BolehVPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

BolehVPN (review) was built on the whim of Reuben Yap over a decade ago.

After graduating from university in the UK, he moved back to his native Malaysia.

Fast forward ten years later and they now have over 3,000 clients (though not much compared to other VPNs).

BolehVPN review
Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

BV Internet Services is the company behind BolehVPN. It is headquartered in Malaysia, but it is governed by Seychelles (more on that later).

In order for this BolehVPN review to be accurate, I made the decision to dig a little deeper into its background …

Because here is the important question:

Is your VPN app good? We determine.

BolehVPN Overview

ExpressVPN Overview

OVERALL RANK:#35 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY:Very Easy, 5/5
LOG FILES:Minor Logging
LOCATIONS:12 countries, 35 servers
TORRENTING: Torrenting Discouraged
NETFLIX:Yes 1/5 
Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

BolehVPN has the following services in a nutshell: What is the aim of BolehVPN?

  1. Mask your IP
  2. Encrypts data between the VPN and your computer (via BolehRoute)
  3. It sped up your connection by torrenting / using BitTorrent
  4. Allows you to request access to geo-restricted sites like Hulu, Netflix (we’ll test for a minute)
  5. Avoid different types of firewalls

Gray zone registration policy

We have literally reviewed dozens of VPNs.

And I have yet to find one that supports “registration”.

It’s sensible once you believe it. It is a filthy word. Logging your browsing activities by the ISP is one of the main reasons to use a VPN in the first place.

However, we discover the following reality:

Most VPNs will keep some logs.

The trick is to pull the curtain and determine which one stays.

BolehVPN is no different. Their home page says “No logs policy” like most of the others.

However, the “Registration Policy” section in your Terms of Service gives us another look.

BolehVPN Logging policy
Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

They begin by admitting that they record “general traffic”, but they do not analyze it on a private level.

Except if they think of unusual activity. If they believe that someone is abusing the service, they will activate individual registration to fix problems (while claiming they do not disclose it to third parties).

It is understandable that they also do not hesitate to cancel someone’s account if they see that they are abusing the service.

So they keep some records. And using a VPN is not an excuse (or protection) against illegal activities.

It claims to be located in Seychelles, but in Malaysia?

If you remember from the introduction, BolehVPN is located in Malaysia but under the jurisdiction of Seychelles.

Their Terms of Service state that they require “extraterritorial jurisdiction” and their service “is governed by the law of Seychelles.”

Their authorization canary expands on this, stating: “BolehVPN is subject to Seychelles law and is not subject to laws such as the USA Patriot Act.”

So that’s the tricky part, here. From our initial search, it doesn’t appear that they need any actual physical operation within Seychelles.

We assume that they are using some overseas incorporation for tax and regulatory advantages, and also as a selling point for user privacy.

When we purchased your VPN, we recognized that the payment visited BolehVPN Sdn Bhd, which is located in Malaysia:

  • BolehVPN Sdn Bhd
  • 393 Jalan Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim is where the Reddi Building is located.
  • 93450 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
BolehVPN Location
Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

So your actual jurisdiction is somewhat murky.

Is BolehVPN Safe?

BolehVPN uses the newest SHA-2 encryption, a 256-bit AES military-grade option.

And once we say “military-grade,” we mean it.

SHA-2 may be a hashing algorithm that was originally created by the US National Security Agency, better known as the NSA.

This 256-bit option is also practically brute-force proof. which means that as of now, it is basically impossible to hack. So this is often top of the line because it gets.

They also use an OpenVPN protocol, which again is taken into account as the best VPN protocol available on the market today.

In most cases, you should continue with OpenVPN. However, if you are running on an older device, they also support L2TP. However, the problem here is that it is not so secure:

Therefore, you should only use it (a) if necessary and (b) when safety is not your primary concern.

BolehVPN’s greatest flaw is that they don’t support IKev2 on mobile devices (recommending OpenVPN instead).

This is a problem because it is often the protocol of choice for iPhone users. (We’ll get to the present later in the Device section below.)

No IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks detected

Internet service providers usually have all the facilities. you use your connection and are therefore bound by its terms.

That includes monitoring which websites you are visiting or the content you are downloading. All of which is definitely traceable through your assigned DNS server.

Anyway, this is how it usually works.

VPNs change the principles of the sport. Except once you have a DNS leak.

They reveal your identity to ISPs (and the government agencies they are reporting to).

