Best Web Hosting Providers in Indonesia 2021

If you really want to create the best web hosting website in Indonesia, you must first choose a reliable web host.

Web hosting that not only has fast servers but also doesn’t go down frequently and is backed by good support services.

The problem is that there are dozens or maybe many hosting providers.

So this is what we did to find the simplest web host:

  • We bought the 28 most popular web hosting plans in Indonesia and abroad (and maybe the number is growing).
  • Set a WordPress sites for testing purposes
  • Test support services
  • Monitor uptime and load time also as LoadImpact K6 test
  • Post a review (next update, God willing, May 2021)

About the research results

Did you recognize that there are three + one factors that largely determine the quality of an online hosting service, namely:

  • Stable uptime (above 99.90%)
  • Fast page load time (less than 1 second)
  • And good support
  • The positive point is that it offers an unconditional 30-day guarantee.
  • Unfortunately, backed by research results for 17 months, none of the 18 Indonesian hosting providers I reviewed were successful on all of the above factors.

So to be honest, it’s really hard to recommend any local hosting provider right away.

However, if you are still interested, I have even fully explained the advantages and disadvantages of each provider and, for easy research, I have even summarized the research results in the table below.




  • Strong support service (rating: 4/5)
  • 60 days Long warranty
  • Enough to make a replacement website is that the sum of the hosting services in your cheapest package
  • Get a free domain no matter what package you are hosting,
  • Free migration hosting


  • Very bad uptime (average 99.33 percent)
  • Average load time (only 13th out of 18) is slower than its competitors.
  • Failed with 10 virtual users in load effect test
  • To restore the data backup, 200,000 IDR is charged to

One of the main players in the national web hosting industry is RUMAH Hosting.

Since 2004, they need to be founded and are trusted by thousands of active clients, starting with private, organizational, government, small and national companies.

If you read the content on most of Rumah Hosting’s pages, you will see that the content is not like other hosting providers who often use marketing language on most of the pages, such as “our servers are repeatedly faster”, ” cheapest prices in Indonesia “,” Best support “,” 99.99% uptime “, etc.

It’s actually fine to present value ratios like that as long as they are often tested with valid data.

Because of course the helpful relationship can help non-technical customers to know what they will get when registering.


Rumah Hosting does not promise anything for its new clients. It’s not that they’re not sure what standard they have, but that they’re going to be the biggest hosting provider.

If you realize it, what you dare is the “Corporate Email Solution”, a reliable email hosting service for business needs.

That’s all plus information showing Rumah Hosting is often a website and web hosting service provider with affordable prices and 99% uptime SLA guarantee.

Update: They have to update the “top of page” section on their website and add hosting information starting at IDR 10,000 / mo.

Read our detailed review…



  • Impressive overall uptime (99.99 percent)
  • Fast average page load time (0.845 seconds)
  • Best with very low average response times in load impact tests of 0.198.26 seconds
  • Use of technology built and operated directly by Google, namely Google Cloud Platform
  • And the support? I used to be thinking 10/10
  • Offers “automatically” managed WordPress hosting
  • Singapore data center deals
  • There is an unconditional money back guarantee
  • Free automatic periodic backup function
  • Reliable protection functions
  • Have a complete basics page
  • Competitive hosting prices


  • The price is expensive
  • Payment processes only accept PayPal at SiteGround
  • There is a setup fee
  • Disadvantages of starter packages

SiteGround was founded in 2004 by a group of “information technology enthusiasts” who happen to be members of a group from the same university.

At first, they only worked at his bed-room.

Now SiteGround has grown to about 320 employees and accumulated 450,000 domains worldwide, with 6 data centers, namely 1 in the US, 3 in Europe, 1 in Australia, and 1 in Asia (Singapore).
I think they need to have done something extraordinary, so that in the last 15 years or more they need to be able to develop faster and be able to surpass their predecessors.

But what is behind its rapid growth?

Is the uptime good? Fast loading times? Or the amazing support service? Or the premium features?

I even purchased SiteGround’s shared hosting service, the “starter plan,” to address that, and installed it on the default WordPress site.


I’m going to discuss some different aspects of SiteGround’s shared hosting plans in this SiteGround review, so this review will hopefully help you determine whether SiteGround is the right option for you.

Read our detailed review…



  • Fairly decent support service (Rating: 3.5 / 5)
  • Was successful with 15 virtual users in load effect tests
  • The unconditional 30-day guarantee
  • Migration for free hosting and free domains in those packages
  • Uptime guarantee with credit claims of 5 percent of the monthly hosting fee for the month (Check Hostinger Uptime Status)
  • A knowledge domain page and a full tutorial are available.


  • Low average uptime (99.49 percent)
  • Fewer responsive servers (1280 ms average load time)
  • To live chat with help, you need to login
  • The prices of the hosting packages are cheap, but if you are in favor and need to subscribe for an extended period of your time,
  • Don’t use cPanel

Hostinger Hostinger was first established at Kaunas, Lithuania in 2004.

During its inception, they used the name “Hosting Media” as a corporate brand.

