Best Web Hosting Providers For Student in 2022 – Ranked!

If you are trying to find the best web hosting providers for college students, you are in the right place. Here you can note a review of supported costs, top options, performance, and benefits. You can also learn what to look for in a web host as a student.

Students typically reap some benefits in various areas of their lives. I mean, I get it. they are supposed to concentrate on their education and some incentives are needed. Bus passes are cheaper and some apps offer special discounts or a free version for college students, like Grammarly.

Web hosting is no exception, with its ongoing savings.

Whether you’re creating a portfolio for yourself as a student or trying to find a hosting service to show students network development: lower costs, massive discounts, and even free student hosting the list is on the list.

So price, features, and performance are admitted: here are our top picks for student web hosting.

5 Best Web Hosting For Students: Ranked

  1. Hostinger – The Most Profitable Student Hosting Provider
  2. InMotion Hosting – Best Discount for College Students
  3. InterServer: Best Free Web Hosting for College Students
  4. HostGator: hosting for beginners
  5. DreamHost – WordPress Focused Hosting for College Students

This list can help you navigate through providers and simply note those that may be a better fit for you. You’ll also notice a shortlist of criteria in the all-time low of this text that can help you choose.

1. Hostinger

Freebiesfree SSL, name, automatic backups, email account
Best choice forFor Qualified Student Websites on a Budget

Hostinger shared hosting plans start at just $1.99/month; no alternative student discount is required to be reasonable. Despite the low costs, the provider is easy to use, the performance is reliable, and the 24/7 customer support is also spectacular. It is a terribly skillful choice to choose.

Among many, here are the key reasons why Hostinger is among the best reasonable hosting options:

  • Usability: The provider developed its own control board, called hPanel. It’s the same as cPanel if you’re familiar with it, but it’s easier to navigate. Furthermore, the provider makes sure to constantly update it to make it even more intuitive.
  • Features – All Hostinger plans come equipped with generous storage, email accounts, SSL certificate, and caching, among other things. It’s a terrifyingly comprehensive service with all the essentials included.
  • Excellent customer support – will invite you to facilitate via live chat or email 24/7. there is no phone support, however, the content is detailed. Trying the live chat, my queries were answered quickly and the agents did their best.

Overall, Hostinger is a great web host for college students. It’s affordable, easy to use, and support is constantly available.


Hostinger offers three shared hosting plans. Individual pricing is $1.99/month, Premium is $2.59/month, while Business starts at $3.99/month. These are among the lowest fares in the trade, so alternative student discounts are not needed.

Hostinger shared hosting pricing

All three Hostinger plans include SSL certificates, email accounts, and automatic backups, while free domain registration comes with the Premium and Business plans. Even so, the gift is only for one year. As for what each arrangement includes:

  • Unique: connect a website, 30 GB SSD storage, 10,000 monthly visits, an email account, and 100 GB of data measurement.
  • Premium: Connect 100 websites, 100 GB SSD storage, 25,000 visits per month, up to 100 email accounts, and unlimited data measurement.
  • Business: connect 100 websites, 200 GB SSD storage, 100,000 monthly visits, up to 100 email accounts, unlimited data measurement, free CDN, and daily backups.

Best Value
In my opinion, your most suitable option would be the Premium model. For an extra $1.20 (compared to the entry-level option), you get three times the storage and nearly double the monthly visits. In addition, it will generate several email accounts and the domain is free for one year.


Hostinger offers spectacular performance. I ran the tests for a couple of months. With AN time frame of 100 percent and an average latency of 511 ms, this provider proved to be among the fastest on the market.

hostinger performance

Excellent performance results in thanks to its LiteSpeed ​​​​network servers with a constitutional cache engine. Furthermore, the provider has servers on four continents and you can choose the one closest to your audience.

Overall, Hostinger performed superbly during the 2-month trial amount. The time period was flawless with zero time period, and the latency was much higher than the commercial average of 600ms.

The bottom line is that Hostinger could be a worthy contender for the title of best web host for colleges and students in general. It’s affordable, easy, and customer support is helpful. the most significant thing is that the performance is amazing.


  • Low costs from just $1.99/month
  • User-friendly internal dashboard
  • Impressive performance with an average latency of 511ms


  • There is no free domain with the most profitable arrangement
  • No phone support

2. InMotion Hosting

FreebiesFree SSL, domain, email accounts
Best forDiscounted student hosting

InMotion Hosting is a great college web hosting combo as it is a special five hundred discount for college students and educators. Otherwise, shared hosting costs start at $2.29/mo, hosting and network management is easy, and customer support is top-notch.