Unfortunately, this will often happen without you realizing it. Your VPN connection is up and everything looks legit.

This is why one of our first steps when looking at a replacement VPN service is to run various DNS leak tests.

And the good news?

BolehVPN passed with great success.

We did the post-tests and couldn’t find any leaks:

  • (none found)
  • (none found)
  • (none found)
  • (none found)
  • (none found)
  • (none found)
BolehVPN browser leak test result
Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

There were no leaks in WebRTC, DNS, or IP.

However, we ran into a problem. We uploaded the files of its installation to, and a test indicated that it contains a Trojan.

Other samples did not produce a similar mistake. Although, you should keep this in mind.

BolehVPN total virus scan
Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

Is BolehVPN Fast?

It doesn’t matter how secure a VPN is if the experience can be a nightmare.

And that often comes down to speed.

Safe, protecting yourself is vital. But if you can’t smoothly navigate different websites or enjoy Canadian Netflix, what’s the point?

Fortunately, BolehVPN really delivered here. We even checked this performance on multiple servers on different connections just to be safe.

Take a look for yourself:

BolehVPN benchmark speed
Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

US Server:

  • Ping: 117 ms
  • Download: 62.85 Mbps
  • Upload: 35.38 Mbps
BolehVPN to US Server
Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

New York from the EU:

BolehVPN to EU Server
Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

And here’s the EU Server:

  • Ping: 47ms
  • Download: 88.41 Mbps
  • Upload: 36.63 Mbps

If you remember, the need for speed was the main reason BolehVPN started in the first place.

And its results do not disappoint.

The upload speed was 33.24 percent slower, but the download speed was just 35.25 percent lower. This places them among some of the fastest VPNs we’ve tested.

In our tests, it ranks number 5, behind PIA, Private Tunnel, Hide My IP, and PersonalVPN.

It’s also much quicker than VPNs like Hotspot Shield, SaferVPN, and Avast SecureLine VPN, which are all equally priced.

Does it work with Netflix?

VPN apps will unblock Netflix and other geo-restrictions without a doubt.

You can connect to a replacement server at home and start looking.

The problem is, Netflix has been cracking down on VPN services lately. And sadly, they have gotten good at it.

About every VPN provider appears to be Netflix compliant. This isn’t always the case, however.

So, here is the positive and bad news.

The good news is that BolehVPN works well with Netflix. However, the problem is that they only have one server.

Of course, we were not satisfied with empty claims. So we tested them too.

The results were a bit unpredictable. This is what we found:

  • BolehFlix US did not open Netflix in the US.
  • USA NY server for browsing/streaming blocked
  • US server for browsing/streaming blocked
  • UK Browsing / Streaming Server Blocked
  • Netherlands server blocked
  • Canadian server worked
Canadian server worked only with Netflix
Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

Hopefully, Netflix Canada has what you were trying to find.

Is it allowed to download torrents?

Torrent supercharges file streams. consider massive files, such as movies or music. From a practical point of view, torrents are incredibly useful.

But they leave you exposed for a couple of reasons.

First, downloading copyrighted material is clearly against a principle in some (most) places.

However, that’s not even your biggest risk.

The people you would possibly download data from is.

Torrents often expose personal information, such as your IP address, to people.

That’s where VPNs are available. Obviously, they can block your personal data and make it look like it’s someone or some other place.

That is if your VPN allows torrenting.

Fortunately, BolehVPN is fine with that.

So download it.

The FAQ section of your site confirms the use of P2P. and that they recommend using uTorrent for a simpler experience.

BolehVPN allows torrenting

The only caveats are the servers marked “Surfing-Streaming” and “BolehGEO”, which are configured to handle different types of traffic. Therefore, you would like to make sure that you are connecting to the proper servers for P2P use.

You can also check out our list of the simplest VPNs for torrenting if this is usually one of the first reasons behind your VPN decision.

What devices are supported?

BolehVPN has recently increased its number of concurrent connections to 3 (from two on one account).

To be honest, that’s a bit halfway there.

Others we’ve looked at, such as NordVPN, will double the amount to six.

They have solid documentation for almost every operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. But some would require a bit more work than others:

  • Windows and Mac Installation – Easy to install for everyone.
  • Linux – done!
  • iOS and Android: some technical knowledge is required.

