Best Web Hosting Providers in Japan for 2021


Best Web Hosting Companies in Japan for 2021

For any organization pursuing growth and benefit, having a strong online presence has become a must-have asset. The growth of digital requirements requires a lot of attention because today’s consumers trust a company that has a broad online presence and digitally offers goods and services. The biggest prerequisite for online space entry is to have an online platform that can be accessed using the Earth’s Wide Web by all users around the world. In following article we are going to talking about top best list of web hosting companies in JAPAN.

Speaking of hosting, the conversation about selecting a local or global web host has been hot for a long time. There is a special group of people who discuss the professional aspects and disadvantages of both options. However, the group that defends local web hosting companies in Japan has many solid facts to mention.



  • Top-notch technology for all plans
  • For all users, including beginners, competent hosting.
  • One-click installation of famous programs
  • Stable backups saved for up to seven days


  • Even against Japanese suppliers, expensive
  • Restricted sources of customer service

Founded in 2003, XServer may be a Japan based web hosting company. Today, they support approximately 1.5 million operational websites. They are one of the largest web hosting providers in the country. They also primarily market to a Japanese consumer base so that they are only available in Japanese for your website and repair.


What I liked about XServer is that they provide very high-quality technology to regular website owners. For example, all plans come with the SSD RAID 10 configuration as standard, but most of the time it is basically the latest on high-performance servers. With improved disk readout accelerated to 48x from the hard drive. Additionally, XServer has a high-specification server environment equipped with the latest 24-core CPUs.

I also appreciated the provision of a one-click installer, which allows users to quickly install popular programs like WordPress. For beginners, this feature is extremely useful.

Since XServer could also be a Japanese web hosting company primarily targeting Japanese users, it does not have data centers located in other countries at present. Given its apparent lack of CDNs, this could be problematic for Japanese webmasters who want to achieve success in converting a worldwide customer base.

They also seem to have only simple shared hosting services, albeit shared hosting with a very large space to store assignments. So it will disappoint users expecting a VPS or dedicated server alternative. However, for the most part, those who enjoy their high capacity shared hosting plans, XServer is typically a highly stable site.

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  • Affordable prices and successful plans
  • Seven day free trial
  • Open live chat on your website
  • Extensive support records


  • Installation fee for all plans
  • No service level uptime agreement

Lolipop could also be a Japanese website hosting company with a unique and quirky website that spells its name, when translated into English, in two different ways: lolipop and lollipop. In the spirit of weirdness, let’s stick with the first spelling (grammatically incorrect) because it corresponds to your web address and logo.

Their shared hosting services are mostly based on WordPress websites, with 1.7 million users, and their website is in Japanese (unless translated).

This firm’s packages are filled with features. Beginners can enjoy a built-in hand cart, complete packages, pre-installed WordPress in addition to the essential plan, and a website builder tool as a paid extra. Experts would very much like support for PHP 7.1, Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails. In all plans, Lolipop also allows FTP access and, in higher plans, SSH access.

The Lolipop servers are based in Japan, use a Linux operating system and have a RAID 10 configuration with regard to their infrastructure. Although my Japanese is not correct, there is no need to note that the 99.99 percent figure displayed on your website definitely only refers to your uptime.

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3. HostingerHOSTINGER


  • Really, Hostinger is FAST
  • 99.9 percent uptime guarantee
  • Loading with the fastest cache manager
  • Incredible benefits that increase speed
  • Excellent custom board
  • Support responsively (they’re fun too!)
  • Free domain
  • Unlimited features
  • Excellent introductory price
  • They own the website builder Zyro


  • Backless daily

The company Hostinger first started as, a free ad-free web server, in 2007. Then, Hostinger was born in 2011 and Hostinger had already reached a user base of 10 million people by May 2014. By the end of January 2017 their user base has raise up to 29 million.

Hostinger, a service that aims to make life easier for web developers, is usually a provider of fast, stable and optimized web hosting services at very low prices. The company has local services in 39 countries and some 29 million clients, with an average of 20,000 clients registering each day.

