FrootVPN Review in 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

FrootVPN Review. FrootVPN can be a pretty solid VPN based primarily in Sweden.

I think FrootVPN has a lot going for it. It’s comparatively cheap and offers an honest level of security and privacy.

It’s also pretty fast.

It also represents some compromise when it comes to selecting a VPN.

There are VPNs for area drives that provide stronger security and faster services for area drives, but what lets FrootVPN down is its customer service.

With all of this mentioned above, you can feel that FrootVPN offers an honest mix of options for value. If you want a solid and fast VPN at an affordable price, this would be for you.

I am here to help you choose.

So here is my full, unrestricted FrootVPN review.

VpnAlert Rating:7.1 of 10 ⭐
Better alternative:Click here to find out more
Encryption:OpenVPN, Azure’s very-own WireGuard
Servers & Locations:24 servers, 6 countries
Logging policy:No logs
Live chat:No
P2P & Torrenting:Allowed
Platforms:Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, routers
Simultaneous Connections:5
FrootVPN Review

Overview of FrootVPN

FrootVPN Review in 2023
FrootVPN Review

FrootVPN has a long and illustrious history, much like VPNs.

Founded by Frootynet AB in Sweden in 2014, it was truly supported by Pirate Bay in its early years.

Once the Swedish police raided TPB in the Gregorian calendar month of 2014, the positioning changed its cover emblem to market FrootVPN.

According to TorrentFreak, this Froot-join rectifier is gaining more than 100,000 new users at intervals of several weeks.

Unfortunately for Froot, 2014 is ancient history as far as the VPN market goes.

In the years since then, many new VPN services have appeared, and Froot (as we shall see) is currently on the verge of being overtaken by these new companies.

Still, if you’re trying to find a VPN with established documentation for high-quality service and don’t trust newcomers, FrootVPN may be a solid choice.


  • competitive valuation
  • intuitive interface
  • Pretty smart crypto


  • Small server network
  • Slow download speeds
  • Slow customer service

Features and Benefits

Let’s take an in-depth look at what FrootVPN Area Drive offers and how it compares to the other VPNs out there


The first is the overall user experience.

I should mention that FrootVPN’s home page, as well as the styling of its apps and plugins, are among the simplest I’ve seen.

That might have something to do with them, start Swedish: the look of scrubbing, is easy and easy to use.

Froot also builds a huge shell out of the options your VPN offers by default.

So, to be honest with them, here they are:

FrootVPN Review in 2023
FrootVPN Review

All of that looks spectacular, of course, but keep in mind that the vast majority of those options are units currently offered by even free VPN providers, and also the best VPNs offer much more.


When it comes to security, FrootVPN is pretty no-nonsense.

The VPN uses a 2048-bit writer secretly.

This isn’t as secure as full-fledged AES 256, but it’s also much smarter. It comes with a much lower computing load than AES 256, and as a result, secret writing and cryptography are considerably faster.

FrootVPN also offers PGP convenience, partnered with an A+ SSL rating in 2015.

This level of secret writing can even be applied to torrenting traffic, which is usually a somewhat distinctive feature of FrootVPN, and was probably why Pirate Bay suggested the service back in 2014.

Today, however, this can be a fairly common feature.

Server Network

And now we tend to get to some of the cons of FrootVPN.

I’m sorry to mention that the number of servers they offer can be a bit low.

FrootVPN Review in 2023
FrootVPN Review

FrootVPN offers 47 servers in 35 countries.

These cover most of the necessary locations you’d expect from a high-quality VPN:

  • Canada
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Sweden
  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • German
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
  • South Korea
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Isle of Man
  • Brazil
  • Israel
  • Japan

The problem is that this can be a very low number of servers for a VPN company. You may not want an Uzbek language server, of course, but the value of a large, well-diversified server network goes to the other side of streaming Netflix in Uzbek.

Ultimately, you’d like your VPN provider to provide you with a great selection of servers because this can be proof that you’ve invested time and money into building a reliable and stable network.

And in this sense, I am afraid that FrootVPN gets some negative points.


FrootVPN also builds a great deal on the speed of its service.

They offer unlimited data metrics and say that all of their servers are connected “to multiple 10 GBit/s backbones,” making them the fastest.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The speeds in Europe, to be honest with Froot, don’t seem to be bad for your health.

Downloading and streaming through their servers in the Netherlands, Sweden, and GB is fine. but it’s just okay.

However, switch to a server in Asia, and also the drawback quickly becomes apparent: super slow transfer speeds.

This won’t matter too much if you’re just browsing or downloading small attachments.

But streaming through FrootVPN can be a frustrating experience.


On the other hand, Froot offers apps for a wide variety of devices, and all of them are handy.

