BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

BullGuard Antivirus Review

BullGuard Antivirus Review has long been said to be the most effective antivirus for gamers, but I also needed to check how well it worked for regular users. As a result, my team and I put it through rigorous testing on Windows, Mac, and Robot.

In tests, BullGuard achieved spectacular malware detection rates. I was also pleasantly surprised by its fast virus scans and performance optimization tools. BullGuard’s well-known Game Booster feature didn’t fail either, it even improved my PC’s gaming speed!

However, I used to get frustrated by some disadvantages. Not only was the customer support pretty bad, but the Mack app has limited options and no iOS support. Regardless of how powerful BullGuard’s antivirus software suite is, it lags behind big competitors like Norton, McAfee, and TotalAV.

Despite these shortcomings, I found BullGuard to be an honest antivirus package (especially for games). Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out on your device. I simply got a full refund in five business days after trying the method myself.

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In a Rush? Here’s a 1-Minute Summary

  • Blocks 100% of cyberattacks in the period. Fast virus scanning and ransomware protection are included in even the most affordable configuration. Skip down to see my test results.
  • The Game Booster features an excellent treat for gamers. Other bonus options include a VPN, parental controls, and a secure browse please take a look at my in-depth review of each feature.
  • User-friendly apps, however, are not compatible with iOS. BullGuard only works on Windows, Mac, and Robot. consider however the various applications compared here.
  • Live chat and email support are offered. Email support offers the most effective technical advice. Learn a lot about BullGuard’s customer support options.
  • Paid plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unlike other brands, BullGuard costs do not increase once the first year, so there are no nasty surprises at renewal! Check that the configuration offers the best value for money.


BullGuard’s security features are unity sensitive. With malware detection rates of up to 100% for both new and famous online threats. Only a few antivirus programs (such as Norton and TotalAV) have a more comprehensive security suite than BullGuard.

Virus Scan — Fast and Accurate Scans

During testing, BullGuard’s virus scans detected 100% of malware discovered in the previous four weeks. This can be spectacular and on par with other top-tier antivirus plans from Norton and TotalAV. You will be able to select from three scanning options:

  • Quick Scan: Check files and things within the areas that are likely to attack by malware, such as memory and C: drive.
  • Full Scan – Scans your entire system for hidden malware, but takes longer than the short scan
  • Custom scan – select the files, folders, and apps you want BullGuard to scan

I was surprised by the speed of the Bullguard. The full scan took just ten minutes to display nearly 900,000 items. I didn’t notice any impact on my laptop’s performance despite my C.P.U. utilization jumps from twenty-fifth to five hundred throughout the scan. I also ran a quick scan, which took only eleven seconds to complete, and checked 472 things in my most-used files.

BullGuard’s scanning accuracy is also good. Some antivirus plans are extremely aggressive and incorrectly flag safe items as containing possibly malicious code. Throughout my scans, BullGuard had no false positives; For reference, the accepted trading average is fifteen. This saved time in the US state as I didn’t have to manually check files to determine if they were safe or not.

Any antivirus program can inevitably slow down your system a bit, though it is mainly during CPU-intensive scanning. I was glad to hear that BullGuard had minimal impact on the overall performance of my device. There wasn’t even a noticeable lag during scans; I can continue to trade, play and browse online without experiencing lag. Full speeds are 8-12% slower than traditional, in line with what you’d expect from a high-quality antivirus service.

Real-Time Protection — Defends Against Zero-Day Attacks With Ease

Zero-day attacks are online threats that are therefore new, and yet developers haven’t had a chance to build defenses against them. This is often why it’s vital to have an associate-grade antivirus suite that effectively detects and neutralizes these threats before they attack your devices. BullGuard excels at protecting over time, detecting 100% of zero-day malware, ransomware, spyware, and more. This affected me a lot because normal trading is closer to a detection rate of ninety-seven.

