G Data Antivirus Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

G Data Antivirus Review is a long-standing German cybersecurity company that claims to have created the world’s first antivirus code. However, what G Data of G won’t tell you is that being the main doesn’t essentially mean being the most effective.

To verify whether or not G Data is smart, my team and I ran a series of tests to determine if G Data’s antivirus capabilities cost any time.

I’ve found that G Data can be an extremely capable antivirus, with several useful options, a simple interface, and good customer support.

It’s worth the cash if you only have to be forced to protect one device. sadly, if your desires extend beyond one device, G Data is expensive compared to several top-tier brands like Norton 360 and McAfee. At similar costs, both competitors offer similar malware protection and additional options like a VPN and multi-device licenses.

If you only have one device, it might be worth learning G Data for yourself with its 30-day free trial. You will be able to even extend your period by victimizing the money-back guarantee for 30 days later.

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In a Rush? Here’s a 1-Minute Summary

  • Excellent malware detection rates and security tools. G data hit Maine with its temporary protection and in-depth virus scans, including malware discovered in the last twenty-four hours. Click here to see the full test results.
  • The standard set of options, however, lacks some important features. There is no VPN and parental controls are restricted. however, check that G Data is up to par with the top business contenders.
  • Simple desktop and mobile interface, however some inconsistencies between apps. The Windows and Macintosh versions are easy to install and use, but the iOS and auto apps are vastly different. Go here to match G Data apps for various devices.
  • Excellent phone support, however, the various facilitation options are less economical. I had a simple time breakdown of my issues with a G data phone agent. Learn about my experience with the type of service and online resources.
  • Expect to pay a lot for your first two years of subscription. Unlike major antivirus brands, G Data does not provide a promotional evaluation for first-year students. Jump here to match G Data’s plans.


I was completely affected by G Data’s security suite. As I tried the program, it successfully blocked all my malware samples, prevented Maine from visiting malicious sites, and helped Maine stay safe on email and social media. The G data barely affected my computer’s performance while it was running in the background.

Virus Scans — Stay Malware-free With One Simple, Thorough Scan

Malware is expertly detected and eliminated by G Data’s virus scan. I infected my test machine with a variety of Trojan horses, worms, and malware during my tests (all of which were found during the last four days). All contaminated samples were found and eliminated using G Data.

The full scan, G Data’s default scan capability, took forty-five minutes to go through 410,661 files. the next full scan, which I ran two hours later, was a bit shorter, taking thirty-six minutes to go through 409,837 files.

I thought it was convenient that the virus scanning console shows the proportion of time each scan can take and what files have been scanned in the process.

I also liked having the option to pause a scan or have my computer automatically shut down once the scan is complete and no infections are detected.

G Data Antivirus Review In 2023
G Data Antivirus Review

In addition to full panoptic scanning, G Data also gives you the option to do smaller-scale scans, such as:

  • Memory and boot
  • Directories and files
  • Removable stocking
  • Scanning for viruses of the rootkit type

In the virus detection console, I also found the easiest way to form a bootable medium, such as a CD or USB stick. This tool allows you to run virus scans at system startup before the software is activated.

Which can be a good tip for finding rootkits and other stubborn malware. I was also affected by the Idle Scan tool, which you can easily modify to perform scans whenever you’re not using your device.

Real-Time Protection — Automatically Shield Your Device From Unknown Threats

I was equally affected by G Data’s near-perfect rates for blocking new and unknown threats. The program’s temporary protection relies on a “virus monitor,” which funnels your web traffic through the G Data cloud, where virus signatures are updated every hour. Additionally, G Data uses an activity analysis technique known as BEAST to accurately detect malicious processes before they harm your device.

To test the period protection abilities of the program, I opened many emails containing numerous malicious files and processes discovered in the last twenty-four hours.

G Data knew and stopped 99.6% of threats, while incorrectly tired 1 Chronicle of harmless files as malware. These results almost match those of the commercial titan Norton, which achieved a 100 percent period protection score in my computer’s tests.

When I tested G Data, I found that the antivirus had very little impact on system performance. the only lag that was obvious was after I tried to start G-aware apps running in the background.

However, the slower speeds were only noticeable the first time I tried to launch a selected program, causing a twelve-tone central music processor lag. All subsequent attempts were as fast as sometimes on my test device.

Safe Web, Anti-Spam, Ransomware, and Phishing Protection — Safeguard Your Privacy and Security While You Browse

G Data Net Protection offers a robust set of defensive measures against adware, spam, exploits, and phishing for your browsers, email, and social media accounts.

To activate the Online Protection options, I first had to install the Associate in Nursing extension for my browsers.

