Fit Bit Vs. Apple Watch Vs. Garmin (2021)

Smartwatches are here to stay and therefore the Apple Watch is the most popular. But the competition is tough, especially on the physical side. Fit Bit vs Apple Watch vs Garmin (2021)

Every day we hear that we must always walk more, watch what we eat, and calculate. So some of us have to keep track. Fitness wearables have been around since 2003. But as more and more people exercise, the competition has increased.

In the world of fitness smartwatches, three brands have established themselves. Apple, Fitbit, and Garmin all want to be your fitness tracker while having very different origins. So, let’s have a look at this intriguing conflict.

The Apple Watch Takes the World by Storm

Fit Bit Vs. Apple Watch Vs. Garmin (2021) The Apple Watch Takes the World by Storm
Article: Fit Bit Vs. Apple Watch Vs. Garmin (2021)

Every new Apple product attracts skeptics. As a result, the Apple Watch was no exception. Several of the arguments, though, were compelling. When Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver received a call in 2015, he asked, “Can it be repaired in 80 years?” No, since it isn’t going to function any longer.”

Apple, on the other hand, had no intention of being in business for the long haul. It had been this instead. While many people were thrilled about the concept, the debut was not without flaws. To begin with, it wasn’t cheap. The price ranged from $ 350 to $ 550, with a special edition for $ 10,000. Of course, this one didn’t sell well.

Also, some apps were slow and notifications were failing regularly. As a result, users were missing messages and emails. But, still, iOS fans loved the watch. And the statistics proved it. the first quarter of the Apple Watch launch claimed 75% of global smartwatch sales.

It was used to evaluate all future smartwatches and clocks. In just five years, the Apple Watch outsold the entire Swiss watch market. However, it’s worth noting that we haven’t considered fitness. The Apple Watch was never intended to be worn, hence this is the case.

Apple aspired to be a mass-market company. Still, this isn’t to say they fell short in this aspect, as their fitness tracking was one of the most straightforward and straightforward to use. Others, on the other hand, wished to put up a fight against his dominance.

Garmin Was the Military Brat That Challenged the Apple Watch

Fit Bit Vs. Apple Watch Vs. Garmin (2021) Garmin Was the Military Brat That Challenged the Apple Watch
Article: Fit Bit Vs. Apple Watch Vs. Garmin (2021)

Gary Burrell and Min Kao created Garmin, which was formerly known as ProNav. Both had prior military electronics experience, particularly in radio and avionics.

Outside of the military, Burrett and Kao believed that GPS had various applications. So, in 1986, they quit their jobs after raising $ 4 million and formed ProNav.

ProNav primarily focused on GPS applications in navigation, aviation, rescue, and construction. As a result, the business prospered in these niche areas. The founders saw that wearables were becoming increasingly popular after renaming to Garmin, an abbreviation of their names.

Garmin created the Forerunner in 2003, allowing users to track key aspects of fitness such as pulse, distance, and calories.

Yes, it had been bulky and had poor battery life. But it had been one of the main devices intended for athletes. Because of the top-of-the-line GPS technology, triathletes and long-distance runners loved the devices.

Smartwatches were the next logical step. But their aim was not only to satisfy sports needs but also to provide everyday tools like emails, text messages, etc.

Garmin releases new products every two years, constantly improving and adding more features. Now, you will even find them with Spotify connection, Bluetooth, and contactless payment.

While the Apple Watch was designed for the general public, Garmin produced tough goods for outdoor enthusiasts. However, a small business intended to focus on regular individuals who enjoyed exercising.

Fitbit: the Young, Small but Scrappy Fitness Company

Article: Fit Bit Vs. Apple Watch Vs. Garmin (2021)

Fitbit can be a classic underdog story. the company was born in 2007 and, to convince investors, founders James Park and Eric Friedman had little or nothing to say.

His idea was a small device that would inform the user about steps, calories, and distance. It is important to note that their model was rough: they had to present a wooden box and some circuits. But they believed in their brand. As a brand, Fitbit caught on. In an early sales talk, they expected 50 pre-orders and ended up receiving 2,000.