BullGuard’s effectiveness comes from a combination of advanced security technologies, including:

  • Dynamic Machine Learning: Monitors new and growing threats on board your device behavior to discover and improve experiences for yourself
  • Sentry Behavior Engine – Effectively detects noticeable malware behaviors to block harmful code from offending devices.
  • Signature-Based Detection – Scans notable and new code signatures for signs of malware

The combination of those tools suggests that BullGuard is ready to investigate and observe potential malware before it’s known to be a threat. This suggests that BullGuard can generally protect you from the latest online attacks. I found that I was well protected against malware when trying to access test sites and transfer test files that contained threats; BullGuard blocked every attempt.

BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023 - Real-Time Protection — Defends Against Zero-Day Attacks With Ease
BullGuard Antivirus Review

Firewall and Network Scanner — Blocks Unwanted Access From Third Parties

A good firewall is meant to prevent malware and unwanted connections from accessing and compromising your devices. BullGuard Firewall can be a great alternative for all new and intimate users. It offers top-notch protection without manual configuration, but can also customize if you are a tech-savvy customer.

What I liked best about the firewall is that it wasn’t a huge drain on my computer’s resources. Many firewalls need a lot of processing power to stay up and alert, but BullGuard’s is lightweight and won’t throttle your device.

What I don’t like is that the firewall asks you about every method it doesn’t recognize. That could lead to multiple pop-up notifications. A service like Bitdefender features a lot of smart firewalling that is better equipped to make judgments about unacknowledged access.

Home Network Scanner could be a good addition to the firewall because it helps you see which devices are mistreating your network. You can use it to verify that the connected devices are safe. In addition to the security of the network itself. I particularly like that you simply prefer to receive notifications once a new device connects to the network and, if you want, lock the device manually. You can also add more than one network to the list, for example, if you carry your laptop between home and work. To ensure security where you connect.

BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023 - Firewall and Network Scanner — Blocks Unwanted Access From Third Parties
BullGuard Antivirus Review

Vulnerability Scanner — Keeps Your Device Secure and Up-to-Date

This feature checks your operating system and installs applications for vulnerabilities. A vulnerability may be the associate degree application. Missing a major update or patch designed to stop malware attacks. Once I ran the scanner, I received a notification that my Windows OS needed to be updated and prompted to update it in real-time. I found this tool useful because it allowed ME to schedule regular scan times. Keeping my apps and devices secure for as short a time as possible.


BullGuard comes with a variety of tools designed to improve device security and performance. Along with its famous Game Booster feature for hardcore games. most of its additional options are useful and work well, however, I found the parent management options to be outdated compared to what competitors offer.

Game Booster — Noticeably Improves PC Performance While Gaming

BullGuard has long been the simplest antivirus for gamers, due to its Game Booster feature. It’s mechanically activated once you install the app and detects once you are running a game without manual configuration. When it sees you’re gaming, Game Booster diverts CPU power away from background apps and directs it to your game, so your games run better with BullGuard running!

BullGuard Antivirus Review

Even once using a top gaming computer, I saw an understandable improvement in frame rate with Game Booster active. Games loaded faster, were very responsive, and I didn’t experience any annoying lag.

Best of all, I knew my computer was completely secure the entire time I was gambling. To play, I didn’t need to risk my antivirus defense. Several antivirus plans are optimized for gaming and need to disabled for smooth gaming or flood you with distracting notifications and alerts. I didn’t get a BullGuard alert while playing and then found a possibly malicious file that had been surreptitiously blocked and quarantined!

BullGuard VPN — Unblocks Restricted Sites but Not Worth the Extra Price

BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023 - BullGuard VPN — Unblocks Restricted Sites but Not Worth the Extra Price
BullGuard Antivirus Review

I was excited to see that BullGuard includes a “Try VPN” button in its app interface, but quickly discovered that it’s simply a link to a different paid service. BullGuard VPN is not a region of any of their antivirus plans and must be purchased separately. however, if you are purchasing it, you will access it from the Ab app.

My speeds with BullGuard were fast enough to stream movies, transfer torrents, and browse online without any annoying lag or buffering. I can also watch shows on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer with ease, although I had trouble unblocking Amazon Prime Video.

I liked that the BullGuard VPN includes a strict no-logs policy once you connected to their servers, therefore it will not store your activity. However, you will need to log in along with your full name, email, and residential address and BullGuard also stores your payment details. It’s not a completely anonymous service, however, none of your online activities can be derived from it anyway.

