CactusVPN Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

CactusVPN Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

CactusVPN Review, In our world where security should be the priority, you would like to contemplate VPN victimization. A VPN or virtual private network could be a form of security association that encrypts all of your web activity. Apart from that, victimization is a completely different advantage, also counting on the VPN provider you are victimizing.

We will be discussing all things CactusVPN during this review. On top of that, we’ll even give you some insights into what it is.

CactusVPN History

Like other startups they started, CactusVPN was photographed by three friends in late 2011. They started as a small business based in the country of Moldova and had the vision to produce greater security with glorious services to the people.

CactusVPN Review In 2023
CactusVPN Review

The founders of CactusVPN were extraordinarily well-versed in eCommerce. That is, they need information about how they will manage the business. They said they had envisioned CactusVPN as a kind of building beyond a family, where everyone from homeowners to employees to buyers as well can understand each other on a deeper level; that everything can be dealt with personally.

Everything started to grow in 2013. This was when they had a few touches from buyers from all over the world. The founders felt the need to hire people to help them solve queries and problems around the world. although this is often the case, they still have that “family restaurant” business model; this is often so they are ready to connect with their buyers on a personal and dedicated level.

Until these days, they needed a constant goal that they had since they started: to create freedom and privacy. They believe that the network is some things {that should|that should} be safe for everyone; that no one should be petrified of victimizing the network. Why? because everyone deserves to be safe, respected, and personal even while online.

With countless VPN services accessible these days, why should you select CactusVPN? Not like alternative VPN buyers and providers, CactusVPN offers some options that may surprise you. Here he measures some of the options that you cannot miss with CactusVPN.

High Level of Protection and Security

CactusVPN Review In 2023
CactusVPN Review

Like most, if not all VPN providers, CactusVPN guarantees maximum protection and security. CactusVPN provides another layer of security by completely hiding your true scientific address; what it will do is replace it with the server is connected to. Therefore, websites you visit, including Google, can see the servers and addresses of CactusVPN’s scientific disciplines, keeping you completely anonymous.

In addition to that, CactusVPN will also protect the privacy of all or part of the web traffic. That is, everything you do is hidden and encrypted; no one is ready to access your non-public and private information with CactusVPN. They are celebrated for not storing the logs of their users and keeping everything safe and confidential.



  • Internet kill switch
  • Sort servers by speed
  • DNS leak protection


  • Not the most affordable

For added protection, CactusVPN also features a kill switch. A kill switch could be a feature that mechanically disconnects a user from the network once an entanglement with a CactusVPN server occurs.

Some VPN providers do not provide a kill switch which is the coverage and security gap. Once a VPN server fails, it automatically reverts the user to its provider’s DNS servers, allowing the user’s scientific address and activity to be exposed.

In terms of protection and security, you will certainly go for CactusVPN. They run on a 256-bit AES secret script and DNS leak watchdog.

Smart DNS

CactusVPN Review

Aside from security, some of the benefits of using a VPN are accessing geo-blocked websites. Due to copyright issues, people and users from certain countries cannot access some websites. With CactusVPN, you will certainly save yourself from that.

They have access to more than 300 websites that are geographically blocked. Therefore, you will surely love your favorite TV shows and movies without worrying that they are blocked.

BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video measure only some of the samples of unblocking geo-blocked websites. This means that even if you are in Japan, you will certainly be ready to watch US Netflix with CactusVPN.

Although it doesn’t unblock Hulu, you’re sure to be ready to access alternative geo-blocked websites through Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video. While time on your device is not dynamic, it will bypass access restrictions.

Device Compatibility and Stability

CactusVPN Review In 2023
CactusVPN Review

If you choose to purchase CactusVPN full setup, it will allow you a total of 5 (5) devices at the same time. Another major problem regarding CactusVPN is that it is compatible with different devices like Android and iOS and its desktop programs, Windows and macOS, separately.

Also, it will accept CactusVPN in terms of speed and allowances because they have no data caps. Currently, they only have a total of twenty-eight servers in sixteen different countries. It’s not that plentiful, but you’re sure it’s safe, as they won’t have a problem setting up and repairing servers.

Have you ever heard the warning that you should refrain from downloading torrents while connected to a VPN? Well, CactusVPN allows P2P on eight (8) of their twenty-eight servers. That is, users will abuse torrents all the time as long as they are safe and secure. With multiple physical servers around the world, you’ll be sure all your private information is secure.

Speed and Performance

CactusVPN Review

As previously noted, CactusVPN oversees the operation of about 28 servers spread across sixteen different nations. Due to its expanded focus, even if this is typically less than other well-known foreign VPN providers, it will give users a stable partnership. While the majority of their servers are based in Europe, some of them may be spotted in the Asia-Pacific region.

They regularly update each of their servers to confirm that everything is the way it’s supposed to be. No hassles, no leaks, and no record keeping by users.

If you want higher association speeds, you can toggle and write the speeds through your CactusVPN profile. Everything you’d like to know about a specific server pair (e.g. speed, security, location, etc.) can see in your CactusVPN account, you just need to log in there once you’ve finished signing up.

In a test, all servers provided fast and stable web connections. Medium to heavy streaming, browsing, and online gaming was seen to perform optimally with no issues on the property. We used to be ready to browse normally and watch HD videos without buffering and buffering.

CactusVPN servers are reliable as users will not experience quick drops with their connection. If you use the Internet to surf, watch videos, and play games, you’ll love what CactusVPN has to offer.


CactusVPN is known to be one of the cheapest VPN services out there. For less than $5.83 a month. After Getting (1) Year Deals. You will feel more and more secure after surfing. By getting it for 3 (3) months, however, it is coming down to just $7.99 per month.

CactusVPN Review In 2023
CactusVPN Review

Getting the 24-month or (2) year plan would save you a few dollars a month because it will only charge you $3.95 a month. instead of receiving $119.88 per year, it will only be $47.49 no matter how smart the deal.

30-day Money-back Guarantee

Most, if not all, VPN providers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if the system is not what you expected. However, with CactusVPN, they will allow a refund whenever the service is down. for example, after you sign up for CactusVPN, you’ll know whether or not you’ll be able to connect to their Smart DNS services or VPN servers. only then may they be able to get their money.

Technically, unlike other providers, you won’t be able to use CactusVPN for a “trial” first before actually buying it. However, there is a 24-hour free trial for those who are interested in subscribing to CactusVPN.

Customer Feedback

Most of CactusVPN’s sponsorship measures businesses and professionals. Often the types of buyers they need are CEOs, directors, programmers, and the like. In their testimonials, they all say one (1) thing – that CactusVPN has been serving them with their needs for both their careers and personal lives.

Most consumers love the features of CactusVPN as well as what they offer. especially when the speed of the affiliation is in question, they are downright concerned with what CactusVPN offers its buyers.

Final Verdict

Unlike other top-rated big players within the VPN business, CactusVPN is ideal for those who have little to no experience in the cybersecurity field. With insignificant servers, rest assured that the squareness of the servers is checked more often and the squareness is tested daily.

There are also negligible risks of being hacked because it is not as big as other VPN providers. Therefore, it is more secure than other VPN providers due to its low number of servers and its higher promotion of security.

If you are looking for a reliable, fast, and secure VPN provider, CactusVPN is probably what you are looking for. they are not making records; they purge them in real time. With CactusVPN, you no longer have to worry about security and confidentiality. You will be assured that everything you are doing online now is secure at a very low price.

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