Seven years later and they changed their name to Hostinger in 2011 once they had over 1,000,000 subscribers.

Since then, they have to continue expanding their business to the international world until finally opening a branch in Indonesia. The address is in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta.


Their site additionally utilizes a unique expansion for business substances in Indonesia (.Co.Id) and in this manner the language of the site has been changed from English to Bahasa.

In the realm of subsidiary facilitating, the measure of commission can impact the valuation. which recommends there are huge loads of one-sided audits thronw everywhere on the web.

Maybe before this, you have perused some Hostinger surveys and accept that Hostinger is the best facilitating for your requirements.

Maybe it’s safe because this hosting is cheap, well supported and said to have a responsive server, load time or speed is fast. However, without statistically proven facts and data, it is very difficult to deny them.

At Hosting Advisors we understand this problem.

So first we run a series of tests.

  • First, buy Hostinger’s “Exclusive Web Hosting” package.
  • Second, install WordPress with the default settings which can be accessed via the address:
  • Third, monitor your server online to estimate typical page load time and uptime.
  • And finally, test the quality of the support services.

Hostinger performance data is typically seen in page speed and uptime data. And you will also read the whole process of a Hosting Advisor when you do a Hosting Review on the review process page.

Read our detailed review…



  • Open domain and migration
  • Decent time to charge
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Quality plan fully loaded
  • Third-party reviews are wonderful


  • Bad uptime, 99.87%
  • Lacks professional customer service

Namecheap was founded by Richard Kirkendall(2000).

In the last 18 years, they have reportedly amassed three million clients.

But here’s the thing:

Hosting A is good at X, so they use their name and their wallets to power the new Y service; we’ve seen this story before. It just doesn’t mean it’s safe for them.

So what is the Namecheap effect?

Have you been ready to replicate the success of your name during a replacement arena? Or do they only operate on your behalf? (Pun definitely intended).

In November 2017, we decided to search for it. We signed up for their hosting service, bought a rich plan for the least amount possible, and even discovered a test website.

Namecheap is highly competitively priced and a two-year arrangement is also the only deal. Your monthly cost is $1.24 if you want that one. Namecheap also features a monthly rock-bottom price of just $ 2.88.

Plus, when it comes to the amount of stuff it gives you versus the value you pay, they’re pretty impressive. It is incredible the indisputable fact that it will host up to 3 sites on the entry schedule!

You also get access to a completely visual drag-and-drop-enabled website builder tool from all Namecheap blueprints. Twice a week, there are automated backups.

Read our detailed review…



  • Excellent uptime year-round (99.98 percent)
  • Fast loading page (581 ms)
  • Low price for introductory ($ 2.75 / month)
  • Packed with features and security options
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service
  • A free move from the WordPress site
  • Recommended Host The Official
  • Higher renewal rates
  • Cheapest plan restrictions


  • Higher renewal rates
  • Cheapest plan restrictions


  • Full Service Website ✔
  • SEO ✔
  • Pay per click (PPC) ✔
  • Website Migrations ✔
  • Long-term value ✔
  • Expert advice ✔
  • Support Monday to Friday ✔
  • Guide ✔
  • Backup ✔

BlueHost is one of the world’s Largest hosting providers. In 1996, it began. But it was officially created by Matt Heaton in 2002 and has supported quite a few million domain names since then. It also offers several different solutions, such as mutual, committed, VPS, hosting for WordPress, etc.

The organization could likewise be a formally suggested WordPress facilitating. In their arrangements, they give numerous helpful highlights, proficient assistance, and all day, every day uphold.

The organization gives facilitating, for example, Shared, Dedicated, VPS, and for sure WordPress Host.

Likewise, due to the arrangements they give, you will get proficient counsels and administrations with cutting edge proficient help.

The organization offers proficient advertising that will help you plan your site and stay zeroed in on your business specialty. On the off chance that you need assistance alongside your web composition or advertising, you will demand a discussion and begin working with the experts who can control you on the correct way.

The group gives progressing advertising style and uphold and can fabricate your site for versatile and Google inviting, keep your site speed and SEO optimized.

Read our detailed review…




  • Test Succeeded in Load Effect with 10 virtual users
  • Even within the cheapest package, all packages get regular backup features.
  • One of the few web hosting companies in Indonesia to supply a Plesk dashboard
  • The amount of resources provided to make a replacement website on your cheapest plan is enough.


  • The worst thing is your general uptime.
  • Slow Paced Hosting (2.07 seconds)
  • No purchase guarantee for accommodation
  • Numerous comments from visitor hosting consultants

If you recognize a name in an internet hosting company, I am sure it is Masterweb.

Yes, Masterweb is the most appreciated web host in the country.

Masterweb is probably the oldest hosting provider in Indonesia. They have been in this industry since 1995 and in 2004 they earned the title as the hosting provider with the largest clients according to HostAdvice statistics.

Oops … It seems that within the last data update for January 2021, Rumahweb has changed the Masterweb ranking and moved it to number 2.

It is for statistical reasons that they confidently claim to be the number one web hosting company in Indonesia.