The biggest drawback is that the BullGuard VPN only has servers in sixteen countries and none in Africa, South America, or the Middle East. this can be much smaller compared to top-tier standalone VPNs like ExpressVPN, which provide much broader coverage stretching to over 90 countries.

While BullGuard VPN may be a limited service, I don’t think it’s an additional price. you will simply get a much better antivirus and VPN package. for example, Norton 360 includes a free VPN with unlimited data metering in every antivirus setup (even at the cheapest tier). while its speeds aren’t as fast as some premium VPNs, Norton 360 VPN has access to many server locations and even comes with a built-in ad blocker.

PC Tune-Up — Optimization Tools Improve Windows Performance

BullGuard has many useful tools designed to optimize your PC’s performance quickly and easily. These include:

  • Optimization Tool – finds and deletes unwanted background processes, invalid shortcuts, PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), and other such things
  • Cleanup Wizard: Scans your temporary files and folders, browser caches, and recycle bin to unlock home on your device
  • Duplicate Files – Appearance of duplicate files, so you can remove or organize them more effectively
  • Boot Manager: Checks the programs that run when you start the computer and analyzes the time they take, thus it will optimize the boot time.
BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023 - PC Tune Up — Optimization Tools Improve Windows Performance
BullGuard Antivirus Review

I used all of those tools on my Windows computer and was amazed at how effective they were. Overall, BullGuard’s optimization tools freed up nearly 1GB of space on my laptop and shaved five seconds off my boot time. Best of all, many of those optimizations manifest in the background mechanically, so you don’t have to worry about manually running the tools. That said, I’d like to see similar tools available in mack, as I think they’d help free up valuable space and increase startup time.

Parental Controls — Outdated Interface and Easy-to-Get-Around Restrictions

I’m pleasantly surprised to check parental controls built into the BullGuard app instead of as an extra transfer. It’s easy to align filters to block access to adult content with three planned age ranges. Unfortunately, the parental control area unit is quite obsolete. for example, AOL is on BullGuard’s blocked messenger list, even if it was deactivated in 2017!

BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023 - Parental Controls — Outdated Interface and Easy to Get Around Restrictions

Also, I didn’t like how easy its to induce some of the content blocks. for example, a parent will block sensitive information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, from being entered into online forms or sent via chat. However, I solved this simply by information in a very different way. instead of typing 555-123-4567, I can type 5551234567 and BullGuard would not block it. Being the same, BullGuard’s app locks are much more durable and cannot be bypassed in this way.

If you want parental management options along with your antivirus, I’d suggest looking for a service with lots of up-to-date options. Norton Parental Controls have location tracking and app blocking for mobile devices, web page filtering, video viewing, and period scheduling for your kids’ devices.

Secure Browser — Good for Online Banking and Shopping

BullGuard’s Secure Browser helps you keep your online banking and look safe by verifying certificate positioning and validity, DNS encryption, and cloud security.

It also forces HTTPS connections, which are more secure than quality HTTP connections. All sites are verified against BullGuard information and access to any site previously deemed unsafe is blocked. You’ll also notice that there are no cookies or browser extensions for Secure Browser to reduce the chance of an information leak.

During testing, Safe Browser blocked sites hosting malware, phishing scams, and HTTPS-compliant websites whenever possible, activity precisely because it was meant to keep my data and activities safe and secure.

BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023 - Secure Browser — Good for Online Banking and Shopping
BullGuard Antivirus Review

Due to the security of something else, I found Secure Browser to be a bit slower than my regular browser. I’d also like to see a lot of security options, like an attached word manager or a virtual keyboard to protect against keylogging malware. I would not suggest BullGuard Secure Browser for normal use due to its slower speeds. However, it is a decent and safe possibility to make purchases or check your financial information.

ID Protection — Monitors Your Personal Data for Online Breaches

Identity theft is on the rise, and it’s more important than ever to keep your personal information safe. This is why I used to be so happy to imagine that BullGuard includes Identity Protection in its Premium Protection setup (you can even buy it as a separate service). You are in the market if you are located within the UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

When you find out about your Identity Protection account, you enter any details you want BullGuard to look at and protect. Constantly check these details on the dark web, social media, online forums, and a variety of different sites and services. If they appear somewhere they shouldn’t, BullGuard immediately alerts you and provides recommendations on steps to take to protect your information.

