Buffered VPN Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

Our last outing with Buffered VPN was a while ago, but a lot has changed since then. The associated alleged property modification has told many of the most recent queries, the worst of it is whether or not you can trust every VPN review it scans. Scan our article on the links between BestVPN.com and Buffered VPN for more information on this.

In our buffered VPN review, we’re looking at a real shot at the service we’ve rated “good” in the past. We’ll discuss options, pricing, ease of use, speed, security, privacy, streaming performance, server locations, and customer service before coming to our conclusion.

Although it is not the privacy issue that we will define throughout this review, it is difficult for the United States of America to create a recommendation. The server network is small, speeds are inconsistent, and there are no notable options to play around with. It’s going to be appealing to some, but in a world where VPNs pop up around every corner, a Buffered VPN doesn’t stand out.

Buffered VPN Pros & Cons


  • Affordable multi-year plans
  • Kill switch
  • Built-in speed test
  • Easy to use
  • Some quick locations


  • Inconsistent speeds
  • Questionable Knowledge Assortment
  • Blocked by streaming platforms
  • Lacks options


Buffered VPN hardly has any options outside of what we would think a VPN needs. Most of the tools within the interface are novelties that are easy to find online, and while we tend to appreciate convenient access, we’d like to have plenty of valuable options.

Fortunately, there is still an off switch. It is not enabled by default, however, it still performs consistently. If the VPN fails, the kill switch can activate and cut off your web affiliation. It’s an especially necessary feature for torrent users and people trying to bypass censorship, which is why every provider in our best VPN service guide for China has it.

Other than that, there isn’t much to say. The only other options are a firewall test and a speed test, and thus the latter is not satisfactory compared to other speed test options – scan our Astrill review to see how it should be applied. The Buffered VPN Speed ​​Test feature is fine, but it will only run on one location at a time.

Buffered VPN Review In 2023
Buffered VPN Review

One feature that is sorely missing, however, is split tunneling. Although it’s not the most common feature among VPNs, ExpressVPN, AirVPN, and even PureVPN have it (read our AirVPN review).

Split tunneling allows you to send some traffic through the VPN tunnel, while other traffic remains on your traditional affiliation. It’s useful, for example, to run a full-speed backup while protecting your torrent download, which is why the feature is common among our top VPN picks for torrenting.

Buffered VPN Overview

Payment MethodsPayPal, Credit Card
Accepts CryptocurrencyYes
Simultaneous Connections5
Supports Split TunnelingNo
Unlimited BandwidthYes
Free Trial AvailableYes
Refund Period30 Days
Worldwide Server Amount39 Locations in 37 Countries
Desktop OSesWindows, macOS, Linux
Mobile OSesAndroid, iOS
Browser Extensions
Can Be Installed on RoutersYes
Can Access Netflix USNo
Can Access BBC iPlayerNo
Can Access HuluNo
Can Access Amazon Prime VideoNo
Encryption Types256-AES
VPN Protocols AvailableOpenVPN
Enabled At Device StartupYes
Allows TorrentingYes
No-logging PolicyNo
Passed DNS Leak TestYes
Killswitch AvailableYes
Malware/ad Blocker IncludedNo
Live ChatNo
Email Support24/7
Phone SupportNo
User ForumNo


Buffered VPN doesn’t have low fees – scan our herbaceous plant’s review to see what it looks like – but its rating theme isn’t dangerous either. the best price comes with the longest subscription, as it will with most VPNs, however, the addition of a biennial option makes the rating that much more attractive.

Buffered VPN Logo

The monthly fee is bad, like most month-to-month options, even among the best VPN providers. It’s worth just like CyberGhost (read our CyberGhost review), but with 2 fewer connections. However, unlike CyberGhost, you will be able to install Buffered VPN on as many devices as you like.

The annual plan is tight, but there are cheaper options. for example, TorGuard offers a constant variety of connections for around $10 less, as you’ll see in our TorGuard review. Like the monthly fee, it’s more or less the price we’d expect from a VPN.

However, opting for 2 years offers a high price. for less than $20, you get double the service, bringing the monthly fee down to around $4. It’s not as cheap as, say, PureVPN, but it also won’t fit all the things the service does. Scan our PureVPN review to see what we tend to say.

Although the biennial selection offers many important things, it still has flaws. Buffered VPN has a lot in common with NordVPN in that it involves qualification because they both incentivize you to get a multi-year plan. That said, unlike NordVPN, Buffered VPN doesn’t have a reasonable three-year option to balance the lineup (read our NordVPN review for more on that).

