Browsec VPN Review in 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

Browsec VPN is one of the simplest as it involves dynamic scientific addresses and locations. To access its capability, we have prepared this Browsec review to look at the service and its options to visualize how it compares to rival services. Are you still browsing and concluding if Browsec VPN is safe to use?

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Browsec VPN can be a virtual private network provider that protects your scientific field address from internet threats and allows you to browse the camera for free. Closely controlled by Russia-based Browsec LLC, it established in the year 2012 and since then it has a thousand servers in more than forty countries that you can choose from.

Browsec VPN Review in 2022
Browsec VPN Review in 2022

With Browsec, all data transmission fully encrypted, this may be what makes Browsec VPN safe to use. You don’t need to worry about your information being leaked to hackers on the network.


In this Browsec review, it is necessary to hide its weaknesses that ruin the performance of Browsec VPN safe. These deficiencies include:

Customer Service Support

Customers may have problems when it comes to exploiting Browsec and they seem to have made it easy, but sadly, customer support seems to be lacking. They do not have live chats, which means that any communication with their clients prohibited. This results in a collision in unrequited solutions, a delay resolved by a live chat system used by Browsec VPN.


BrowsecVPN service is usually free, however, you will want the premium version which has better services. unfortunately, you won’t get a free trial of the premium set. It is one of all the explanations that users choose Browsec VPN. you’ll be able to get access to any or all of their services during a 30-day free trial.


Browsec VPN free server speed is usually slow and interrupted.

No VPN for Windows

Is Browsec an honest VPN for Windows? You are not getting RESPONSE | a solution} Browsec has not returned with a Windows application. they are still working on creating an associate degree application for Windows. this could mean creating a free Browsec VPN for Chrome; however, there is no confirmation.

Plans and Prices

Browsec VPN not committed to its use, but to get the most out of it, they offer the premium version with higher speed and a large number of servers. Paid plans will be mentioned during this Browsec VPN review.

The Payment Plans Are:

Browsec VPN Review in 2022 Plan & Price
Browsec VPN Review in 2022

1 month – $6.99/month
1 year – $3.33/month you Save Up to 52%
2 years –$2.99/month you Save Up to 57%

PayPal, Union Pay, VISA, MasterCard, and categorical yank are all acceptable forms of payment. Every payment is secure and comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Browsec VPN also offers coupon codes for discounts.

Using The VPN

We would currently display available access for various features within the Browsec review section.


Browsec is reliable once it involves removing geo-restrictions and unblocking Netflix. you will be able to stream any show on Netflix undetected and without any technical issues. This little doubt answers the question “is browsing an honest VPN”.


Torrent is often dangerous and is not 100% safe to use unless you use one of the best VPN providers. A P2P affiliation required to determine protection which does not apply, unfortunately, this does not apply to Browsec VPN. Browsec might not be the right option to deal with torrents.

Browsec VPN Review in 2022


Browsec is currently not available in China because it has been illegal. Although there is a server in the port, the response from users in China has not been positive.

Video Games

We would not suggest video games during this Browsec review if you are exploiting free servers. You will only be able to use a premium account server to access video games.

VPN Features

In this Browsec review section, we can take a look at some of the options of the IP change service.

  • Secure/Change Science Discipline Address: With this feature, you will be able to modify or hide your Science Discipline address to access content that has been restricted in your region.
  • Browsec VPN Safe and Security – Browsec VPN is safe to use, it encrypts your traffic and protects all your knowledge from any United Nations agency that wants to steal it.
  • Cross-platform: Browsec is free for all computers and mobile devices.
  • Premium Plan: There are a thousand servers with stable network connections accessible in more than forty countries. it also supports up to five devices with a premium account.
  • Accessible Remote Servers – Connect to any accessible server location according to your preferences.

Window Client

Currently, Windows users cannot access Browsec VPN, but it is being worked on. Users will be informed once the trial of the service begins. they will provide remote servers around the world, unrestricted net growth services, and security for PCs.

Browsec VPN Review in 2022

An amazing feature of this VPN is that it is a no-nonsense setup. Smart settings allow you to change some settings on a specific website, making the VPN connection automatically turn on and turn off settings. Also, you will be able to select any server location of your choice to mechanically connect with the software system before.

Other Applications

Mobile apps are often connected to the VPN software system.

Test Results

The following look at the ends of this Browsec VPN review may give you a clearer picture of the service’s ratings.


When utilizing a VPN, speed might be a crucial factor because it affects how successful it is. Users of Browsec VPN can get fast connections.

Premium package users want special traffic lanes with the best speed of up to 100 Mbps. Note that free package users are guaranteed speed up to 1mbps.

Browsec VPN Review in 2022
Browsec VPN Review in 2022

DNS Leaks and Torrenting

If you’re curious, is brown an honest VPN? We have carried out a method of review to detect DNS leaks, scientific discipline address leaks, and WebRTC leaks exploiting, the result was that Browsec was airtight and created a safe browser VPN to use.

Customer Service

Browsec VPN users communicate with customer support via email. Unfortunately, this feature does not work 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Browsec Free?

Yes, Browsec VPN not committed to using as long as there are no restrictions. If you want lots of server locations and better speed connections, you will be able to get any premium package.

How can I add Browsec VPN for Chrome?

To add Browsec Free VPN Chrome Extension, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the VPN page to open the Chrome store
  • Add the Chrome Browsec extension
  • Install the VPN Chrome extension
  • Activate Browsec VPN Chrome Extension

How Many Devices Can Be Used to Access One Browsec Vpn Account?

You can record up to five devices to access one Browsec VPN account.

Is Browsec VPN Safe?

Yes, Browsec VPN is safe to use. It uses military-grade cryptography to protect your information from leaks and network threats. However, it is its shortcomings that make Browsec VPN a safer bet.

Is Browsec a Good VPN?

According to this Browsec VPN review, it is safe to mention that browsing can be a smart VPN. It provides you with unrestricted access to any service you want.


Browsec can be a reliable VPN provider that you will be glad you tried. It gives you protection from threats and cybercriminals, unlimited access to any website you want, and a variety of remote servers to install on.

With the knowledge provided during this Browsec VPN review, you now recognize the solution to the question, is Browsec an honest VPN?

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