Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

Cloudways Review can be a hosting provider that provides managed cloud hosting for your website. During this article, I will be able to better check the rating, ease of use, performance, security, and customer support of Cloudways.

Cloudways emerged as a cloud hosting provider that didn’t say goodbye to the past. however, it is not providing old hosting. You are actually providing a service that configures and manages servers from high VPS providers like Google Cloud, Amazon net Services, Vultr, Linode, and DigitalOcean.

VPS has a bad reputation for being difficult to use if you don’t have technical experience. Well, Cloudways comes in, sets up a server for you, and provides you with an associate degree interface that’s as easy to use as any shared web host. As an idea, it sounds good. The problem is that you simply have to pay more than usual.

So during this Cloudways review, I am making progress to see if that increase is worth it and if this provider is someone you will be able to trust.

General Info & Cloudways Review:

Price:Prices start at $10.00/month
Hosting types:Cloud hosting at numerous VPS providers
Server locations:41 server locations in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia
Support:24/7 live chat, ticket system, content, community forum
Current deal:Get Cloudways for just $10/month!
Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

Cloudways Pros & Cons

• Terrifyingly stable and fast VPS hosting
• Easy management of VPS hosting
• Comparatively low costs starting at $10.00/month
• Neither the initial prepayments nor the value will be increased.
• Many server locations to choose from
• More expensive than initial provider costs
• Basic security tools
• Email accounts additional price
• No possibility of domain registration

Cloudways pricing

The plans offered by Cloudways start at $10.00/month and can go up to $5000 per month. That’s a huge gap that can be explained by server variations like disk space, bandwidth, CPU, and RAM offered by DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Google Cloud, and AWS.

Each provider has its own rating, but the bottom options are constant: SSLs are free, unlimited daily backups are included, and you can host as many websites or apps as you like.

Server providersPriceData centersSpecifications
DigitalOcean$10.00/month8 locations1 Core Processor1GB RAM25GB SSD
Vultr$11/month17 locations1 Core Processor, 1GB RAM. 25GB SSD
Linode$12/month11 locations1 Core Processor, 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD
Google Cloud$33.18/month18 locations1vCPU Processor, 1.7GB RAM, 20GB SSD
AWS$36.51/month20 locations1vCPU Processor, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD
Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

As you can see, the biggest difference is the server location, however, the lower resources are quite similar with all providers. In addition, options such as basic security measures, customer support, or unlimited installation of applications include complete plans regardless of the provider.

Now the main question is, what is the difference between the value of the initial providers and Cloudways?

Server providerOriginal provider’s priceCloudways’ price
Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!


Google Cloud Platform and AWS rating cannot be simply determined as Cloudways has custom instances with them. For starters, if you’re intrigued by AWS but don’t know if you want to plan for it, we’ve got a full list of AWS alternatives.

As you can see, the increase in value is important. On the other hand, Cloudways adds a lot of convenience for that valuable purpose – they discovered and implemented the server for you. In addition, you can get an impact panel with various useful tools. therefore, in my opinion, it is kind of a sensible possibility to date.

However, we have not touched on the details of the valuation. But do you realize Cloudways hosting setup is for you?

Pricing need to know

It’s easy to induce a terrible bargain with Cloudways, as you sometimes pay for the bare minimum you want. It also has no increase in value or advanced demand schemes.

This is what I’m talking about:

Best Value
You can opt for the more affordable DigitalOcean setup for $10.00/month and that’s what you’ll pay at the end of the month. The appraisal will not be increased in totally different terms or renewals. This setting is best suited for smaller business websites.

Now, once you create the acquisition, you can decide on a server provider, server location, and the size of your server. There are no extra things in your cart, just the value you see at the bottom.

Choosing Cloudways server

If you want a touch of extra power for a few days, you’ll be able to climb back up for that amount. Once you don’t want the extra resources, you can go back to your regular setup. At the end of the month, you will be charged for what you have used; additional resources can only be added for as long as you have used them.

Vertical scaling with Cloudways


Now that we tend to square measure on this issue, I think such an order is super economical.

  • You don’t have to pay upfront, there’s no Brobdingnagian stress on your checking account at first.
  • You always understand what you are paying for.
  • If a busy amount arrives, you are not susceptible to server slowdowns as you will be able to overload your server with additional resources.

So far, everything sounds almost excellent. Do you want the American state to make it even better?

Good To Understand
You can try Cloudways for free for three days. Master card details are not required. simply register an associate degree account and secure your identity.

