BlackVPN Review in 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

BlackVPN Review, could be a Hong Kong-based VPN service from BlackVPN Ltd.

But its thirty-one servers in eighteen countries pale in comparison to the thousands offered by competitors like NordVPN.

That is not invariably a deciding factor.

VPN servers are not always what they seem. Many times, they are rented or completely fake.

Therefore, we tend to come up during this BlackVPN review to determine whether or not a restricted network should matter.

Is the rest of your service formed for this? Or do they disappoint in multiple areas?

Let’s conclude.

BlackVPN Overview

OVERALL RANK:#13 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY: Easy to use with one-click server switchings
LOG FILES:No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:18 countries, 31 servers
SUPPORT:Email, snail mail, Live chat, social media, and FAQs
TORRENTING:Limited Torrenting
NETFLIX:Yes 2/5 
COST:EUR 49-99/yr
BlackVPN Review

BlackVPN Has A User-Friendly Logging Policy. Encryption Is Locked-Down Airtight. And Customer Support Was Surprisingly Fast.BlackVPN’s Pros

Here are the biggest positives we tend to experience with their service.

Does Not Collect Logs

BlackVPN does not collect logs of your browsing history or online services.

Also, they do not keep DNS logs or a record of your actual scientific discipline address that connects to their VPN.

BlackVPN Review in 2023 Does Not Collect Logs
BlackVPN Review

However, they keep your email address and payment details. however, they would not be connected to online records showing what you probably did.

So, in this sense, your exposure is quite restricted.

Supports Three Protocols, with Strong AES-256 Encryption

BlackVPN supports subsequent tunneling protocols: OpenVPN, SSTP, or L2TP/IPSec. OpenVPN is that option, with out-of-the-box buyers already set up to work out of the box.

BlackVPN Review in 2023 Supports Three Protocols, with Strong AES-256 Encryption
BlackVPN Review

BlackVPN follows this with 256-bit encryption, which is used and approved by governments around the world.

So it should also be fine for you in most cases.

However, there were 2 small problems.

The first is that you just can’t connect with Western u. yes.. rare.

The second was that you just had to close the app to vary the locations. Pain in the butt.

Fortunately, the latter is covered by Associate in Nursing’s always-on kill switch.

All BlackVPN buyers have a built-in kill switch that is enabled by default. so you don’t have to worry about accidentally exposing your location or browsing knowledge once you switch servers.

Easy Setup And Use

BlackVPN’s OpenVPN buyers are very easy to line up and get started.

Go to the top of the page, opt for VPN settings, and then opt for your platform. You can then get the installation files. go ahead and install most programs to transfer the files from the server.

Upon installation, you will be guided to add the servers. This half is super simple.

Next, sign in to the box to attach your account.

BlackVPN Review in 2023 Easy Setup and Use
BlackVPN Review

You can drop the server list to the bottom to change server locations. the amount you ultimately have access to will depend on the setup you’re paying for.

Only the world arrangement gives you access to all or twenty. Whereas the TV setup gives you four pathetically low servers.

BlackVPN Review in 2023 Easy Setup and Use
BlackVPN Review

When you opt for a server, you may be notified that you are connecting. And in some cases, you will be asked to enter your username and parole once again.

BlackVPN re enter username and password
BlackVPN Review

To connect to a replacement server, you may need to disconnect from it first. Then choose a new one from the dropdown list.

Works with Tor

BlackVPN is fully compatible with Tor Browser.

BlackVPN Review in 2023 Works with Tor
BlackVPN Review

Tor is intended to add an extra layer of privacy to your browsing sessions. Random relay points are set up to help send and hide your true location.

The only drawback is that your knowledge is not protected in any way. His association remains exposed and can be intercepted in any of the relays he is going through.

If hiding your location is of the utmost importance, make sure your VPN works well with Tor to keep yourself protected.

BlackVPN How does Tor works?
BlackVPN Review

Customer Support Is Fast, Friendly, & Professional

If you ever have a problem or query, BlackVPN customer support is just an email, tweet, or chat from an Associate in Nursing.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned after reviewing over seventy VPNs, it’s that you can’t just rely on a nominal price backed by an organization.

