Best Web Hosting providers for the Netherlands in 2021! – Ranked

Holland is one of the easiest places to accept web hosting creation in the Netherlands. This country is one of Europe’s largest Internet backbones and has excellent connectivity across the continent.

It is also considered one of the easy offshore provider options due to its strong data protection that many providers offer their clients.

Your main advantage of the listed services also includes a competitive price compared to other offers located in nearby countries. Many web hosting companies register in the Netherlands, offer many options when considering the most suitable solution.

Our article is based on original research and offers the only value for money propositions of the various types.

Netherlands 5 Best Web Hosting Review: Our Process

1. TransIP


  • Storage of 10GB or more
  • Bandwidth Unrestricted
  • Free certificates with SSL
  • Backups on a daily basis


  • Only one domain can host
  • No live chat or assistance on the phone
Best Web Hosting providers for the Netherlands in 2021

Plans Starts from $9.62/month

To compare the only web servers, we hosted a WordPress website on all and tested performance, customer service, and value for money. You can inspect the results here.

TransIP may also be a Netherlands-based company that has been in business since 2003, with a solid storage, database support, and bandwidth feature list for single domain web hosting. Only unlimited. However, if you would like something more, look elsewhere.

There are some nice value-added features with TransIP including support for the most recent version of PHP and free SSL certificates. Many hosts charge more for SSL certificates. Plus, you get daily backups with up to 10 days of accessible restored data.

The main limitation for using TransIP is that, with this account, you simply get a website and it’s not open. you can’t host additional websites on your plan, which has been a matter of concern for potential customers about this service. Also, the worth of the plans changes after a month. Promotional offers apply to the most month only.

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2. Hostinger


  • Quick, actually, is Hostinger,
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent
  • Loading more easily with a cache manager
  • Incredible speed to spice up benefits
  • Exceptional customized dashboard
  • Support responsively (fun too!)
  • Free Domain Domain
  • Unlimited characteristics
  • Amazing introductory price
  • They are the owners of the Zyro website’s founder.


  • No backup on a day-to-day basis
  • No SSL for Yay Free! We’re now happy to use Let’s Encrypt.

Hostinger is additionally one of the foremost profitable shared hosting services on the market.

They began as, a private, ad-free web server, in 2007. Then, in 2011, the Hostinger web hosting brand was created.

HostingerHostinger has also reached a user base of ten million people in May 2014. The user base had grown to 29 million people in January 2017.

This is quite a remarkable improvement in only over a decade. Thus the corporate has many unlimited and free features. But are all those extra benefits always unrestrictive and free?

We will check it ourselves in order that it’s not necessary for you to pay a true plan with Hostinger. We discovered our own website and began observing its performance for a year.

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3. BlueHost


  • The incredibly easy-to-use Bluehost is
  • All over the world, they are amazingly fast.
  • High-performance servers are fitted with them that
  • Excellent functions of security.
  • They’ve got a buffet of incentives for you.
  • The assistance responds fairly rapidly to
  • Gifts which count


  • 1 data center only
  • Apprentices untrained
  • No Guarantee of Uptime
  • Dubious buying habits
Best Web Hosting providers for the Netherlands in 2021

Plans Starts from $2.75/month

Did you note that 2 million sites are hosted by Bluehost?

That is way too much.

Having a very large base of clients is enough proof that they are doing anything right. Their uptime is extremely reliable, worker speeds are sufficient, and their hosting plans provide helpful highlights for trainees and veterans.

Bluehost also has a regular live chat service and phone backup, and with their unlimited 30-day commitment, you can easily check them.

Be that as it may, it also has drawbacks, such as higher recharge costs and some limitations on the less expensive arrangement.

In any case, before continuing with the audit, we have some incredible news to share:

The shared hosting plans provided by Bluehost usually start at $ 3.95/mo. Be that as it may, we organized a one-time agreement for our users and managed to reduce the value to $ 2.75/mo. So, if before conducting this audit you would like to rent them, do not hesitate to thank this offer at that time. Rest assured that we’re not leaning towards Bluehost by this agreement. Each of our audits, in fact, focuses solely on real data, such as uptime, speed, and cost.

