ExpressVPN Review in 2022: Features, Plans & More!

ExpressVPN review is fast, secure, and keeps you completely anonymous with its strict no-logging policy. They allow torrenting / P2P downloading and even work with Tor for the highest level of privacy. The application looks great and is very easy to use. ExpressVPN supports pretty much every device you’d like to have it on.

ExpressVPN uses the industry-standard OpenVPN tunneling protocol and 256-bit AES as the default, but if it’s more technical and needs to spice it up, it will do so manually. Its server park consists of a staggering 3,000+ servers in 94 countries.

The price of their service is quite expensive and it is not the easiest option for Netflix. In our tests, only 6 of the 30 US servers worked.

Overall, it’s a really good premium VPN service, but it’s not the simplest option when you’re trying to find a Netflix VPN on a budget. If you’re looking to be safe and anonymous, ExpressVPN Review is a great option.

ExpressVPN Overview

OVERALL RANK:#3 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY:Very Easy, Supports All Devices
LOG FILES:No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:94 countries, 3000+ servers
SUPPORT:24/7 Live Chat
TORRENTING:P2P & Torrenting Allowed
NETFLIX:Unblocks Netflix USA

ExpressVPN Review Pros

Massive Selection of Servers on Almost All Continents

One of the most important benefits of ExpressVPN is a large number of servers. This VPN has 3,000 servers in 160 server locations in 94 countries. They need a server on every continent except Antarctica. ExpressVPN only rivals NordVPN, PIA, TorGuard, and CyberGhost when it comes to the sheer number of servers they provide.

For most of their servers, the registered IP address and the physical server are within the same country, but they also offer you the option of using virtual servers. Virtual servers match the registered IP address with the country you have connected to, although their servers are physically located in another country that is normally accessible.

expressvpn server locations

Although only 3% of your servers are virtual servers, these servers confirm that you simply enjoy a fast, reliable, and secure connection in the shortest time possible.

This large selection of servers means that you won’t have to accept the furthest ones, which are usually the slowest.

Speed Tests Prove They’re Really Fast

Another important aspect of ExpressVPN that makes them easy to love is their speed. I tested its performance on and to be more comprehensive. The results show incredibly fast performance for many of the tested locations.

I tried the following:

New Jersey

  • Ping: 25ms / Download: 45.14 Mbps / Upload: 18.60 Mbps

New York

  • Ping: 39ms / Download: 175.75 Mbps / Upload: 46.54 Mbps

Europe (UK)

  • Ping: 174ms / Download: 242.16 Mbps / Upload: 43.77 Mbps
Speed test

Hong Kong

  • Ping: 447ms / Download: 136.18 Mbps / Upload: 13.42 Mbps

The results, by contrast, show a variety that was potentially thanks to Netflix connections:

Europe (UK)

  • Ping: 107ms / Download: 140 Mbps / Upload: 37 Mbps
Speed test

Hong Kong

  • Ping: 247ms / Download: 130 Mbps / Upload: 28 Mbps

Even so, a speed test should never be taken too seriously. These findings can be influenced by a number of factors, including your physical location, your Internet connection, and therefore the speed of your device.

Usability: A Satisfying User Experience

ExpressVPN Review claims that you can simply find out with their service in about 5 minutes, so I wanted to see this. I used to be pleasantly surprised to be ready to install and activate ExpressVPN quickly and smoothly.

Before I knew it, I was already using your “Smart Location” feature to efficiently connect to your server.


You can even manually configure your connection using the VPN settings at the operating system level. There’s also support for literally every device you can think of, later in the review.

Get started in just three steps:

  1. Choose your subscription.
  2. Head to their setup page.
  3. Download and install ExpressVPN.

Useful Features to Help You Stay Secure

Network Lock: Kill-Switch

In case your VPN is disconnected, it is critical that your data is not yet compromised. Get to know your kill switch, called Network Lock.

expressvpn review

As soon as your connection goes down, this can prevent traffic from entering or leaving your device. I used to be happy to understand that this suggests that my personal data will never be exposed to anyone online, be it my ISP or criminals. Even a failed connection will not compromise my information.

ExpressVPN offers this as a typical feature in its Mac, Windows, Linux, and router applications.