Hostinger focuses on scalable private virtual servers and shared hosting, which have a drag-and-drop website builder and are designed for WordPress. The VPS provider also provides daily/weekly backups and a free domain for annual plans. The service information center uses a state-of-the-art storage infrastructure consisting of heavy solid state drives.


99.99 percent uptime guarantees are provided by the business, a standard industry feature. Page load speed, on average, is 70 to 80 ms. Since the software is cloud based, it will ensure that the website is normally up and running. Besides these, a free domain, unrestricted bandwidth, and email accounts are offered by Hostinger. 24/7 customer service is easily accessible and can be accessed via live chats or tickets.

For domain registrations, within the industry, the provider has one of the most profitable. Domains with .com cost just $8.99 per year, while .xyz, .web, and .tech cost $0.99 per year, respectively. The service offers unrestricted subdomains and parked domains for those who have advanced hosting plans, enabling them to create web assets.

A high-quality dashboard that is simple to use and filled with useful resources is provided by Hostinger. With plenty of space and high quality cloud features, the company provides unlimited, meter-free web hosting.

With Hostinger, you can use FTP users, email addresses, and MySQL databases to host any website easily. Even, relative to its peers, the supplier’s price is highly favorable.

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  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Free name for 1 year
  • In all shared hosting arrangements, there is a free SSD drives
  • HTTP / 2 caching, PHP7, NGINX
  • Unlimited web traffic and storage space
  • WordPress Installation in Simple 1-Click and is officially recommended
  • Let’s encrypt Cloudflare CDN and free SSL certificate
  • Built-in NGINX Caching, New Bluerock Dashboard


  • 1 data center only
  • No uptime guarantee

With over 20 years in the website hosting business, Bluehost has definitely built a reputation for itself.

Is it honest? It depends on who you ask. While some celebrate it as reliable and easy to use, no one online has ever been this way.

The company’s resources, including pooled solutions, VPS, and dedicated hosting, are available in English. Sadly, despite having over 2 million websites, Bluehost has no details on the state of its data centers.

Wanting to check it out myself, I signed up for Bluehost’s basic WordPress plan and gave the service a try. I am here to share with you everything I found during my experience with BlueHost, along with my honest opinion.

It has been an experience. I saw things with Bluehost that I had never encountered with the opposite web server. Actually, with the opposite company. If you want to host.

I recommend that you stay away from Bluehost and sign up with Hostinger.

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  • Fully managed hosting infrastructure
  • Fast and secure technology stack (PHP7, HTTP / 2, NGINX, SSD, PHP Workers)
  • Automatic daily backups and nightly plugin updates
  • 100% uptime guarantee; otherwise you will be credited
  • Free SSL, CDN, DDoS Protection and White Glove site migrations
  • All day support by phone, email and live chat


  • Expensive prices
  • Lack of programmable FTP process

Liquid Web offers Linux and Windows based servers for a good selection of plans, with shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud-based options. Founded in 1997, this Michigan-based hosting company has grown steadily and was included in the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for eight years in a row, from 2007 to 2014.

Liquid Web provides shared hosting, but is specifically targeted at the market for dedicated, VPS, and managed hosting. Liquid Web is one of the most appealing solutions available to enterprise-level businesses due to the characteristics given for the costs offered.

People who are just starting out, or someone who wants a personal blog, may find Liquid Web expensive compared to alternatives. However, for people who find reliability, security. Exceptional support is usually a requirement, Liquid Web is one of the only ones.


With 4 shared plans, 10 VPS plans and 6 dedicated server plans, plus custom plans. Liquid Web offers scalability to grow as your business needs grow.

Storage on Liquid Web plans are SSD-based so they have faster response and reliability. for large sites. There is an option for load balancers to distribute traffic across multiple servers for a monthly fee.

One free name is provided by most Liquid Web plans, while five free domain names and dedicated IP are offered by Specialist and Semi-Dedicated shared hosting plans. In the dark, cPanel, unlimited email accounts, SSH, and backups are shared plans.