How cool is that? You risk nothing and you can see if Cloudways is the right possibility for you. the only different provider may be the regulator.

If this provider seems too expensive for the items it offers, check out our best list of low-cost hosting providers.

Honestly, the valuation department is the strong point of Cloudways. Yes, they’re charging more for the extra brightness (that’s their convenience), but the idea of ​​asking and thus being able to rescale and scale back at any time is just great. Not to mention the completely free 3-day trial.

Hosting Management: Is Cloudways easy to use?

Cloudways uses its own internally developed panel to manage the servers/applications. The panel itself is clean and complete. Also, website repair and installation of SSL certificates are quite simple. The only thing that will be a bit difficult, especially for beginners, is reporting your domain to the server.

What will the Cloudways Dashboard look like?

Once you’re done verifying, this is often what the majority of the board looks like:

Cloudways main account dashboard and server window

You have to wait many minutes for your server to be added. In my case, I waited around 7-8 minutes.

But this is often one of the interfaces you will operate with. And it’s easy. There is a tap at the top where you can see your server(s) or apps.

I’ll even see WordPress pre-installed on my behalf in the “Applications” window, as I designated it during purchase.

Cloudways main account dashboard with applications window

But you may want to have more than one website, and there are different steps involved in fixing a reported website. So we’re going to quickly support installing an associate degree app, pinning a site name, installing SSL, and creating a professional email account.

How to install WordPress on Cloudways?

While not strictly one click, the method of installing a replacement app like WordPress is something you can easily do even if you can’t see it.

Go to “Applications” and click “+ Add Application”.

Adding new application to Cloudways 1

The list of applications is a bit restricted: WordPress, WordPress + WooCommerce, Magento, Laravel, and “custom PHP application”. The latter implies that you will be able to install any PHP-based application, however, you will need to try manually. For me, it’s like an unfinished associate degree tool as other hosting providers are able to offer many applications automatically.

Fortunately, WordPress is there and it is the first alternative for various users.

Adding new applications to Cloudways

In any case, simply choose the desired application from the list and it will be installed and appear in the “Applications” section.

How to add a site name to Cloudways?

In order to add a site to your Cloudways hosted application, you will need to allocate that domain to your server. That’s because Cloudways does not sell or give away domain names. It doesn’t even have its own nameservers.

As difficult as it sounds, it’s actually terrifyingly simple. However, to attempt to achieve this successfully, you must possess these things:

  • A domain name at any registrar you just like (for example, GoDaddy, NameCheap, Uniregistry, Hostinger, etc.),
  • Possibility to log in to the domain registrar,
  • Find the scientific address of your Cloudways server (it is written in the “Servers” window next to your server name).

Go to “Your App” and choose “Domain Management”. Insert your alternative domain here. As for me, I bought a site, specifically for this purpose.

Cloudways domain management and adding new domain

Once you’ve added your domain, click “Save Changes.”

However, for your domain to actually work, you will need to assign that domain to the server. For that, you need to submit an associate A degree record along with your registrar.

I know this all sounds fancy, but in the end, all you have to do is copy the science field address from your server, log into your registrar, open record field A, and paste the science field address. Don’t forget to save a lot of changes! For very careful instructions, you can start with this text.

The DNS will take anywhere from several minutes to forty-eight hours to propagate. For me, it took about [*fr1] hours of an associate degree. that’s not unfortunate.

How to install Associate Degree SSL Certificate on Cloudways?

To install the associate grade SSL certificate along with your Cloudways hosted website, you will only need a second or two. You will see the SSL admin space below your application settings under the “SSL Certificate” tab.

All you have to try is to opt for a certificate: Let’s code is the free one. Next, enter your email address and the domain you want to protect. Once you click “Install Certificate”, it will be activated in a few minutes.

Cloudways SSL management and installing free SSL

The process of installing an SSL Associate Degree with Cloudways is simple and free. you should try this first once you make a website. SSL is what keeps your visitor data secure and makes your website look professional. you recognize that little padlock image inside the search bar by the name. Yes, this is it.

How to produce informed email with Cloudways?

Unfortunately, Cloudways does not have its own email service. However, it’s an integrated Rackspace service and you’ll be able to get informed email with them for $1 per mailbox per month.

To get started, simply go to the “Plugins” tab and click on it.

Here you will discover all the plugins on the market with Cloudways along with “Rackspace Email”.

Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

You can add your own email account by clicking the little “Pencil” icon on the right.

All you have to do now is create a reputation for your mailbox and consider it a powerful secret.

