Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers in 2023 – Ranked!

Best WooCommerce Hosting, being the most common eCommerce platform, makes it easy for almost anyone to create a web store. However, if you want your store to be successful, you will have to be forced to choose the most effective WooCommerce hosting potential, so that you can specialize in growing your business.

While there are plenty of hosting plans and providers to choose from, selecting a WooCommerce hosting platform in love can make it much easier to get your store up and running.

In this article, we’re going to talk a bit more about why it’s sensible to look for WooCommerce-specific hosting plans.

We will then introduce you to the best WooCommerce hosting providers and help you choose the one that best suits your needs. Let’s do it!

Benefits of WooCommerce hosting over generic hosting

The big advantage of WooCommerce hosting is that it will take care of a lot of basic website maintenance, setup, and security. which means that you will specialize in the fun part: growing your store.

With WooCommerce hosting, you’ll typically get:

  • Automatic configuration of WordPress and WooCommerce, so you can work directly in your store.
  • Daily backups, so your knowledge is usually safe.
  • Greater security so you will defend your user data.
  • Support UN agency workers or consultants when it comes to WooCommerce.

Those are just some of the standards you need to keep in mind when looking for the best WooCommerce hosting. In practice, each host brings something unique to the table, leading the United States of America into the next section.

Best 6 WooCommerce Hosting Providers Compared

For this section, we are concentrating on the best WooCommerce hosting providers. We will be quoting the options they offer, as intuitive as they are to use and therefore the most important rating, so let’s get right to it!

Here’s the lineup:

1. SiteGround

Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers
Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers

SiteGround is one of our favorite full-stack WordPress hosting companies. They provide good support, worldwide knowledge centers, performance, and competitive ratings, plus some WooCommerce-specific options. Let’s take a look at them.

WooCommerce-specific features

SiteGround’s WooCommerce plans offer all the identical features to their basic shared options. However, they are making packages with a bit more practicality, including:

  • WooCommerce (plus shop theme) started right away.
  • An SSL certificate Let’s write in code to keep your buyers’ data secure.
  • Cloudflare’s integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up your store load times.
  • PCI-compliant servers, at the best level.
  • Free handcart installation to spruce up your new store.
  • Award-Winning Customer Service Team.

Plus, higher tiers even provide additional options (as you’d expect) like free backup restores and caching convenience.

Ease of use

Getting a WooCommerce store up and running with SiteGround is easy as they automatically launched the WooCommerce plugin for you as well as a WooCommerce theme. This means you’ll be able to get to the bottom of things and think about adding products quickly.

However, SiteGround’s electrical hosting device might be a bit subpar. While it will provide most of the options you’d like to manage in your store, it’s subjectively “clunky.” As such, finding the specific options you’d like will be more difficult than other providers.

Pricing and plans

SiteGround’s WooCommerce plans start at $3.99 for starters and go up to $10.69 if you want to set up GoGeek. Those costs make it the simplest WooCommerce hosting possibility if you’re on a budget, and it’s a steal for the overall service.

2. Bluehost

Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers
Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers

Bluehost is a popular WordPress website host that is officially advised by the team. It offers cheap dedicated WooCommerce plans that come bundled with WooCommerce pre-installed (hassle-free), a free SSL, and more.

WooCommerce-specific features

Because Bluehost has dedicated plans for WooCommerce, you’ll get a ton of great options to make your eCommerce store a success:

  • A free online setup decision to help get your store up and running.
  • WordPress and WooCommerce pre-installed, along with the official store theme.
  • A free SSL certificate to help keep your customer data secure.
  • An information processing address dedicated to yourself.
  • A free name for the primary year.

You also get a bunch of general options like unmetered data metering, unlimited SSD storage, and server resources. Also, their platform provides a good user experience overall.

Ease of use

Setting up a WordPress and WooCommerce website is a snap because it will pre-install each of these tools for you. which means that you will be able to start building your store and adding products quickly.

For additional actions, Bluehost has its own custom web hosting control panel that makes it easy to manage things like updates and caching/performance. Plus, they still give you access to cPanel, too, for a host of advanced settings.