Ease Of Use

BullGuard is compatible with Windows (7 SP1 and higher), Mackintosh (OS X ten.11 or higher), and Robot (5.0 and higher). Unfortunately, iOS isn’t supported.
For the most part, BullGuard apps are easy to use and intuitive to navigate. I found it quick to transfer and install the apps, taking no more than five minutes on any platform. You’ll notice that some settings are hard to find in Windows due to BullGuard’s drop-down menus, but once you recognize where things are, it becomes much easier to do.

BullGuard Antivirus Review

Desktop Apps — Windows Version Is Superior to Mac

BullGuard packs tons into its Windows interface. All of your top options are instantly on the market, so you’ll see what’s active and what needs attention.

BullGuard mechanically started running device optimization and a scan during installation. sadly, there were no obvious thanks for delaying the processes or preventing them from running. I would find it irresistible if it were easier to pause automatic optimization or scan until a convenient time on my behalf.

I like that each of the options is clearly labeled, however, there are tons of hidden options in the dropdown menus. for example, scheduling a scan found in the Antivirus drop-down menu under “Settings” > “Advanced settings” > “Manage antivirus profiles”. That’s tons of navigation for a feature that services like Norton make a lot easier to access.

BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023 - Desktop Apps — Windows Version Is Superior to Mac

While this isn’t much of a hassle if you plan to spend a lot of your time digging into advanced options, it can be frustrating trying to find a configuration ab initio. I found the Windows interface full of crap, so I had to go to the BullGuard support website to find out how to schedule a scan.


By comparison, BullGuard’s waterproof interface is cleaner and less complicated than Windows’, however, this convenience is worth the options. The waterproof app is missing many of the features found in Windows, such as its enhancement tools and secure browser, mainly because BullGuard is a Windows-focused antivirus service. That said, the waterproof app is extremely simple to navigate. With a single click, you’ll turn period protection on or off, run a scan, or navigate to Quarantine to spot anything suspicious.

BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023 - Desktop Apps — Windows Version Is Superior to Mac
BullGuard Antivirus Review

The only features of the BullGuard waterproof app are full antivirus scanning and temporary malware protection. It’s unsatisfying that BullGuard doesn’t provide much for waterproof users; I would like to see Secure Browser and Firewall available to improve online security. For a lot of full antivirus for Mac, I would suggest Intego. It’s designed specifically for Macs and Apple devices, so with Intego, you get a complete package with plenty of options.

Mobile App — Strong Protection on Android but No iOS App

BullGuard is much easier to navigate on a robot than Windows with a designed interface and no drop-down menus. once I downloaded the app on my Xiaomi smartphone, BullGuard automatically ran a scan of my device. This checked all my files, folders, and apps for potentially malicious packages; fortuitously, the scan showed that my device was safe. I prefer that my device be scanned immediately to confirm that it has not been compromised.

BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023 - Mobile App — Strong Protection on Android but No iOS App
BullGuard Antivirus Review

While the parental management feature is only offered in BullGuard’s paid antivirus setup, the robot app otherwise is free to use for as long as you like. I’m affected by its temporary virus protection and anti-theft options, which allow you to find, lock, and even wipe your device if it’s lost or stolen.

While BullGuard offers excellent bot protection, iOS users don’t get any support at all. This isn’t very acceptable for a premium antivirus these days – several competitors have a blazing iOS app with a malware scanner. Norton even offers WiFi protection and network security.


BullGuard has three support options to choose from 24/7 live chat, email, and an internet service center.

24/7 Live Chat — Fast Response Times but Unhelpful Answers

Live chat options from BullGuard are available in English, Danish, German, French, Dutch, and Romanian. Unfortunately, I am aware of inconsistent response times and obscure responses to my queries in testing.

I visited the BullGuard support website and selected the live chat option, connecting with AN agent in no time. However, the solution to my question (“Can I take advantage of BullGuard’s parental management options to block downloads?”) was not helpful. I just got a comment about my time off and a link to a web page that didn’t have the information I was looking for. When I asked for a lot of information, I was left waiting for over twenty minutes before being redirected to the BullGuard parental control feature information page.

