Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More! Review: Execs and Cons to Watch for SEO was created in 1998 and is currently one of the oldest providers in history. Users note its high-speed operation and fast transfer times. yet is it all, therefore, good?

In what area are the disadvantages of the world’s best-known web hosting? Well, let’s see many important things during this com domain review!

General Info & Review:

Our Rating:Our Verdict: 3.5 ★★★
Uptime guarantee99.99% 
Support options24 hours (live chat, phone, mail)
Hosting plansWeb Hosting Plans, WordPress, Shared, Dedicated, Email
CMSsWordPress, PrestaShop, Magento
FeaturesUnlimited space, produce subdomains, SSL certificate, scalable data measurement, e-commerce solutions
Starting price$3.75 a month Review Pros & Cons

Although may not offer the unique features that its competitors do, this service is still one of the most idolized. Let’s take a quick look at their execs and cons.

+ Easy website setup
+ Low costs
+ Security measures
+ Windows-based servers
+ Unlimited storage
+ 24/7 customer service
+ 99.9% uptime
+ Scalable information measurement
+ Free SSL by Let’s code
No monthly plans
No time period guarantee
Matching hypertext transfer protocol connections
Not modern interface Review

When to Use

If you need to find a provider ready to guarantee you all the essential features of the competition for a comparatively small fee, then is your alternative.

It would be an ideal option for those who have already had experience with similar providers. Consider if you run a small, low-end business. You save money compared to competing services and still have equivalent convenience.

The delicacy of this provider is that it offers eCommerce solutions and promotional tools. Keep that in mind if that’s what your business is concerned about.

When Not to Use

As we noted above in our brief review, you’ll find that the interface is difficult to master if you’re a beginner. Competitors offer a lot of up-to-date and useful admin panels. responded to users who are ready to solve it separately, however, the support team is unlikely to help you with advanced tasks.

Before doing business with, it’s best to talk to support to find out exactly if this service is appropriate for your tasks.


In general, performance and time period are the main vital benefits of all providers. does not offer any data about its operation on the official website. To find out how sensible performs, we deliberately tested other services. Take a peek at the results they came up with below.

Speed Test Results

To find out how quickly allows the user to load page content, we ran some tests. Since the official website doesn’t offer elaborate performance data, these tests show the United States how fast is.

Here area unit the results:

TestAverage Loading Time
GTmetrix test4 s
Pingdom test2.22 s
PageSpeed Insights (Google)3.95 s Review

What is our conclusion? we tend to see that although the results are not ideal compared to common competitors, they are close enough. Its performance is enough to unravel most business tasks. it is a wonderful result for its price. If you want the charging time to be shorter, we will advise you to look for different services.

Uptime Guarantees

This hosting provider does not indicate an associate degree time guarantee on its official website. we tend to ask the customer service department for details. Review 2023: Features, Pricing & More! Review offers a 99.99% time guarantee. If we tend to trust customer service, that’s a reliable result! Well, we’ll have to be forced to take his word for it.

Server Response Time

Above, we have already carried out the tests that allow the United States to know the average loading time. These figures indicate how quickly users will get all the content in the location. However, to investigate server interval very accurately, without considering content load, we tend to decide to use Bitcatcha. Review 2023: Features, Pricing & More! Review

The program noted that despite its location, provides fast loading speed. Again, this hosting provider is fast, and this is usually the easiest result possible, according to Bitcatcha. As we will see, the service gave the provider an A+ rating. Judging by the numbers, this is an excellent result! The service compared this average result to Google’s recommendations for a 200ms interval. Site Migration offers domain transfer services, that unit of an area very well represented on their website. However, transferring the name and migrating a website is not an equivalent problem. The former is like the dynamics of your telecommunication company while protecting your signal.

The latter is analogous to replaying the phone’s content on a replacement device. will help you move the domain, but not with the knowledge of the website. Hosting Types, Features, and Pricing

It provides 3 hosting options: Dedicated, Shared, and WordPress. Here is the area unit 3 basic valuation plans appropriate for corporations of various sizes. Review 2023: Features, Pricing & More! Review

You can choose what’s right for your wishes and not pay for convenience you wouldn’t like. Unlimited space and scalable data area unit of measure on all plans.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated domain hosting is almost equivalent to getting your domain. This type of hosting will not have to be forced to share with other companies, so only you and the staff of your company can have access to it. it’s a big thank you for getting the simplest possible performance, bandwidth, and storage capacity.