Pricing and plans

Bluehost’s WooCommerce hosting plans fall somewhere in the middle of the tier list, starting at $7.95 per month for the most cost-effective normal setup. That configuration allows you to produce a store with unlimited SSD storage and unmetered data metering.

The next worker, the $24.95 per month Premium setup, allows you to host unlimited stores with unlimited storage and unmetered data metering. The premium setting offers options like discount codes, reservations, and subscription payments. It also adds the CodeGuard backup system to keep your store data safe.

Also, area unit VPS hosting plans are available, and It will host any web application designed with PHP.

3. DreamHost

Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers

When it comes to WordPress, DreamHost is a managed web hosting service that shines. The company offers plans dedicated to running a WordPress website, and indeed separate options if you’re running a WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce-specific features

Since we’re talking about managed WordPress hosting, DreamHost doesn’t skimp when it comes to WooCommerce-specific options. some of the highlights are:

  • Have WooCommerce and shopfront pre-installed and organized for optimal performance.
  • Server-side protection against spikes in traffic, slow website speeds, and hacking attempts.
  • VaultPress backups that mechanically protect your store knowledge and get enough disk space to store them.
  • You get the Jetpack pro plugin at no cost, which has some major store-enhancing features like Echt customer logins, period compliance, shipping rate calculations, and more.
  • Up to a few calls per month with DreamHost’s dedicated caretaker support (and full access to regular channels).
  • Free SSL certificate to keep you and your buyer’s knowledge safe.
  • A free name for the primary year.

Combine those options and it all adds up to a comprehensive WooCommerce setup.

Ease of use

As with SiteGround, you will be able to access your store directly when language communication is established with DreamHost thanks to the preconfigured WooCommerce.

As for DreamHost’s interface, it’s one of the most unique control panels we’ve seen so far. It includes many options and is also easy to navigate. If you’re comfortable fiddling with your store’s face settings, you’ll like DreamHost.

Pricing and plans

Compared to other hosts, DreamHost is quite expensive. It starts at $16.95 per month for up to ~100k guests and goes up to $71.95 per month for ~1M+ guests. While you can pay a bit more, it’s a solid and stable hosting service that will handle a lot of what you throw at it in our experience.

If you’re looking for an additional entry-level resolution for a small, low-end business, DreamHost also offers an inexpensive shared hosting plan.

4. Liquid Web

Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers
Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers

Liquid Internet may be a more expensive WooCommerce hosting possibility than the above, but it offers good options and some extra plugins and services that they think are much more worth it.

WooCommerce-specific features

When it comes to the number of WooCommerce-specific optionas attached, this managed WooCommerce host takes the cake. A few of our personal favorites are as follows:

  • WooCommerce started right out of the box, along with the Astra Pro theme and thus the Beaver Builder page builder plugin.
  • Mobile enhancement for all your pages.
  • Free SSL certificate to keep your store information secure.
  • Abandoned cart technology through a partnership with Jilt. You will be able to interact with fifty buyers for free.
  • IconicWP value-added plugins are included along with your hosting for free, which add a range of practicality to enhance your store.
  • Expert help to align any component of your store.
  • Optional machine-controlled PCI compliance scans (for an additional fee). Additionally, there are managed firewall options available.

Of course, the plethora of options here aren’t free, and we’ll discuss this more in a minute.

Ease of use

The Liquid Internet team can help you through the complete method of setting up your WooCommerce store, which can be a welcome feature.

They can help you start more payment gateways, add new products, and much more.

This means that the platform is ideal if you want a little more ease in optimizing things and getting them ready to go. Also, it comes with a pretty efficient instrument panel that is a joy to use.

Pricing and plans

Liquid Internet offers many options when it comes to plans.

The most basic WooCommerce donation starts at $15.83 per month. the further you go in dimensions, the more traffic you are ready to handle; however, the plans will (and do) get big in no time, maxing out at $999 per month.

5. Kinsta

Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers
Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers

Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider that is powered by Google Cloud Platform and its premium network that is good for metering (similar to Amazon AWS). Their infrastructure is highly optimized for eCommerce solutions like WooCommerce and is primed to handle surges in traffic. Its plans go hand in hand with an associated extended set of options and a design focused on speed.

