Chronic Cardio: Are You Wasting Your Time? (2021)

Myths On Cardiovascular Disease

Chronic Cardio: Are You Wasting Your Time? (2021)
Article: Chronic Cardio: Are You Wasting Your Time? (2021)

Yet another fitness trend is making the rounds. those who don’t believe in weight training are sweating themselves out. Running, HIIT and other cardio workouts are some of the more popular workouts that people are turning to, believing that they are the key to getting in better shape. This brings us to the biggest question in the fitness community: is Chronic cardio bad for you?

Well, there might be some truth to the “too much cardio” parable. Read below to find the right thanks for getting the simplest out of your cardio workouts.

The Body in Cardio

Chronic Cardio: Are You Wasting Your Time? (2021)
Article: Chronic Cardio: Are You Wasting Your Time? (2021)

When you enjoy exercises that pump your whole body, your pulse increases and your body’s oxygen utilization improves.

Your body responds to exercise in a way that equates to worry. an equivalent chemical change is entered once an excessive amount is calculated. once you don’t allow enough time for recovery, it negatively affects your physical and psychological state. Once you go overboard with cardio specifically, you are wasting muscle and fat and not providing the results you want.

Gaining or Losing?

Chronic Cardio: Are You Wasting Your Time? (2021) Gaining and Losing Electrons | Mooramo
Article: Chronic Cardio: Are You Wasting Your Time? (2021)

The most common hormones the body releases during and after exercise are insulin, cortisol, endorphins, and leptin. Insulin takes the excess glucose your body needs and stores it as glycogen or body fat. The “stress” hormone cortisol is released, which mobilizes glucose during a “fight or flight” situation. an excessive amount of cardio is indicating that the body will react the same way it would in this situation.

Your body gets unnecessary blood glucose, which it doesn’t need, and stores it instead as fat for later use with insulin. Leptin suppresses the appetite and goes hand in hand with insulin. an excessive amount of exercise causes an increase in the levels of both hormones, which causes you to develop resistance to them. This makes it harder for you to cut back. you feel lethargic and hungry, further disrupting your metabolism. It’s a vicious cycle of cardio and cortisol!

If you are a chronic cardio person trying to cut back, it won’t get you to your goal! Once you do these exercises regularly, your body enters the calorie deficit zone and soon begins to adjust accordingly. Stores fat for energy to fuel for later workouts. Plus, after a major cardio workout, you feel like eating more, which increases your weight.

The Right Way

Chronic Cardio: Are You Wasting Your Time? (2021) Handling Public Opinion: The Right Way To Do It
Article: Chronic Cardio: Are You Wasting Your Time? (2021)

You can train your body to run efficiently without worrying about running too much. It is important to take this into account to be in good physical condition at the start. including lifting heavy weights, high-intensity interval training can prepare you for performance. Short, intense cardio sessions are great ways to burn fat, compared to high intensity. HIIT produces less of an afterburner than a short but quick cardio session. Remember not to go overboard with these as you become more susceptible to injury and fatigue. A balanced exercise program includes a combination of cardio, varieties, intensities, strength, and rest.

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