It’s quick to upgrade or downgrade VPS plans. Provide unrestricted inbound bandwidth and 5 TB of outbound bandwidth. Regular billing and RAID-protected SSD storage, indicating that you only buy what you are using.

Dedicated plans are available on Linux or Windows. need single, dual, or quad processor server options.

Deployed in late 2015, Liquid Web managed WordPress hosting has quickly become one of the simplest options for WordPress business owners. There are six different managed WordPress plans starting at up to 10 sites up to 200 sites. Provides 100GB to 1TB of SSD storage.

With a fully managed VPS with unlimited visitors, multi-site support including SSL, 24/7 support. Automatic backups, Liquid Web has the option to meet your needs.

With free migration of your WordPress site from other hosts. One-click WordPress installation, repair on Liquid Web is as easy as possible.

Customer Support

Liquid Web also has reseller options where you handle billing to your customers; Partner option solutions where Liquid Web handles billing and you earn a monthly commission. A referral program with better than average individual commissions.

Liquid Web specifically mentions HIPPA compliance hosting on its website. With secure data centers monitored 24 hours, 7 days , 365 days , Cisco firewalls, backup power, thoroughly vetted employees, physically closed cabinets. Continuous backup to an off-site location, Liquid Web has two separate configurations, one server and multiple servers. Stronger HIPAA.

Liquid Web offers a typical 30-day money-back guarantee, minus the costs associated with additional products or domain registrations. Free domain registration is for Liquid Web hosting only. You will not be reimbursed for that fee, but you can keep the name.

For customer support and managed hosting, Liquid Web has received several awards in the past. Even though negative customer feedback can be sought, it is uncommon. Generally, the company receives very high customer scores. On the client list, it is distinct from live performance.

Liquid Web is trusted because it is the hosting solution for MTV, Ducati, FedEx, BOSE, National Geographic, American Airlines and several other major companies.

With their pricing, Liquid Web won’t be mistaken for a budget hosting company, but they do offer competitive pricing with top-notch features. For people who can’t compromise on customer service, reliability, uptime, and security. Liquid Web might as well be a hosting company to believe in.

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  • Multiple disk storage system with redundant configurations for RAID 10
  • Instant data recovery system with backup and preparation facilities
  • With flexible monthly billing cycles, affordable hosting options
  • 99.99 percent uptime guarantee


  • No ticket system support
  • Slow service for customers

Sakura Internet has been a preferred hosting provider by many people in Japan for many years. Since its inception in 1996, this veteran supplier has been home to some 440,000 business enterprises around the world.

From its own data center in Japan, Sakura offers a variety of hosting solutions including shared web hosting, rental servers, VPS, cloud solutions, and dedicated server solutions.


The Sakura Internet website is available in Japanese language only.
Sakura’s internet hosting services are designed to meet the wishes of most businesses. They have five shared web-hosting packages which are Light, Standard, Premium, Business, and Business Professional.

The “Light” starter package is ideal for individuals with websites with low traffic. It contains 10 GB of disk space, 40 GB of bandwidth per day, and 20 names for domains. For high traffic websites, the “Business Professional” strategy is. It contains 500 GB of disk capacity, 200 GB of bandwidth per day, 200 MySQL databases, and up to 200 domains.

Daily backups protect information about the customer’s website. Your WordPress websites are quickly copied. Access a backup file of up to eight generations. At the moment, via the data recovery system, Sakura also provides backup and planning services. However, to protect themselves from accidental loss. This company also encourages its customers to replicate their own results.

A multiple disk storage system with redundant RAID 10 configurations ensures that the failure of 1 disk does not affect the function of your website.

Sakura Internet owns an enterprise whose grade data center located in Ishikari city, Japan. These data center combines high reliability with high-environmental performances. It is equipped with anti-seismic measures. A redundant uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also as backup generators to ensure stability in case of influence failure. You get an honest 99.99% uptime guarantee.

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