Buffered VPN Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

The Buffered website says their VPN is “the fastest and most secure.”

That is a bold claim.

But does Buffered copy your claim?

Buffered VPN
Article: Buffered VPN Review In 2021

I got a premium subscription ($ 7.62 / mo at the time of purchase) from Buffered.com and downloaded the Windows app to search.

Here are the results:

Buffered VPN Overview

OVERALL RANK:#36 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY:Very Easy, 5/5
LOG FILES:Some Logging 
LOCATIONS:42 countries, 46 servers
SUPPORT:24/7 Chat, quick responses
TORRENTING: Torrenting Allowed
OFFICIAL WEBSITE:www.buffered.com
Article: Buffered VPN Review In 2021

Buffered VPN Pros

Solid usability

Buffered’s Windows app is extremely easy to use – just turn it on, choose from 37 different servers around the world, and it will automatically connect.

Buffered Windows app
Article: Buffered VPN Review In 2021

Once you are connected, you will see the speed measurements and the IP address of your VPN. It will also rate the standard of your connection to provide feedback to Buffered on how well it is working.

The application configuration is very basic; it will toggle between TCP and UDP, choose a custom port for the VPN, and toggle things like boot on startup and whether or not the VPN switch is allowed.

Buffered app settings
Article: Buffered VPN Review In 2021

You can also tell Buffered whether or not you are willing to share statistics on operational errors.

There’s not a lot of customization available here, but if you’re not a picky VPN user, this isn’t likely to be a drag.

However, the application for mobile devices is not that simple. You will need to download the OpenVPN application, then visit Buffered.com and download the configuration files for a selected server. If you want the option to connect to multiple servers, you will download multiple configuration files.

It’s not much of a hassle, but it’s not as easy as several of the opposing mobile VPNs we’ve reviewed.

Jurisdiction – Gibraltar

Buffered bills itself as “Made with [love] in Gibraltar” (similar to iVPN), but its headquarters are actually in Hungary.

Gibraltar may be a British Overseas Territory, which worries some people. The UK is one component of a huge intelligence-sharing deal with the US, and the data privacy laws in both countries are not very reassuring.

Buffered tackles this on a website about Gibraltar’s condition and authority, assuring users that they are not obligated to exchange any details with the Gibraltar government.

However, I should say that That One Privacy Site did some research on the sovereignty of Gibraltar, which may be British overseas territory, and recognized that there might be more British control than initially appears.

The Netherlands, on the other hand, is a part of a US-led intelligence-sharing system that also includes the UK. Despite this, there are some good privacy security laws in force in the region.

Buffered can be avoided if you are adamant about not using VPNs dependent on countries that share intelligence. Your base in Gibraltar / Holland is actually not a cause for concern if you’re not too worried.

Still, it’s worth noting.

No DNS Leaks

To make sure Buffered delivered the security it promised, I ran an extended DNS leak test using IVPN’s online tool.

Buffered DNS leak test results
Article: Buffered VPN Review In 2021

As you will see, the tool did not show any indication that DNS information was leaked from Buffered. That’s a crucial test to pass, as a DNS leak can reveal more information about you than you possibly would expect.

It’s also worth noting that all Buffered servers have a DNS server hosted there, so you’ll always have quick access to a DNS.

Strong 256-bit encryption

When it comes to VPN features, Buffered is pretty basic. The VPN uses 256-bit Blowfish encryption, which can be a military-grade standard. It also uses the OpenVPN protocol, which is widely known as very secure.

Buffered is safe from a security standpoint. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy here (like NordVPN’s double encryption), but there’s not anything to be concerned regarding.

Customer service is essential 24/7

Buffered promises 24/7 customer service, and that’s a huge plus in my opinion. Also, to measure the chat on their website, they even have a ticketing system that is always monitored. They promise to visit you again in a heartbeat.

When I asked about the fine print of which protocols the VPN uses via email, I got a solution in about 10 minutes.

That is fast.

Buffering is also very active on Twitter, but because live chat is generally available, you almost certainly won’t have to send them your support questions on Twitter.

Five simultaneous connections

A subscription to Buffered gives you the option of running five simultaneous connections. This is usually ideal for anyone looking to protect their family or use multiple devices directly.

You can also install Buffered on your router to run everything in your house over the VPN. The buffer works with both DD-WRT and Tomato routers.

So while it is priced higher, you will get your money’s worth if you run numerous connections.

Compatible with Netflix and Torrent

When I tested Buffered with Netflix, the US West Coast server was ready to connect successfully. So if you reside elsewhere (or are just traveling), you’re ready to watch your favorite shows from home.

However, the servers in other countries were not ready to open Netflix. If you want to look at something that is not available in the US Netflix catalog, you will have to look another way.