G Data Antivirus Review In 2023
G Data Antivirus Review

After installing the extension in Chrome, I found that it’s not possible to open it and change the settings from the G Data desktop app. That said, the extension was totally helpful in my browser and quickly blocked the main known malicious website I tried to access. During my review, G Data flagged the most verified phishing URLs, but fewer than McAfee during similar tests.

G Data Antivirus Review In 2023
G Data Antivirus Review

However, the same tests helped Maine expose a weakness, as G Data failed to block all of my real-world ransomware samples. The program only prevented 70 percent of the samples from encrypting files on my test device, missing McAfee’s 100 percent ransomware detection score in the same tests.

The browser extension also keeps you safe on email and social media by filtering out spam and warning you about clicking on suspicious links and ads. In addition, the extension’s built-in Keylogger Protection tool effectively stops keylogging – an attack wherever malware moves, as legitimate computer code attempts to record your keystrokes and sell your personal information.


I had some confidence in the security of my network once G News warned Maine that my network connection might be compromised. while in my case the alert came from a weak local area network word, I found that the G Data will also flag networks that accept outdated security protocols, such as WEP. this is often a formidable feature, as AN outdated network can compromise the security of the information it transmits.

G Data Antivirus Review

Topping off the long list of network security options is G Data Exploit Protection, which I found within the Security Console in the desktop app. Once I enabled it, the feature blocked known malicious sites from exploiting weaknesses in common programs on my computer, like the office suite. Exploit protection is off by default, however, I would suggest turning it on for added security.


While G-Data offers solid antivirus protection, I was frustrated that the cheapest G-Data antivirus package didn’t have key protection options like a firewall, VPN, parental controls, and cloud backup. You’ll have to be forced to choose the more expensive G-Data Network Security Compromise to get the full security suite. However, you can get all those extras with Norton’s mid-range 360 ​​Deluxe configuration for less money.

Firewall — Effortless Security With Autopilot Mode

G Data Antivirus Review’s powerful Firewall is available to everyone or any user, regardless of their computing capacity. If you’re an average or novice user, you can opt for “autopilot” mode, which can learn your usage patterns and customize the firewall accordingly to block unsafe programs.

G Data Antivirus Review In 2023
G Data Antivirus Review

That said, I’ve found that “autopilot” mode offers only basic protection. If you are a computer user, you already get the same options along with your Windows Firewall. If you want an additional full response, you’ll need to customize the settings and create your own rules.

Parental Controls — Easily Manage Your Kids’ Online Presence

G Data Antivirus Review parental control suite has many useful features, but it lacks the essential tracking feature. To activate parental controls, you will need to assign or create a new Windows user account for your child. comfortably, you can do it from the Parental Management Console. In the same interface, you can choose which G Data classes can block information for your child.

Likewise, you will be able to choose that content to allow it in perpetuity or establish a new set of rules.

G Data Antivirus Review

There’s also a simple thanks to network and computer usage management, where you can limit online and device time to limited periods, or block specific time slots. Although the names of these functions suggest that it will only monitor your child’s activities, this is not the case, you will only be able to set permissions. Norton Family, on the other hand, Norton Family allows you to manage and track what your child does on the computer and tackle bad online habits before it’s too late.

BankGuard — Secures Your Online Banking and Shopping Against Cybercriminals

I am a lover of G Data’s secure banking and search feature as it is specifically designed to keep you safe from money crimes. To intercept the funds in your transactions, criminals use special banking Trojans to monitor the money transfer information while it is being decrypted in your browser. These processes occur in your device’s random access memory (RAM), which is where G-data finds them and replaces the infected portion of RAM with a clean, safe copy.

Using BankGuard is quite simple. All I had to do was activate it through the Protection Center console in the desktop app, and I could bank online without the risk of malicious processes interfering with my transactions.

Automatic Cloud Backup and Encryption — Keep Your Sensitive Files Immune to Ransomware Attacks

With G Data’s encrypted cloud storage, you’ll have permanent access to your sensitive files if your drive suffers a ransomware attack or if your device is lost or stolen. you may {choose|prefer|like more|value more|favor|opt} to make a copy of one or more of your partitions, or specific files and folders.

I accessed the feature through the Backup tab of the Protection Center console. Within the file tree, I used to be able to choose the files I wanted to back up and transfer a replica to my Google Drive (Dropbox is another destination option). There are many backup options, but I found them unnecessary to play a simple file or drive backup. That said, I did like the ability for automatic backups, which you can schedule to recur daily, weekly, or monthly.