Just because they provide all those options doesn’t mean they always work cleanly.

Fortunately, BlackVPN defied my expectations by responding quickly within twenty seconds of connecting to their live chat.

BlackVPN Review in 2023 Customer Support Is Fast, Friendly, & Professional
BlackVPN Review

In addition to being friendly and prompt, their support rep, Damien, was also very knowledgeable. an excellent experience all around!

BlackVPN’s Cons

There is a lot to love about BlackVPN. we tend to be impressed by their customer service (in an honest way).

Unfortunately, there have been a couple of hiccups in the approach.

Here they measure some of the biggest complaints we tend to experience.

Based in Hong Kong

Technically speaking, the city is outside of the ‘Eyes’ extended security agreement.

Therefore, they do not share the knowledge collected with the main alternative intelligence agencies around the world.

That’s an honest factor, right?

Yes and no.

After all, the city is under the administration of the People’s Republic of China. and therefore the only VPNs allowed in China are “government-sponsored”.

However, everything supported by the government under a totalitarian system seems dubious.

Based in the city implies that they are an honest alternative.

Make of it what you can.

No Leaks, but Viruses Detected

This is one of the great news, unhealthy news.

On the other hand, we tend not to notice any gifts from DNS leaks. meaning that if your VPN affiliation says you’re located somewhere in the capital of the Netherlands or outback Australia, that’s what everyone else sees too.

You don’t have to worry about your VPN affiliation and getting your true location without even realizing it.

BlackVPN successfully passed each of the six DNS leak tests. good start!

  • (not found)
  • (not found)
  • (not found)
  • (not found)
  • (not found)
  • (none found!)

For this verification to be successful, we use their servers in Australia, the Netherlands, and the UK. None of them leaked their computer address:

BlackVPN Review in 2023 No Leaks, but Viruses Detected
BlackVPN Review
BlackVPN Review
BlackVPN Review in 2023  No Leaks, but Viruses Detected
BlackVPN Review

After finishing these 5 DNS leak tests, we tend to run the VPN installation files through VirusTotal.

This is when a few things started to go wrong.
Our check showed 2 big issues with the terrible files you can transfer and run on your machine:

BlackVPN Review

Let Pine Tree State complete this circle:

A ‘government sponsored’ computer code that very carefully also introduces 2 viruses in its installation files?

Make your conclusions.

Not Compatible With All Platforms

BlackVPN covers the basics.

They work with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and robotic devices. The menu in the upper right corner of the page contains a menu for the installation files for each platform.

BlackVPN Review in 2023 Not Compatible with All Platforms
BlackVPN Review

BlackVPN also works with routers and thus with the Tor browser.

All excellent news.

Except that it is not compatible with SmartTV or game consoles. Not formally, anyway.

Customer support mentioned that there is a workaround if you connect them to a router operating BVPN.

Since BlackVPN operates on OpenVPN (including the BlackVPN app itself), there are no real apps to install on your smartphone and tablet. Instead, you should try to make configurations with the OpenVPN app, then manually connect to the servers by installing the servers.

On the y side, you’ll be using an equivalent BlackVPN account on up to seven devices at the same time.

BlackVPN Review

Slow Server Speeds

Testing server speeds are pretty straightforward essentially.

First, it verifies your membership without additional crypto. My default started at 97.00 Mbps transfer and 53.00 Mbps transfer.

Then you connect to completely different VPN servers and try again.

You will almost always notice a drop in each class. however, ideally, the distinction is negligible.

That was not our experience during this situation. Here’s what we typically see on US servers:

BlackVPN Review in 2023 Slow Server Speeds
BlackVPN Review

US Server

  • Ping: 113
  • Download: fifteen.23 Mbps (84.3% slower)
  • Upload: 22.50 Mbps (57.5% slower)

Holy Molly! that’s terrible! Is the transfer speed eighty-four slower?

BlackVPN Review

Let’s make sure the EU associate degree server checks if this was a one-time factor

EU Server

  • ping: 42
  • Download: 66.04 Mbps (24% slower)
  • Upload: 43.01 Mbps (18.8% slower)

It’s okay. It’s not bad, but it’s not nice.