This is why InMotion Hosting was added to the list:

  • Designed with beginners in mind – InMotion Hosting is generally easy to use. The provider uses a combination of cPanel and an internal management tool called AMP (Account Management Panel). These two make everything easy to navigate.
  • Prompt customer support: The provider offers multiple support channels. They adopt a 24/7 live chat, email, ticket system, phone support, and even Skype. once I got in touch with the vendor via live chat, responses were very quick.

In short, InMotion Hosting could be a good partner in crime for college students. Not only do you get a 500th student discount, but you also get a user-friendly dashboard and fast customer support.


InMotion Hosting offers four shared hosting plans starting at $2.29 to $12.99/month. Meanwhile, students and educators receive a five hundred discount on all plans. As an example, the premium power setting can be reduced to just $2.79/mo including tax.


All plans include AN SSL certificate, email accounts, a security package, and marketing tools. Aside from the entry-level installation, they also include a free domain, unlimited websites, storage, bandwidth, and email addresses.

Here’s what’s different:

  • Core: Limit a couple of websites, 100GB storage, and ten email addresses
  • Released: Unlimited storage and email accounts, but as UltraStack speed optimizations
  • Power: bloated UltraStack speed and performance + advanced caching
  • Pro: bloated UltraStack speed and performance, advanced caching, dedicated data processing, and professional support

Best Value
As a student, the best deal is to sign in to the .edu email account. With a discount, it costs only $2.79/month.


InMotion Hosting could be a reliable provider. The time period score was set at 99.98% over many months of observation. Meanwhile, the common timeslot will not get AN A+.

InMotion Hosting response time

InMotion Hosting averaged a time interval of 759ms. It’s a touch above the 600ms commercial average, take some room for improvement.

One issue worth mentioning here is InMotion Hosting’s UltraStack technology. This advanced layered caching system is meant to increase speed. that means users will enjoy better-performing websites. The technology, however, does not apply to entry-level settings.

In general, InMotion Hosting adheres to the industry standard timeframe, however, it could use some improvement in the timeframe department.

To add up the whole section, InMotion Hosting could be a solid alternative for college students. It comes with a five hundred discount, it’s easy to use and the customer support is nice.


  • 50% discount for university students and educators
  • Prices start at just $2.29/month
  • Simple cPanel and account admin panel
  • good customer support


  • Slowest time interval
  • Entry configuration does not include a free domain

3. InterServer

FreebiesSSL, weekly backups, increased security, and website recovery service
Best forFree Student Web Hosting with cPanel

Because InterServer cares about education, students receive a year of free web hosting. at that point in the year, costs start at $2.50/month. The best part is that InterServer uses board standard cPanel, which makes it incredibly simple, and also the resource area unit is quite generous.

InterServer was added to the list for various reasons, but I just want to say this:

  • Easy to use: InterServer selected to travel with cPanel, which could be a complete business normal. The dashboard is purposeful and easy to navigate. Also, if you want to use advanced options, you’ll notice a lot of documentation inside the mind object.
  • Generously shared hosting setup – You won’t see multiple providers providing unlimited websites, storage, bandwidth, and unlimited MySQL databases in their entry-level setup. InterServer got tired of this one.

I would say that InterServer is an excellent possibility. The provider offers free web hosting for college students for one year, the all-in-one shared hosting setup is incredibly generous and easy.


InterServer offers students one year of free web hosting. it’s just a setup, and once that year is up, you’ll be charged $2.50/month. It’s not that abundant considering you only have access to a bunch of resources.

InterServer pricing

InterServer’s all-in-one configuration comes with a wide variety of options and features. SSL certificate area unit is attached, as is free website migration. Furthermore, you can get unlimited SSD storage and unlimited email accounts. Don’t take it virtually because as soon as your project consumes too many resources, you will be prompted to upgrade.

You are also provided with access to:

  • 461 one-click installs
  • SitePad Website Builder
  • Global content caching
  • Security between shields
  • Interinsurance website recovery

Best Value
As a student, your best bet is to sign up for InterServer’s shared hosting services using your school (.edu) email address, so please contact customer support. A year of free site hosting will be provided to you.


InterServer proved to be a reliable hosting service. It provided Maine with 99.99% uptime. ten interruptions meant thirteen minutes of quantity time period during a period of 4 months. However, the common time interval of 662ms could be longer.

InterServer  response time

The good news is that InterServer boasts only victimization servers with a capacity of five hundred. Its purpose is to allocate resources in such a way that buyers grow their websites without being affected by a read performance purpose. That and also free international content caching ensure reliable performance.