Password Manager — Easy Password Storage for Beginners

G Data’s Word Manager offers an easy way to store all your login credentials in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. I found that the only thanks for the feature to work are to put the individual browser extensions. This is usually easy enough to try from the G Data Desktop App’s Word Manager tab. Once installed, the Word Manager browser extension allowed Maine to create usernames and passwords for online accounts, create business card presentations, and store notes.

Most antiviruses include a ward manager in their list of options and the G Data version doesn’t resist any calls. However, it is a simple feature that is good for beginners who have never used the word manager before.

Access Control Safe — Secure Your Vital Files Against Unauthorized Use

G Data’s secure access management provides secure command access suggestions to your confidential files. you’ll be able to create an associate-grade encrypted and password-protected storage location of up to 2TB on your hard drive and it’ll look a bit like another drive.

It took only five minutes for the US state to align my secure access management due to G Data’s setup wizard, which helped the US state choose the secure size and create my login credentials. Overall, I found that Access Management Safe provides an easy and effective way to store and password-protect files once you share your device with different users.

Integrated Tuner — Keep Your Device Fully Optimized

The built-in tuner can be a great and quick tool to optimize Windows performance, security, and information protection. you’ll be able to program any of those three settings to occur mechanically or run them yourself whenever you want.

Performance Tuner frees up space from backup files and speeds up the system by killing backup processes. once I started the protection tuner, G Data detected and killed all processes that mechanically transfer information from the web. I also successfully used the data protection tuner to erase all traces of my online activity, thus ensuring my online privacy.

Autostart Manager — Reduce Your Computer’s Boot Time

Common to most premium antiviruses, Autostart Manager offers an easy way to disable or delay programs from starting with the software system, thus speeding up startup time. I had no trouble accessing and adjusting settings for programs like Chrome, which starts automatically by default.

It struck me that, unlike other antiviruses, G-data equips this feature with some way to delay startup rather than disable it entirely. This way, your applications will start automatically, however, once the software system is up and running.

Data Shredder — Prevent Retrieval of Sensitive Deleted Data

While the Windows Recycle Bin can’t make your discarded files completely unrecoverable, you can trust the G Data device to try to do just that. once you delete the file directory, the device also deletes the junk files with random information. you will be able to customize the G Data device tool to write the file up to ninety-nine times to make recovery almost impossible.

G Data Antivirus Review In 2023
G Data Antivirus Review

The data device feature appears as a desktop cross-section once you enter the computer’s protection code. I wasn’t sure why it had this cross-sectional look, as I expected it to be integrated into the G-data app. I asked a phone support agent, who explained that the device appears as a separate icon. While I found this strange at first, my tests revealed that victimization of the G data device is quite easy: you can right-click on it to adjust settings or drag unwanted files like you would the Recycle Bin.

Ease Of Use

G Data Antivirus Review mobile and desktop apps are straightforward, with straightforward interfaces that won’t overwhelm even those with very little PC data. However, there are also many advanced configuration options for professional users.

The following devices are compatible with G Data security apps:

  • Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 (with Service Pack 1) with a minimum of two GB of RAM (32 and 64 bits) and a C.P.U. with x86 or x64 architecture
  • MacOS 10.12 and higher, with a minimum of two GB of RAM
  • Android 4.1 and higher
  • iOS eleven and better

Unfortunately, G Data plans only support one device. If you want to protect multiple computers and mobile devices in your home, I recommend Bitdefender instead. Bitdefender allows you to connect up to ten devices and includes a host of additional features, such as a VPN and a camera blocker.

Desktop App — User-Friendly Console for Novices and Experts Alike

The desktop app is easy to install, activate, and use. It took ten minutes for the US state to transfer and install the G Data on my computer, for that, I had to activate it with the login credentials that the G Data emailed to the US state once I purchased it.

The app intuitively writes all G Data features under nine tabs, while the Protection Center tab displays all essential features and their status.

G Data Antivirus Review

I spent just twenty minutes browsing the app and configuring the various options before I developed an honest understanding of how the program works. the only time I felt a faint touch was once I opened the Firewall settings. while expert users should have no problem creating their own rules, the average user is also less aware of these controls. I don’t suggest you turn off the easy “autopilot” mode unless you are an expert user.

Mobile App — Straightforward, But Inconsistent Experience Between Android and iOS

Just like on desktop, G Data mobile apps are easy to set up and use. That said, the mechanics and interfaces of iOS look vastly different.

G Data Antivirus Review In 2023
G Data Antivirus Review

I was frustrated that each mobile app lacks several of the options available on the market for desktop users. Mechanical Man app-only offers virus scanning, internet protection, associate grade anti-theft feature and some way to password protect your apps from unauthorized use. The iOS app has similar features, however, it lacks pandemic analysis; instead, it checks whether or not your device has the latest operating system and security updates.