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4. Hostgator


  • Both hosting approaches come with a free voucher for Google Adwords and Bing Ads.
  • For web hosting, affordable plans are successful.
  • Installation by one-click.


  • The website for Backup and Restore Options is not available.
  • Ransomware search is optional.
Best Web Hosting providers for the Netherlands in 2021

Plans Starts from $2.75/month

Host data services from Shared, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated, and WordPress is provided by HostGator. It is very easy for beginning managers to create their own sites once they use their own websites.

They even have the choice to make in custom web design, SEO and marketing services, and pay-per-click (pay-per-click) advertising.

Two German hosting data centers are currently used by HostGator Houston, Tex, and Provo, UT. The network installations are executed according to a fully repeatable plan because the main equipment suppliers have equipped the installations with the most efficient equipment.

All facilities have substantial data transfer capacity and hence a world-class connection is employed.

The company has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

To avoid cyberpunk interference or potential abuse of the service, HostGator actively monitors all systems.

Consumers should take full advantage of CodeGuard’s proprietary technology, which protects automated regular backup sites.

Also, alternative malware protection (called “SiteLock”) is offered, which can be a cloud-based solution to protects against viruses.

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5. GoDaddy


  • Excellent uptime of 99.95%
  • Amazing page load time at 518 ms
  • One-click loading of 150+ apps
  • Better Service for Customers
  • Good value for money is a simple and affordable strategy (for a single basic website)


  • The fundamental plan lacks substantial features (no SSL certificate, backup, security, or site migration)
  • The current uptime reduces
  • Tons of supplementary revenue
  • Higher renewal rates are available, too.

Plans Starts from $1.00/month

GoDaddy has great uptime and fast page load speeds. With 72 million domain names registered under its management, it is the world’s largest domain registrar. Another thing that distinguishes them from other hosting providers is that they are particularly focused on meeting the needs of small businesses. They fit well with the most popular web apps you’d love to have. hence, the asking price of the most profitable plans remains an honest value despite lacking several important features.

For simple features that I think are included for free, GoDaddy offers a lot of upsells (SSL, backups, etc.). Adding all of them could double your plan’s value. But taken together, it could cost loads of other providers of web hosting.

So, while the overall performance of GoDaddy is strong, they have a few disadvantages. However, they are indeed a stable host.

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Digital Ocean


  • Easy to get started
  • A balanced range of virtual machine imagery
  • Effective dashboarding and metrics to highlight uptime for stakeholders


  • Require better virtualization increments
  • Pricing is a little steep on some deals.
  • It can be a challenge to tailor images out of the box.
digital ocean

Plans Starts from $5.00/month

A network of virtual machines built to allow you to have proportions as your website expands, DigitalOcean provides what it calls a developer cloud.CEO Mark Templeton was behind the drastic growth of Citrix Systems and therefore the company now serves more than 1,000,000 developers in 195 countries in twelve different data centers.

Unlike other hosting companies, DigitalOcean focuses on cloud computing and does not offer shared or VPS hosting. When you visit the website first, disclosing what you actually do is always challenging. It is specifically focused on attracting web developers and seeks to deter non-tech-savvy visitors with its simplistic home page.

Spoiler alert: If you’re a beginner in website and need tons of support or help, don’t bother to read on. The support team is practically non-existent, and since it’s often a specialized provider, it’s not becoming the proper host for everybody.


  • Heavy Duty Equipment for Technology
  • Ecosystem for Goods
  • Top Protection
  • Selection of Server Locations
  • Tools and Inclusions

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Final Thoughts on Best Hosting Providers within the Netherlands

The Top web hosting providers within the Netherlands offers one of the only value-for-money propositions, especially as compared with other services from European servers. Many of them operate dedicated data centers located in key locations across the country with excellent connectivity to the foremost Internet backbone. When required, basically all of them also provide expert support and optimized hardware for top performance.


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