WooCommerce-specific features

Here are a couple of options that build the best Kinsta WooCommerce hosting solution for this purpose:

  • One-click automotive vehicle installer for WooCommerce on your MyKinsta dashboard.
  • Six different types of backups: automatic 24-hour backups, manual backups with one-click restore, environmental backups, full downloadable .zip backups, and add-ons for additional backups.
  • Automatic scaling. Kinsta uses isolated package instrumentation technology, so resources are allocated to each website instrumentation mechanically PRN.
  • Free SSL, which you can install with one click and therefore the possibility of transferring your own custom SSL certificates.
  • 24-hour support. each website is monitored for a period with 720 checks per day, and there is hacking and malware removal.
  • Fast in-place server-level caching (no plugins needed) with rules to confirm correct WooCommerce usability.

Ease of use

Kinsta provides a custom website admin panel, which is easy for beginners to handle. you’ll just launch a store in a matter of seconds by manhandling the one-click auto-installer for WooCommerce in your MyKinsta dashboard.

If you have an existing WooCommerce nursing partner website with another provider that you would like to move from, they accept free white glove migrations. this means that the Kinsta team can handle everything related to migration for you. just fill in the migration type and they’ll let you stop it once you can get going.

Pricing and plans

Kinsta offers various tiers starting at $35/month, all the way up to their Enterprise tier. However, unless you have a low-traffic WooCommerce website, they recommend starting with their Business plan or higher for optimal performance (which is good for SEO).

Optional add-ons are offered on all hosting plans. they need a 30-day money-back guarantee, no long-term contracts. You will sign up for their yearly plan and get 2 months free.

6. WP Engine

Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers
Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers

Like Kinsta, WP Engine could be a premium managed WordPress host that creates a good option for hosting a WooCommerce and/or WordPress website. WP Engine’s infrastructure is capable of handling giant, high-traffic stores, and offers many options for keeping your website and information secure.

WooCommerce-specific features

WP Engine cloud hosting plans are backpacked with useful options for your WooCommerce store:

  • Free access to the Genesis framework and all of the StudioPress child themes make for a great fit for a WooCommerce store. These themes are SEO optimized and fast.
  • Free SSL certificate to keep your store information safe and secure.
  • Integrated CDN for faster worldwide performance.
  • Built-in staging settings to securely view changes to your store before publishing them.
  • Automatic backups to make sure you never lose your store information.

In addition to many general WooCommerce options, WP Engine also has its own WP Engine Ecommerce Toolkit plugin that helps optimize your store’s performance and gives you access to key performance indicators (KPIs). Also, it adds different benefits like one-touch payments, auto-logout, and more.

Ease of use

WP Engine uses its own custom hosting panel which, while it might not be the most beginner-friendly control panel in the world, does make it pretty simple to perform key actions on your eCommerce website.

Plus, WP Engine will do a good job of going above and beyond to make your store a success, with options like the WP Engine Ecommerce Toolkit, plus page performance tools, and also the genesis framework attached.

Pricing and plans

WP Engine plans start at $24 per month and go up from there. That entry-level arrangement supports one store and up to twenty-five,000 visits per month.

Higher-tier plans increase those limits, and WP Engine also offers custom plans if your wishes go beyond what their pre-made plans offer.

Which WooCommerce hosting provider is right for your store?

As you might suspect, there is no single WooCommerce internet host that matches every user’s bill.


SiteGround could be a sensible option if you’re on a budget. It offers all the basic WooCommerce hosting options you’ll want for less than $10 per month.

In contrast, DreamHost and Bluehost strike a good balance between value, performance, and the range of WooCommerce-specific options they offer, making them a decent middle ground between the other options.

Finally, Liquid Internet takes the crown as it implies sheer practicality and ease of use. You can also get a lot of extra WooCommerce convenience through the included IconicWP plugins and Jilt’s abandoned cart tools. It’s a more expensive option though, so those are a few things to think about.

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