The plans are refundable for thirty days, that’s nice, but there’s no live chat, so you’ll need to leave your refund in an email.


Payment options are common. Buffered VPN accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and bitcoin. Although bitcoin is usually the best option for the dark, it will be the only option with a Buffered VPN. look in the “Privacy” section for details about it.

All plans are accompanied by up to 5 simultaneous connections, which is common among VPN providers. There are some annoying promotions about how other providers “block the next range of connections behind a premium plan”, that’s often not true. Overall, we’re happy, if not affected, here.


Signing up for Buffered VPN could be an easy matter. Once you’ve chosen an idea, you’ll need to enter the associate’s email address, username, and arcanum and choose a payment method. Buffered VPN may ask you to verify your email and direct you to the whiteboard after it transfers to the installer.

Buffered VPN Review

The app is the same smartphone-sized window that VPN users have come to grip and love again. Once you sign in, you will be taken to the server selection screen. By clicking on a location you can connect.

Buffered VPN Review In 2023
Buffered VPN Review

Unfortunately, there is no automatic connection. One of the reasons we tend to rate ExpressVPN so highly, for example, is because of how easy it is to determine that initial affiliation – scan our ExpressVPN review for the other reasons. There’s little doubt about that unless you can’t figure out a big “power” button in the middle of the interface. Buffered VPN is not so cut and dry.

The number of locations is small, we’ll get to that in a much later section, so scrolling through the list isn’t the worst factor. It will also search for a location using the search bar at the top or favorite a location using the center icon. Server browsing is as common as it gets.

After you connect, Buffered VPN can display a screen with your membership details, along with your transfer times and transfer speeds, the total amount of data transferred, and your new data processing address. There is also an option to check your speed under the “tools” tab.


Buffered VPN Review In 2023
Buffered VPN Review

You can make the settings by clicking on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner. Buffered VPN includes a ton of options in there, some of which don’t need a burning space. as an example, you’ll group app data AND account data under an “about” tab. Also, the design is annoying.

Buffered VPN Review

The settings menu is packed with data that most people wouldn’t like. instead of putting app data, account data, and also the always annoying “refer a friend” tab at a very low cost, it puts them at the top. As if the top load of the “refer a friend” tab wasn’t enough, there’s also a continuous banner at the bottom of the interface asking you to try the same thing.

You’ll find useful data at a very cheap. Configuration options are sparse, only allowing you to vary things like startup settings and whether or not the app should be minimized to the container once closed. the only feature is the kill switch, which is weirdly disabled by default.

Buffered VPN Review In 2023
Buffered VPN Review

You can also do a firewall check in the hamburger menu, which isn’t explained, but you should be forced to, and a link to the native log directory. There is also an option to communicate with Buffered VPN within the app, which can be nice.

There are issues with the easy use of Buffered VPN, but the device feels elegant. We’re not fans of the malicious US for recommending people to use the service or the restricted range of options, but the interface is smooth and responsive.


Buffered VPN speed is, in a word, inconsistent. Due to its inconsistent performance, it won’t connect to the ranks of the fastest VPNs, but depending on the scenario you choose, you’ll be proud of the results. Then you will notice the verification result table. We tend to test 5 locations on Buffered VPN speedtest.net network victimization.

U.S. Midwest434.918.6
Buffered VPN Review

Looking at the results, there is a high level of inconsistency. Three of the venues are vocal artists, while the other two are terrible. Canada, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Japan provided the majority of our unprotected transfer speed, but Germany and the US geographic area could afford as little as ten percent.

This suggests that the Buffered VPN network as a whole is not optimized. Some servers are lightning-fast, while others aren’t even worth considering. To locate a suitable site, you must search.

On a positive note, latency remained low on all servers. albeit roughly in the amount of the simpler VPN for the vice, it will use Buffered VPN for that purpose.


Buffered VPN security is commonplace. It uses AES 256-bit secret to write about the OpenVPN protocol. Although that is the gold standard for security in our minds, there are reasons why you would want to use alternative VPN protocols. VPN security isn’t as simple as selecting what others use, and Buffered VPN doesn’t give you the flexibility to change your security.

Still, for many people, 256-bit AES with OpenVPN is the perfect match. It won’t change the amount of secret writing or the exact encryption like you can with TorGuard, but 256-bit AES should suffice. you’ll learn why in our overview of secret writing.