This omission of malware detection points to G Data’s confidence in the iOS security system’s abilities and is very common among antivirus vendors. for example, TotalAV also does not offer virus detection or temporary protection in its iOS app.

Given how rigorously Apple vets its apps, and therefore the strength of its security system, I’d feel safe relying on iOS to protect my smartphone from malware and not a third-party antivirus.

If you feel that Apple’s security isn’t enough and you want to increase your anti-phishing measures and Internet protection options, the Norton app for iOS is the right choice.


G data offers excellent phone support, but the opposite suggests that getting access to area units is slower and less effective. I had two queries for the support team while testing the antivirus, and they were fully answered by a phone agent in just five minutes. On the other hand, web resources weren’t very easy and I found service-type responses to be quite slow.

Phone Support — The Fastest Way to Get Your Answers

The fastest way to contact G Data Support is by phone. the company has telephone lines in thirty countries, most of which also serve nearby regions. North American country line, had to use US signage once I called to inquire about the device app and clarify the refund policy.

I was on hold for a moment before the associate agent responded and walked the US state through each query in just five minutes. I was pleasantly surprised that the agent was equally helpful with my charging and technical issues.

Service Form — Effective Support, But a Bit Slow

If you submit a service type, expect to wait several days for a response, especially if you submit your question on the weekend or before the holidays. I used this support option to request a refund under the 30-day money-back guarantee.

I submitted my request during the week and didn’t get a solution until Monday. That said, once he replied to the main email, the following replies came within minutes. I am pleased to report that the agent quickly processed my refund request.

FAQ Library — Lacks Information About Essential Features

If you have an urgent question, don’t waste your time with the G Data FAQ. Although the library covers security features such as virus scanning and network protection, it unusually leaves out some of the program’s most essential options. For example, when I tried to understand why the G Data Device app was not open, I typed “shredder” in the search field, but my question returned with no results.

I was surprised that “parental controls,” another key feature, also didn’t return any results in the web search tool. In contrast, Norton’s online resource area unit is full of useful information covering all the essential options of the program.


For your initial year of subscription, G Data’s valuation can’t compete with leading antivirus programs in the industry. The structured plans area unit specified only the expensive feature-laden Total Security that gives you any real price.

Even this premium version, which is theoretically compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices, only offers an out-of-the-box license. This means that you won’t fulfill your entire family’s wishes for security until you obtain additional licenses for each device in your home.

That said, G Data rewards loyalty. As long as Norton’s attractive promotional price only lasts for one year, once you’ll have to pay more than double to renew your subscription, G Data’s price stays the same for the first year. If you sign up for auto-renewal, you’ll even see your annual fee hit four hundred.

If you’re trying to find a long-term security answer, G Data’s seemingly high rating is actually awfully cheap. However, if you want to save now, you’ll notice that Bitdefender offers the same price for less money.


Antivirus for WindowsAntivirus for MacMobile Security iOSMobile Security AndroidInternet SecurityTotal Security
Device Licenses111111
Malware Protection
Web Protection
Secure Banking & Shopping
Parental Controls
Cloud Backup
Encrypted Backup
Password Manager
Access Control Vault
System Optimization
Mobile Device Tracking
Mobile Secure QR Code Scanner
Mobile App Control
G Data Antivirus Review

Antivirus for Windows — Overpriced Compared to Other Basic Plans

This arrangement offers surprisingly little compared to some basic packages offered by G Data’s competitors. All you get is virus scanning, time protection, network protection, secure banking, and the purchase of a device. Instead, Norton’s basic setup is cheaper and comes with plenty of options. This includes a firewall, cloud storage, a password manager, a secure VPN, a secure camera, and dark web surveillance.

Antivirus for Mac — Lacking Features, But Costs as Much as Internet Security

This is exactly the same setup as Antivirus for Windows, and it also comes with a license. However, it is ported to macOS and lacks the secure banking feature. Compared to my team’s review of Intego’s Mackintosh Net Security X9, this configuration also offers a very low price for Mackintosh owners.

Internet Security — Decent Feature Selection, But Can’t Compete With Top Competitors

Internet Security costs the most because of the antivirus system, but it also offers cloud backup, parental controls, and a firewall, and still only covers one device. You may use web security on a mobile device together, provided you obtain the additional license. This configuration is the same price as the Norton 360 Deluxe, but the latter also comes with darknet surveillance and gives you five licenses instead of one. Unless you only have one device to cover, I recommend trying Norton 360 Deluxe safely for sixty days.