Part of the explanation for this biased performance?

My true physical location was quite close to the server in the Dutch capital at the time, and not in the US.

Extremely it is that easy.

The closer it is, the better performance (generally speaking).

However, that is still looting during this case.

Remember that BlackVPN only has thirty-one servers in eighteen countries. Restricted networks like this generally make it more difficult:

  • Find servers ‘free’ from the stress of too many different users, and
  • Find these ‘free’ servers that measure square still relatively on the edge of your starting location

So it’s not just that these one-off speed tests weren’t healthy. It’s that it supported a restricted network, we’ll probably predict pretty slow speeds in the future as well.

Works with Netflix On The Two Most Expensive Packages

More great news, bad news.

First, the good.

BlackVPN just like Netflix would work in u. yes, geographic area server.

I tested and confirmed that this is often true.

That’s a reasonably big feat, considering Netflix is ?? cracking down on most VPN use.

The bad part is that the US geo-server didn’t work. Neither do the servers in the North American nation, the United Kingdom, or the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The other negative aspect is that the operating server is only offered below the more expensive configuration options.

So you should give a lot of money if unblocking geo-restricted content is very important to you.

Limited Torrenting

Limited Torrenting
BlackVPN Review

BlackVPN allows you to download torrents.

But only on select servers offered only on select plans:

The cheapest (Privacy), and also the most expensive (Global).

Speaking of the expensive worldwide fix, despite paying extra money, you still can’t use the US or UK servers to download torrents.

His reason was a bit puzzling:

BlackVPN Review

Isn’t your location activity the main reason to exploit VPNs in the first place?

So if it can be copied within the United States and Great Britain, it seems that this VPN provider is not doing its job.

They even put this torrenting issue front and center in their terms of service once you’re signed up for the language.

BlackVPN Review in 2023 Limited Torrenting
BlackVPN Review

So yes, technically, they allow torrenting. However, there are such a large number of restrictions that it is much more than a wash.

Features Limited Heavily By Plan

We have alluded to the current one in the last points.

But your settlement options are heavily influenced (read: limited) by how much you’re paying.

For example:

  • Privacy: Sixteen VPN locations, but NOT in the UK or the US. you can also get P2P/Bittorrent without restrictions. No television broadcast.
  • TV: Four VPN locations (3 within the US and one within the UK). You will be able to “stream US and UK TV” jointly with this subscription. Without P2P and BitTorrent.
  • Global: Twenty VPN locations (including three within the United States and one within the United Kingdom). You will be able to stream TV simultaneously from the US and UK, as well as P2P/Bittorrent with no restrictions. However, the downside of this package is that you simply cannot use the US and UK servers for P2P and BitTorrent.

Most of the other VPNs we have reviewed can give you full access to all settings. the only distinction is the duration of the registration and the valuation.
Unfortunately, that is not the case here.

BlackVPN Cost, Plans & Payment Methods

BlackVPN Review

BlackVPN’s plan valuation starts at forty-nine euros (~58 USD) and goes up to ninety-nine euros (~117 USD).

You will also notice that their valuation plans are only offered in annual installments at present.

You can get BlackVPN through a variety of options, including:

  • Credit cards, bank transfers, gift cards, e-wallets, PaymentWall exploitation
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • FORTY Altcoin cryptocurrencies for anonymous payments

Unfortunately, you will be able to buy the operating money for this application.

But they also offer a three-day free trial, plus a 14-day money-back guarantee, and there’s no data measurement limit like Betternet has. That way you are free to perform the service for about 2 and [*fr1] weeks before committing to the annual payment.

Do You Recommend BlackVPN?

I like the rating options, the fact that it works with Tor, the fast customer support, and the strong coding, and it doesn’t work.

But most of the issues center around slow server speeds, and also the indisputable fact that you simply get torrents or the ability to unblock Netflix on certain servers on certain plans.

Not to mention, its questionable jurisdiction complete with sinister virus warnings that we tend to encounter.

There are simply too many alternative smart VPN services, like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or Surfshark, that don’t force you to sacrifice much for possibly better options.

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