Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids) in 2023

When it comes to makeup, we all know that completely different eye shapes need different movements to achieve a different look – it’s all about orienting yourself with your eye shape and using specific techniques as you see fit, and in the way, you see fit. does. that you feel beautiful. Seriously, as any of the United Nations agencies that are taking on liquid eyeliner can tell you: There’s no one-size-fits-all technique, and it helps to tailor the merchandise to your specific lid build.

The same logic applies to all makeup intended to delineate and intensify the space of attention. Here, we round up the experts’ beautiful tips for single-lidded eyes. I assume you can line up with this type of cap? Here’s our helpful guide.

How to Tell You Have Monolid Eyes

Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids) in 2023 How to Tell You Have Monolid Eyes
Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids)

A single-lidded eye shape (also called an associated epicanthal fold in nursing) usually does not have a visible crease between the palpebra and the brow bone. That’s why it’s known as a “monolid”: the skin folds during an approach that appears as if there is a palpebra extending to the eyebrow. Not all single-lidded eyes are the same shape. However, if you don’t have a crease, you likely have a single-lidded structure.

And for those wondering about the distinction between a monolid and a hooded eye shape: with hooded eyes, the crease appears to be hidden by a “hood” of skin; monolid eyes, by contrast, do not have any visible creases to the slightest degree.

Makeup Tips to Define Monolid Eyes

Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids) in 2023 Makeup Tips to Define Monolid Eyes
Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids)

We’ve said it a time or two before: any eye shape will rock any makeup style, amount, and finish in history. However, there is something to be said for techniques to line and intensify the shape of your lids. Just as you can have your favorite palettes and pigments to soften your specific eye color. These makeup tips enhance single-lidded eyes so beautifully:

Opt for a Shimmery Lid

Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids) in 2023 Opt for a Shimmery Lid
Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids)

According to makeup creative Alexandra Arthur Holly Compton, development manager for Credo, a shimmery, ombre lid will make it easier to contour a single-lidded eye shape. She explains that a sheer layer of product is applied to the lid and back along with a pointed or thick makeup brush to use heavily on the lid. To give even too much shine, she recommends blending the shimmer shade towards the inner corner of the spotlight.

Carve Your Crease

Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids) in 2023 Carve Your Crease
Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids)

When playing around with makeup, “Go beyond the crease and just create your scene with it,” celebrity makeup creative AJ Crimson once told the USA of the form of care. In other words: once you hit the shadow, create your crease by applying a matte pigment where you want your fake “crease” to start. Then continue with the rest of your shadow, blowing up your new lapidary crease as a baseline.

Extend Shadow to the Brow Bone

Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids)

Or, you can always ignore your natural crease (if you have one) and extend your shadow to your brow. It’s particularly ethereal if you focus the color on the center of the lids and buff it up for a soft ombre effect; it also gives you plenty of ground to play with the pigments.

Use Powder Eyeliner

Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids) in 2023 Use Powder Eyeliner
Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids)

“Using powder makeup instead of liquid eyeliner can help prevent smudging or creasing,” suggests Arthur Holly Compton. “Pick a fun colored makeup from the Associate in Nursingd line with an angled brush.” (A sensible rule of thumb is to swipe from the corner of the lash line toward the tail of the brow.) We love this stunning palette from Rebel Concert and this angular brush from Jenny Patinkin.

Try Floating Liner

Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids)

The look of the Byzantine graphic eyeliner has been refined on any eye shape. But single-lidded eyes usually have a canvas of power tools (since there are no creases to press into the design focus). You’ll be able to use templates no matter what style you want (geometric shapes, florals, etc), but here’s a general procedure:

  • Using a fine, angular eyeliner brush, define the required shape with a darker shade. For a simple winged eyeliner design: start from the inner corner and sweep an arched line to the tail of your hair.
  • With that same shadow, draw a winged liner from the outer corner of your eye, moving it towards the previous line. Still fill in each line until the ends meet, and isolate the form.
  • Build up the intensity by outlining your definition with a liner of your choice (feel free to play with bold shades or continue with a kohl color number).
  • Clean the jagged edges with a cotton swab soaked in micellar water and dab a bit of concealer around the edges to reinforce the sharpness.

Curl the Lashes

Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids) in 2023 Curl the Lashes
Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids)

A tip for all eye shapes: Curl your lashes before you do your giant eye makeup. Arthur Holly Compton once told the U.S. on a way to enhance each eye shape. It’s particularly helpful if your eyes also struggle with a downward shape. As those lashes tend to fall out without a proper curl.

Try an Ombre Smoky Eye

Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids)

According to Arthur Holly Compton, a soft ombre impact creates the illusion of fuller lashes and reveals the eyes. She explains: Using a soft brown makeup liner, apply to the lash line and work to the end. (Here’s a stylish brown range from Jillian gladiator.) Smudge with your finger or brush,” she continues. Once you have a sheer wash of brown all over your lid. Go back and focus the intensity on your lash line and blend. You don’t have to draw hard lines, just keep the planning delicate and smoky.

Go Monochromatic

Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids) in 2023 Go Monochromatic
Eyeshadow Application Tips for (Monolids)

For a placement look that also reads lower, select a color story for your entire beat. For the eyes, concentrate on the shadow in the center of your lids. Then blend it up to the brow bone for a subtle, elegant effect. Feel happy to travel by being daring with color – even bright neons or electric hues will look subdued if you stick with one hue.

The Takeaway. 

If you’re looking for ways to intensify your single-lidded eyes, these makeup tips have you covered once. And at the end of the day? You’ll do something you want, and it will invariably look good, adds Crimson. We agree.

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