Don’t forget to use your name, e.g. for a more professional appearance. And that is. You will be able to use your new mailbox once you click “Save Changes”.

All in all, Cloudways is easy to use. the only hard half may well be domain management. However, even that contains a very detailed tutorial, you can always increase customer support to make it easier. Other than that, Cloudways makes VPS as simple as shared hosting and will do it with class.

Performance: is Cloudways fast?

I will confidently say that Cloudways is a great performer, especially considering the value you only pay for. It passed every test I put it through: reliability, speed, and stress. The provider’s stability, speed, and ability to handle increased traffic are strictly what you would expect VPS hosting to offer. For my tests, I used the cheaper DigitalOcean server.

Cloudways time Period and Reaction time

In terms of server reliability and speed, Cloudways is perfect. In six months, he was active 99.98% of the time, which could be a good result.

Unfortunately, a couple of blackouts that did occur were quite significant and destroyed forty-one minutes of the total time period. I’m still undecided on whether it’s better to have additional but shorter downtimes or some major ones; however, a period of time is unavoidable and will happen with even the most expensive servers.

Cloudways uptime and response time 6-months results
Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

As for speed, the server reacted as fast as you can expect from any top server. The average server reaction time of 229ms yields shared hosting results that sometimes measure around 400-600ms until sunset.

Cloudways speed

When it comes to speed, Cloudways is incredibly unchallenged, and I mean excellent results. once tested from the US, wherever my server resides, positioning loaded in 358ms (Largest Contentful Paint). That’s really one of the best results I’ve ever seen.

Based on Google’s recommendations to keep LCP sites down to two.5s, this website is doing quite well. Even in faraway places like India.

Comparing Cloudways loading speed from different locations with GTmetrix

For the same price range, you always get zero.5 seconds or 0.6 seconds maximum with performance-focused shared hosting providers. This shows that virtual personal servers will outperform shared hosting any day of the week.

When I put up my regular demo website content and ran GTMetrix one more time, Cloudways continued to impress me more. even if LCP is improved to 759ms, the total load time is simply zero.9s. And that, in itself, is great.

Cloudways fully built website loading speed test with GTmetrix

Realistically speaking, if your website is on the smaller end, you’ll get pretty similar results with shared hosting plans. AN example of that could be Hostinger, which offers a concept for as low as $2.59/month. So why would you pay $11 for Cloudways to offer something only slightly better? Oh well…

But the reason behind this may be much more logical than you think. Cloudways just doesn’t have as many constitutional tools to optimize websites. Meanwhile, Hostinger adds a ton of stuff to make them spin faster. therefore, Cloudways can be a fast host by default and will build it even faster by turning on caching and enabling alternative speed optimization options. just imagine the speed then…

Cloudways Stress tests

To test how well Cloudways will handle traffic, I’ve sent 50 virtual guests to ranking. and thus the test results square the most impressive (nerd alert, does the UN agency think the charts are beautiful?) I’ve ever seen. They clearly demonstrate how capable Cloudways is.

Cloudways stress test

As you will see, the blue line (speed) is super straight. No excessive jumping up and down, meaning the speed didn’t change when many guests joined (grey line).

This is an ideal result, and there is no alternative thanks to describing it. Cloudways can handle the maximum amount of traffic you’d like. Without any slowdowns.

All in all, the performance of Cloudways is as stable and fast as you would expect from the VPS server. it’s very short by default and with a few extra tools it’s often created even faster.

What makes Cloudways fast?

One of the main reasons they build Cloudways quickly is that they use VPS from major providers within the business. but that’s only part of the story, and it’s possible to form Cloudways even faster.

  • An immediate advantage of VPS over shared hosting is that you simply get dedicated resources. Mistreatment of advanced virtualization processes, the server is removing virtual items. It’s like getting a fanatic server, but less expensive. This maximizes your server’s capabilities and performance.
  • As Cloudways uses the servers of different providers, you can form an alternative in the place where you want your server to be established. Each provider has at least eight locations around the world, so you’ll be as close to your customers as possible.
  • Along with the server location alternative, you will also opt for content delivery network services. If your visitors are scattered around the world, CDN can cache your website content on different servers around the world. Cloudways CDN costs $1 for 25 GB.
  • The company offers Breeze, a free internal caching plugin. This plugin was created to help WordPress users optimize their web pages. it is pre-configured on your WordPress website and automatically activated on your WordPress. In addition to normal caching, you can also configure it to modify and group files to reduce file size.

