BlueHost vs Wix 2021-Right For You!

Bluehost vs Wix 2021 | Which Is Right for You?

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Bluehost or Wix (2021) are two high-quality, but somewhat different, options for building a functional website.

  • Bluehost can be a hosting provider, which suggests that it manages the server that hosts your website and keeps it connected to the web. Hosting providers specialize in managing your website, not helping you design it.
  • Wix may be a website builder, which suggests that it provides website design tools for beginners. Wix hosts your website for you, but their servers are not as powerful as Bluehost’s.

Bluehost is best for those who want more security and freedom of style. Wix is ​​best for those who want a more user-friendly platform that is also very stylish.

To find out how we came to this conclusion, read on. this text will go section by section, taking Bluehost or Wix (2021) head-to-head in conjunction with the most important areas, from price to style.

Bluehost vs Wix: What’s the difference?

The main difference is this: Bluehost can be a hosting provider, which focuses more on website resources, such as storage space. Wix can be a website builder, focusing more on website design tools like templates. But what kind of platform will you need?

BlueHost vs Wix 2021

Bluehost vs Wix: Pros and Cons

Bluehost Pros and Cons

• Prices are cheaper than Wix’s
• Server resources are more reliable. for example, you will get more storage space and better uptime guarantee
• Can be combined with WordPress for almost unlimited design freedom
• It is not an all-in-one package: you will have to make your own arrangements to design your site.
• Unlimited customization also means a more complex design process
Article: BlueHost or Wix 2021

Wix Pros and Cons

• Much more user-friendly than Bluehost. You’ll get a well-informed site up and running in no time.
• Editing is easy and fashionable with pre-designed templates.
• All-in-one solution: Wix manages the hosting of your website.
• Bluehost’s server resources aren’t as efficient or safe.
• The ability to customise the design is much more limited.
• Plans are more costly than those offered by Bluehost.
Article: BlueHost or Wix 2021

Pricing & Value for Money

Bluehost offers better value for money than Wix, but it is important to note that you will pay for very different services:

  • For $ 2.95 per month, Bluehost will offer you powerful server resources such as bandwidth to accommodate many website visitors and storage space to handle many media.
  • For $ 14 per month, Wix will help you design a sleek, modern website – no coding or technical expertise required.

Both platforms offer a number of paid plans, with the more costly ones providing a more comprehensive set of features. However, since Bluehost is a hosting company and Wix is a website designer, the features included in their pricing plans vary significantly. Here’s what you’re looking for:

Cheapest Plan$2.95/month$14/month
Cheapest Plan Features•Free domain for one year
•50 GB storage
•Unmetered bandwidth
•Extremely basic website builder
•Free domain for one year
•3 GB storage
•2 GB bandwidth
•Drag-and-drop site builder with how-to tips
Full Price Range$2.95 – $119.99/month$14 – $56/month


Bluehost offers better value for money than Wix because its prices are less expensive and you continue to get great features. With that said, it’s important to note that website builders like Wix are all-inclusive – anything you would like to urge a live informed site is covered by Wix’s $ 14 per month cost.

Note: Wix also has a completely free plan. You won’t be able to use a custom name (it will appear as instead), and you will have to support ads on your site, but you will still be able to:

  • Up to 500MB of storage
  • Up to 500 MB of bandwidth
  • Tips and guidance on using the website editor

On the other hand, hosting providers like Bluehost don’t cover the planning tools you’ll need to create an impressive site. It is true that Bluehost provides a basic website builder in their hosting plans, but most people find themselves employing a content management system (CMS) like WordPress to design their website.

What’s a CMS?

WordPress offers both free and premium themes that you can simply use, with premium themes generally starting at a one-time payment of $ 40 – $ 130. WordPress themes are highly customizable, but require more advanced technical knowledge than Wix themes.

Key Takeaway: When considering Bluehost’s extremely low prices, keep the following in mind:

  • The cost of a WordPress theme ranges from $ 0 to $ 130.
  • The time spent learning how to use WordPress is well worth it.

Check out our dedicated Wix Price Review and Bluehost Price Review to learn more about the full price ranges and plans each platform provides.


This is a tie! Bluehost or Wix (2021) offer strong features, but in very different areas.

What’s Included With Bluehost’s Cheapest PlanWhat’s Included With Wix’s Cheapest Plan
•Free domain for the first year
•50 GB storage
•Unmetered bandwidth
•SSL certificate
•Website with a custom domain connected
•Free domain for the first year
•2 GB bandwidth
•3 GB storage
•SSL certificate
•Drag-and-drop website builder
Article: BlueHost or Wix 2021

As you will see, Bluehost has higher storage and bandwidth than Wix, while Wix has better website design tools. It really comes down to which factor you value the most:

For Performance, Choose Bluehost

As a hosting provider, Bluehost offers excellent resources on the particular server your website is hosted on. These resources help your site perform better, which means it will load faster and be ready to receive more visitors in one go. But when it comes to the appearance of the website, you will have to outsource to a CMS like WordPress or accept one of Bluehost’s basic website templates. Read our individual Bluehost review to learn more.

