

The knowledge base also lists numerous protection indicators that help website administrators avoid invasion by hackers. Anti-spam security, automated backups, and other security measures are readily available.

The plans offered are acceptable for all consumers, from small businesses and individual websites to large businesses and corporations as well.

Due to the option of selecting the servers where the pages would certainly be hosted, several beneficial services such as the Google application mix are also offered.

The costs are reasonable and have more benefits within the less costly offers in contrast to some competitors.


You will get 24/7 support staff to use the Internet, Skype, the support facility, the ticketing system, email, and live chat.

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7. Hetzner


  • Quick first setup.
  • Quick preliminary setup.
  • Extremely stable web connection.
  • In coping with issues with joint plans, technical assistance is highly proficient.
  • A courtesy name included in the monthly daily cost
  • No upsells.
  • Good prices.


  • Prices slightly above those of the competition.
  • No guarantee of uptime.
  • The ordering process seems a bit outdated.
  • The company does not use an upgrade to a smaller package, which indicates that if you really chose a smaller plan by mistake and also want to upgrade to a better toll, you will surely have to cancel the current one.

Hetzner, a hosting company headquartered in Gunzenhausen, Bavaria, uses various hosting options such as virtual dedicated hosting, domain names, SSL certification, cheap dedicated web hosting, colocation hosting as well as Windows and Linux system support.

The company also has fantastic testimonials on their VPS web servers and more importantly the ease with which they are discovered and discovered in energetic uptime.

In fact, the response grew so fast that it could work proactively within 2 hours of placing the order.


In Germany, a knowledge center. Servers for Linux and Windows.

There is no indication of rates, but we also found no consumer complaints about it. If you live in Germany or Central Europe, Hetzner is an excellent choice.

Security and Plans

They often prefer to use newer technology and hardware, but there is no detailed information about how their servers and client accounts are strictly secured.

The price of the Hetzner is fair and is in line with the market. There are no promotional deals, and the expenses are very basic.


Phone and email 24/7 customer service. Most of the support is for English, German, and even Russian downloading.

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8. SiteGround


  • Optimized custom installations.
  • Free website migration.
  • Hosting for dedicated applications.
  • Accessibility of discount proposals.


  • Non-BARREL rates are disclosed by default.
  • There are no data facilities in South Africa or South America.

SiteGround was founded in 2004 by a team of college peers. the small solution quickly expanded to become one of the leading cheap web hosting providers in Germany and today SiteGround is just one of the most recommended companies within the industry.

They offer different cheap web hosting plans in Germany, including those with special price cuts (for example student accommodation), and they even have workplaces in various areas of the planet. They work with a partner program, like other big players.


SiteGround runs servers in numerous data facilities around the universe. According to the preferences of the clients, they will choose where to request their sites. A helpful guide to specially optimized programs for:

  • Amsterdam, Holland the simplest for Europe and also Russia.
  • Milan, Italy This is best for both Italy and Europe.
  • London, for Europe and Russia, the UK is the easiest.
  • Chicago, USA Best for North America, South America, and Africa as well, from America.
  • Singapore Ideal for Australia, New Zealand, Asia also due to the South Pacific.

Their services offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

SiteGround uses SSD drives on all of its computers on all hosting plans. Performance-optimized, custom NGINX servers often accelerate tons of vibration and sticking.

Preferred web applications and also CMS platforms use a caching device that can improve the speed of online content delivery.

The Cloudflare CDN is also offered to users if they want to appear within the feature. SiteGround is one of the leading hosting companies maintaining the HTTP / 2 network procedure, which speeds up Internet browser loading time.

Security and Plans

SiteGround‘s inexpensive web hosting platform uses Linux container innovation to provide a secure and scalable solution.

The staff has created their own in-house web server surveillance software that has the ability to observe many fairly common service criteria.

Data facilities operate their own backup systems, reducing recovery time to around 4 times faster.

Botnet penetration attempts and brute force are several of the incoming waves when it comes to hacker attacks.

That is why SiteGround has purchased an expert system option for their German Hosting. Consistent with the knowledge provided by the company, it stops between 500,000 and a few million cyberpunk attacks per hour on all operating servers.

Also, protected account isolation is enforced on common cheap web hosting services.

SiteGround is one of the recommended solutions for different website owners, thinking of the numerous alternatives and often committed to WordPress as well as Joomla solutions.

The rate is exceptional because the various cheap web hosting plans in Germany contain additional benefits, several of which are not available with the competition.


The German accommodation support team is readily available 24/7 as they operate a variety of channels.

You can get a ticket system that shows that the initial response to a customer inquiry does not take 10 minutes.

Real-time chat options provide an immediate response, along with dedicated phone support. SiteGround offers detailed application inquiries, webinars, and tutorials.

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9. Cloudways


  • Amazing uptime
  • Live chat support
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Free Trial
  • Fast page loading time
  • Move page for the first time for free
  • Free authentication for SSL certificates
  • Easy-access control panel


  • Costs with additional paid support
  • No registration for a domain
  • Additional charge by email for

Cloudways is typically a cloud-based managed web hosting platform for fashion entrepreneurs.

For starters, it allows you to determine yourself from five different platforms, including some heavyweights like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

But the biggest takeaway most people have while viewing Cloudways is the pay-as-you-go plans that are flexible. They don’t require an extended contract period like other hosting services and they even allow you to perform the service (including a website builder) for free.

But for some of the only hosting providers out there, how does Cloudways rate?

We test Cloudways and run a series of tests in this hosting analysis to determine whether or not the hard-earned money is worth it.

How does Cloudways stack up to heavyweights such as Bluehost and Godaddy hosting?

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10. Dreamhost


  • Speed Above Normal (648ms)
  • Above Uptime Average (99.94%)
  • 97-day Guarantee for Money-Back
  • Limits on High Basic Plan
  • Unlimited Quotas for Storage Space and Network Transmission
  • They’re Neutral Carbon (AKA Green)
  • No higher price rise for renewal


  • Nice, but minimal support for Live Chat
  • No cPanel whatsoever (Custom Panel)
  • Paid migration only provided

DreamHost is home to approximately 1.5 million sites and is nearly 25 years old.

During that point, its efficiency has not diminished, retaining above-average uptime (99.94%) and page rates (648ms).

The main shared hosting plan of DreamHost comes with popular apps such as WordPress, website building options such as yours, and others such as Wix or Weebly. These plans have the unrestricted capacity for storage and bandwidth. And you get a 97-day full money-back guarantee to confirm the service.

However, your customer support might even be a touch limited. Migrations also are dragging as they don’t allow any imports from other cPanel sites and charge you $ 99 for every.

Here’s a transparent check out of DreamHost‘s performance over the last 24 months.

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