BullGuard Antivirus Review

Overall, it was a subpar experience, especially when competitors like Norton provide fast, friendly, and thoughtful live chat support.

Email Support — The Best Option for Contacting Customer Service

Email support primarily hit Maine with fast latency and full responses. Mail support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the UK and Romania, and between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. m. and 5 p.m. m. in Denmark, Germany, France, European countries, and China.

In my tests, I asked for parental management options to block apps and file downloads regarding victimization. I received a lengthy email response saying that while BullGuard doesn’t offer that option, I could still set my computer to block app downloads. I was pleasantly surprised that the agent gave Maine multiple answers to my problem, instead of just voice communication, the option was not included in the BullGuard package. She went out of her way to provide Maine with three non-BullGuard options and she didn’t try to sell any more Maine at all!

BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023 - Email Support — The Best Option for Contacting Customer Service
BullGuard Antivirus Review

This kind of customer service makes Maine confident that BullGuard wants to help its customers get to a solution, despite the problems they’re having. While live chat might be a faster option for many urgent queries, I was very happy with the email support.

Website — Basic Advice Available on Online Help Center

BullGuard’s online support center has immeasurable useful information that is easily accessible. The search function works well, instantly citing related articles, blog posts, and forum responses to your chosen search term.

If you’re looking for a solution to a particular question, emailing customer support might be a better option than rummaging through blogs and forums. However, if you have a lot of general questions about setup, payments, or troubleshooting, I recommend you take a look at the web support center.


BullGuard Antivirus — Cheapest Plan (Windows Only)

BullGuard’s antivirus setup is the cheapest option, but it’s unique to Windows: there’s no support for Mackintosh or automata. Includes the following features:

  • Real-time virus protection
  • Behavior engine and machine learning
  • vulnerability scanner
  • game enhancer
  • Automatic Updates
  • Free support 24/7

I like that BullGuard’s most cost-effective setup includes ransomware protection, as it provides comprehensive malware protection for an occasional value. If you’re just trying to protect a Windows computer, BullGuard’s basic package offers good protection and a top-notch Game Booster feature at an affordable price.

BullGuard Antivirus Review

Internet Security — Best Value Package

BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023 - BullGuard Internet Security — Best Value Package
BullGuard Antivirus Review

I found the BullGuard web security system to be the best overall value. Protect between three and ten devices, with tiered ratings based on what percentage of PCs, Macs, and automation devices you want to hide. Includes all Antivirus configuration options, plus:

  • secure browser
  • firewalls
  • Parental management
  • 5 GB cloud backup
  • PC setting

This setup is double the value of the Antivirus option, but you get a lot more for your money: the enhancement tools, cloud storage, and the ability to protect multiple devices are well worth the extra price.

BullGuard Premium Protection — Not Worth the Added Cost

BullGuard Antivirus Review In 2023 - BullGuard Premium Protection — Not Worth the Added Cost
BullGuard Antivirus Review

As BullGuard’s most expensive option, I expected the Premium Protection compromise to have a lot of extra options. However, it is almost double the value of the safety net, and only the following options measure accessories:

  • home network scanner
  • Ultimate Identity Protection

Home Network Scanner can be a useful feature to ensure that all devices that connect to your home network are secure. However, it’s not completely necessary as you are already insured for a protection period. Only Identity Protection is useful because it alerts you whenever your personal information has been exposed to an Internet data breach.

If you want to see whether or not Premium Protection is worth the extra price, use BullGuard’s 30-day money-back guarantee to see for yourself. However, other antivirus options offer better value for money on the more expensive plans: Norton also offers a money-back guarantee but will try it safely for sixty days, twice as long as Bullguard.