For the best look, choose Wix

As a website builder, Wix hosts your website for you. This suggests that you won’t have to worry about technical headaches, but it also means that you won’t have access to the maximum amount of bandwidth or storage as you would with your own hosting provider (although small and medium-sized websites won’t. ). they actually need more resources than Wix can provide).

Wix’s high-quality website templates and built-in drag-and-drop editor make it extremely easy to design a stunning website on your own. Check out our dedicated Wix review for more information.

Ease of Use

Wix is ​​easier to use than Bluehost. Wix’s drag-and-drop website builder requires absolutely no prior knowledge, and every technical aspect, including hosting, is up to you.

Wix: drag and drop simplicity

The first thing Wix will do is ask you what website you would like to make. You will choose everything from “Portfolio and CV” to “Online Store”, and once you have decided, you will have two options to create your site:

  • Wix Editor is the famous drag-and-drop website builder we’ve all come to Wix with. If you select the editor, you are ready to choose a template and customize it yourself.
  • Wix ADI is a nice, more user-friendly version of Wix. This feature generates an internet site for you, it supports a couple of questions about the type of site you are building and therefore the type of features you would like. There is not the maximum amount of space for customization, but in addition, you may not need to lift a finger.

If you select Wix ADI, you’ll have a finished site in just a couple of clicks. If you select Wix Editor, you can choose from over 500 templates, categorized by industry, and start customizing your schedule right away.

BlueHost vs Wix 2021
editing images
The Wix Editor lets you drag images and text boxes to wherever you want them on the page.


Managing your website is as easy as designing it. Your Wix dashboard will guide you through everything from connecting your free domain to implementing SEO best practices.

BlueHost or Wix 2021
website dashboard
The Wix dashboard makes managing your website’s functions super straightforward.

Wix also hosts your website for you, so you don’t have to configure that part yourself. The downside to this is often that you simply won’t have the maximum amount of server resources (such as bandwidth and storage) allocated to your site as you would with Bluehost. But if simple use is your top priority, then Wix is ​​an unbeatable all-in-one package. Want the simplicity of a drag-and-drop builder, but aren’t sure if Wix is ​​right for you? Our ranking of the best overall website builders will show you more options.

Bluehost: Don’t hold hands

Although Bluehost offers a basic website builder with their hosting plans, most of the people don’t use it, it’s more of a formality of sorts. Instead, the foremost popular option is to form your website hosted on Bluehost through WordPress. In fact, WordPress is so popular that it actually powers 39% of the web .

Since WordPress are often a CMS and not an internet site builder, it offers more design customization than Wix. But that comes at a price: WordPress is not beginner-friendly. for instance , Wix allows you to ascertain how your changes (such as moving images and text blocks) will appear as you create them on the location . But with WordPress, you create your pages during a fanatical editing section, then you want to enter a separate “Preview” mode to work out how they’re going to actually appear.

BlueHost or Wix 2021
editing with wordpress
This is the WordPress editor. To see what your changes will actually look like, you’ll have to click “Preview” in the upper right corner.


This is the WordPress editor. to work out how the changes will actually appear, you’ll got to click “Preview” within the upper right corner.
A basic knowledge of code will assist you master this CMS editor. But if the thought of some HTML intimidates you, otherwise you just do not have time to probe it, then Wix’s no-code editor could also be a way easier option. Also, Wix allows you to code if you want; it’s just that with Wix, handling the code yourself is completely optional!

For website management, Bluehost uses “cPanel”, an impact panel highly appreciated by hosting providers. Although almost as modern because the Wix dashboard, the cPanel remains reasonably straightforward because of its Bluehost site management. i made a decision you’d just like the freedom of a WordPress site, but unsure if Bluehost is that the right host for you? we’ve ranked the only web hosting providers to point out you what else is out there.

Website Design

This is another tie. Wix websites are easier to style , but they’re going to still look amazing. Bluehost WordPress websites require more advanced knowledge, but leave infinite design freedom.

Wix: Easy and Quick Design

BlueHost or Wix 2021
design options
Wix offers hundreds of ready-made templates that you can tweak to your own style.

Wix templates are modern and classy , supplying you with a powerful website with none work on your part. When it involves making the template your own, you will not have the maximum amount freedom as you’d with Bluehost / WordPress, but it’s still easy to vary the colours , fonts, and layouts. One user put it best:

“It was easy to include images and videos, then the more I used it, the higher it got.”

The biggest appeal of Wix templates is that they’re out of the box, but they’re also high-quality layouts. With Wix templates, you will have style and simple use.

What about Wix apps?

If you would like to incorporate additional functionality on your site, a sort of live chat widget or an ecommerce cart, the Wix App Marketplace has over 250 paid and free tools that you simply can simply install with just a few of clicks. . Wix’s app offerings aren’t as extensive as WordPress’s, but once more , they’re easier to incorporate on your website.