A simple solution to the three device limit is to configure BolehVPN with a router. This way, your entire internet connection only technically counts as one device. then you will connect as many as you want after the fact.

BolehVPN works with AsusWRT Merlin OpenVPN and DD-WRT clients. The installation guides are comprehensive, with many useful screenshots. However, you may need a touch experience with routers as a prerequisite.

No dedicated iOS client

For each system or network, the majority of VPN providers have native clients.

That means that (a) you will use their service more often and (b) you may need to purchase an additional account if you reassess the allowed connection limit.

Unfortunately, BolehVPN does not provide a native iOS client for Apple users.

However, there is a solution.

You can install a third-party application, OpenVPN Connect, and connect through it. On the other hand, you may need to get your hands dirty downloading online keys and settings on a computer, before moving them to your iOS device using iTunes.

It seems like a hassle if you are a technician. And if it’s not that way? Do not waste your time.

TOR Compatible

The Onion Router (TOR) is great for hiding your location.

It uses various open relay points around the world to mask its true location.

The problem is, it doesn’t really give you much protection around that. Connecting to a VPN will give you that extra security boost, without any of the hassles.

Not only does BolehVPN support TOR, but they also go one step further to recommend that you connect through their service first, before TOR. (Compared to TOR> VPN> Internet).

TOR over VPN and VPN over TOR
Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

Is BolehVPN easy to use?

It was easy to set up a BolehVPN client for the first time.

Instead, the problems arose later.

For whatever reason, we continue to have problems trying to determine a referral to one of your servers. We kept getting an equivalent “Unknown Error” notification, which required us to go through the logs to find out what was happening.

BollehVPN error after installation
unknown error

Why don’t we tune in to support?

Well, we tried that too. But I leave it for the last section below.

Servers and main features

ExpressVPN has over 2000 servers located all over the world. Another 3,500 people work with CyberGhost in 60 countries.

But BolehVPN?

Just 35 servers in 12 countries make up this cloud network.

They cover several of the most popular destinations, such as Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and therefore the US.

However, once you compare this to other alternatives, it is pretty minuscule.

On the plus side, they are providing a kill switch.

Aside from DNS leaks, VPNs may even reveal your identity (and history) if your link goes down for an extended period of time.

The kill switches are like your Plan B.

When a connection drops, they will immediately cut your session. That way, none of your personal data is exposed on an insecure network.

Customer Support

Support is not always a deal-breaker with VPN services. If everything works fine and there are no payment problems, you do not need to tune infrequently.

But some level of support would be encouraging. you would like to understand that people who can see everything you are doing online support you at the peak of the day.

Unfortunately, BolehVPN drops the ball during this department.

First, there is no live chat support. So any illusion of getting a quick answer to questions just went out the window.

Instead, they have a useful community connection where you can ask questions and get feedback.

Except it’s broken or offline. So it’s not very helpful either.

Forum not reachable

They have a community page. But there are only a few posts overall. and many of the posts we reviewed have not even been responded to.

Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

There are a couple of self-help articles. But again, not many.

Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

Otherwise, your only option for assistance is to send an invitation.

We present an easy ticket:

And it took them almost an hour to give an answer:

All things considered, it is not regrettable. Some VPN companies with live chat only take a couple of minutes to respond. But this was much better than what we have seen in other cases.

We also tested your community posts and received a response in about two days.

BolehVPN Pricing Methods & Plans

BolehVPN Pricing, Plans & Features
Article: BolehVPN Review In 2021

BolehVPN offers a free 1-day trial to new users. That’s an excellent bonus for those of you who want to give it a spin.

Otherwise, the price is structured by the number of days (with each week being your next option).

The annual option is your best value plan, which costs you about $ 79.99. That breaks down to just $ 0.21 per day or the equivalent of $ 6.57 per month.

Here’s the breakdown:

On new accounts, BolehVPN also provides a fourteen-day money-back guarantee. However, no refunds will be issued on plan renewals.

You can use PayPal and all major credit cards to purchase your software.

Refunds are also dependent on your original payment method. If you use any cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Dash, you may be out of luck (there are no anonymous payment options).

Is BolehVPN Recommended?

Not really…


BolehVPN is a reliable service. Their pace was excellent, and I appreciated that they worked on both TOR and torrents.

The issues on my behalf come down directly to limited servers, murky jurisdiction, no iOS client, and virtually non-existent customer service.

If you want to buy multiple VPN services for some strange reason, maybe.

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