Best WordPress Page Builder (Drag & Drop) Providers in 2022 – Ranked!

The best WordPress page builder, looking for a simple thank you to build and customize your WordPress site? That is where drag and drop WordPress page builder plugins are available.

WordPress page builders allow you to create, edit and customize your website design without writing any code. During this article, we are going to compare the 6 best drag and drop page builders for WordPress.

Why use a lag and dropdown page builder for WordPress?

When starting a journal, many beginners find it difficult to customize their WordPress page layouts.

While many premium WordPress themes come with completely different page layouts, most of them are extraordinarily difficult to customize for anyone who doesn’t know code (HTML/CSS).

This is why Americans often ask us questions like: “how will we build WordPress with drag and drop?” or “is there a simple drag and drop page builder for WordPress?”

When we talk to those switching from Weebly to WordPress or from Wix to WordPress, their most common response is, “I wish WordPress had a slow and failing website builder.”

Well, there are much good drag and drop page builder plugins available for WordPress. they allow you to create fully custom website designs in WordPress without writing a single line of code.

Since there are a lot of completely different WordPress page builder plugins on the market, we tend to set them up to match and rank the best WordPress page builders, so you’ll pick the right answer for your desires.

Our criteria for scrutinizing these WordPress page builders are ease of use, flexibility, and also output style.

With that said, let’s take a look at the best WordPress page builders on the market.

Top 6 WordPress Page Builder Plugins

  1. SeedProd
  2. Beaver Builder
  3. Divi
  4. Elementor
  5. Visual Composer Website Builder
  6. Themify Builder

1. SeedProd

Our Grade: A+

SeedProd Page Builder

SeedProd can be a premium drag and drop landing page builder plugin for WordPress. In our opinion, it is the most effective WordPress page builder on the market when it comes to speed and ease of use.

You can select from over 150 beautiful pre-made templates, or produce a fully custom design with their easy-to-use drag-and-drop WordPress page builder (no crypto needed).

There are pre-built templates for landing pages, sales pages, lots of thank you pages, webinar registration pages, return-before-long pages, maintenance mode pages, 404 pages, and more.


You can currently use SeedProd to create completely custom WordPress themes from scratch without writing any code.

Unlike other WordPress page builders that are slow and tumescent, SeedProd is made with website speed in mind. It ensures that your pages are the fastest, so you will rank higher in SEO.

SeedProd comes with a responsive styling system, so you’ll save time by reusing parts instead of doing repetitive work. it will outline color schemes, save font mixes, page templates, custom blocks, sections, and more.

It has all the blocks and options you’d expect from a solid page builder, like signup forms, social profiles, number timers, contact forms, buttons, numerous content blocks, and more. The best part is that some of the blocks even have pre-made templates, so you’ll speed up the search process by adapting your favorite block templates (1 click).

You can use its custom domain mapping feature to create WordPress interval microsites. Agencies use it to manage landing pages for multiple clients from one WordPress installation.

SeedProd is compatible with all common WordPress themes and plugins. It also has subscriber management built-in, and will simply connect with popular email marketing services like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and more.

Over a million users use SeedProd to create better website designs.


Starts at $39.50 for a single website license.


SeedProd is the fastest page-building option on the market. It is also the cheapest. Its giant library of pre-built templates and professional blocks saves a lot of time. the power to customize every little detail makes it the right answer for all WordPress users.

2. Beaver Builder

Our Grade: A+

Beaver Builder best WordPress page builder plugin

Beaver Builder can be a general drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress.

You can quickly get up to speed with its interface and get started with its built-in onboarding journey.


Beaver Builder has a real-time drag-and-drop interface. You can check all your changes as you add them by simply dragging parts from the right sidebar and dropping them onto your page. will click on any component on a page to edit its properties.

There are modules that let you add pretty much anything you want, as well as sliders, carousels, backgrounds, content blocks, buttons, and more.

It also comes with over thirty finely designed landing page templates that make it super easy and super fast to create beautiful website designs.

We think Beaver Builder is terribly beginner-friendly. Check out our tutorial on how to produce custom WordPress layouts with Beaver Builder.

Wondering if it is compatible with the new version of WordPress? yes, it is.

Beaver Builder has been updated to integrate with the new WordPress Pressman editor.


Starts at $99 for unlimited sites.


Beaver Builder may be a popular page builder option in the market. Although, It comes with pre-made templates to help you get started. Many web professionals use Beaver Builder to create their consumer sites and custom themes.

3. Divi

Our Grade: A

Divi Builder Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builder plugin

Divi can be a drag and drop theme and WordPress page builder plugin. it is extraordinarily easy to use and comes with 20+ layouts/templates for various websites.

Like SeedProd and Beaver Builder, Divi Builder can be a visual drag and drop page builder, a real app program editor (what you see is what you get).