Bluehost with WordPress: complicated but customizable

BlueHost or Wix 2021
wordpress site design
There are many free and paid WordPress templates.

WordPress offers thousands of templates (or “themes” as you would possibly call them), ranging in price from liberals to about $ 130 each. Out of the box, these themes aren’t as stylish or modern as Wix’s templates.

However, WordPress themes are far more customizable than Wix templates. If you’ve got a touch coding knowledge and a touch time to urge comfortable with the WordPress CMS, then you’re able to create your own unique pages, freely supporting the WordPress theme you decide on .

We spoke to Harry Clarkson-Bennett of Red Orange Peach about his experience with WordPress to form the site:

“If you would like full control and artistic freedom over your website, and you recognize that you simply want to form substantial changes within the future, then the design freedom you get with WordPress is, in my opinion, essential.

There are more things which will fail with WordPress, but i do know i can not create the web site i actually want with an online site builder. “

What about WordPress applications?

When it comes to apps, WordPress offers nearly 60,000 plugins that you can simply install to present additional features on your site. There are many more WordPress plugins available than the Wix apps, so you’ll be ready to find just about any tool you consider.

The downside to this is that many of the plugins within the WordPress marketplace were created by independent third-party developers, not official WordPress software. We recommend checking user reviews of a plugin before downloading it to make sure you are not installing anything on your site that is out of date or contains malicious code.

Key takeaway: Wix and WordPress templates can give you a modern result. Use Wix if you want it to be easy. Use WordPress with Bluehost if you want it to be customizable.

Performance and Security

Bluehost wins for performance and security. Hosting providers are better than website builders in this area, because they are more focused on the resources and reliability of the particular web server, rather than the front-end of the website that your visitors see.

Bluehost vs Wix: Security Tools

SSL certificateFreeFree
Uptime guarantee99.98%99.8%
Website backupsManualAutomatic
Software updatesManualAutomatic
Article: BlueHost or Wix 2021

What do these expressions mean?

Good question! Let’s quickly reevaluate them:

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate – Encrypts a user’s link to your website, giving them peace of mind that their data is safe. A lock icon will appear in the address bar of SSL-secured websites!

Uptime: The amount of time your website is up and open to visitors is known as uptime. An honest uptime range is 99.95 to 99.99 percent, implying no more than 5 hours of downtime per year. Please keep in mind that a 100% uptime guarantee is difficult to achieve.

Website backups are copies of your entire website’s files. You’ll need to back up your site every few days or so so you can restore a previous version if anything goes wrong.

Software Updates – Your Wix or WordPress website will be affected whenever these platforms are updated with new versions and features. When Wix updates, you won’t need to do anything different on your website. But WordPress can be a bit more advanced: you will be notified when there is a replacement version, but it is up to you to click “Update”.

Help and Support

Wix has better help and support than Bluehost. They both have responsive support teams that you can simply contact by phone or email, but the built-in tips from the Wix editor, guiding you as you go, push this builder to the highest level. Try Wix now

First, let’s go over the fundamentals. Bluehost or Wix (2021) also have a variety of ways to reach their support teams:

Phone24/7Monday to Thursday, 5am-5pm EST
Live chat
Knowledge base
Article: BlueHost or Wix 2021

Real, Bluehost is the only hosting provider that provides 24/7 phone support; in reality, Bluehost outperformed all other hosting providers in our “customer support” ranking. Even, Wix’s help outperforms Bluehost’s in terms of the amount of guidance you get when making improvements to your site in the editor.

BlueHost or Wix 2021
wix editor help
Wix even lets you search through helpful articles without leaving the site editor.

Since Bluehost is not a fanatic website builder, it cannot offer this level of guidance in website design work.

Bluehost vs Wix: Summary

It is clear that Bluehost or Wix (2021)are very different platforms. But one thing is for sure: they are both high-quality tools. In short, this is how they stack on each other:

PricingWinner! Starts at $2.95 per monthStarts at $14 per month
FeaturesTie! Lots of bandwidth and storageTie! Drag-and-drop editor
Ease of UseWordPress editor requires some tech knowledgeWinner! Ready-made templates
DesignTie! Limitless customizationTie! Quick and easy, but still stylish
PerformanceWinner! Secure, powerful serversLess focused on server resources
Support24/7 phone supportWinner! Helpful guidance as you go
Are You Ready?Visit BluehostVisit Wix
Article: BlueHost or Wix 2021

Who Should Use Bluehost?

  • Anyone looking to increase their site content or audience in the future
  • Bloggers with tons of posts to keep track of
  • Anyone who has tons of images or other media on their site
  • Someone who values ​​total design freedom
  • Anyone who wants a more powerful and advanced platform

Who Should Use Wix?

  • Anyone who wants to urge online quickly
  • Someone who wants a simple website building process
  • Anyone who wants most of the work finished them
  • Any one who wants fancy templates without having to code
  • Someone who wants a beginner-friendly platform.

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