The challenge was that none of the founders had manufacturing experience. So at first, the company struggled to come back with an efficient manufacturing process. As a result, both Friedman and Park have said that Fitbit nearly shut down seven times.

The first Fitbit was rudimentary. It had been a clip that you simply attached to your neck or pants. But, back then, it was new technology and other people loved it. In 2009, they had 25,000 orders, and more are on the way.

Fitbit added a strap and a digital watch two years later. There was even phone service, but neither message nor email was available. Fitbit was created with only one goal in mind: to improve one’s health.

Their heartbeat monitors were so good they even appeared in Mayo Clinic medical studies.

Furthermore, both founders were big fans of data, and the more the better. Fitbit even intended to use it in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. However, because of their passion, their products were too rudimentary to be called smartwatches.

This article is about: Fit Bit vs Apple Watch vs Garmin

Fitbit’s Slow Evolution Into Smartwatches

Fit Bit Vs. Apple Watch Vs. Garmin (2021) Fitbit’s Slow Evolution Into Smartwatches
Article: Fit Bit Vs. Apple Watch Vs. Garmin (2021)

Fitbit failed to adjust quickly enough when the Apple Watch was released. Fitbit Blaze, the company’s smartwatch, was released in late 2016, over two years later. Some sales have occurred. However, sales of their fitness items were successful when they launched their smartwatch.

The problem was, the Blaze didn’t compare to the Apple Watch. So while Apple dominated, Fitbit hovered around third or fourth in sales. And that’s when Google comes in. The huge ones wanted to break into the wearable sector and bought Fitbit for $ 2.1 BN.

Fitbit had some advantages, such as sleep tracking, which Apple only introduced in 2020. But the move proved risky.

The Smartwatch Market Becomes Competitive

Article: Fit Bit Vs. Apple Watch Vs. Garmin (2021)

Ever since Apple Watched was launched, it has been consistently at the highest level of sales. Meanwhile, Garmin and Fitbit have struggled to gain ground. So does this mean that the Apple Watch is the best? Well, it is up to you to inform us. So what do you think is the simplest wearable?

It’s not that nobody buys the opposite brands. For example, 2020 was an honest year for Garmin when it achieved third place in global sales. Meanwhile, Fitbit’s best year was 2018, when it ranked third in sales.

Despite the buzz surrounding Fitbit’s latest wristwatch, the Versa, the Google acquisition didn’t assist the company. It climbed from third place in sales in the third quarter of 2019 to fourth place at the end of 2020, after dropping out of the top five in the first quarter.

Still, the competition gets tougher every day. First of all, giants like Samsung are still going strong. But then other companies are also rushing to hit the market, like Xiaomi, Huawei, Titan, and even Fossil.

Controversies Surrounding Smartwatches

Article: Fit Bit Vs. Apple Watch Vs. Garmin (2021)

They are just smartwatches, but they are still controversial. and some revolve around the same health monitoring that they promote.

In 2018, the Apple Watch first introduced an EKG feature, which sounds great. But medical professionals urged users not to blindly trust the watch, as average users will not understand the results. This feature increased the chances of a misdiagnosis.

Then there’s Fitbit’s love of data. You see, when Google announced the acquisition, the huge was also facing backlash over privacy concerns. So many users threw away their Fitbits as they didn’t want to be a neighborhood of Google’s privacy issues, especially when it comes to health.

Wearables present a dilemma. One study showed that 89% of users use it all the time. But, as more and more businesses face the scrutiny of data, customers won’t love the idea of ​​using it 24/7.

Plus, in addition to privacy concerns, there are constant reminders to find out, walk more, and stay on top of your health. For some this could be great, except for others it would induce anxiety and stress.

In the end, a smartwatch is usually a great tool for those who are in shape and exercising. But it can also be different for us to stay connected, even when we don’t want to. let us know what you think.

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