Despite the dearth of options, Buffered VPN is doing everything right when it comes to security. It includes a basic kill switch, combines 256-bit AES with OpenVPN, and has not leaked DNS requests, our processing address of origin information, or WebRTC data.


During registration, Buffered VPN asks for a username, email, and secret. while not as personal as, say, Mullvad (read our Mullvad review), that’s a common thing when it comes to VPNs. That said, when the language is uploaded, we tend to see a tab on the electronic device called “download my data”. Funny, we tend to click and we tend to get demoralized by what we saw.

Despite not having access to a reputation or address, Buffered VPN collected that data and recorded it. The report contained your reviewer’s full name, address, and VPN usage logs, though we tend not to explicitly include data. we can only assume that it was collected via PayPal, which could be a significant breach of privacy.

Buffered VPN Review

The privacy policy is also not helpful. It reveals that Buffered VPN can collect the name and address of your application from a payment processor, but it is buried in an extremely difficult-to-read document. You don’t care what information, if any, is collected while using VPN.

Regardless of what has not been broken in the registry, one thing is clear: if you are concerned with your privacy, you should not use Buffered VPN.

The document containing your address, name, username, and application details together includes your VPN usage. Although it does not show the address of your scientific discipline, it will show the country you are connecting from, the server you are connecting to, and also the times the membership was opened and closed.


The fact that the address of your scientific discipline is not shown does not matter considering that your physical address is registered. As long as the report is instantly provided on the electronic device and generated on the fly in a matter of seconds, we even tend to have doubts about how secure it is.

To be clear, Buffered VPN is not breaking any laws, however, the commercial following compared to alternative VPNs is questionable. the priority in promontory, that is to say where the server is located, is the information protection act of 2004. It says that a corporation cannot collect information without consent. You agree to provide your information when using the service, as printed in the privacy policy.

Streaming Performance

Buffered VPN was blocked by each of the major streaming platforms in various test locations. If you’re into streaming, use one of our best VPNs for streaming guides instead.

Our guides to the best VPN for Netflix and the best VPN for BBC iPlayer may also serve you well, considering Buffered VPN was unable to access those platforms. despite that server we tried, we ran into a terrible proxy error. Despite claiming that you’ll simply “enjoy all the web content you want” with the right service, Buffered VPN sucks when it comes to streaming.

Server Locations

Buffered VPN has thirty-nine locations in thirty-seven countries, which can be a sparse rollout compared to other VPN providers. Scan our HideMyAss review to see what a ginormous network sounds like. The world’s top media centers are represented, but the network still feels limited. Also, there are not multiple knowledge centers in every country outside of the US.

Buffered VPN Review In 2023
Buffered VPN Review

Outside of locations in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea, and Japan, Buffered VPN is almost exclusive to Europe and the US as well. There are options, but not many. the most exotic place, if it qualifies itself, is Latvia.

Customer Service

Buffered VPN touts its customer service as some of the best in the industry, and in our experience, it’s good. Support reps are polite and helpful, and the knowledge base is deep, however, the dearth of live chat means small clarifications take longer than they should.

However, email is fast. we tend to get in touch with a basic question about server locations and a rep came every few hours. Despite being such a simple question, the hardworking person wrote several paragraphs to deal with our issue. That’s sensible customer service.

The knowledge base is very large. Buffered VPN has a text for almost every topic, which is good for troubleshooting, but not for navigation. There’s no search bar, and given the number of items on offer, that usually means you should default to the classic CTRL+F setting.

Buffered VPN Review In 2023
Buffered VPN Review

We noticed throughout our testing that there was a button for live chat at a very low price from the knowledge base. However, nothing happened once we clicked on it, suggesting that live chat was there before or may be available long-term.

Outside of setup and troubleshooting guides, Buffered VPN has sections for their privacy weblog, net wordbook, privacy guide, and scam almanac. These resources are useful if strange. The content sounds like something more appropriate for a review website than a VPN service.

The Verdict

If it weren’t for the questionable variety of data, Buffered VPN would be a middle-of-the-road VPN that stands out for its glorious customer service. However, given its inconsistency in speed, inability to access streaming platforms, and privacy-hostile business practices, it is burdensome for the United States of America to create a recommendation.

Also, there is nothing special about buffered VPN. Even ignoring the issues with Buffered VPN, it’s doing nothing to stand up to the gang.

What does one think about Buffered VPN? let us catch up in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading.

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