Device Compatibility and Routers

There is great utility in a single subscription, as you will use it simultaneously on up to five compatible devices, regardless of the platform.

expressvpn support

I contacted ExpressVPN Review live chat while trying to find this information on their site, and they confirmed that I can use their service on a good variety of devices:

  • Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, Routers, Chromebooks, Kindle Fires, and Nooks are only a few of the devices available.
  • Browser Extensions – Chrome, Firefox
  • Smart TVs and consoles: Playstation, Apple TV, Xbox, Amazon Fire Stick TV, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Smart TV, all game consoles and smart TVs

There are numerous reasons to protect a device, such as comprehensive security and smooth streaming across all your devices.

If you want to protect five devices, you have two options: buy an additional subscription, or just discover ExpressVPN for your router.

If you are going to use this VPN with a router, it will protect numerous devices more efficiently and eliminate the need to install your VPN app on all devices. This makes using the VPN for your router the most productive option, as it will protect game consoles and smart TVs (everything on your Wi-Fi network) just by securing your router.

Since I’m going through a lot of things on ExpressVPN Review, securing your router only requires a couple of quick steps:

  1. Buy your initial subscription.
  2. Choose your VPN router.
  3. Choose your router model.

In no time, you will have secured your entire Wi-Fi network and multiple devices with a single VPN for your router.

Support for Both Tor and Torrenting

As someone who wants the most secure connection available to me, I naturally wanted to find out if ExpressVPN supports Tor networks and torrents. After browsing their website, I was pleased to read that they do. It works great for torrenting, which is why ExpressVPN got one of the highest spots for our best torrent VPN list.

Using ExpressVPN with Tor gives you the highest security possible. You get Tor anonymity along with VPN encryption. the main result is a tight connection where not even your VPN will be ready to see what you are doing within the Tor network.

It is important to remember that you must first connect to ExpressVPN and then Tor to do this.

expressvpn torrenting

Using a Tor can hamper your connection speed, but if you live in a country with an oppressive government that watches over your every move, having this as an option is essential.

The torrenting feature is great if you want to download and share large files efficiently and quickly. Your IP address, location, and metadata would all be clear to prying eyes if you don’t use a VPN. ExpressVPN works with uTorrent, one of the most widely used torrent clients, to make sure your file-sharing activity will never be traced back to you.

expressvpn support

A live chat agent at the location confirmed to me that ExpressVPN allows file-sharing traffic from their servers.

No Leaks Found at All

I also committed to testing ExpressVPN for potential IP, DNS, WebRTC, and IPX leaks.

These are the websites I tested.

  • Result: No Leak
No IP leaks found DNS Leak Test

  • Result: No Leak

BrowserLeaks WebRTC Leak Test

  • Result: No Leak

  • Result: No Leak

To be more thorough, I also tested the installation file for this VPN on

VPN’s installation file on

No viruses were found in the installation package.

Customers are well-served by Customer Support.

Good customer support is an integral part of any service you simply buy. Technological considerations aside, it is one of the most important factors that will influence whether or not to accompany a selected VPN. After all, if you are not tech-savvy and are struggling to get your VPN to work properly, then you would like to have someone available 24/7 to help you (and confirm that your information remains protected. all time).

Customer support is hands down one of ExpressVPN’s most useful offerings.

To begin with, their live chat is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I contacted them and asked them a series of questions about their personalities. They were very receptive and provided me with straightforward responses.

expressvpn support

Another way that your customer support presents itself to you is with its many self-help guides available on its website. If you don’t want to assist an agent, this is usually your best option.

You can also contact their support by email or submit a support ticket.

Whichever way I narrow it down, I found that ExpressVPN has trained and helpful agents and resources on their website that make it easy for you to find answers that you would like to use your VPN properly and stay protected.

Company Location: British Virgin Islands

ExpressVPN is located within the British Virgin Islands, as I used to be ready to confirm from one of their live chat agents.

expressvpn review

The BVI can be a collection of autonomous islands within the Caribbean. Perhaps best of all, from a data privacy point of view, they are not part of the so-called 14 eyes or SIGINT Seniors Europe. These 14 countries share intelligence data with each other, so being outside of this coordination scope is helpful in protecting your privacy.

The good thing about being located within the BVI is:

  • There are no data retention laws in your jurisdiction.
  • The only time a BVI company is often forced to disclose information in an investigation is by order of its supreme court (outside countries cannot compel a BVI company to disclose anything).
  • There are many obstacles that investigators must overcome in order to successfully convince a court to compel a BVI company to disclose information.

From what I can tell, having a VPN based in the British Virgin Islands can go a long way toward keeping your identity and data safe.

Logging Policy

This VPN is committed to your privacy, so you need a strict no-logging policy. They will never pick up your:

  • IP addresses
  • Browsing history
  • Traffic destination or metadata
  • DNS queries
expressvpn review
Information on:

They also do not collect any activity or connection logs.