For alternative providers that offer amazing VPS hosting, check out our list of the best VPS hosting providers.

All in all, Cloudways’ performance is top-notch. Well, that’s largely due to the providers Cloudways is partnering with. however, you will get exceptional reliability and speed for your website.

Security: Is Cloudways secure?

When it comes to security, Cloudways is not the leading bulletproof provider. though it will go along with some extraordinarily sensitive security measures like SSL certificates, firewalls, automatic backups, two-factor authentication, and maggot protection.

SSL certificates

Each of the Cloudways plans comes with a free Let’s cypher SSL certificate. will configure it through its installation with a single click. In addition to that, Cloudways also offers a free Let’s cypher Wildcard SSL certificate. this allows you to protect your root domain and all subdomains with one certificate.


All Cloudways servers are protected by firewalls at the operating system level. This helps filter malicious traffic and exclude intruders. What these firewalls do is allow access only to specific ports that are necessary for applications to work properly.

In addition to that, Cloudways also offers a paid option: Sucuri Website Security Firewall (WAF). Starting at $149.99/year, Sucuri’s cloud-based WAF helps prevent hacks and attacks. Honestly, that’s just too expensive. Additionally, there are square measure server providers like DigitalOcean or AWS that have their own security measures in place.

Bot protection

Cloudways has partnered with MalCare to provide application-level security protection. Maggot protection aims to detect and block all suspicious or malicious traffic such as brute force, wordbook attacks, and DDoS to positioning. Also, it helps reduce server resource usage in WordPress applications in this way. just make sure it’s on. you’ll notice “Bot Protection” in your Application Management menu.

Automatic backups

Cloudways performs automatic backups at no additional charge. It will even set the schedule for your backup frequency by the hour, day, or week. Additionally, on-demand backups are also available. so if you want to bring your website back to life, you will do it through its one-click restore.

Two-factor authentication

Regular arcane protection is proving less and less effective, which is why two-factor authentication is crucial for website security. It ensures that anyone trying to access your website will be met with an extra layer of security: a code that only you have access to.

After all, it seems that Cloudways takes security seriously. It offers a wide variety of security options to protect the website against the most common threats. just don’t expect anything too fancy.

Will Cloudways customer support make it easy for me?

Cloudways offers many support options, most of which are 24/7 live chat and online ticketing. If you have a complicated or premium support plugin, you’ll also communicate with them via the 24/7 Slack channel and phone. In addition to that, Cloudways also incorporates a rich data domain and a community forum.

You can simply connect with customer support by clicking the “Need a hand?” box on any page on your electronic device to the right. However, before you chat with someone’s customer support agent, you can first chat with a larva. once you want/need to fix your problems right away, this can be a bit annoying. however, Ohio is fine. Welcome to the future!

In fact, if the chatbot has the “Guide Me” option, you’ll even get instructions on how to perform a particular task right in the live chat window.

Helpful? yes, for easy tasks, it is often much cheaper than scrolling through a massive knowledge domain.

But I had a lot of queries and urgently needed to talk to some real people. Once I saw a lot of Cloudways reviews saying that as great as the support is, I wanted to experience it first.

And my experience was bittersweet.

The agent joined for several minutes, that’s good. To begin with, the interaction went surprisingly well. we tend to get over some jokes, and I got a solution to an easy question about SSLs. So I needed to understand a lot about vertical scaling.

I got a very dark answer, one thing regarding biological research. I asked for many details.

The agent took his time AND provided ME with an elaborate answer. Well, they’re not writers, so I won’t decide consistency there. therefore, I made the decision to dig deeper. And I hit my head against a wall.


After asking a billing-related question that I assumed was simple, the agent did not respond. they simply advised me to transfer to the applications department.

So it’s bittersweet. I reasonably got my initial questions answered, though I wished I was bugging the agent. They then took the first opportunity to urge ME to be ignored. The agent was polite and all that. but definitely not the experience that all those Cloudways reviews outline. that makes me question if they are legit.

You’ll get help from Cloudways anyway, but don’t expect it to be this super friendly and awesome experience where they’re doing everything for you. Uh-uh, that’s why he attends Hostinger.

Live chat and tickets aren’t the only alternatives, by the way. In addition, you will use the domain of knowledge or the community forum.

Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

Mastery of knowledge is just nice. It covers various topics, from getting started to a lot of advanced stuff. There are easy square measurement tutorials to follow.

The community forum still has some fascinating topics, although it’s not very active. I guess it will get users to start mistreating Cloudways once again.

