Bluehost vs iPage Comparison 2021 – 1 Winner!

Do you want to know who is the simplest web host: Bluehost vs iPage? Both Bluehost and iPage shake up the online hosting vertical with their affordable hosting plans. Both also offer different hosting options, including VPS and dedicated servers. But one provider has to be better than the opposite, right?

In our UNBIASED comparison between iPage and Bluehost, we will help you find the simplest option for your budget and wishes. Let the battle begin!

Bluehost vs iPage – Overview

Bluehost vs iPage Comparison 2021

Bluehost is one of the most commonly used web hosting providers. They’re also’s official recommendation.

Bluehost was launched in 1996 and currently has over 1,000,000 sites around the world. While they offer a good type of accommodation options, they are best known for their cheap hosting services.

Bluehost vs iPage Comparison 2021

Endurance International Group owns both Bluehost and iPage. was founded in 1998 and now operates over 1,000,000 websites from two data centers in the United States.

iPage is known for affordable pricing options for its web hosting services. iPage is the most suitable option for users trying to find an inexpensive but reliable hosting service that does not compromise website speed.

Bluehost vs iPage – Speed and Uptime

Speed ​​and uptime are the most important critical factors to consider when choosing an internet hosting service.

Speed ​​is vital because no one likes a slow website, and Google continues to emphasize page speed in its algorithm.

Similarly, uptime is vital because your users expect your site to be available 24 hours. Uptime is generally expressed as a percentage of the total available time; “99.95%”, for example.


We signed up for both services and built a test site with WordPress to test online site speed and uptime for web hosting services in our iPage vs Bluehost comparison. We also installed a default WordPress theme, added dummy content, and uploaded some images to represent the live environment.

We use the tools below to run speed and uptime experiments on our test sites:

  • Pingdom
  • Load impact
  • Bitcatcha
Bluehost vs iPage Comparison 2021

When tested from New York City, our Bluehost site took 689ms to load, according to Pingdom. This is faster than 94% of the sites we tested.

Bluehost vs iPage Comparison 2021

Our iPage test site loaded in just 3 seconds and was faster than 60% of the tested websites.

Like the speed test, it is important to investigate whether your hosting service can survive a surge in traffic. For our traffic growth test, we used a highly regarded testing tool, Load Impact. With Load Impact, we sent up to 100 virtual visitors at a time to our test sites to determine how the servers would handle the traffic.

Bluehost vs iPage Comparison 2021

Bluehost‘s performance remained intact regardless of the number of tourists.

Bluehost vs iPage Comparison 2021

As for iPage, reaction time was slow when there were around 50 users at the location. then the page speed remained stable despite having more live users.

Based on our Bitcatcha test, our Bluehost server responded in just a fraction of a second within the US While the reaction time was relatively high in international locations, it still responded in just a second.

Our iPage server responded in a second location in total, excluding Japan. If your audience is primarily in Japan, then you’ll want to find a server closer to that region.

Winner: Bluehost

Bluehost vs iPage – Ease of Use

Bluehost vs iPage Comparison 2021

Bluehost offers access to cPanel to everyone or any user. With Bluehost’s custom cPanel interface, you will manage your website and hosting resources with ease.

To improve the user experience, they revamped their control panel, making it easier than ever to launch an Internet site with Bluehost.

iPage, like Bluehost, offers a 1-click WordPress installer to get a WordPress site up and running quickly. They also include a basic drag-and-drop builder with their hosting plans, unlike Bluehost. Users who need a quick and easy way to create and design their website without hiring a developer will find this to be an honest option.

Bluehost vs iPage Comparison 2021

The main drawback is that iPage does not offer cPanel. Instead, they provide their own custom version of an impact panel that they request as a vDeck. However, if you are familiar with cPanel, which is the most popular web hosting dashboard, there will be a hint of a learning curve to address before using vDeck.

Winner: Bluehost

Bluehost vs iPage – Features

Both Bluehost and iPage are likely to have the right hosting option for your website, no matter the size and budget of your online business. Your hosting options range from inexpensive hosting to a fully dedicated server.

With both Bluehost and iPage, you get a free name, free SSL, and a 1-click installer. However, in terms of features, iPage outperforms Bluehost …

  • iPage comes with a free drag-and-drop generator, while Bluehost doesn’t offer one.
  • With iPage, you get $ 200 worth of free ad credits, while Bluehost doesn’t offer any with their starter plan.
  • iPage only provides a shared hosting plan. iPage allows an unlimited website hosting plan. However, you will need to upgrade to a dedicated shared hosting plan if you want to host unlimited websites.

Winner: iPage

Bluehost vs iPage – Support and Documentation

Bluehost‘s helpful customer service team is available via live chat and phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They placed a halt to ticket-based support in order to concentrate solely on completing a personal mission through live chat and phone. This decision can be aggravating for users who are struggling with more complicated issues that may take longer to fix.

iPage, by contrast, provides 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat. You’ll also believe their documentation, which explains everything you’d like to know about starting a replacement website.

Winner: iPage

Bluehost vs iPage – Pricing

Without a doubt, iPage simply excels in a cheap hosting vertical with its affordable pricing options. you will start an iPage website for as little as $1.99/mo.

However, in addition to cheap/shared hosting, Bluehost takes iPage out of the water with its affordable hosting plans.

Here is a complete comparison between the value of starting an internet site on Bluehost and iPage:

Bluehost$2.75 / mo.$2.75 / mo.$19.99 / mo.$79.99 / mo.
iPage$1.99 /mo.$3.75 /mo.$19.99 / mo.$119.99 / mo.

Winner: Bluehost

Recap: Bluehost vs iPage

After our comparison, we believe that Bluehost is the best hosting option that you will choose for your website. Not only does Bluehost offer fast web hosting, but their hosting panel is super intuitive, so you will quickly build a website even if you are an absolute beginner.

Bluehost also has a wider range of hosting options than iPage, including managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. They’re also, which adds to your reputation as a WordPress host.

On top of that, Bluehost continually updates its server infrastructure to increase performance and improve user experience.

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