Total Security — Top Value for Your Money

Despite being the most expensive option, the G Data Total Security package offers the best value for money. It provides you with a comprehensive set of security features, such as:

  • Virus scan
  • Real-time protection and firewalls
  • Parental control
  • Cloud storage, native file secret writing, and security
  • Password manager

Unfortunately, this fix only covers one device. The McAfee Family Bundle has the same features and covers five devices, and costs less over a 2-year period, even if your 1st-year promotional price includes the end of membership.

Mobile Internet Security for Android/iOS — Keep Your Smartphones Safe From Malware and Dangerous Sites

The robot app gives you comprehensive threat protection, while the iOS app may make you want Apple’s security for malware detection and removal. That said, with the iOS app you get a bevy of parental controls, they make it easy to find your device if it’s lost, and you can charge for the secure QR code scanner. Both the robot and the iOS apps cover one device, that’s their only drawback compared to individual Norton apps. The latter offers a similar range of features but includes three device licenses.

30-Day Free Trial — Try All G Data Features Without Paying First

The 30-day free trial of G Data can be a good opportunity to try out all the options of the program even before agreeing to a payment. You can choose which configuration you would like to try, but I would recommend the full security suite as it is the most comprehensive. Once your free trial expires, you will be able to purchase the license, to which end you will be eligible for a full refund for an additional thirty days. In total, you will be able to test G Data safely for sixty days!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee — Slow, but Reliable Processing Times

While G Data’s refund policy can be a bit confusing, the 30-day money-back guarantee works as long as it’s not issued. After I received my installation, the confirmation email came with a cancellation policy that said I only had fourteen days to request a refund. I was surprised because the checkout page guarantees a 30-day money-back guarantee. after I asked a phone agent for clarification, he explained that full refunds will be requested within thirty days of purchase.

After testing G Data for three weeks, I asked for a refund for the type of service. While the response was a bit delayed, the applications team processed my application without any issues; all I had to try to do was give the range of my request.

Save 40%Save 20%
Total SecurityAntivirusInternet Security
Per YearPer YearPer Year
G Data Antivirus Review

Final Verdict

G Data can be a capable security product with an honest array of useful options. However, the company doesn’t tell you that you’ll miss out on some key features (and immediate savings) offered by its main competitors.

During my tests, the G data achieved high scores in malware detection and period protection, hitting Maine with a large number of security features. Its feature set lacks a VPN, but otherwise, it has all the fixed components like full family antiviruses like Norton, TotalAV, or McAfee.

I found that each mobile and desktop app area unit is designed with the common user in mind. That said, IT Advisors also get advanced customization options in the desktop app settings. While G Data’s online access resources can seem confusing, and its service-type question system can be a bit slow, it can continually eat up the phone. and have a live agent answer all your inquiries in full, whether it’s a technical or area unit request.

My biggest criticism is the evaluation of G Data. Unlike most top-tier antiviruses, G-Data doesn’t offer much in terms of promotional evaluation, just a small discount if you sign up for car renewal. Which is a lot, all G data plans, even the premium Total Security package, cover just one device. If you want to hide a lot, you have to pay $7-10 for each additional license you need.


While you can still take advantage of G Data’s options with the 30-day free trial, I know Norton’s 360 Deluxe configuration is pretty cheap. There’s a big discount on the first year, it covers five devices, and it has all the constant features like G-data, a secure VPN, and Safe Cam. Best of all, you can safely try Norton for 60 days to see if it’s right for you.

FAQ: G Data Antivirus

Is There a Free Download of G Data Antivirus?

Yes, there is a 30-day free trial. Unlike various free trials that limit you to choosing options, G Data allows you to try any of their antivirus packages. However, you would like to decide carefully because not all G-data packets are the same. I would like to recommend that you check out my review of each conception to see which one best suits your wishes.

Is G Data Antivirus Any Good?

G Data is pretty sensible, but there are some drawbacks to the area unit. While I was impressed with G Data’s powerful malware scanner in testing, I was less enthusiastic about the evaluation model for the company’s antivirus layer. each configuration only supports one device license, even the most expensive tier. This means that if you have only one device (such as a smartphone or a laptop), then you would like to pay an additional price for an additional license. Also, most of the premium options area units are only available on the most expensive plans, like its cloud backup, parental controls, and password manager. by comparison, the industry-leading Norton 360 offers these options even in its least expensive configuration.

What Devices Does G Data Antivirus Work on?

G Data is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS – I put G Data on all of those devices in my tests to see if it works. Of course, keep in mind that each of the G Data plans only covers one device. If you have only one device, you will need to purchase additional licenses.

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