Forefront Antivirus Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

Forefront Antivirus Overview

Forefront Antivirus (review), Sybari Software was the first creator of Forefront as an antivirus client. It became an extension of Microsoft’s early virus protection programs, platforms, and services when Microsoft acquired Sybari in 2005.

Entry-Level Protection


Forefront Antivirus Pros & Cons


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Great monitoring and reporting
  • There are almost no cases of false positives
  • Simple interface


  • Malware detection is unsatisfactory
  • The great pressure on low-end systems
  • Big differences between different pricing plans
  • Requires multiple programs
  • Constantly failing antivirus tests

How to Set It Up and Uninstall

Installing, repairing, and uninstalling antivirus programs is often tedious. However, Forefront avoided this common mistake by using a simple process for all categories. The installation also includes how you would like to learn about Forefront.

  1. First, head over to the download section on Microsoft’s official website and search for the Forefront program.
  2. Then run the MSI file included in the folder.
  3. Then comply with the Upper User License Agreement and follow the steps throughout the installation process.
  4. Confirm the alternatives to find out and the way the system will run on your device.
  5. Finally, the setup is finished and you are good to go.

Uninstalling Forefront is also a simple process.

  1. Run the uninstall executable included in the installation folder.
  2. Follow the steps and confirm to see the box indicating that you want to undo the changes made to the system during installation.
  3. Restart your computer to apply the changes safely


Forefront includes filtering, real-time scanning, keyword tracking, quick scans, comprehensive reports, custom notifications, quarantine, and more. Unfortunately, however, some of these features are omitted from the cheaper packages.

Microsoft Forefront Client Security review
Article: Forefront Antivirus Review In 2021


Money-back GuaranteeNo
Free VersionNo
Parental ControlsNo
Email ProtectionYes
VPN ServicesNo
Smartphone OptimizerNo
USD Virus ScansNo
Automated Virus ScansYes
Game ModeNo
Safe BrowserNo
Passive ModeNo
Article: Forefront Antivirus Review In 2021

Threat Protection

Adware PreventionYes
Article: Forefront Antivirus Review In 2021


Forefront provides a faulty scan. However, the Advanced, Professional, and Comprehensive licensing plans include real-time scanning at a significant cost of system resources.


PlanPriceNumber of DevicesTop Features
Basic$13 per user per yearUp to 10Basic scanning, detection, and removal of malware
Advanced$256 per yearUp to 20Real-time scanning, quick scans
Pro$32 per User per YearUnlimitedA complete package including additional tools for specific programs in one tool
Full License$150-180 per UserUnlimitedA complete package including additional tools for specific programs in one tool
Article: Forefront Antivirus Review In 2021


Forefront has no discount available to new users at this time.

Privacy and Security


In terms of privacy, Forefront can be a bit of a dud. It covers the software that is integrated into your operating system but does not prevent malicious connections that complete a function equivalent to these applications. In general, it is limited.


As an antivirus program, Forefront is decent. It consistently fails malware identification and removal tests but has improved with updates.

Performance and Protection

Download System Center (formerly Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection)  2012 SP1 Beta / 2010 2.0.0657.0
Article: Forefront Antivirus Review In 2021

Malware Protection

Protection against malware is restricted, considering constant flaws in laboratory test results.

Ransomware Detection

Forefront can detect and remove ransomware, but it is not recognized as a powerhouse in this department.

Phishing Detection

Forefront does not have phishing detection.

Spyware Detection

Forefront does an honest job at detecting spyware.

Firewall Protection

This program does not have firewall protection.

Article: Forefront Antivirus Review In 2021

Lab Test Results

Forefront received a 60.5% malware detection score using AV-Test. However, it did not disinfect all the threats it encountered and failed the test. this is often especially concerning because you have been given fewer files as a kind of disadvantage.

Ease of Use and Interface

While Forefront lacks the department of protection, it excels in terms of simple usability and interface. It manages to provide a good kind of tools while maintaining a simple structure that is easy for people of all abilities to use.

Customer Support

Microsoft provides direct customer support for Forefront. They do not have a specific department for the program but will contact them by email or phone.

Our Verdict

Forefront provides comprehensive coverage for malware, viruses, and other unwanted packages that invade an operating system while you browse online. However, it is not a comprehensive solution and lacks certain aspects. Although they are decent value for the cash, alternatives like McAfee, Intego, and Norton offer much better service for equivalently priced plans.

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