Overall InterServer could be a good-performing hosting provider. The period of time was greater than the insured. While the timespan was a bit higher than the business normal, it was not a big deal.

Overall, InterServer rates as a decent web host for college students, mainly because it offers a special discount for this class of users. With generally low costs, reliable performance, and plenty of resources, I’m sure you’ll find it appropriate for any project you’d like to work on.


  • One year of free accommodation for university students
  • Reliable performance with 99.99% uptime
  • Easy cPanel-based administration


  • Response time below standards
  • No free domain

4. HostGator

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FreebiesDomain, SSL, email accounts, cPanel
Best choice forAffordable, User-Friendly Student Housing

HostGator is perhaps one of the top providers that most tend to use, due to its quality, ease of use, and cheap costs. While there’s no discount for college students, the $2.75/month value includes all the necessities: domain, SSL, and even email accounts. Other than that, the support is incredibly helpful and fast with various support resources on the market.

HostGator’s strengths are:

  • Simple Hosting Admin Panel – You will find shortcuts to the most commonly used cPanel modules right there. Speaking of cPanel, it is totally handy and available in the market with a single click from the control panel.
  • Fast Customer Support – You will be in touch with support via live chat and phone 24/7. Furthermore, the domain of knowledge is deep. My personal favorite is the live chat, and when I tried it, it took me about nine minutes to fix a problem. In the meantime, there is even a YouTube channel with tutorials for beginners.

Overall, HostGator is an extremely excellent web host for college students. It’s cheap, easy to use, and customer service can get you the assistance you want in a second.


HostGator has three complete shared hosting plans. Youth is $2.75/month, Baby is $3.50/month, and Business is just $5.25/month. While the student discount doesn’t exist, costs are already low.

HostGator plans

HostGator’s plans offer a complete package: free SSL certificate, domain for one year, website builder, unlimited storage and data measurement, and email accounts.

However, the plans differ:

  • Hatchling: you will host a website
  • Baby: you will connect to unlimited websites
  • Business – Excluding unlimited website hosting, comes with a free dedicated IP, SEO tools, and a free upgrade to positive SSL

Best Value
The best selection for a student is for the Baby to set up. She is only 75 cents pretty young but will host unlimited websites. I feel like it’s an excellent deal. However, if you simply want a website, young is irreplaceable with all your needs in one low-cost package.


With an association duration of 99.99% and an average time interval of 525ms, HostGator is one of the cheapest yet high-performing hosting providers in the industry. You didn’t see that court order for costs, did you?

HostGator has a 99.9% associated period guarantee, but it exceeded it. the website is only five minutes old in 2 and 0.5 months. Also, the time interval was constant during the main half. Still, anything under 600ms is great, so no comment here.

The main takeaway here is that while HostGator charges very little money for its services, it offers wonderful performance.

HostGator offers attractive rates for college students. In addition, all the requirements are included, it is easy to use, the customer support is the best and therefore the performance is healthier than that of more expensive providers.


  • Low shared hosting costs
  • Easy to use cPanel management
  • excellent performance
  • Fast customer support


  • No college student discount
  • Unclear storage limits

5. Dreamhost

FreebiesSSL, domain, domain privacy, automatic backups
Best choice forWordPress Focused Network Hosting

DreamHost is a college student-focused WordPress hosting that is easy to use and therefore performance is one of the simplest I have seen. Although you will not receive any special treatment as a student, the costs are already cheap. The entry-level setup is just $2.59/month, with versatile application terms.

DreamHost has several qualities, however, here they measure three key strengths:

  • Strong WordPress specialization: On the one hand, a copy of WordPress is already installed after your domain is found. Second, suppose you already have a WP website. in this case, you will migrate it to DreamHost without charges for mistreating the machine-driven migration plugin. Lastly, a premium WP website builder is attached.
  • Low monthly rates – Monthly rates are generally the most expensive. Even the least expensive Hostinger setup costs almost $10 if you pay month to month. However, DreamHost’s monthly setup value is just $4.95.
  • 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee – The business average is thirty days, but DreamHost took things a ton longer.

DreamHost will create a great web host for college students. It gives you access to useful WordPress tools, it’s easy to use, and the application is incredibly versatile.


DreamHost is cheap for everyone. So not getting a special student discount won’t hurt your wallet. you’ll choose from a couple of shared hosting plans: Starting prices are $2.59/month, while Unlimited is $3.95/month.