ExpressVPN logging policy

However, a VPN will always need to collect certain information. It is good to understand that ExpressVPN values ​​customers to such an extent that they are always open about what they take. once they collect some of your data, they will always let you know.

expressvpn review

They collect:

  • Apps you have activated
  • Only the dates you connected to the VPN
  • VPN server locations
  • Total MB of knowledge transfer

They will only store the least amount of data about you that they have to run a reliable VPN service.

Encryption Standards

AES encryption

You never want your confidential data to be intercepted as it travels from your computer to VPN servers by third parties like your ISP or Wi-Fi operators. ExpressVPN employs 256-bit AES encryption to ensure this never occurs (Advanced Encryption Standard).

AES-256 is used by the US government and security experts around the world, so you can be sure that your own data will always remain confidential.

expressvpn review

Even brute force attacks on AES-256 are unlikely.


Protecting your data means choosing a high-quality VPN. The VPN protocol is equally important, as this is often how the VPN protects data transfers.

It can be quite difficult to determine which protocol is more secure.

Fortunately, ExpressVPN makes this selection a breeze by allowing you to recognize which protocol is the best. For added security, ExpressVPN’s tunneling protocols, the methods your device uses to connect to a VPN server, go beyond the default (and more secure) OpenVPN.

ExpressVPN will select the shortest protocol for you automatically. SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP protocols are also supported by ExpressVPN. The OpenVPN UDP/TCP alternative offers the best security and speed.

ExpressVPN Review Cons

Netflix Has Connection Issues in Quite a Few Locations

No review would be complete without examining one of the most popular reasons to use a VPN: Does it work with Netflix?

Technically, it works, but you should look for a selected server that won’t crash, which suggests a touch of trial and error.

The following servers performed very well in our tests, although there have been problems with tons of US servers:


  • United States (only 6 out of 30 servers worked)
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Bahamas


  • United Kingdom (5 servers)
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • Monaco

Asia Pacific

  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Australia

Middle East & Africa

  • Algeria

Keep in mind that Netflix works very hard to push for VPN IPs to be banned, so the more well-known VPN providers will certainly have more banned servers than the more unknown ones. ExpressVPN is still one of your best options for streaming Netflix.

ExpressVPN Pricing, Payment Options, Money-Back Guarantee, and Free Trial.

Price is often an important factor when choosing a VPN. ExpressVPN review makes it very clear: They are a premium VPN, so that is reflected in their price. You will need to decide whether it is worth paying a little more for your top-notch security and good reputation.

expressvpn pricing review

Subscription Plan

ExpressVPN review, features several subscription plans:

expressvpn pricing

Your membership will be less expensive the longer you have it.

That’s not to say that this is usually a low-cost VPN. If you compare them to free VPNs, this may seem a bit pricey, but once you consider all their features (servers) and performance (fast speeds), you will see why ExpressVPN charges what they are doing.

Payment Options

ExpressVPN review, makes it easy to buy their services.

You can purchase your subscription for several hours, and all major credit cards are accepted. There are also other forms of payment, such as PayPal and Bitcoin, if it is more convenient for you.

expressvpn pricing review

To pay, simply select your plan, enter your email address, and choose your preferred payment method.

Money-Back Guarantee

You will be pleased to know that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee for any subscription plan. this suggests that you will try their service risk-free.

30-day-money-back guarantee

If you change your mind for any reason after 30 days, you will receive a refund, no questions asked.

Getting your refund is as easy as contacting the ExpressVPN support team.

Free Trial

Unfortunately, because they are a premium VPN, a free trial is not offered.

However, there is a free trial for some mobile devices. Any mobile device in countries that access Google Play (Android) / App Store (iOS) can receive a 7-day free trial once they download the app.

Considering everything about ExpressVPN pricing, it can definitely be found to be a scam. you’re getting what you buy, but there are other VPNs that we rate above them and they’re not that expensive. At the peak of the day, ExpressVPN review is still very expensive compared to several other VPNs.

Do I Recommend ExpressVPN?

Yes, I like to recommend ExpressVPN.

When it comes to VPNs, they are hard to beat. Their security is top-notch, making it easy for you to protect as many devices as you want without sacrificing speed.

Although it is a premium service, because the price is reflected, they provide a large number of servers spread over various regions of the planet. Their customer service and Tor and torrent support are commendable.

They are worth your money, which is why I like to recommend them.

yes we recommend expressvpn

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