You can click directly on your page and start the composition with a preview of the time period of all the changes. You don’t have to save and click preview to check your new style.


Divi comes with forty-six content modules that you will simply drag and drop anywhere on your layout. You can organize them into three types of sections, and twenty types of rows, and customize each component by taking advantage of its advanced styling settings.

With Divi, you’ll create any form of custom page layout you want at intervals of minutes. you will then save these Divi layouts for future use on your website. it will also export a layout from one Divi installation to another.

The Divi Builder plugin is the backbone of the Divi theme, however, it works well with the other WordPress theme.

Best of all, Divi has insanely attractive pricing options. For one price, you’ll get the Divi theme, Divi page builder plugin, and all other Elegant Themes products.

This means that you will either use the Divi theme or install the Divi Builder plugin on the other theme.


Starting at $89 each year (additional lifetime configuration available)


Divi can be a good different SeedProd builder. is a robust page builder with unlimited styling potentialities. Its considerable amount of content modules allow you to create practically any type of website you really need. Its configured time period also makes it one of the most effective offers on the market.

4. Elementor

Our Grade: A

Elementor WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder plugin

Another effective drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin is Elementor.

It is a live page builder plugin that suggests that you can check your changes live while editing them with Elementor. just start by making sections and choose the number of columns for each section.

Then drag and drop widgets into your region from the left panel. Elementor includes a plethora of widgets as well as the most often used website elements.

Each widget has its own settings, ranging from basic picture and text widgets to complicated accordions, sliders, testimonials, icons, social networking, tabs, and so on.


Elementor will also allow you to add widgets created by different WordPress plugins.

Don’t want to create your own design?

Elementor comes with several ready-to-use templates that you will simply insert into your pages. you’ll just have to try and click to edit any element on the page, replace the content, and voila.


A single website license costs $49 to purchase.


Elementor can be a generalized page builder plugin for WordPress. it’s easy to use, comes with a giant plugin system, and comes with loads of modules/templates that you’ll simply use to create a custom website. The output of the code is not as cheap and users often report a slower page speed.

5. Visual Composer Website Builder

Our Grade: A

Visual Composer Website Builder plugin

Website Builder for Visual Composer is a simple WordPress website editor that helps you create custom website designs, fast.

It comes with a simple drag-and-drop builder, ready-to-use content elements, specialized templates, and several powerful options for creating a website.

Like SeedProd and Beaver Builder, it also offers real frontend copywriting experience to design a website. but there is so much more you can do with this plugin. With the exception of SeedProd, Visual Music is the only different plugin that allows you to edit all aspects of your landing page like an emblem, menus, headers, footers, sidebars, etc.


That’s why the team decided to decide on it as a website builder, rather than just a page builder.

The plugin offers powerful styling options to customize the look of any component on your page. It has simple options for presenting modern backgrounds, as well as optical effects, gradients, slideshows, carousel, zoom in/out, video, etc. It also comes with versatile rows and columns to create grid layouts on your website.

Visual Composer works well with all WordPress themes. this allows him to change his themes without losing the custom layouts he simply created with Visual Music.

Additionally, it includes support for the new Pressman editor, Google Fonts, and Yoast SEO.

The Visual Musician is intended for professionals, and it is evident by his attention to detail such as his memory of his color decisions, which allows him to simply use a similar color palette to maintain consistency throughout his style.


$59 for a website license


Visual Composer can be a good plugin for beginners to start a website. It provides powerful options for website creation in a very easy way. Website copywriting is made a breeze with the $64000 drag and drop editor. The interface can be a bit different than typical WordPress plugins, so it will feel antagonistic to new users.

6. Themify Builder

Our Grade: B

Themify Page Builder Plugin for WordPress

They can be a popular WordPress theme search that provides a built-in Themify builder with all your WordPress themes. For different non-Themify WordPress themes, you will get the Themify Page Builder plugin.

This simple and extremely intuitive page builder comes with many capable modules to use that will simply boost your pages or posts. several of those modules sometimes need you to put separate WordPress plugins.

The plugin includes more than 40 pre-designed layouts for various industries such as gyms, restaurants, handbags, music, photography, and also as online outlets.


You can import a design with one click, modify its content, and create an impressive landing page in minutes intervals.

Themify Builder allows you to edit your pages from the admin space as well as from your live website. With live redaction, you can check specifically how your ranking changes may appear.

Other than that, Themify Builder comes with ready-to-use layouts that you simply quickly apply to your page.


$39 for the Builder Addon package (The main plugin is free)


Themify Builder can be a reliable page builder plugin for WordPress. while the builder comes with promising options, there is a learning curve that will leave a new user annoyed.


After our review of the best WordPress drag and drop page builders, we can confidently say that SeedProd is the best option. Its simple interface and powerful options make it the best page and website builder for WordPress.

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