DreamHost prices

Both plans are associated with a free domain and your privacy, SSL certificate, unmetered data measurement, and daily backups. As for what differs:

  • Basic – You will host a single website on a generous 50GB SSD storage. Email accounts start at $1.67/month.
  • Unlimited – Will connect unlimited websites, SSD storage is unlimited, and email is included.
  • To obtain a very cheap monthly value, you must travel for the longest requested amount. however, DreamHost allows you to choose between monthly, yearly, and 3-year subscriptions that are quite inexpensive.

To get the lowest monthly price, you have to go for the longest billing period. Nonetheless, DreamHost allows you to choose between monthly, annual, and 3-year subscriptions that are all pretty affordable.

Best Value
The best potential offer is the unlimited configuration. It is slightly more expensive than the configured Starter. Still, the unlimited websites and free email make it worth the extra dollar or a couple of bets on whatever application term you choose.


DreamHost delivered one of the simplest performance results that I have had the opportunity to recommend. With an associated period of 99.99% and an average time interval of 231 ms, your website will always be up and blazing fast.

DreamHost response time

In addition to being fast and stable, DreamHost was also consistent. The results I got showed no significant ups and downs in Maine, which means that the time interval was always within the same range (181ms – 277ms). For 2.5 months, that’s an amazing result.

Overall, DreamHost performed incredibly well. The season was set up perfectly, the timeslot was fast, and I admire the consistency.

The thing to remember is that DreamHost is a reasonable WordPress hosting provider. It comes with an incredibly long money-back guarantee and hence the performance results are outstanding.


  • Affordable in all application periods
  • Easy to use native interface
  • Great WordPress Tools
  • Reliable and fast performance


  • No student discount
  • Telephone payment assistance

Best Web Hosting For Students: Final Recommendations

I have reviewed top providers that provide the hottest and most attractive web hosting for college students – discounts, freebies, and thoughtful simple usage. however, the best provider is the one that suits your personal wishes.

So, let’s take another quick look at their signature strengths to ease your thinking, shall we?

  1. Hostinger is a low-cost web host for college students that is easy to use. Performance is also excellent.
  2. InMotion Hosting offers a discount of five hundred to students and educators, and also the customer support is super fast.
  3. InterServer offers a free year of hosting to students. It’s easy, and also the performance is reliable.
  4. HostGator includes a free domain, SSL, and email accounts even within the cheapest configuration. Square measures of alternative discounts are not required.
  5. DreamHost focuses on WordPress and has low costs. His performance results were among the most effective I have seen.

How to choose the best web hosting provider for students?

While there are many good web hosting options out there, you as a student or professional must weigh not only the quality of the service but also its value among several alternative factors. Here’s a handful of things to think about once you select a provider for your needs:

  • Special web hosting discounts for colleges and students are often available. Generally, you will need to prove your academic standing. Currently, you will be able to notice a special student discount on InMotion Hosting (50% off) and InterServer (one year of free hosting).
  • Ease of Use Whether you’re a brand new student or not, or teaching a course, projecting to simple and convenient tools is something to be thankful for. cPanel electrical device or something that is impressed by its simple use and purpose. Some vendors designed their own admin panels, and as long as the software is easy, they’re all smart. Right now, you could go with Hostinger or HostGator.
  • Performance – The two factors higher than the square measure is highly debatable if you choose a hosting provider that keeps your website down for too long. an equivalent rule applies if your website takes forever to load. What you want to look for maybe a provider that offers a minimum 99.9% Nursing Associate time guarantee. The latency period should not exceed 600ms, but slightly exceeding it is acceptable. just don’t go for a provider that offers you a second or more. Regarding this demand, Hostinger and DreamHost show the best results.
  • Customer Support: Inquiries and minor errors are guaranteed. getting quality to facilitate quickly is crucial. so look for a provider that offers you multiple options 24/7 to communicate with them: live chat, email, or phone, the most popular options. Hostinger and HostGator can get you the most effective support.

Best Web Hosting For Students – FAQs

Can I get discount web hosting for students?

Yes, you will be able to get discounted web hosting for students. InterServer offers a year of free hosting, while InMotion Hosting offers a five hundred discount on the site for university students and educators.

How to build a WordPress website with student web hosting?

To create a WordPress website with web hosting for college students, go to an alternative provider and use the one-click installer offered. Some services, like DreamHost, focus on WordPress and are available with WordPress pre-installed.

Is the Bluehost student discount available?

The Bluehost student discount is not available at this time. They were seventy-five off at some point, but not right now. We will keep you informed in case you plan to renew this promotion.

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