And Buffered is fully torrent-friendly. They don’t restrict any P2P file-sharing apps on their network, so you’ll be accessing your heart’s content.

However, you may want to choose a VPN that is a bit faster if you set out to torrent tons.

Built-in kill switch

If you’re connected to a VPN and your connection drops, your traffic will immediately start going out through your unprotected connection, but a kill switch solves this problem. If your VPN connection goes down, all internet traffic on your machine will stop.

It’s a hassle if you’re downloading or streaming something, but it ensures you’re protected no matter what happens to your connection. Buffered kill-switch is disabled by default, but I like to recommend enabling it directly in settings.

Buffered VPN Cons

Some records

Buffered doesn’t make their logging policy very easy to search for, but if you’re doing a bit of research, you’ll find the answers on their site.

Buffered logging policy

A glance at their privacy policy reveals a rather more complicated answer:

Buffered VPN logging policy
Article: Buffered VPN Review In 2021

Buffered takes into account that you can simply remove the knowledge collection through the client settings. However, from what I can tell it will only come out of bug reports. (And the “which may include but is not limited to” clause may be a bit worrisome.)

Some users may be concerned that Buffered collects information for targeted advertising. However, the scope of that advertising is quite limited:

If you are an existing customer, we (or third parties on our behalf) will only contact you by electronic means (email or email chat) with information about goods and services much like those that were the subject of a previous sale or purchase negotiations. for you. You will avoid receiving such information at any time by letting us know.

Buffered’s logging policy is pretty good.

But there is the possibility that some of your information may be provided to third parties, which may put some people off.

Download speed is not fast enough…

Of course, speed is the main factor that many people have an interest in when it comes to a VPN. Buffered says it is the fastest VPN; let’s see if they are right.

Although Buffered features highly secure AES-256 encryption, I was completely disappointed in the speeds of their servers (especially once the value tag is taken into account).

Do you remember what they claimed to be? “The fastest and most secure VPN.” Unfortunately, this is not true.

Buffered VPN Speed Test
Article: Buffered VPN Review In 2021

US Server (New York)

  • Ping: 168ms
  • Download: 51.49 Mbps
  • Upload: 35.38 Mbps

EU Server (Amsterdam)

  • Ping: 40ms
  • Download: 46.78 Mbps
  • Upload: 46.65 Mbps

Asia Server (Hong Kong)

  • Ping: 224ms
  • Download: 36.46 Mbps
  • Upload: 16.30 Mbps

UK Server (London)

  • Ping: 45ms
  • Download: 56.63 Mbps
  • Upload: 39.19 Mbps

As always, take speed tests with a grain of salt as they believe in many variables such as your network connection, your location, your computer, so on. However, since we have tested over 70 VPN services so far, we have an average available that we will compare.

Now don’t get me wrong.

Buffering is a form of a “slow” VPN. In fact, of the 70+ VPNs reviewed on this site, they are the ninth fastest.

But here’s the problem …

Of the 8 VPNs that have the fastest download speeds, only one of them is more expensive. In fact, several of those VPNs boast speeds that are 40% faster than Buffered for less than $ 4 a month.

However, Buffered offers quite a few impressive features and bonuses to help them build for its bland speed and expensive plans.

Buffered VPN Pricing, Plans & Facts

Buffered VPN pricing
Article: Buffered VPN Review In 2021

Buffered offers three different plans:

While $ 4.12 per month is extremely reasonable, Buffered won’t make you an inventory of the most profitable VPNs.

That’s way more expensive than my recommended VPNs like Surfshark ($ 1.99 / month when reviewed) and NordVPN ($ 3.49 / month when reviewed).

If someone signs up for the premium service using their referral link, they both get 30 days free of service. so you can add if you’re ready for a bunch of people to sign up. Buffered also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their plans.

  • No registration: some registrations.
  • Ease of VPN software: VERY simple and easy to use.
  • Hidden fees and clauses: refunds will only be made if you have not exceeded 100 sessions (or 10 hours of sessions) or 10 GB of bandwidth.
  • Upsells: no upsells.
  • Instant access after payment: Yes.
  • DNS leaks: none.
  • Jurisdiction: Gibraltar.
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP.
  • Kill switch: OpenVPN only.
  • Server park: 37 servers worldwide.

Do I recommend BufferedVPN?

All in all, Buffered can be a solid option for a VPN.

It uses industry-standard security technology, features a strong no-logging policy, and offers excellent customer support.

And there aren’t many downsides; its confused state may confuse some people, using the service on mobile devices can be a bit more mysterious than other VPNs, and therefore the speed is probably not enough for a serious torrent download. Those really aren’t regrettable.

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