In general, Cloudways customer support is fine. Agents are helpful and polite, but they won’t withdraw their thanks for helping you and will probably take the first chance to say goodbye. However, the domain of knowledge is very sensible and you will get most of your answers there.

Cloudways: For Workflow Management

Cloudways provides some additional useful tools to manage your workflow and a team if you are employed with only one person. you’ll simply create multiple staging environments to match your needs, as well as assign different roles and permissions to an endless variety of people.


One of the preferred and practical options of Cloudways is its scenario configuration. The provider allows you to create as many copies of your site for staging as you like. the particular method is additionally fairly easy.

You just need to make the app you would like to make a test copy of and once you click on three dots, choose “Clone app/Create staging”.

Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

You will be able to select where to form the configuration if you have multiple servers and it will be created in just a second.

Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

If you want to be able to push the changes to the initial website, check the “Create as staging” box. Otherwise, it will produce a clone that is simply a second website.

To manage staging settings, just click on its name and the new window will open as well.

Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

This is an associate degree app-admin space, pretty much similar to your live website. The distinction: “Staging Management” tool. to pull (from the live version) or push (to the live version) changes, all you have to do is click a button.

Cloudways staging management area
Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

While extraordinarily useful, staging isn’t something all providers offer. Therefore, Cloudways allocation for unlimited staging environments is certainly one of its biggest draws. Also, the very fact that it only pushes changes to the live website with just one click only serves to sweeten the pot.

Team – Access Manager

To make collaboration easier, Cloudways allows you to include team members in your account. This explosion feature is especially useful if you work closely with different developers, employees, companies, or customers.

Information fields to create new member with Cloudways
Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

With this feature, you will add team members and assign them totally different roles on your servers and applications.

Adding a new team member to Cloudways
Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

In addition to that, you will also gather permissions to allow team members full or restricted access. This way, you’ll work closely with them without compromising security.

All thought out, both staging and groups measure good options designed for the convenience of website development. Staging is irreplaceable if you’re constantly tweaking your website, while groups are great for collaborating with multiple people.

The Final Verdict – Cloudways Review

It’s obvious from this Cloudways review that it actually contains a lot to supply. It’s a provider like you’ve never seen before, and it comes with lots of fun options on top of good performance. however, at the end of the day, it is not your own servers that you are victimizing.

So, is this successive generation web hosting we should always use or… it’s not the time for that yet?

Feature3.8★★★☆Easy-to-use and fast VPS hosting
Pricing★★★☆☆Cloudways is both cheap and expensive depending on your needs. However, it will be more expensive than just buying a VPS instance from a provider. but reciprocally, Cloudways can be careful with server administration, with an associate degree you will get an intuitive interface to work with. and a lot of useful options.
Ease of Use★★★★★The main product that Cloudways markets are the simple use for VPS. And that is what it will do exceptionally well. The interface is as easy to use as any shared hosting. However, this accommodation is much more powerful.
Performance★★★★☆Since Cloudways uses the servers of leading commercial providers, the performance is also top-notch. However, the provider does not do much on the other side of that – you have to be careful with the optimizations yourself. It’s not necessary, but that will make the location even faster.
Security★★★☆☆Cloudways will provide a lot of security measures. It includes a free SSL certificate, server-level firewalls, daily backups, and maggot protection that you simply create. on the other side that – is your responsibility.
Support★★★★☆Cloudways support department is ok – live chat is pretty fast and agents are polite. However, they are not too desperate to facilitate. Meanwhile, the cognitive content is excellent.
Cloudways Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

So WHO would I like to recommend Cloudways to?

Considering the ease of use, it’s a good choice for small business owners or ordinary bloggers who require powerful hosting but not the quality of it. It’s also an amazing opportunity for freelancers and agencies who collaborate with multiple people to design and develop websites.

Cloudways FAQs

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways can be a managed cloud hosting platform where you can select your cloud provider from a list of five. Here, Cloudways takes the effort and quality out of cloud hosting. Instead, it provides users with a managed setup.

How will Cloudways work?

Cloudways works by giving users the ability to launch applications on different cloud servers right out of the box and by providing in-house tools as well as top management.

Which hosting providers’ servers can I use with Cloudways?

You can use the servers of these hosting providers with Cloudways: DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon net Services, and Google Cloud.

Is Cloudways a reseller?

Not completely. Cloudways will sell VPS services from the initial providers. However, it also offers other options, such as an easy-to-use dashboard and a working server for you. So you will get VPS from the initial provider, Cloudways adds useful options.

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