Best Web Hosting providers for France in 2021! – Ranked

Web hosting services in france, and thus the standard of service providers, vary greatly around the world. In 30 years, the hosting business has grown exponentially alongside the increase of the online consumer in France.

To this end, finding Web hosting in France is not any longer an area business. With hosting service providers from around the globe competing for your business, there’s no shortage of competition. This drives prices down and encourages companies to continue offering services that provide a far better return on their investment.

France 5 Best Web Hosting Review: Our Process

1. OVH


  • Multiple data centers around the world
  • A wide selection of dedicated servers, which may be easily provisioned
  • Choose from an impact panel, cPanel, or Plesk standard
  • A very long and powerful past
  • Multiple data centers
  • Supports Windows and Linux
  • Secure bandwidth and storage


  • Restricted options for immediate help
  • For backups, you’re liable for
OVH web hosting

Plans Starts from $3.99/month

OVH is one of the most important hosting services within the world and is predicated in France. With quite 1 million customers worldwide, the corporate boasts a coverage and user base that few other companies will rival.

The company owns 20 data centers around the world and offers its clients fully managed to host solutions. With a network capacity of seven .5 Tbps, OVH has one of the fastest interconnections within the industry. including high-performance components and an in-house server and network infrastructure design team, you’ll make certain that OVH has what you would like.

The company offers VPS and cloud hosting plans to satisfy the budget at the top of the spectrum and also offers dedicated servers for the old hosting that gives absolutely the best in performance and reliability. nobody left behind with the times, the corporate also offers public, private, and hybrid cloud technologies for all of your business needs.

OVH offers one of the foremost comprehensive hosting solutions within the industry and you’ll find it difficult to seek out a more comprehensive offering

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Hostinger2. Hostinger


  • Actually FAST is Hostinger,
  • 99.9 percent uptime guarantee
  • Faster loading with a cache manager
  • Incredible pace enhancing benefits
  • Exceptional custom dashboard
  • Responsive support (fun too!)
  • Domain Free Domain
  • Unlimited features
  • Exceptional introductory price
  • They are the owners of the Zyro website’s founder.


  • On a day to day, no backup
  • No SSL for free of charge Yay! Let’s Encrypt is now ready to be used.

HostingerHostinger is additionally one of the foremost profitable shared hosting services on the market.

They began as, a private, ad-free web server, in 2007. Then, in 2011, the Hostinger web hosting brand was created.

In May 2014, Hostinger also hit a user base of ten million individuals. By January 2017, the user base had risen to 29 million users.

This is quite a remarkable improvement in only over a decade … and thus the corporate has many unlimited and free features. But are all those extra advantages always unrestricted and free?
We check it ourselves so it’s not necessary, paying for a true plan with Hostinger. then we discovered our own website and began observing its performance for a year.

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  • Excellent 99.95% uptime
  • Incredible page load time at 518 ms
  • Using one-click to load 150+ apps
  • Better customer support
  • An easy and affordable plan is sweet value for money (for one basic website)


  • The basic plan lacks important features (no SSL certificate, backup, security, or site migration)
  • The new uptime decreases
  • Tons of additional income
  • Higher renewal rates also are open

Plans Starts from $1.00/month

GoDaddy has great uptime and fast page load speeds. With 72 million domain names under its management, GoDaddy is that the world’s largest domain registrar. Another thing that sets them aside from other hosting providers is that they’re particularly focused on meeting the wants of small businesses. They work well with the foremost popular web applications that you simply would just love. therefore the selling price of the foremost profitable plans remains an honest value despite lacking several important features.

GoDaddy offers plenty of upsells for basic features that I assume are included for free of charge (SSL, backups, etc.). Adding any of them could double the worth of your plan. But taken together, it could cost other web hosting providers tons in France.

So while GoDaddy’s overall performance is sweet, they are doing have a few drawbacks. However, they’re still a reliable host.