However, a touch just like the other field besides web hosting, the most popular options are not necessarily the only ones in terms of quality.

Questions & Answers

Is Masterweb the same? Interesting question!

Because you will find the answer during this review.

Oia, I’m not going to mention the most important customer statistics here, due to the real fact that quantity cannot always be used as a benchmark for quality determination.

But there are three main indicators that you simply need to focus on: stable uptime, fast page load time (access time), and good support services.

So to determine all of that, I even bought the “Lucky UKM” hosting plan (since February 2018) and tried it out on a WordPress blog.

And during this Masteweb review, I will also cover a variety of varied aspects of the Masterweb shared hosting package, therefore the results of the review will help you make your decision.

Read our detailed review…

How to choose an Internet host for Indonesia

Sometimes it helps if you recognize the language. For hosting providers in Indonesia, this is perhaps the single most important idea to capture market share. While local companies like Jagoan Hosting can do better at this, international providers face a much bigger hurdle.

Of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has shown one of the most impressive rates of development within the web economy. With a growth of well 40% per year in this sector, it has been too great a temptation for the giant companies.

The combination within the development of Internet penetration, infrastructure development and foreign investment has made the state a positive terrain for web hosting companies. However, despite this, challenges remain, for example, the need for localization and language support.

We have seen that  local web hosting companies frequently lose worldwide rivals in many countries. It is, however, not quite simple here.

Beating the web hosting barrier in Indonesia

According to the 2010 census, there are over 800 languages spoken in Indonesia.
According to the 2010 census, more than 800 languages ​​are spoken in Indonesia. (source)

Indonesian, or Indonesian, is the official language of Indonesia. However, beyond this, things often urge a touch complicated. Rather than having one main language closely followed by a second like English, Indonesia is usually a bit different.

Albeit the vast majority can speak Indonesian, there are numerous different lingos that are utilized with the most generally communicated in dialects ​​other than that. for instance, Javanese, Sudanese, Mature, and Minang. While this is regularly fine, it makes section for overwhelmingly English-talking organizations somewhat troublesome.

This is very true as web hosting is not a business where businesses typically need a presence within the area to function. In fact, most will operate globally from some degree of presence, with the exception of data centers in strategic locations around the world.

For this reason, most of Indonesia’s easier-to-perform web hosting businesses have opted to simply embrace the challenges. Companies like Hostinger operate internationally from various offices and one of their preferred destinations is Indonesia.

At the same time, there are few, but current, strong web hosting companies originating from Southeast Asia. Not only have formidable alternatives like Malaysian-grown Exabytes spread across the country, they are localised to great effect.

For Indonesians, this means an honest mix of solid web host providers that not only operate by international standards, but also look, feel and sound locally.

Other Highlights to Believe in Indonesia Web Hosting

While it’s true that localization is hard to beat when considering accommodation for Indonesia, don’t forget that there are other areas to believe in as well. From a bird’s eye point of view, limit your mind to that websites can still reach a worldwide audience.

You’d want to follow certain global expectations, even if you’re merely catering to a crowd of target visitors within the world. Let’s look at some of the primary areas on which to concentrate;

Performance & Reliability

Whilst people can directly access websites, when it comes to a crisis, you can’t stop Google. Search engines are the primary means of attracting visitors, so it is critical for your site to perform well to follow Google’s guidelines.

This is very true when considering the speeds at which websites load. no matter what ratio your site adjusts to, some of the output will connect to your web host’s servers. Slow speeds will affect your Google search ranking.

In fact, this is often a crucial part of why Miller was created. We monitor their server performances so costumers can make better decisions when choosing their web providers. Rather than offering one-time snapshots of speed, Miller actively tracks web server performance over time.

Simultaneously, dependability is likewise a significant factor. Knowing how regularly a facilitating brand’s workers come up short can assist you with picking a facilitating accomplice to help keep your site picture high. All things considered, you would prefer not to lose guests because of site inaccessibility, isn’t that so?

Customer service and support

While we always love companies whose employment is in accordance with international Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), sometimes it is simply better if customer service can understand the customer. Often it is almost not about language, but about knowing the important needs and therefore the context of the conversations.

Sometimes, it is difficult to impact local concerns, even for professional customer service in a foreign country. If things were just on the technological front, that’d be all right. But what if you want something unique, and therefore you just can’t understand the support agent?

This is why it is often best to look for an online hosting partner that has established a minimal minimum presence in the country. At least they know the people, the economy; in essence, they know your needs.

Prices and currency

Not everyone has a master card or maybe one that deals with foreign payment gateways easily. Being ready to convert coins can also be frustrating, usually just to figure out what offer you’ll buy.

However, an Internet server that offers prices in local currency is not only good for that. Most of those who do that have also taken into account the proportion of the local price they charge for you.


Web hosting for Indonesia can be a pretty good space for users within the country. If you want an online hosting provider, remember that there are global companies that are present in Indonesia. These make a much more sensible choice as they combine high operational standards with local needs.


For FAQ’s about choosing the best web hosting providers for you go through our detailed article over here

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