BullGuard Mobile Security — Free and Premium Plans Available (Android Only)

BullGuard offers a couple of versions of its mobile security system for robots: free and premium. sadly, there is no iOS support in the slightest. The free version has the following features:

  • Anti-Theft: Helps you find, lock and wipe data from your device automatically in case of loss or theft
  • Antivirus: Protects against malware from suspicious app downloads and websites
  • Automatic virus scanning: Scans for viruses, Trojans, and other malware through cloud-based automatic scanning
  • Data Backup – Encrypt and store information such as contacts, personal files, and more on BullGuard’s secure servers with a one-click backup.
  • SIM protection: erase or lock your device if someone tries to get rid of the SIM card or replace it
  • Mobile Security Manager – Access your device data and run scans from any application program that leverages the central dashboard
  • 24/7 support

The Premium plan has all the free options and coverage for up to five devices and parental controls.

BullGuard’s free automaton app is spectacular and gives you comprehensive and no-nonsense coverage at no cost to you. I would only recommend getting a Premium Mobile Security subscription if you want the parental control options. Otherwise, you’ll find that BullGuard’s free mobile security and protection are more than enough for your device.

30-Day Free Trial — No Payment Details Required

BullGuard offers a free 30-day trial of its antivirus suites for all new users. You won’t have to enter your payment details to take advantage of the trial; you just need to generate a degree account associated with a legitimate email address. I used the free trial to check out the BullGuard Premium Protection plan because it gave ME access to any or all of BullGuard’s security features at no cost.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Like many antivirus plans, BullGuard includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Surprisingly, you may not find any warranty information on the Support website or in the FAQ – I had to contact live chat support to confirm that I could get a refund within thirty days.

The agent confirmed that you could create a refund request via live chat or by email from the causal associate title to customer service. After testing BullGuard for many weeks, I decided to check out their money-back guarantee and sent a refund request to their support via email. I received a confirmation of my refund request in just nine hours and got my refund in five business days.

Save 10%

Premium Protection

$99.99per year

Save 70%


$29.99per year

Save 40%

Internet Security

$59.99per year

Final Verdict

BullGuard can be a good antivirus package that is particularly smart for gamers. I found the Sports Booster feature to be excellent and optimize performance on the other side of what I expected during testing. Its antivirus capabilities are wonderful, scoring 100% in detection tests and protecting my devices from the proverbial new malware.

Unfortunately, the parental control options are outdated and there’s no support for iOS. I would even have liked to see many additional useful options, a kind of word manager or secure file shredding. These options are the ones normally offered by Norton, McAfee, and Bitdefender.

In short, BullGuard is best for gamers or if you are looking for an associate-grade antivirus with minimal impact on Windows performance. Every fix comes with a money-back guarantee, so you can try BullGuard risk-free for thirty days and get a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

FAQ: BullGuard Antivirus

Is There a Free Version of BullGuard?

While there is no free version, you will be able to try BullGuard for free with its 30-day free trial. You don’t even have to offer any payment details. After the trial is over, you will be able to use BullGuard for an additional thirty days free of charge with the money-back guarantee. It’s easy to induce a refund. After trying it out myself, I got associate’s degree approval within nine hours via email, and thus, the money was back in my checking account within five business days!

What Does BullGuard’s Game Booster do?

BullGuard is one of the simplest antivirus programs for gamers; this is because its Game Booster feature optimizes your PC performance while you are a vice. Diverts CPU power away from background apps and processes, redirecting it to your game. This leads to an associate degree-enhanced gaming experience with no lag and no antivirus alerts. In short, BullGuard silently protects your laptop from malware while you game without interruption.

Which Devices Does BullGuard Work on?

BullGuard is compatible with Windows (11, 10, 8.1, and 7SP1+), Mac (10.11 or later), and Automaton (5 and later). Unfortunately, BullGuard does not have app support for iOS. If you have an iPhone or iPad with an associate degree, I’d recommend Norton’s iOS app; It even has additional options like wireless local area network security, network protection, and device optimization tools.

Does BullGuard Slow Down Your Computer?

No, there will be no noticeable lag after using BullGuard. Like many antivirus packages, you’ll notice a slight lag on your device during a full system scan; however, BullGuard will do well to keep even full scans on the faster, less power-consuming side.

BullGuard’s optimization tools do a decent job of boosting your computer’s performance. It includes options like the Boot Manager, which analyzes and optimizes your PC’s startup method, and thus the Cleanup Wizard. This scans through your laptop, checking for unnecessary things like temporary browser caches and files in your recycle bin to be deleted to free up the house.

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