Whether you’re on your phone or laptop, the interface is simple and quick: you’ll choose a server from a drop-down list, and even advanced settings are simple.

It is important to note that FrootVPN also provides code for routers.

The router-level VPN area unit quickly became the go-to implementation for additional power users, and Froot seems to have gone to some trouble to create an installation on DD-WRT routers quickly and easily (a guide may be here ).

Streaming and Torrents

Many people get a VPN just to watch the North American country Netflix, but how will FrootVPN benefit in this regard?

FrootVPN Review in 2023
FrootVPN Review

Very well. Netflix access can be a bit spotty, especially when connecting to domestic North American servers, but it works.

The problem, as I explained above, is the low association speed that FrootVPN offers on non-European servers.

This makes streaming Netflix in the North American country a pretty infuriating experience, with frequent buffering and slow load times.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a VPN that has security for browsing in Europe, and you don’t care too much, you just can’t watch Netflix from a North American country, Froot could be a good alternative.


That’s partly because FrootVPN offers great value.

First of all, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the service without committing to a contract.

That’s good if you’re looking for a new VPN and want to take FrootVPN on board with many other VPNs.

The price of traditional services is simple and, as you can see, cheap:

FrootVPN Review in 2023
FrootVPN Review

All those packages are complete and come with every feature that FrootVPN provides. That makes these pricing plans a breeze compared to other VPN providers where the extras will surprise you with extra prices.

At $2.99 ​​per month, FrootVPN is also one of the cheapest options out there. There are new VPNs available at this price, especially not with all the features that Froot offers.

Customer Service

Last but not least, customer service.

FrootVPN has received a lot of flak in recent years for its slow customer service, however, in my experience, this has improved a lot recently.

FrootVPN currently appears to be responsive and useful once it involves responsive queries. Most important of all, your live chat employees seem to understand how your VPN works!

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What Do Customers Think About FrootVPN?

But don’t just believe what I say.

As part of this review, I used the net to measure people’s voice communication regarding FrootVPN and generally found it to be a loyal fan base.

That said, some UN agencies have found something similar to what I did: while FrootVPN offers a reasonably smart range of services, their server speeds let them down a lot.

There you have it. Some people love FrootVPN a lot and some people don’t. Given that, it would be hard to tell if Froot offers an honest service.

However, in my opinion, these 2 reviews replicate the relative strengths and weaknesses of FrootVPN just as well.

If you’re trying to find a cheap and fairly solid VPN to browse, it’s a decent possibility.

If you are becoming a lot of people watching Netflix through your VPN, there are better options available.

What Should You Consider Before Getting a Service Like FootVPN?

Before looking at FrootVPN specifically, let’s take a look at what a good VPN should offer.


The main reason to use a VPN is, and always has been, for the extra security it offers. By encrypting your network membership, a high-quality VPN can greatly reduce your exposure to cyberattacks.

Also, by routing your network membership through a network of servers, a good VPN can keep you completely anonymous online.

FrootVPN Review

This can prevent hackers and law enforcement agencies from pursuing your activity.

The strongest cryptography out there right now is AES 256, although several VPNs (such as FrootVPN) prefer to use much less complicated encryption to achieve higher speeds.

When it comes to the server network, you should look for a VPN that provides dozens (if not hundreds) of secure servers, as massive server networks are often more reliable.


All this added security has a value, of course, whose value is speed. Browsing, downloading, and streaming through a VPN is often slower than using a regular network affiliation.

However, when simpler VPNs are abused, the difference in speed should be hard to notice.

Ease Of Use

You should jointly search for a VPN that is easy to use.

You don’t need to pay hours setting up your VPN.

A VPN with a well-designed, intuitive interface from an Associate in Nursing can save time by letting you specialize in what’s necessary.

Customer Service

Hopefully, you won’t have any issues connecting to your VPN provider.

However, if you do, you would like a UN agency vendor to be quick when it comes to responding to your queries.

Today, which means that a VPN company should offer a live chat interface and respond within a couple of minutes to your queries.

This, as we will see below, is what lets FrootVPN down.

Extra Features

Finally, there is a square measure of all those additional options that do not seem to be strictly necessary, but that is nice to have.

These include, for example, dedicated servers for streaming Netflix, iPlayer, and other media providers.

They could also include a Kill Switch, which automatically kills your network connection if your VPN connection is lost, ensuring you are always protected.

Final Word

A good VPN should give you strong encryption, absolute anonymity, and a wide variety of servers to choose from.

FrootVPN provides all 3 of those things, although it doesn’t excel at any of them.

That said, the sheer amount of time that FrootVPN has been around, and also the range of loyal customers they need to build in at the time, shows that their service remains honest.

If you’re looking for a VPN to stream Netflix, there are a few different options that might be a stronger match.

I recommend a more reliable and stronger option: NordVPN.

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