You should opt for this hosting if you have a huge company whose tasks require a lot of resources. If you have a large online store, then dedicated hosting from this provider is the best solution.

The dedicated form of this provider gives users complete freedom of action in an extremely elegant configuration. However, there are some disadvantages. The first is the valuation. it is considerably more expensive than the other 2 types.

Second, to understand the setup, you need to have experience with hosts like that. Based on domain hosting reviews, we’ll also see that it’s a great option for large businesses.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most reasonable types, which is appropriate for many business tasks. The area unit of low value and affordability as a result of your business may share the service with many corporations.

Thanks to this fact, you will significantly reduce your possession of allowed hosting. Not bad, right? Each of the shared hosting companies may have a different amount of storage, depending on the arrangement you choose.

Shared hosting is the most cost-effective hosting option that offers. With less storage, bandwidth, and capacity, it’s still great for small businesses.

WordPress Hosting Review 2023: Features, Pricing & More! Review

In addition to premium services, the provider also offers the ability to purchase WordPress hosting. Use mobile-friendly themes and make sure this hosting is fully compatible with the platform!


There are two main threats to your site: attackers and also the risk of miscalculation. Domain Confidentiality + Knowledge Protection allows you to perform regular malware scans. The representatives of the service claim that they are doing everything possible to protect the wind of the users and propose SSL certificates for each service contract.

Everything shows that the company is a bit serious about security.

SSL certificates allow you to indicate to your website users that they will be safe here. it will increase the degree of trust of each search engine and user. Therefore, their ranks are higher.

Thanks to’s advanced security measures, you can:

  • Protect yourself and your website users from the flow of personal knowledge.
  • Filter spam.
  • Protect your website from third-party access.


If we usually say support service, the official website points out that the operator’s area unit is available in the market at any time every day by email, live chat on the service website, even by phone. In domain web hosting reviews, users noted the quick response, responsiveness, and experience. However, if you are plagued by advanced queries or a pressing issue, it will take a while to resolve.

It’s a huge disadvantage if you’re an experienced user with an associate’s degree or represent a large product company. Failure to induce responses to your issue can end up in your company’s money and reputation losses if the matter is not organized as soon as possible. Keep this truth in mind once you choose the simpler option.

We contacted support with many instructional queries, unanswered on location. We had to wait almost ten minutes, but the answers provided did not provide the United States with any new information. furthermore, we will conclude that the support is not fast, and not all experts are extremely qualified. Quick Facts

Scalable bandwidth<locked into each layout
Free SSL for Let’s codeincluded in every fix
Websitesone for an essential fix, no limitation for different
Premium Supportincluded in the extremist plan
Unlimited FTP userson the extremist system
Hidden fees and renewal fee clausesfor the upper unit area. Review

Do We Recommend

Yes, we suggest this hosting. To conclude our domain review, we will say that this is often a decent and acceptable user that the World Health Organization already has experience with such providers. If you’re a small business representative and don’t expect fancy tasks, then it’s the simplest for this low value. has provided excellent clues to verify transfer speed. There is an unlimited memory area unit and a free website protection certificate in every tariff arrangement.

Of course, it’s often difficult to create a non-current associate degree interface sense. However, the support team is available 24 hours a day and can continuously help you with this issue. reviews from users indicate that it is a high-quality service that offers constant access.

FAQs on

What extras do I buy with

Here you will get a free name for a full year, and unlimited storage for each arrangement. offers a 99.99% time guarantee. Each arrangement includes an Associate Grade SSL Certificate from Let’s Code. Even the most profitable. Cute. Is it not like this?

Can I buy a site through

Yes, of course. Fortunately, it’s easy. On the location’s home page, use the menu to browse domain availability and create a two-click purchase.

Can I upgrade my arrangement at any time?

To update or change it to a different one, you must contact the support service at any convenient method. Hopefully, they will get back to you faster than they did in the US.

Is suitable for beginners?

No. The interface here is not current and you will have to decide on all the settings. opt for this provider if you already have experience with such hosting services. in this case, it will not be too laborious to start working.

Is customer service multilingual?

Unfortunately, there is only one language of people. Anyway, we don’t think it’s too slow.

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