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4. BlueHost


  • The incredibly easy-to-use Bluehost is
  • All over the planet, they’re remarkably fast.
  • They are equipped with high-performance servers that
  • Excellent protection functions.
  • They have a buffet of advantages for you.
  • The assistance reacts reasonably quickly to
  • Gifts that count


  • Only 1 data center
  • Untrained apprentices
  • No uptime guarantee
  • Dubious practices for purchasing

Plans Starts from $2.75/month

Did you note that 2 million sites are hosted by Bluehost?

That is tons.

Having a very large customer base is proof enough that they’re doing something right. Their uptime is extremely reliable, worker speeds are sufficient, and their hosting plans provide helpful highlights for trainees and veterans.

Bluehost also features a live chat service and phone backup per day, and you’ll securely verify them with their unconditional 30-day promise.

Be that because it may, there also are some drawbacks, like higher recharge costs and a few limitations on the less costly arrangement.

In any case, we’ve some amazing news to share before proceeding with the audit:

Usually, the shared hosting plans offered by Bluehost start at $3.95/mo. Be that because it may, we organized a one-time agreement for our users and managed to scale back the worth to $ 2.75/mo. So, if before conducting this audit you would like to rent them, at that point don’t hesitate to thank this offer. If possible, rest assured that this arrangement doesn’t make us one-sided towards Bluehost. In fact, each of our audits focuses solely on genuine data, like uptime, speed, and cost.

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5. Hostgator


  • Both hosting methods accompany a free coupon for Google Adwords and Bing Advertising.
  • Inexpensive plans are successful for web hosting.
  • One-click installation.


  • The Backup and Restore Options website isn’t open.
  • Searching for ransomware is optional.

Plans Starts from $2.75/month

Host data services from Shared, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated, and WordPress is provided by HostGator. it’s very easy for beginning managers to make their own sites once they use their own website, design contractor.

They even have custom web design, SEO services, and pay-per-click (pay-per-click) marketing and advertising.

Two German host data centers are currently used by HostGator Houston, TX, and Provo, UT. The network installations are executed consistently with a totally repeatable plan also because the foremost equipment suppliers have equipped the installations with the most efficient equipment.

All hostings have substantial data transfer capacity and thus world-class connection is further employed.

The company features a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

To avoid cyberpunk interference or potential misuse of the service, HostGator actively monitors all processes.

Consumers should take full advantage of CodeGuard’s proprietary technology, which protects automated regular backup sites.

Alternative protection against malware (called “SiteLock”) is additionally often offered, which may be a cloud-based solution that protects against viruses.

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  • Fair fees on various TLD extensions
  • One year’s free SSL certificate with new registration
  • Two email boxes of up to 1000 forwarding addresses


  • The system for various domains is confusing.
  • Prices are many above rivals in some extensions
  • Support was only provided six days every week for 6 days. web hosting

Plans Starts from €3.00/month

Gandi is one of the oldest ICANN Licensed Domain Registrars in France. While this is often how the corporate started in 1999, by 2005 it had grown into a full-service provider of web hosting services that continues to supply various hosting-related solutions in France.

Gandi now serves quite 190 countries around the world and is among the most important names within the accommodation business. From inexpensive shared hosting to cloud-based VPS hosting plans, also as dedicated server solutions for business clients, Gandi offers an entire package of hosting related services to its clients at extremely competitive prices.

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These are five of the only hosting service providers in France. Note that during which the parameters were briefly and thoroughly tested, this was a general-purpose comparison.

For any hosting need, a particular level of customization is usually required. While you’ll escape with a preconfigured plan sometimes, slight customization makes your hosting experience effective and enjoyable rather than a headache.

Identify your needs, get out of unforeseen scenarios, and decide the best approach for you.

That way, you get exactly what you’d like and don’t overpay for resources you only don’t need. Optimize support your requirements and you get an excellent web hosting experience in france.


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